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What was your first hentai game? Remember keep it /vr/ related.

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Playing hentai games? Seriously?

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my first hentai game was Franks Adventure

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Go to another thread then.
Hell, go to another site.

Same as yours, OP. True Love.
I used the guide

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Nocturnal Illusion

Source of many of my 12-year old faps

Posting this from my gf's house, now I'm feeling lewd

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Does this count?

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Posting on 4chan? Seriously?


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Defending hentai on 4chan? Seriously?


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No. I'm defending his free will to like what he wants to like.


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No. You're defending a degenerate weeaboo loser because you're one yourself.


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>degenerate weeaboo losers
>on four chan dot org

Say it aint so, Karen.

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>posting about retro games

You're a fucking loser just like the rest of us, you little dipshit.

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I don't jack off to underage cartoon girls, you little dipshit.

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Yes you do faggot

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>let's build a wall
>says juanita

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But can you do this?


Thought not, bitch.

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Wow...also mine. It twisted me, especially the demon-brother thing. Now I have a size thing...

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I seriously don't get the point of these posts.

Is it just trolling? If so, it's not funny or clever. At least come up with something original instead of just "lul playing hentai games loserdsd! xDD".

Is it people who are butthurt about this kind of content on 4chan and want to keep people from posting it? If so you're wasting your time.

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Knights of Xentar, aka Dragon Knight III.

Don't have the box or manual anymore, but I still have the game disc and the mouse pad!

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Rance 1

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True Love was my first Hentai game.
What age was she really? 15? Younger?

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You are in the third year of high school so your classmates should be 17-18.

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Made this the other day, but didn't find a place to put it, please take care of it

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Also this

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>please take care of it

Better not anon, I have an unhealthy obsession with undithering pics using common low-pass techniques. Although PC-98 for their peculiar resolution and color palette always result in bigger dithering showing up, and doing any more passes would just smear the image beyond recognition. Keep in mind this isn't what they looked like in composite because there's no vertical cross talk since raster displays only draw horizontally and thus only received contiguous horizontal data.

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You are a hentai wizard.

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If you insist on fucking up the image quality like that, at least do it in a linear color space. We don't need the brightness destroyed as well as the fine details.

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>this isn't what they looked like in composite
>on PC-98
Keep your blur fetish out of this thread.

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Our eyes already destroy brightness data from a distance so no can do. I can only give you an approximation of what it looked like when you used PC-98's composite output. Redrawing the image from scratch would take too much time but I could actually do it someday because your pic deserves it.

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Defocus your eyes and look at what you have done. You cannot apply low pass filtering to the raw sRGB data. sRGB uses a gamma curve, you need to transform to a linear color space and then transform back.

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>Remember keep it /vr/ related.
No can do since my first was Yume Miru Kusuri. Oldest one I've played however is Kichikuou Rance.

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That sounds like too much work unless you write a script for it and I'm not going to. Tell you what, I will just prune my inaccurate abominations so you can have a nice sleep.

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>cannot delete a post this old

Welp, I hope jannies do their duties.

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Here is a simple gaussian blur in linear RGB colorspace. Note how unlike your examples the blurring does not mess up the brightness of the image. It's trivial in ImageMagick:
convert sharp.png -colorspace RGB -gaussian-blur 1 -colorspace sRGB blurred.png

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But I'm not using gaussian blurs (neither ImageMagick), I'm just averaging pixel values using dirty tricks, which is similar in practice of what gaussian blur does if I'm not wrong. Can you give me the exact brightness/RGB curves?

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Look up sRGB on Wikipedia if you are sufficiently autistic, otherwise just gamma correct it 1/2.2 then 2.2.

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I'm way too dumb to figure out this stuff without the necessary tools, sorry.

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Is Princess Maker considered hentai?

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When you read your values, raise them to the 2.2th power. When you write them, raise them to the 0.45th power.

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>there exists hi-res version
When did it appear?

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Tenshi-tachi no Gogo. No, I'm not, like, 30 years old. I just thought I'd start with a classic. It was pretty damn bad but at least I had some good faps with it.

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I don't see why it should. Look for Cybernetic Hi-school if you want a Gainax eroge.

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Which version did you play? The original with text parser or one of the remakes?

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I tried playing the original one but it pissed me off because for some reason the PC-88's emulator's keyboard was a really weird kana input and I use romaji input, so I gave up on that and played the remake. I remember the remake of the first title having atrocious BGMs, but I quite liked the second and third titles for a few reasons. Unfortunately this weird kana input put me off of playing PC-88 text adventure games.

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I commend your autism, but I prefer having the raw image, that way you can do whatever you want with it. From the moment you do that you can't go back to the original.

It's all about giving people options

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In M88 you can activate kana lock but normally you have romaji input.
My problem on the 88 are the half lines. It doesn't matter if you double them or leave them black, text is a bitch to read. Therefore I stick to PC98 versions with full resolution text.

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Hentai games?!?!?! In [current year]?!?!?!

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I'll keep doing these as I keep finding proper images

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>tumblr nose

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Neat trick mind revealing yourself? I mean your secrets

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It's a two frame gif and the first frame is only shown for a split second.

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Season of the Sakura. This shit ruined me for years as I went knee deep in weeaboo city.

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Why don't you just call it dating sims? That's what most of them are about. First VN was Katawa Shoujo, then I played through the Muvluv trilogy, Fate/Stay Night, Dengeki Stryker, Edelweiss, Grisaia no Kajitsu and some routes from Clannad and a small part from Kamidori Alchemy Meister. Yes I know, I am a pleb. I am planning to play YU-NO someday. Looks interesting from the summaries I read on this board.

Spoilered because not /vr/ related.

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It's pretty simple, hardly even qualifies as a trick. It's a GIF, 2 frames. The first frame I set it to a really low framerate so it passes quickly, and the second one to the biggest frame rate GIF allows which is like 30k.

I can actually just set up that the GIF doesn't loop and gets stuck in the last frame forever, but the software I'm use doesn't have that option for some reason.

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A dating sim is a specific type of game involving managing time and money with the purpose of conquering girls. These may or may not have erotic content, see for instance Tokimeki Memorial.

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Literally every single one you mentioned in your spoilers aren't dating sims, to start off with.

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I'm done for now

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Three Sisters Story.

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I'm pretty sure that Clannad, Grisaia and Muv Luv are dating sims. You pick a girl and read her route after a few choices.

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Then you never played a dating sim. The simulation part carries a meaning, it's not synonymous with adventures or galge.
If you look at True Love in >>3107795 for instance you should quickly see the various kinds of management involved.

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Dating sims carry a metric ton of interaction on the part of the player rather than static choices that branch the story and check your score every now and then.

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Maybe Divi Dead?

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I would like to try a few of the games mentioned here, where do I start? which games have translations and how can I play them? The only thing similar i've played is tokimeki memorial and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Probably the same as yours, True Love. It was awesome.

Though I remember a crappyer game before that, a purple haired titty monster in horrible 3D graphics. I only played the demo though.

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How did you play Tokimemo without translation?

Most of the translated versions were released for 32bit Windows and should run on a modern Windows or via WINE and a few for IBM-DOS which typically requires DOSbox or similar.
There's also the Asenheim Project which lets you play a bunch in your browser.

As for recommendations it depends on the type of game you're looking for.
True Love is closest to Tokimemo, you build your character and meet girls along the way.
Knights of Xentar and Rance are humorous RPGs. Xentar is a somewhat liberal localization of Dragon Knight 3, Rance is a series with lots of rape.
The rest are adventures. Yu-no is an extreme case of a 50 hour time-travel mystery epic with 5 minutes of porn

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Back in my day we knew the difference between romance simulations and novel-games.

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Or Battle Skin Panic!

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franks adventure.played it on new grounds back then

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I played Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (not retro) on a ds emulator, there is a fan translation. I wish there was a translation for the original however.

Thank you for your recommendations, i'll try to play true love first and see where it takes me.

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>True Love
Man, I remember that actually being relatively well-written. Relatively. At the very least, I remember the dialogue not making me retch, and the characters were decent.

TFW I want a yuri game in this old style but there weren't very many made, much less translated.

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I don't remember if it was Cobra Mission or Knights of Xentar but it was definitely one of those.
The first step on a long road.

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There are yuri games on the PC98.
Nothing completely translated as far as I know though I could offer a summary of Night Slave.

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The problem are foreigners that never played either and just blindly call everything a dating sim and visual novel.

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Some "virtual sex" text game from Kazaa. Dont know the name doe.

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May Club?

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This right here

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>This shit ruined me for years as I went knee deep in weeaboo city.
Oh god
me too

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Does the high res version have the honey scene?
My copy left it blank and it fucking killed me.

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Honey scene? God I don't remember anything of that shit

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It was the blonde loli I think. She ends up getting her pussy covered in honey or something.
I was ready to fucking go, cock out, and I get black screens and detailed descriptions.

Only time an H game gave me blue balls.

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Looking at exhentai's galleries of it, the only H-pics of Arisa are one of her in a naked apron, one of her pouring honey on herself, one of her masturbating as a loli, another of her masturbating as a not-loli, and one of her half-lying on a bed looking satisfied.

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I guess it was intentionally left blank.

Drove me crazy. Any kind of syrupy substance mixed with bitches was my fetish.

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Paradise Heights

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Bible black. Yeh that was a hell of a start. I tried artifical girl 2 but 3d game isn't the same thing. I remember trying virgin roster but didn,t got an interest with it.