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With the FF7 Remake coming out, how do you think Square Enix will fuck up the combat system?

It looks like a real-time game now.

What will the filthy SJWs have to say about Cloud crossdressing?

Inb4 muh privilege

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It is going to be shit, I don't understand how they so misinterpreted the fabs request for a remake, obviously people just wanted new graphics with the old mechanics.

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>Wahh! The SJW boogeyman is invaden muh gaems!


And last time I checked, it was conservative groups that were opposed to crossdressing on "moral" grounds. Evidently you didn't grow up with the /vr/ generation.

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>how do you think Square Enix will fuck up the combat system?
As hard as Cloud's redesign.

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True, they did make him look more... anime feminine :///

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>real time combat
if they give me gambits to program the A.I. and an option to change the party leader, it'll be ok
if it's going to be like Xenoblade, FFXIII, Ni No Kuni or most real time JRPGs, they can go fuck themselves

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>be playing ff7
>scratch cheeto dust from neckbeard
>at point in game where cloud has to dress up as a woman to get into Corneos crib
>fedora flies off head
>Don suit of white knight armor
>fat-fuck launch to computer
>keys encrusted with dorito and cheeto residue
>open tumblr


>Tumblr fags eat it up
>spread it's cancer about
>reaches other news sites
>Plague of cancer begins

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Turn-Based games are, imo, extremely boring and really outdated.

So I welcome the new real-time shit.

Plus a complete rehaul, not like the other "HD" remakes they released

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>real time combat

why is square enix so shit?

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>turn based is boring
>real time is shit

I feel bad for developers, in no way can you possibly please everyone when people all want different things from a remake.

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>turn based is outdated

Where did this meme come from? I keep hearing it a lot recently.

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How could they possibly make the combat system worse than it already was?

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if it has dark souls combat it will be game of the year

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>dark soul combat
>in a game where you control 3 characters at the same time

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I come to /vr/ to forget about modern games, not be reminded about it.

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>he thinks you get to control three characters at once

Sit down, anon, it's worse than you think.

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>With the FF7 Remake coming out, how do you think Square Enix will fuck up the combat system?

By making it poorly controlling and clunky as hell, which they have a track record of doing (see Crisis Core as a shining example)

>What will the filthy SJWs have to say about Cloud crossdressing?

Nothing unless there's a Nintendo version.

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>Turn-Based games are, imo, extremely boring and really outdated.
>at the time of the WRPG resurgance

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0 percent chance of this shit being any good

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Go back to SRS, redditard.

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Dissidia had pretty neat real-time combat but the physics of movement and jumping were whack and on a terrible control scheme. On a PS4 controller though with some polish, it could definitely work.

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>And last time I checked, it was conservative groups that were opposed to crossdressing on "moral" grounds.

When was the last time you checked? The mid 90s? In case you haven't been outside your little retro nostalgia bubble in a couple of decades, you might be surprised to find that the left wing authoritarians are even more likely to play the role of the obnoxious moral guardian than the right wing authoritarians these days. Assuming they don't take the crossdressing segment out of the remake in an attempt to make it more gritty and serious, expect to see these SJW types bitching about it on twitter, claiming it's insensitive to transgender people. Expect the infamously partisan video game journalism websites (like Kotaku, for example) to be reprimanding Squeenix for leaving the potentially "offensive" crossdressing in the game and not being more "inclusive" to transgender folks. Now, maybe you'll have some of the same alarmist shitheads on the right wing side whinging about degeneracy and whatnot, but how many major video game review sites do you know with a right wing bias? Oh yeah, I forgot, you don't know shit about the modern gaming scene. The answer is zero and both sides are fucking moronic either way.

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>Dissidia had pretty neat real-time combat

it works there because it's a one-on-one fighting game

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Take this garbage thread back to /v/

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>Report /pol/ threads
>Hide /pol/ threads
>Do not reply to /pol/ posters

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>all this underage butthurt


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Didn't you get the note?

The Confederacy lost and slavery was abolished
Hitler lost and the Jews now control the media
The gay agenda worked and same-sex marriage is now legal
The Anglo gene pool is now thoroughly diluted as a result of racemixing
GamerGate only further popularized feminist media bloggers by victimizing them
The immigration crisis isn't going away anytime soon
And Ann Coulter's latest book was a flop

/pol/ BTFO

Better hurry back to your respective containment boards before you miss the suicide party

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Squeenix has no choice but to use the XV engine for any and all future Final Fantasy games. An engine that big and costing that much money is obviously going to be the go to choice for a developer. Look at Bethsoft and gamebyro.

My point being, even if the people wanted it, and yes I think they do, there's not a snowball's chance in hell the VII remake was ever going to be turn-based.

As for the politically incorrect stuff? Jury is out on that, the Japanese don't care and as long as they don't pull a Nintendo or Team Ninja and fold to Western pressure, should be fine.

Why I'm writing all this shit for a game a don't care about and never wanted, I don't know.

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There is already video of the combat. It's kind of like crisis core.

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>With the FF7 Remake coming out, how do you think Square Enix will fuck up the combat system?
It was already confirmed.

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>The SJW boogeyman

Hello, Reddit.

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>fat-fuck launch to computer

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Mate, I've seen this "bogeyman" thing all over the chans. Know how I know it's bullshit?

Because I practically invented it it to make people look like they were "jumping at shadows" at the "/pol/ bogeyman", "College rapist bogeyman", the "Gamergate bogeyman" or whatever people were freaking out over at that point in order to make naysayers, shills, and opponents look like they were irrational and stupid.

So get the fuck out, SJW. For your own safety.

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Great counter arguments there, guys. Not that I was expecting much more from poorly disguised SJW apologists or anything, but you could at least try.


Basically this. Don't expect rationality from these people. I swear, every single time one of them rears their ugly head, it's all logical fallacies and smear tactics. You get the same shit from butthurt religious people. They'll do anything they can to try to avoid an actual rational debate with you, because they know that all they have is their emotions and their faith in this big dogmatic ideology of theirs.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I'm honestly quite hopeful for the combat system, I just hope they don't water down the materia and character customisation in the jump from turn based to real time. The main thing that pissed me off about the remake was finding out that they'd be milking it Perter Jackson style and turning it into a trilogy. Not sure why OP didn't bring that up too.

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>the chans
>I practically invented it

Hello, Reddit.

And then you call me an SJW. You projecting fuckstick.

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I wonder how they will deal with cloud being catatonic for a big chunk of the game.

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>"Don't expect rationality from these people."
>"an actual rational debate"


Just what debate are you referring to? The gist of this thread is

And even so, political discussion has no place on any board except >>>/pol/ The global rules outline this several times over. I don't care if it's "video game politics," it's still politics. Go have your "rational debate" about SJWs there, because this is a board for RETRO GAMES.

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Ignore the thread if the simple line: "will SJWs complain about this?" triggers you so badly. Or preferably, go back to SRS.

Look, you could've responded like these guys:

But instead you decided to sperg out.

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If this isn't bait I don't want to know.

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>tfw FF7 remake will be the Dark Souls of Final Fantasty

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It's not, it's a SJW. And the faggot biased mod deleted all the posts telling him to fuck off.

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It's fucked from the get go

You can remove the story from the gameplay and have still recognise it

If you change the mechanics its a different game all together, its just going to make the story appear weaker if the battle systems been watered down and instantly turn off a majority of the players that played the original because the mechanics were enjoyable.

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Starting up ff7 for the first time on my psp, never beat a final fantasy before. Almost beat 6 and half way through 4 but couldn't do it. Hope it's cool, not really sure what to expect.

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i dunno most of the chicks i know fucking love cross dressing cloud.
and for the bitching about his redesign, cloud has always been feminine. he's a product of the gackt generation.

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The only rational response ITT and of course it gets ignored.

>> No.3091907


>Just what debate are you referring to?

I 'm referring to the debate that you've been happily participating in over the course of this thread. The same debate that you're now paradoxically saying doesn't belong here and trying to weasel your way out of.

>The gist of this thread is FUCKING SJW SCUM LIIBRUL FEMINISM REEEEEEE... oh, and video games

Nice strawman there. And it's pretty funny too, because most posters in the thread have been focusing on the gameplay part of the topic instead of the crossdressing thing. On top of that, the first person to even touch the SJW part of the topic was an actual SJW or SJW apologist at least (presumably you). It's also pretty funny how my post one one of the posts that happened to magically disappear after I called you out on your bullshit, and I was the one trying to get back on to the topic of the gameplay itself.

Behaviour like this is just pretty typical of SJWs. You have no rationality behind your beliefs and it shows when you bring them into an argument. You come into the thread and start throwing around logical fallacies and personal attacks, trying to derail it with your inflammatory shitposting. And when all the flaws and faulty reasoning in your posts get pointed out, some biased janitor or mod shows up and removes the counter arguments. SJWs using censorship to their advantage yet again because they are too weak minded and deluded to use their heads instead. It's pathetic and it's cowardly. Everybody in this thread seen what happened, so don't try to take the moral high ground.

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>The reproduction of events from the original version will be done carefully, as social situations were different back when the original game was made compared to today. For example the bath house scene at the Honey Bee Inn

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what else are they going to ruin?
cid and barret will probably be unrecognizable

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Where is the FFVI remake? Years ago (before the turn of the century), I could somewhat understand the existence of a camp that thought FF was superior to DQ. It is ridiculous how much this series lacks the consistency of its counterpart.
>Dark Souls
I own DS2 (my brother gave me his PS3 games when his console crapped out) and IMO, it's unplayable trash. It's like today's gamer enjoys shit games. Either that or spending money on something creates a need to enjoy it. I personally feel I haven't played a good console JRPG since DQ VIII.

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FFX had arguably some of the best mechanics out of any FF. The designers only really took advantage of it in the battle arena, but the turn queue and having to carefully manipulate it was incredibly fun. Better than ATB in a lot of ways, although both systems rock.

>> No.3093164

Dark Souls 2 is shit.

Or maybe you just don't like real-time.

I understand if it was too hard for you though anon. :^)

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When people say turn-based combat systems are outdated, I think they mean that they've played too many RPGs where not enough was done to build upon the mechanics and gameplay they already recognize. And if there are new features added, they only hinder the game or make it take way too long to play out due to animations/button prompting/etc. Not enough is being done to reinvent turn-based gameplay into something more satisfying and complex from its origins. The only RPGs I can think of that really tried to do more with that system were Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon (very old and well known, but probably the first to emphasize rotating your party to manage winning), the Mario & Luigi series (unfortunately items have made battles tedious, repetitive, lacking in any strategy, and pointless with drawn out mini-games supplanting attacking and dodging), Mega Man Battle Network (chip data system was brilliant), and others.

Of course the Final Fantasy series is obligated to its fans, but it's also been thirty years since its inception, and we're soon to be FIFTEEN installments in - something has to change!

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try the GBC Grandia, I thought it had great combat
Baten Kaitos Origins is my favourite ATB battle system (not retro, I know)
Chrono Cross is hated but I loved its battle system and how attacking was tied to elements, and there was no MP to worry about
I also thought the music combos from Mother 3 were a great idea that made even regular encounters fun
Breath Of Fire 4 had the magic combos and switching out characters so the ones in back can restore AP
Loved Live A Live's battles that mixed movement and range as well
Romancing Saga for PS2 is great as well

I prefer turn based battles in general because they usually have more unique twists in their mechanics, while giving the player 100% control over all the characters

I'm still mildly optimistic towards the 7remake and XV

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>party member KO'd
>summon Aeon
>party member gets up and out of the way
>Aeon animation
>party member comes back and gets on the ground again
>FFX had arguably some of the best mechanics out of any FF

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Would you rather have clipping issues or the party spread so damn far away from oneanother that it's like standing in a semi-circle?

>> No.3093726

Who cares about a remake? It's going to be crap anyway. They've already confirmed Tiffa is going to have SJW-friendly tiny tits.

>> No.3093854


That has nothing to do with the combat mechanics though. It's a problem with the presentation, not the mechanics themselves.


And I agree with this. I didn't think all that much of FFX the first time I played it (largely because I was pissed off that there was no world map). It was only after replaying it later that I realised how good the combat was. The true turn based combat with the turn order is definitely superior to ATB if you ask me. It just makes the battles a lot more strategic when you can see on screen who is going to attack next and plan accordingly. The status effect inflicting attacks in FFX also seemed to be a lot more useful that in the other games, which has always been a problem for the series.

>> No.3093934

>The status effect inflicting attacks in FFX also seemed to be a lot more useful that in the other games

Any other game save FF13. You can't win against fucking ANYTHING in the end game if you aren't status-effecting left right and center. It's like the Final Fantasy that thought it was a Shin Megami Tensei.

It's a shame everyone hates it, though I suspect hardly anyone who hates it actually bothered to finish it.

>> No.3093940

>You can't win against fucking ANYTHING in the end game if you aren't status-effecting left right and center.
By which you mean "Rikku hurling petrify grenades". AKA the instant-win button.

>> No.3093943

Rikku isn't in FF13.

>> No.3093957

Read the period as a comma, my bad.

>> No.3094540

>gaymergay is right wing
Okay, I don't even like 'em and I can tell you that's bullshit.

Most conservatives didn't give a shit about games because they were for children in their minds. Anytime someone shat themselves over games and politics it was liberals who couldn't believe that there were games that let you hit someone. Every time there was shooting (ironically, most of them being caused by liberals) they went on a moral crusade to ban MK, Doom, and any "violent" game they could find. Hell, they even brought shit to the floor.

OP took a dig at a group that goes around infiltrating groups to censor them. They've been hammering away at games, comics, TV, and are even trying to get anime censored. I can't pl. I don't give a shit if you're right or left wing, SJWs are a cancer upon mankind. Fuck off.

>> No.3094548

*I can't play DoA Xtreme 3 because of them.

>> No.3094648

It's Crisis Core. So if you think that was shit (which it was) then this will be shit (which it will be).

>> No.3094656

Nothing wrong with action-based combat. Typically it has a lot more room for skill and strategy than traditional turn-based combat. Very few JRPGs do turn-based combat right, and the entire FF franchise definitely is not among them.

>> No.3094676

I disagree, X did it well.

>> No.3094865

>ps4 doesn't have region lock
>import game
There. Done.

>> No.3094920

>paying out my ass for customs

>> No.3095039

>not having a japanese PSN account

>> No.3095502

Even the original game was action based, it used the ATB instead of being proper turn-based.

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I'm playing ff7 for the first time and have to ask, are the story text dumps constant? II'm at the part where cloud is dressing up as a girl to get into the honey bee and I'm getting kinda sick of them. The opening where I plant the bomb and escape was really cool and the first time in a while a game's intro excited me.

>> No.3095592

It'll lose me on the first QTE.

>> No.3095646

Now this is a shitpost.

Wrong, ignorant, uninformed, biased, hateful, baiting for replies, all wrapped up in one post.

>> No.3096357

They've already said it's going to be a real-time action RPG in the vein of Kingdom Hearts. The trailers have confirmed that. If you don't like KH's gameplay, then yeah, you're probably not going to like the FFVII remake.

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Jesus christ. These are the fans Square is catering to with this trash.

If you're gonna make a new combat system, why not just make a new fucking game? If you don't like the combat system, why do you even want to play the game? Unbelievable.

This is gonna be a "remake" in the same way Twin Snakes was a "remake". And it's the fault of the fans and Square who have been treating the possibility of a remake as some kind of wet dream sacred moment, so now Square feels like they can't just put in new models and fully rendered backgrounds and voice acting and call it a day.

IMO every remake should be like the Halo remake and Secret of Monkey Island remake where you can toggle the new graphics and voices off at any time.

First of all, XIII was a ridiculously expensive engine and basically went to waste. Second, using the XV engine doesn't mean it'll have the same combat, that's like saying everything on Unreal 3 has to be a cover shooter. And Bethesda doesn't own Gamebryo, it's a cheap as shit engine they license, and the reason they keep using it is because every game since Oblivion has just been a modified version of Oblivion. They're not gonna pay for a new engine when they can just put a new coat of paint on this ancient piece of shit and it'll sell millions anyway.

The godawful iOS version was their VI remake. I'm not even joking, Square considers that on the same level as the IV DS remake and the VII remake. It's complete bullshit. It's not that they cancelled the V and VI remake after IV DS/PSP, it's that they genuinely think those shitty, lazy iOS games are totally worthy successors and exactly what the fans want. And the sales of the games on iOS and Android are just confirming that belief.

I hope someday fans do a real remake of V and VI in the style of IV PSP but with a better looking artstyle.

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It's Final Fantasy so of course.

>> No.3098970

>that's like saying everything on Unreal 3 has to be a cover shooter
You'd be alarmed at how many people aren't aware that DmC was done in the Unreal engine.

>> No.3098973


>With this thing that isn't /vr/ coming out, how do you think Square Enix will fuck up this thing that isn't /vr/?


>> No.3098979

People have been talking about remakes for a long time, and posts weren't reported/deleted unless too much offtopic. So, not really against the rules.

>> No.3099020

>First of all, XIII was a ridiculously expensive engine and basically went to waste

They got four games out of it, what are you going on about? And they were all fantastic sellers.

>> No.3099125

They're not using the XV engine on anything but XV. They were going to use it with KH3, but they had numerous problems with it and decided it would be easier and cheaper to just license Unreal Engine 4. Because of that, VII Remake is also using UE4.

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>I-I was just pretending

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