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Can anyone explain where the "PS1 has bad graphics" thing comes from?

This is the first level of the first Crash Bandicoot game, released in 1996. Notice how it looks better than any Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, or PC game?

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Wrong timing bro, right now /vr/ is having grand fest of 4th gen console warring.

5th gen console war is boring and this thread was made too many times already.

Crash Bandicoot sucks, literally the Poochie of video games. Enjoy your narrow corridors.

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This board is shit.

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I read from an anon on /vr/ that Crash was a bit like an FMV game, in that visibility and depth data for every frame was stored on the disk.

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>Background all warped and weird "intentionally" and can't see anything
>See one clear object up-close (Crash himself) which the N64 was basically perfect at.

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i thought games were stored on the memory card

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I don't know where this "Crash looks good" meme comes from, I think it's from some video or article where Naughty Dog fellate themselves about how they were so good at coding or something and people just ate it up.

I dosn't look significantly better than something like Congo on the Sega Saturn.
At least Congo had more expansive maps instead of just a corridor and more impressive graphic effects like when you get fever effects.

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Read all the parts.

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I don't know where this "Crash looks good" meme comes from, I think it's from some video or article where Naughty Dog fellate themselves about how they were so good at coding or something and people just ate it up.

I doesn't look significantly better than something like Congo on the Sega Saturn.
At least Congo had more expansive maps instead of just a corridor and more impressive graphic effects like when you get fever effects.
On N64 I don't even need to mention big names like Mario or Zelda, even lesser known games like Pilotwings or Wave Race have better graphics and effects than Crash. Don't get me started on PC, Quake was also released in 1996.

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Is this a troll post? That screensbot looks positively 16 bit and all of tbe otber games you mentioned are far less detailed both texturally and in polygon use crash actually has recognizable shape as a living creature whereas marion and zelda look like stacks of blocks with a vaguely sort of human looking face plastered onto it.

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Naughty Dog was given an unlimited budget to work on the game by Universal, it helps Andy Gavin and Dave Baggett were extremely good programmers too. I'm not arguing that all PS1 games dont have bad graphics, but not all developers had the tools at their disposal like ND did, some games looked absolutely horrid and I don't blame people for thinking that. Did have some great games though even if the graphics were clunky and awkward at times.

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Crash looks good because it doesn't have the PS1's wiggle polygons and it used a fixed camera + integer streaming to achieve this instead of just using a prerendered backdrop like Final Fantasy or Resident Evil would.

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>positively 16 bit

what did he mean by this?

>tbe otber games you mentioned are far less detailed both texturally and in polygon use crash actually has recognizable shape as a living creature

I this a troll post?

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Saturn's 2D stuff like Astal looked better than this garbage. Now if you cited something like Vagrant Story, you'd have a case.

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Crash Bandicoot is garbage, fàm. Now Brave Fencer Musashi, that shit was tight with a nice blend of platforming and RPG elements.

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It's just a hard drive with games on it.

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the perspective in crash bandicoot is extremely limited and the entire game is a series of corridors

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The PSX graphics pipeline doesn't render perspective correct textures. Hence the wobbles textures. Some people talk about low precision math causing geometry to jitter, but I think it's probably a very minor problem that people mistake for the texturing problem.

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Playing crash 1 for the first time, where is the best place to grind lives?

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Crash's game engine doesn't even have to do half the work of proper game engines due to its fixed camera.

It literally streams pre calculated 3D data frame by frame from CD ROM. For that reason Crash is one of the few PS1 games that will **crash** if you open the disk cover. Also this pre computed technique prevents Crash from having gameplay other than corridors in the same engine, or the ability to rotate the camera.

It's aesthetically, gameplay wise and technically the Donkey Kong Country of PS1 which also did some pre computed tricks. This thread is like comparing DKC to sprite art 2D games.

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I have a really hard time believing this "streaming frame-by-frame" nonsense. Please point to your evidence. I see no reason for it in Crash 1. The levels would be small enough to load into memory, and if not, the most they would have to do is load sections of the level while they are off screen. Yeah the camera moves on a fixed path, but the levels are standard 3D geometry.

One reason why Crash 1 looked so good was because of the small curvy hallways and camera work kept the area of view small. In other words they could fit more detail into a smaller area because that's all you could see at a time, which largely curbs the incorrect texture rendering here >>3105948. These guys used the hardware well when it comes done to it, and catered to its strengths and weaknesses.

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>grinding in a Crash Bandicoot game

I remember beating the game easily when I was 6 years old.

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The evidence is in the Andy and Gavin blog already linked here. The entire process is described.

You are on the right track talking about visibility because that is exactly what was streamed frame by frame. So the actual PS1 console didn't have to do clipping or scissoring, or working out which polygons are sorted in what order, which polygons are inside or outside the view frustum, which polygons are back faces, or which polygons are occluded by other polygons. This information was all pre processed on workstations which also allowed Naughty Dog to highly control how much detail could be contained per frame.

They didn't use the hardware well in a conventional sense. What they did was avoided using the PS1 hardware as much as possible.

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Notice how it isn't rendering anything aside from a straight corridor, faggot?

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Excuse me, but grinding refers to leveling up one's character. To obtain resources is called farming.

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U sure that isn't Saturn? Kek.

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What do you mean? Yes, it's a Saturn game.

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>Can anyone explain where the "PS1 has bad graphics" thing comes from?
It came from people who had a hard on for Nintendo. I was one of them and I eventually realized that the sharp and better performing aspects of the PS1 were very neato

when you're younger you tend to hate stuff for dumb reasons and then when time passes you see the appeal in everything and come back to what you passed on. People that are still arguing about consoles and whatnot should either be quiet or start focusing on all the good things instead of focusing on negatives

finally, the impartial people who supply facts for the sake of doing so makes /vr/ worth coming to.

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Filename didn't show by default in phone. Thread was about ps1 so assumed the pic was referencing a ps 1 game because I stopped reading after your first paragraph.

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>Can anyone explain where the "PS1 has bad graphics" thing comes from?

saturn could do better sprites than psx

n64 could do better polygons than psx


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>Nintendo boogeyman

I shit on the PS1 and Sony all the time, I'm mostly a Sega+PC guy.

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Looking at raw specification it's obvious that the PS1 isn't a super power.

But what it does have going for it is that it's an all-rounder. It can do a bit of everything - with a level of competency, if not superiority, while the other consoles had serious weaknesses (3D for Saturn, cartridge space for N64).

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The only reason some people are trying to push Crash on here is that their parents could not afford N64 when they were young, and they are trying to rewrite history so that they didn't miss out on their childhood.

N64 games like Banjo had vast open 3D worlds to explore. Crash is an on-rails series of small corridors, pretty much a generation behind, a cheap substitute of real 3D for poorfags and pirates.

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Posting a superior open-world 3D platformer to Banjo.

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>if you cited something like Vagrant Story
Vagrant Story has some the worst graphics in the PS1 era. It is terrible.

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Sure it does kid, sure it does.

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Was Croc the best they could do?

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>Vagrant Story
>some of the worst graphics on PS1
There's contrarian and then there's this blind faggot.

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I don't think you're wrong. At least the first Banjo. I haven't played thee second.

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Crash looks good because they restricted gameplay so much that they could render a lot of polygons in a smaller area. This is why the majority of the game is a hallway.

Also your screenshot is from an emulator. It doesn't look nearly that crisp on an actual PS1. It doesn't even look that good, honestly. Pic related is Banjo Tooie (also on an emulator.)

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Not OP, but the OP image is from part 3 of the creator article already mentioned above.

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Crash is a rail platformer, and uses the same tricks that Mega Man X did - things you can't see are immediately discarded to make room for more shit on-the-fly.
It's clever and it works really well, though.

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Someone post evidence of a complaint about ps1 wobbly textures when the console was out. Till then I'll continue to believe its something people only ever noticed on emulators when changing the native res. Cause you can't see that shit so much on a CRT on native

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He might have just found it easier to grab a screenshot from an emulator than with a capture card. I doubt he found have felt guilty pirating his own game.

It has to be from an emulator because the real game has a horizontal resolution of 224 not 270. Unless it's from the PAL version, but it might not be natively different anyway.

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Except it doesn't take a genius to figure out its hardware is a bit lacking.

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>Till then I'll continue to believe its something people only ever noticed on emulators when changing the native res. Cause you can't see that shit so much on a CRT on native

Well...you can stay delusional. I didn't even have to look very hard for this.

>30 NOV 1998
>We were surprised to see that the Nintendo 64 version of Nightmare Creatures looks crisp, clear and detailed. But best of all, the PlayStation pixelization and texture-warping of old is gone.


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>saturn could do better sprites than psx
SotN (PS1) does sprites better than anything on Saturn.

>n64 could do better polygons than psx
Tekken 3 (PS1) does polygons better than anything on N64

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You know SotN had a saturn port right?

>> No.3106452

>SotN (PS1) does sprites better than anything on Saturn.
Street Fighter Zero 3

>Tekken 3 (PS1) does polygons better than anything on N64
Pretty sure anything that has to use a 2D backdrop instead of polygons disqualifies itself in that department.

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We're they expensive? I bought mine on after school dunkin donut wages.

>> No.3106457

it was cheap, games were the expensive thing

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Here we see the autistic weeb in his natural habitat. Look how easily he shitposts.

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Not very? Was it $10 or $20 more than ps1? It was long ago but I don't remember sweating it when buying new games for either. Not counting players choice or whatever the green label games were.

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>SotN (PS1) does sprites better than anything on Saturn.

Saturn port of SOTN does sprites as good as the PS1 version of SOTN (it only falls short in the flat and gouraud shading, transparencies, and the 3d polygons - and even so, only because it was a goddamn awful port).

But no PS1 game does sprites as good as any of the Capcom fighters on the Saturn (especially the ones using the RAM cart), or Princess Crown, or some other titles I can't be arsed to look up.

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Not him but this "frame-by-frame" thing is ridiculous. Of course the game would hang after a couple steps when it's prefetching the next or previous chunk (levels were subdivided in 10mt chunks) but it doesn't "crash", it actively starts seeking again as soon as you close the lid. Of course each player position was debugged in advance to note when the framerate drops or too many polygons are visible, but that's just fine tuning, there's no "frame-by-frame" control happening in the code.

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Consider me wrong then

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>there's no "frame-by-frame" control happening in the code.

Of course it works frame-by-frame. And that's not something unique to Crash Bandicoot.

The reason it doesn't hang immediately is because there was enough RAM to cache poly visibility information a few steps ahead and a few steps back.

But for absolutely every single frame of Crash's journey through every level the poly visibility information for the frame extracted out of the array of pre-computed data cached in RAM.

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>Tekken 3 (PS1) does polygons better than anything on N64

Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn looks better than Tekken 3.

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I get sick of repeating levels, save system is annoying. Other then that great game.

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something along the lines of that yes. "Every frame" is a huge exageration but Crash 1 had some pretty intense occlusion for a PS1 game, that was pretty much set up manually for every "view" in the game

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Miyamoto got blown when he played Crash back in 1996. Most people says he really liked the water effects in the game.

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For all the shit the guy gets from the general public, Miyamoto is actually pretty humble.
He also praised Yuji Naka's NiGHTS and said he wished he had created something like it.

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Why can't you clowns ever enjoy something in its own right? Something always has to get called shit or be called the best, otherwise nothing gets said. Swear some of you don't even like video games, you just like to bitch.

Sega, Nintendo, Sony, etc. it's all fun stuff, you console war morons exhibit minor mental impairment.

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>"Every frame" is a huge exageration

An exaggeration? Do you even have the slightest fucking idea how 3D graphics work?

Visibly changes between frames.

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>Miyamoto got blown when he played Crash back in 1996.

Lucky dude.

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I love Spyro but the worlds were always too flat for my tastes, particularly in the first. Also the voice acting was atrocious. Banjo at least had garbled animal jabber and sarcastic british humor

But they are both great games, really.

>> No.3107106

There's some pluses and minuses to both.

Even though Banjo is technically superior to Spyro on the whole (bigger / more vertical worlds, and way less LOD) Spyro does have its good points. The artstyle is somewhat more sublime and the resolution is higher (512x240, while Banio is the usual 320x240).

>> No.3107121

True, in fact later on he forced the Super Mario Sunshine team to redo the water levels over and over until it looked good enough for his taste.

>> No.3107131

Miyamoto's modern decisions are stupid as fuck as they show he's afraid of change, pre wii era miyamoto was cool as fuck though and truly deserves the praise he gets. Every just hates the decisions he makes today, after his decision to change sticker star into what we got people started really hating him.

>> No.3107142

>particularly in the first

That's why I like the first better than the others IMO, it's so simple it reaches out to me.

>> No.3107151

Some of them are stupid yes, but Miyamoto means well. He actually wants to save gaming from becoming a degenerated form of interactive Hollywood like it is now.

>> No.3107251

Crash is a pure platformer converted into 3D space. That was the philosophy that they used for every aspect of its design, literally from the ground up. Personally, I also thought "why?" but it doesn't make Crash any less beautiful. In fact, the more you learn about how they did it the more beautiful it becomes to me.

The wobbly, grittiness of free roaming 3D space on Playstation is part of what inspired its "adult" aesthetic which at the time was why Playstation was my (and most people's) favorite 5th gen console - but those games aren't as "beautiful" as Crash.

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>The wobbly, grittiness of free roaming 3D space on Playstation is part of what inspired its "adult" aesthetic which at the time was why Playstation was my (and most people's) favorite 5th gen console - but those games aren't as "beautiful" as Crash.

>> No.3108487

I think it's somewhat debatable whether or not Spyro's artstyle was "sublime," but I can tell you that resolution meant exactly dick to me when I was a kid playing these. Banjo had more complex worlds and a greater emphasis on hunting for items and interacting with memorable characters as opposed to crashing through shit and fruitlessly mashing through the dialog of an annoying cat with the voice of a retarded sex offender

I mean I love 'em both but you're not making a lot of strong points

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Tooie is objectively worse. Runs like shit, bloated empty maps, too much forced backtracking, too many shit new abilities, music isn't as catchy as BK's soundtrack, too many shit NPC's like Jamjar and Grunty's sisters, and so on. About the only thing it did right was add bosses to every world, which the first game lacked.

>> No.3108493

Don't get me wrong I like Banjo's art style a lot, I just think Spyro did a really good job with the simplicity it had.

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Well at least he got some parts right. Crash 1 was pure platforming bliss, its gamepaly paved the way for everything else, Crash games are beautiful 5th generation games, the tech behind its engine with all its engineering tricks only make it more impressive. And Playstation, generally speaking, tipped towards the older audience more so than the other brands. That's all that I could take away from his awful post.

>> No.3108575

Who is this qt 3.14?

>> No.3108662

BK did have bosses in almost every world though, they just were kind of mediocre and didn't really feel like bosses:

Mumbo's Mountain - conga the ape
Treasure Trove Cove - giant crab dude
Clanker's Cavern - toxic snippets
Bubblegloop Swamp - yellow frogs/mr vile
Freezeezy Peak - no boss. maybe the polar bear race?
Gobi's Valley - grabba the hand
Mad Monster Mansion - no boss. maybe Napper?
Rusty Bucket Bay - boss boom box
Click Clock Wood - summer beehive fight

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Somebody's wife ;_;

I'm working on getting him cucked though.

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Notice how it looks better than Crash 3?

>> No.3109936

shitposting is fun and I'm lonely this weekend.

>> No.3109939

>this weekend.

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Probably came from people playing the games on original hardware in the 90's. Younglings who only played on recent emulators with filters might not see such a difference.

>> No.3110625

So you agree with everything.

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Grind lives in Crash Bandicoot? The games are extremely generous with lives.

>> No.3110820


Are you waiting for your nerd creds for bashing Crash Bandicoot and the PlayStation in general?

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Because 99% of the 3D games on it are a polygon wobble mess.

And saturn was better at 2D

>> No.3112213

Is that moot?

>> No.3112298

Ps1 didn't have bad graphics as such. Each system had it's strengths and each game has to be programmed to take those into account. Ps1 was very good at generating large amounts of polygons.

For crash, they came up with crazy compression and took advantage of the raw polygon power, but used goraud (?) shading by the looks of things. They also used a lot of streaming direct from cd to overcome limited ram. They were clever in what they did. Unfortunately not many took advantage of the saturn to the same extent.

>> No.3112305

>And saturn was better at 2D

this meme needs to stop.

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Yeah, because games like Street Fighter Alpha 2 are identical on PS1 and Saturn, right anon?

>> No.3112441

This is just Capcom fucking up the PSX port. The only real advantage the Saturn has for 2D games is the cartridge port that supported RAM extension.

>but muh VDP2 playfield generator
The Sony GPU was significantly faster and could easily simulate these playfields

>> No.3112445


Watch out guys, we have an actual developer that has worked on both Saturn and PS1 hardware, he knows what he's talking about no doubt

>> No.3112553

>The Sony GPU was significantly faster and could easily simulate these playfields
No it couldn't. Sony forbid Treasure from making a Radiant Silvergun PS1 port because it would look and run significantly worse than Saturn's version, making PS1 look bad.

Most 2D games on Playstation that weren't very simple 2D had extreme slowdown, almost SNES-like. Saturn was THE 2D machine.

>> No.3112634

Btw here's the source before some Sonyfriend claims it's bullshit:


>> No.3112708

>The only real advantage the Saturn has for 2D games is the cartridge port that supported RAM extension.

No. The Saturn had a dedicated tile mapper, which was absurdly powerful and had its own memory. Basically imagine the most wicked, crazy, impossible HDMA effect the SNES can do, multiply it by ten, and the Saturn could still do that all in hardware without even needing HDMA.
It also came with its own pool of memory, and since it used tiling, it used that memory significantly more efficiently than the Playstation did with its polygons.

Radiant Silvergun was using that chip very heavily. It did dual infinite mode-7 planes, with translucency, water rippling, mimicked a 90° turn as if you flew into the screen, and had a lot of very detailed zooming backgrounds. And it changed a lot of BGs on the fly, loading them from the disc (the background music was all chiptune).

The Playstation could have done those effects, but only without perspective correction, and at significantly lower quality due to the lack of VRAM.

I don't know who shot the game down, whether it was Sony or Treasure, but there is no doubt about the fact that the game would've looked like ass on the PS1.

>> No.3112717

>The Sony GPU was significantly faster and could easily simulate these playfields

If it had nothing else to do, it might be able to do it.

But since it had to run a shitload of other sprites and so, it simply wouldn't have the VRAM for it. Maybe not even enough speed either, since you could do 4 backgrounds, two Mode 7 planes, and a background gradient, all with translucency - that's a gigantic fillrate eater.

The only way they got SF Alpha 3 running half decent was by completely rewriting the game and changing a lot of animation and effects, like hit sparks, to procedurally generated transparent triangles.

>> No.3112767

>it simply wouldn't have the VRAM for it

Many games exchanged sprites from RAM to VRAM and it was reasonably fast, even more so since they were usually rectangles, a 2D only function, and you can just draw multiple 64x64 4-bit chunks to make use of the faster cache. Rectangles cannot be scaled or rotated though. Of course Saturn's solution is far less problematic.

>> No.3112771

>Can anyone explain where the "PS1 has bad graphics" thing comes from?

It came from the wobbly polygons, you glasses-needing phaggot.

>> No.3112772

PS1 is objectively ugly just like all early 3D. Some of the 2D games are decent.

>> No.3112778

>Crash Bandicoot game

It obviously came from PSX games that were not Crash Bandicoot, you stupid retard.

>> No.3112798

It's a meaningless statement because it is too simplistic. Any type of graphics can be considered bad if you go far back enough. It only has meaning relative to something else, for e.g. the 2d capabilities of saturn vs ps2. But even then it isn't that important to most people as it's the games that count.

>> No.3112889

Exchanging textures from RAM to VRAM was a necessity on most platforms due to how complex games were. Heck, it was a common practice even in 16bit games.

But that does not account for the fact that the Saturn simply had 512kb more memory, attached to a dedicated tilemapper, which is what drives half the effects Radiant Silvergun does.

>> No.3112996

Crash Bandicoot is a pretty game but very restrictive ,you just run through narrow corridors and i think it has a weird perspective which makes timing jumps difficult ,good game but I could never quite get into it

>> No.3115612

It was a biased post that had most points in truth. The wobbliness had nothing to do with the more-adult audience though.

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File: 979 KB, 1400x960, RetroArch-0405-014351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crash Bandicoot looks really ugly. PS1 games in general. Here is a screen shot how it looks on a real console via svideo.

>> No.3115631


>> No.3115636

on grandmas old CRT, the game looked nothing like that you autist

>> No.3115673

The PS1 outputs video at 1400x960?

>> No.3115678

I was hoping this thread would be filled with pretty PS1 abs N64 screenshots.

>> No.3115680


It could look like that because it's a corridor platformer where the engine always knows exactly how many polys are in view at any given time. Sure it looks nice but that's the only sort of game you can make that way.

>> No.3115696

no, it's analog. you can capture at any res bro

>> No.3115728

>What are TVL

>> No.3117485

Any actual examples of the amazing 2d games on Saturn or is it just mythical like everything else on Saturn that isn't NiGHTS or Panzer?

>> No.3117701
File: 194 KB, 412x286, nana12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nanatsu Kaze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLX1NP4DDJ8

Princess Crown:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBhn2AZ16o4

>> No.3117945

What exactly is impressive there besides the beautifully animated snail monster?

>> No.3117949

holy shit nigger you can't be this bad
i ended the game with 60+ lives without even trying

also, saving your game doesn't save your lives so grinding is pointless

>> No.3119367

so much fucking this.
the ps1 fanboyism is very sad.

>> No.3119376

What's with this kind of angry thought? Jesus dude I had both consoles and had a blast with both Crash, and Mario,DK64(yes I liked it when I was smaller), Banjo etc.
It's like some people here are always trying to find an excuse to look down on other people.

>> No.3119382

>their parents could not afford N64 when they were young

But PlayStation was the more expensive console for the entirety of the 5th generation. N64 was being sold for $99 by the end.

>> No.3119390

3do was the most expensive, saturn was the most expensive console from the big 3

>> No.3119405

was not easy for me did you beat it on hard? cause thats where I had issues.

>> No.3119409

I hope this thread does not make 4chan crash!

>> No.3119414

that was not even close to funny please no more lame puns.

>> No.3119592

clearly torvalds

>> No.3119919

He wants to be fun, but Nintendo in general wants gaming to be an outdated clusterfuck.

>> No.3120104

Damn good water, though. Good thing too, considering half the game involves water.

>> No.3120130
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This thread is spyroing out of control.

>> No.3120242

Playstation was years ahead of netendo with the cd drive thing!

>> No.3120276

Sparks are flying everywhere...

>> No.3120971

Honestly with the way things are going outdated is the way to go.

Unless you think Nintendo should make more cinematic masterpieces like Other M?

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