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So, coming off from FFV, this game was disappointing. There's barely anything that's "secret" or hidden aside a few useless characters that the game makes you look for all over again later. You just learn magic through summons, every character can learn anything so no customization at all and there's no superbosses. Why do people think this is absolutely amazing?

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FFV is the best of the pre-3D FFs

Come at me

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No one claims that the gameplay is better than FFV. Where VI succeeds is in its presentation of the story, and while I agree that V is the better game there's definitely a lot to appreciate about VI in its own right.

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>There's barely anything that's "secret"
There's loads of optional equipment and espers, what are you talking about?
The games character building is tied to your equipment, accessories and how you use espers. It's different from the job system and arguably worse but it's not comparable to the strict roles of 4 and saying there's nothing hidden is an outright lie.

>there's no superbosses
This is unfortunately true. Kaiser Dragon had to be cut due to time constraints so the closest the SNES version has is Deathgaze.
The GBA version adds him back in though.

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I disagree
FF4 is the best of the SNES gen because it's my favorite.

FF5 a best though

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You play V for the gameplay, VI for the story. If one's more important to you, then that'll indicate which you'll find to be the better game.

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I just beat FFVI. What RPG should I tackle next?

I just beat Chrono Trigger but going to break down and play Super Mario RPG if nothing else.

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first RPG I ever beat, had it on snes.

I've heard about Lufia but never played it.

I'm a big fan of turn based, I hate the mario games where you have to keep pushing all these buttons just to attack and dodge.

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Secret of Mana.

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that's action rpg. I am wanting turn based old school.

I might try out breath of fire.

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Breath of Fire is a great series. if you've never played it, I definitely suggest starting with the first and going from there.

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Nah. That first game draggggged on. And everything was very cliche'd and bland.
I'd say 2 was a step up and 3 was the pinacle.
It's too bad they never made any other games after 4.
>"But what about-"

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Dq goat, you just don't understand he concept.

Bof4 most revolutionary RPG that didn't go anywhere

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1 is way better than 2. Shit taste detected.

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Said no one ever.

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Have you even played it? 2 is worse in multiple ways. Story a shit. Animu style a shit. Music a shit. The first one had a load of God tier shit for you to backtrack and find later on. It's one of the better RPGs ever made.

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IMO, the second game seems like it was intended to appeal to a much younger audience.

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>barely anything that's "secret"
The fuck are you talking about? Did you even make it to the world of ruin?

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Romancing Saga

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I agree. From a customization and gameplay depth/choice standpoint, FF6 is notably weaker than FF5. It's not as rigid and choiceless as FF4, but the contrast is noteworthy.

It's really sad that we got the weaker FFs released in English speaking countries, as FF3 and FF5 would have been amazing growing up.

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Lufia 2

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>I just beat FFVI.
>I just beat Chrono Trigger


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>I hate the mario games where you have to keep pushing all these buttons just to attack and dodge.

so you hate video games then

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secrets are one of the most great thing of the game, did you try to got all summons? beat the dragons and have all the characters? it really takes a lot of time to do it. and the answer for your last question: the people think is amazing for its amazing story, the magnificent and lovely music, the charismatic characters and the art.

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4 was such a step down from 3.
3's story was engaging right off the bat and the sprite work was amazing and bright and beautiful.
4 was bland and uninspired.

Also 1 & 2 were both kinda boring generic RPGs. With 1 being a worse offender.

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>There's barely anything that's "secret" or hidden
Not even remotely true, there's tons of hidden equipment across the game and several hidden Espers. If you want to complain about something, complain about how there's very little reason to hunt most of them down because the game is a joke.
>every character can learn anything so no customization at all
Objectively false, but there is a serious problem with how VI handles customization because the game isn't even remotely balanced, so good luck having real customization when all but one of the stats you can get from Espers are fucking worthless, Esper-granted magic overpowers all but the most ridiculous character commands, and overpowers all physical attackers that aren't spamming Atma Weapon+Genji Glove+Offering or Gau with his Wind God Gau setup.
>and there's no superbosses.
VI's mechanics don't lend themselves to superbosses very well. The GBA game has several and guess what? The best strategies still curbstomp all of its optional bosses.

Try the Brave New World hack, it salvages the game from a gameplay standpoint at the expense of tone, and since you enjoyed FFV I don't think you'll care too much.

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>3's story was engaging right off the bat
3's story was way more shallow than 2 and 4, what are you talking about?

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Stories and villains in 2 and 4 are million times better than the ones in 3. 2 with re-translation has the best story in the series. Also, sprite work in 4 is superior to 3. 2 is the most popular game in the series.

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2 had the best characters and waifus.

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I liked Momo more.

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You people and your waifus, I swear to god

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I think it's less the mechanics and more the utterly broken spells and items like Ultima, Quick, Atma Weapon, Offering, etc. Remove those, and the game is a lot more viable in favor of superbosses.

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Even if you do that it's pretty much spam magic/Bum Rush until you win because of how godawfully balanced everything is.

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>every character can learn anything so no customization at all
>he's complaining about that after playing FFV

At least FFVI has a unique ability for each character, even if many of them are useless. FFV was literally 4 clones.

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What a fucking stupid argument. FFV encourages characters to follow up on jobs similar to the one they were just in due to synergy between abilities and is in general set up to reward the use of different jobs, which is completely different from VI and its mechanics encouraging you to use nothing but magic and magic-powered abilities by the time you hit the WoR.

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it tried to combine the storytelling and character uniqueness (giving party members unique skillsets) of IV and the customization of V (espers and magic)
it also tried to combine linearity (WoB) with nonlinearity (WoR)

I like it the least out of all the SNES FFs because I ALWAYS get bored during the WoR and stop playing, but I can recognize it as an ambitious game

I may be in the minority but I think that WoR should've been more like WoB

the game is also piss easy when compared to IV and V for some reason

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>I just beat FFVI. What RPG should I tackle next?
The best one FFVIII

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>I may be in the minority but I think that WoR should've been more like WoB
I liked it a lot the first time through since there's so much sidequesting to do and it offers the player a lot of freedom. It's like Square said "you have the tools, you know the abilities and characters, now it's your choice to decide when you're ready to fight Kefka."

On replays I hate it though, but that's partially because I know where everything is so the sense of discovery is lost. I'm just going through the motions of collecting the party so I can finish the game.

I'm glad they didn't do it twice but it was a cool experiment that I think paid off well enough

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It worked much better in V because its final act was collecting legendary weapons, spells, and summons, not going around to fetch characters you already had. It's very easy to be ready to go as soon as you get the airship in world 3.

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It had a very varied environment from steampunk fantasy to post apocalypse. FFVI still had a slight inflence from the old "job" system while introducing a lot character building that you see in later Final Fantasy such as using equipped Espers and relics to determine your stats like instead of pre-defined job roles.

>There's barely anything that's "secret" or hidden aside a few useless characters that the game makes you look for all over again later.

Really it sounds like you either missed all the secret areas and enemies hence oblivious, or you really didnt play the game.

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i would quis her tits anyday

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Well, what do you expect? VI was the beginning of the end for Final Fantasy. It's terrible, and every game after it, especially VII, tries to be as close as possible to it.

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>play FFVI post FFV as well
>the lack of proper builds
>the lack of actual interesting abilities to learn till nearly halfway through the entire game
>half the roster is useless besides a very specific group
>the first half of the game is borderline pointless because every character becomes a blank slate and has different development come World of Ruin

Final Fantasy 6 felt like a rush job when I played it, it felt very Final Fantasy 12 in that aspect. Where it might have had something different in mind but changed through development.

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Lufia is pretty shitty desu

just pick a different FF mane

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Final Fantasy IV's my personal favorite because of how it blended varied gameplay styles with the story, but I love Final Fantasy V as an extension of that - completely inverse, free-form style of play that still is designed to encourage finding how to work with what you've got to solve a boss fight.

Also why I wasn't huge on VI. Love the story and characters, gameplay got boring as shit because it enabled way too much of a "throw shit at a wall and see what sticks" playstyle.

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Because when it came out. In retrospect it might not be better. At the time it was incredible (likely for the gimmicky reasons. The opera. The "second half". The hour long ending. Your average console owner never saw anything like that.). I remember when it came out :) also i think nintendrone power had a beefy strat guide for it no ?

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You'll notice that no one who praises FFVI praises the gameplay.

I think you need to consider how different it was back then. Not just that very few games had interesting stories, characters, and settings but also how players could be more devoted to a single game. No one in the mid 90's had a closet full of games or a folder full of roms or a backlog so games could take up more real estate in a persons head.

I remember when I was a kid, I'd make maps, draw illustrations, type up novelizations and fan fiction, come up with scientific rationalizations for in-game concepts and stuff like that; but the crazy thing is I'm not even talking about RPGs, I'm talking about Super Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Donkey Kong Country. Can you even imagine how a RPG like FFVI, with it's steampunk setting and 90's anime cast, would've taken over my life? An imaginative kid with a lot of free time would get lost in that game.

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Lufia 1 is fucking terrible.

Lufia 2 is a lot better, but it's still pretty generic. Really the only thing going for it are the puzzles.

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why would i when you're right

i would go as far as say FFV is the best FF but of course cloudfags would throw a tantrum so i wont

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Cause story and characters.

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VI is all about "atmosphere", "story", and characters.

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>You'll notice that no one who praises FFVI praises the gameplay.
And this is why I feel like VI was the first FF made for people who didn't like FF. It threw almost everything that worked about FF gameplay in the toilet, the AI scripting improvements it introduced are almost unnoticeable unless you go out of your way to look for them because you can roll over everything in the game even if you're not minmaxing, character balance is worse than V's job balance so its replay value is terrible...

A lot of the things VI seemed to do first are only exceptional in a US context, which is definitely why it's not even close to as popular in Japan as it is in the US.

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I bet OP never saw Shadow's dreams

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>You'll notice that no one who praises FFVI praises the gameplay.
I like the gameplay in FF6 better than FF5. In FF5 all of the character are the same and can learn all of the same spells.

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I still don't get the popularity of the job system.

Materia and Relics/Espers felt like a much more elegant to character customization in Final Fantasy than the insane levels of grinding needed to take full advantage of the job system.

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You still have to grind to learn spells off espers, it's the same AP system.

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What the fuck are you talking about? You get more than enough ABP from a single playthrough to master multiple jobs with synergy with each other, and that's without taking advantage of Movers or the Phoenix Tower's Magic Pots, both of which give you insane amount of ABP.

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>the AI scripting improvements it introduced are almost unnoticeable unless you go out of your way to look for them because you can roll over everything in the game even if you're not minmaxing

I've actually noticed this as well. If you look at walkthroughs that describe monster and boss attack patterns, many times they'll mention to be careful if the fight gets to a specific point, such as the boss's HP hitting below the 2000 mark or else it'll cast a powerful spell, to be sure not to attack it with physicals because it'll hit with a strong counter, etc. By that point, your characters are probably powerhouses and will kill it before it even gets to do any of those things.

I bet most people don't even know Kefka can cast Ultima, since his HP has to be very low, but by then you're probably hitting for 9999 with every attack.

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That's exactly what I mean. VI has fucking amazing scripting potential compare to IV or V, but the rest of the game makes it borderline impossible for the vanilla game to capitalize on them. It only starts becoming obvious when you look at the scripts yourself or when you play hacks of the game.

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If you're hitting for 9999 with every attack, you're minmaxing. People don't know Kefka can use Ultima because...
1. He only uses it as a counterattack
2. He only has a 1/3 chance of using it
3. He only uses it below 10240 HP
4. He only uses it during the specific moment between casting Goners, when the player is likely to be healing instead of attacking

With conditions that strict, it doesn't matter how much damage you're actually doing. You probably won't see it regardless.

Here's the secret about counterattacks in all Squaresoft JRPGs: they're there to control the pacing of the battle. It's a way to auto-balance the boss for both players who grind a lot and players who don't. If they player is high level and can attack many times without healing, the boss will get more counterattack turns to compensate. Other JRPGs try different solutions to this problem... in FF7, the final boss gets stat boosts based on various factors. In FF8, EVERY enemy levels up along with the party. But they don't really work as well as the counterattack approach. It's an elegant solution to a complex problem. Counterattacks feature prominently in the AI scripts for nearly every SNES Squaresoft JRPG. By no means did they become a crutch beginning in FF6.

Finally: The counterattacks aren't really meant to be detected. As I explained before, they're there to control the pace of the battle. The player doesn't need to be aware of how they're triggering counterattacks for them to do their job. In fact, if the player is aware of counterattacks, they might be able to subvert them in a way the breaks the pacing.

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>It's a way to auto-balance the boss for both players who grind a lot and players who don't.
What? No. Players who haven't grinded are far more likely to see counterattacks because they're going to be less capable of bullrushing the boss down and will have to settle for doing more attacks with less damage on each.

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>Here's the secret about counterattacks in all Squaresoft JRPGs: they're there to control the pacing of the battle. It's a way to auto-balance the boss for both players who grind a lot and players who don't.

That's the biggest load of pretentious bullshit in this thread by far, case in point, Noel.

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