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Daily reminder that this is still the GOAT retro belt scroller.

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>belt scroller


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Belt Scrolling Action Game


Yeah, I like BSAGs.

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Punch Walkers aged poorly

Play a real genre like STG

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i play both get fucked nerd

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sidewalking sluggers need to make a cum back.

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Maybe you should get a job, sport.

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>not managing your time to enjoy your hobby

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It's called a side-scrolling beat-em-up, sir.

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There were some run'n'guns in this style though.
I can't remember any of top off my head rn other than shooting segments in The Shadow and Punisher.

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What was the last non-indie one even released. Code of Princess?

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Fucking stop with the weeb terms.

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Sad reminder that there exists no such variant of the SoR games as Streets of -- let's say -- Hate, wherein all the villains are not thugs, but SJWs, and you get to go around beating up SJWs. I imagine that one tranny in that one picture, holding a bat, would take the role of the sliding, yellow-jacket mohawk punks in the actual game, for instance.

Now that would be fun. But we can't have that 'cause noooooooooooo that would be offensive!

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back to /pol/

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Nice irony posting.

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Daily reminder that you still haven't managed to convince anyone.

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Another sick brawler

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Top tier

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I prefer belt shooters

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>16-bit beat 'em ups
I mean, if extremely basic gameplay is your thing..

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Babby's first beat'em up.

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A beat 'em up for real men

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>complains about basic gameplay
>posts something even more basic
Guardian Heroes is still good though

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>Have the best 2D consumer chipset on the market
>Use it for awful, puke-inducing digitized art

Just why? Did they really think this looked good at the time?

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Shit nigga, do you even know what you're talking about? GH has unique character classes and combos. What does SoR have? Special attack that drains HP, normal attack and jump. Boring.

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Best Golden Axe hands down

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Beat em alls are about masculinity, therefore i refuse to play any beatem all where the woman characters are more powerful than the dudes. That includes

streets of rage 3

i'm not sexist or mysoginistic btw. i repsect women

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The soundtrack alone makes this the best Fisting Simulator.

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i bet you think dragon's crown is good retard

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It is. Also, no bully!

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My nigga. SoR2 is vastly overrated.

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>the reaction for Powered Gear
What the fuck, that's one of the best games ever! Why didn't you like it?

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>preferring Tower of Doom to Shadow over Mystara

Now you fucked up.

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I hate the controls so much, maybe one day.

I still love SoM and it's a bit more varied, but it's unbalanced as shit 2bh

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>What does SoR have?

skippable cutscenes.

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>can't wait through some text
what's it like having ADHD

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Some Marvel brawlin

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>Another BEU thread on /vr/
>Nobody ever brings up Technos stuff before me.
Feels sad man.

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Overrated means, just like the words says, that something is rated, or valued, higher than it deserves. Deserves, huh? This should throw up a flag right away, because how are you supposed to measure how much praise something deserves? To do this, you would have to objectively quantify how good an artist or a piece of art is, which is already impossible. You can argue that there are many qualities that could be quantified objectively, but it still falls apart because everyone values these qualities differently. Someone might agree with Schenkerian analysis that harmony is the most important thing in music, while someone else will definitely argue that innovation is.

You can't measure how 'good' a piece of art or an artist is, and as such it's impossible to measure how much praise it deserves, and how highly it deserves to be valued. Therefore it's idiotic to use a phrase such as "They are overrated". You are still free to say something like "I believe the critics overrated the historical importance of X", because not only are you specifying which aspect you think has been overrated, but you're also specifying who you think is overrating it, and that there's no objectivism at play here - you're simply stating that it is your subjective evaluation that differs from that of someone else's.

What you're actually saying when you use a term like "X are overrated" is really nothing other than "Others like X more than I do".

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Spot on.

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Maybe because we've all played RCR before and it's the only good beat 'em up that they've made.

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No, it's overrated because SOR3 is objectively the superiour game, yet the majority of people prefer SOR2, despite the fact that SOR3 improves on 2 in literally every way. This of course is probably due to most people having played the gimped American version instead of the brilliant original game. You cunts will never acknowledge this though because you only judge games on first impressions and never give them another chance, bunch of casual wankers.

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kek that game was pretty awful.

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I did.

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how do you live with such shitty tastes anon

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Now leave and come back when you grow up a bit, kiddo.

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Both versions of SoR 3 are unpolished unrealized potential: the game.

Also the music is horrendous and the atmosphere is not as awesome as in SoR 2.

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You first, cunt.

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I'm not the one treating subjective opinions as being objective here, m8.

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>This of course is probably due to most people having played the gimped American version instead of the brilliant original game.

Oh wow, yeah, it's so brilliant with it different character colors, omitted gaylord boss,easier difficulty and original story.

so much more brilliant, yeah.

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Are all bitmap threads doomed to devolve into SoR shitflinging contests?

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I love this.

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Double Dragon II > River City Ransom

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>Implying Double Dragon Advance isn't the BSAGOAT.
Granted, that's technically by Atlus/Paon and it's passed /vr/'s cutoff point.

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That's a fact

Also true

Shame that Double Dragon clones got so thoroughly genocided by Final Fight clones

They are both cool styles

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>What you're actually saying when you use a term like "X are overrated" is really nothing other than "Others like X more than I do".

Congratulations, you figured out the literal meaning behind a verbal shorthand phrase like "overrated".

Now get over it you fucking sperg, of course it's a subjective opinion. Functioning social humans are capable of discussing their opinions with one another without flying into an autistic rage about objectivity.

Let me give you another tip while we're at it. Sometimes you hard people say something like "Symphony of the Night is the greatest game on the PS1 and that's a fact!"- Do you really think they mean to say that it is empirically demonstrable, and objectively quantifiable, that SOTN is the best game on Playstation?

Of course not you nerd, it's called hyperbole, and it's what people sometimes do when they are enthusiastic about a point of view. An appropriate reaction is to laugh and say "No way, that's not Metal Gear Solid!", and inappropriate reaction is B-B-BUT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO OBJECTIVELY DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF AAAARRRRTTT

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