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Gamecube GBA player

Yay or Nay?

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Oh hell yeah that thing is amazing

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Not retro.

One nigged rigged GC there too with that dumbass fan.

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>non-retro device made for non-retro console to play mostly non-retro portable games

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Not retro, never will be retro.

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>never will be retro
You are obviously retarded, fuck of to /v/ or /b/.

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It's pretty good. A little bit of input lag, but not too bad as long as you play on a CRT.

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Pretty sure games that are 15+ years old are retro.

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Best way to play GBA games outside of an emulator.

Better than Super Gameboy since it can play GBC carts as well.

Strongly recommend. Good investment.

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I'm pretty sure they're modern trash. Actually I know for a fact.

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>I'm gonna off-topic shitpost and break the one rule of this board and there's nothing you can do because I'll just call you autistic xD

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It's not off topic though. You're just having a fit over some arbitrary numerical distinction over which old retro games are more retro than others.

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doesn't gba player have input lag?

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You're a fucking retard if you think Master Chief is retro.

That's ignoring all the technical differences the 6th generation brought in.

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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

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Nobody mentioned master chief, mr strawman.

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Gameboy launched in 1989.

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Because halo is totally a GBA game.

And the GBA includes a ton of 6th gen technical prowess.

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Oh ok ignore everything else that came out during the GBA's lifespan?

Ya like I said. You guys are fucking retarded.

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Says the guy who is shitposting.

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>Oh ok ignore everything else that came out during the GBA's lifespan?
Sure, what's wrong with that?

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Not retro, never will be.

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How do you not comprehend that "retro" is relative? To people much older than you, ANY video game is not-retro.

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>Gameboy will never be retro. Because I said so. Atari FTW! brb braiding my neckbeard

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Still not retro, still never will be.

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It's not the GBA player its the gameboy player for gamecube and yeah it's fuckin rockin. Plays all gameboy iterations on the tv with little shits in there like a screen zoom and a timer if you only have a few minutes to play before you gotta do something.

Not sure if bait by calling it GBA player but based on responses I say good show anon you got people to act all retarded. If you actually get one play mole mania on that bitch and have a good time.

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sage and report

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Quick! Someone post a Dreamcast!

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gba player also plays classic gb and gbc games too, you know.

But you should also know that most people today DO consider the original halo to be retro. You've grown so old and out of touch that you don't even know the status of the game industry anymore.

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>Halo is retro

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A 15 year old game is retro, yes.

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>halo to be retro

Get this baby his pacifier and put him down for nap time

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GBA player is a good way to play GB / GBC / GBA games. It's more accurate than the Super Gameboy on timings, and much easier to find than the Super Gameboy 2. It also gives you some more options, and for those of us who aren't fond of the SNES pad it provides another controller option. It does, however, miss out on any game with Super Gameboy special functionality (eg. Donkey Kong 94's special backgrounds). For most people, all of those compromises are the best way to project a GB / GBC game onto a TV.

Regarding the retro cutoff:
If the cutoff rolls with the board launch date, we'd expect the new cutoff to be 2002 by now, so we'd finally be able to talk about GBA / PS2 / GCN / XB0.
It seems silly me to have the cutoff be strictly 1999. If we were gonna put a fixed, permanent cutoff somewhere, we should've cut it off at the 16-bit generation and just not talked about any of the 3D-centric consoles and their games. I mean, that's when the soul of mainstream gaming changed, right? That's when 'cinematic' and 'scripted' and 'pretty' started being higher on the priority list than 'challenging' and 'for kids'. Why 1999? Because it's the end of the millennium? What's really that different in an essence sort of sense between the Dreamcast and the Gamecube? They're both old guard game companies' consoles doing 32-bit 3D that suffer from a little bit of that early extra-dimension jankiness that we hate / love. So if it's about newer consoles having a different soul than old ones, the cut off ought to be earlier. If it's really about being sufficiently old, well, that should be updated every so often. If it's just making sure we don't overlap with /v/ or /vg/'s designated content, I don't think we're at risk of that at all.

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Nintendo hipsters are trying to kill this board again I see

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Or, better yet, you can step out of your time capsule and realize that time doesn't stand still. Go clean the mustard stains off your Q-Bert t-shirt.

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Wouldn't this count actually as it plays gameboy and gameboy color games?

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>If I just keep screaming, I won't have to hear or acknowledge valid points! This is how discussion works!

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If the Retron 5 and emulators counts, this should too

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>I-I'm older than you!

Spoken like an elementary school student.

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I would think with every new coming year the retro year should roll with it, like you mentioned.

Would bring in new life to this bitter, very bitter board. Who knew that talking about video games would get so personally with you guys? It's embarrassing.

I wanna get a GBA player, but is the input lag actually noticeable? Not that it would matter really to me cause I'd probably play rpgs and puzzle stuff more than anything else.

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I doubt you'd notice input lag. The GB Player's imperfections are generally overstated.

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That's not how Retro works kiddo

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And I think they should kick the DC out. Different tastes I guess.

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It's not? Do you really believe, say, a PS4 will never be seen as a retro product, ever?

Guys, a Wright Flyer is not retro because someone in 1903 said it was state-of-the-art and no amount of time will ever change that.

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/v/ would probably be an upgrade from this miserable, complaining shithole.

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>what is Periodization

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Nothing wrong with it, you can manually fix the fucked up gba oversaturation by adjusting the gamma in your tv set.

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There's a bit of discrepancy there don't you think?
Also swan color, ngpc and GBC are all improvements to existing designs. Not new consoles

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Those are the original Neo Geo Pocket and Wonderswan models, not the upgraded ones which came later.

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When will 6th generation be considered retro? If not now, when? How many people do you know who still play a PS2 or Gamecube as their main home console? I think they should be considered retro now, but if you guys want to wait until next generation i guess thats fine.

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that's a swan crystal,the last to be released. you can go online with your dreamcast and check.

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The input lag almost certainly wouldn't bother you. The sort of person who would find the GBP to have too much input lag is gonna be the sort of person who already knows what they want: the original with no modifications.

Re: Cutoff

It would be a fun board tradition to, on the board's birthday, introduce a new year's worth of content for allowed conversation. All metaphorical, like the flowers opening for the season, to have a little board revival of new discussion every year. I'm sure some people would be at least a little excited when it comes around.
Do you think PS1/N64/Saturn, et c. should be removed?

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>GBC is not a new console
Swing and a miss

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I play lots of action games like MMZ on the gameboy player, and don't notice a thing. I feel like it must be negligible.

I also believe speedrunners play on gameboy players at AGDQ so if it can satisfy their autism, it's fine.

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It's a newer model of an older console.

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That's like saying the SNES is a newer model of the NES.

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By that logic, the PS2, 3, and 4 are merely newer models of older consoles. It doesn't matter that they have advanced hardware and software that older iterations cannot handle--they're all called PlayStation, so case closed! Can't wait to talk about these retro systems.

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SNES doesn't have NES hardware inside it. GBC is literally GB hardware.

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dang what could have been a good comparison is muddied by fucking up the screenshots. here i am baited mate you got me
you can get extrems gbp loader which has a variety of modes with different trade-offs, including a reduced input lag mode and a 240p mode. you can load homebrew with a melee disc.

the good thing is that GBP hardware only is affordable, and with the homebrew, you don't need the startup disc- which is a good portion of the cost

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why is the boot disc so god damn expensive.

Why does life as a canuckcuck suck so much?

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It's really the only strong argument for keeping a gamecube these days instead of just playing gamecube games on a Wii.

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It has hardware in common, yes, but it also has hardware unique to it. But if we were to pretend otherwise, again, by that logic PS2 is retro because it's just an upgraded PS1. It literally has PS1 hardware!

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dont forget the extra clarity gamecube gives with its $200 cables

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Stop parroting shit.

Dumb fucking kids.

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It's not quite the same, although there are similarities between PS1 and PS2 and they managed to maintain register backwards compatibility, there a more major architectural changes. For example, the PS2 Emotion Engine is quite different in significant ways to CPU/GTE in the PS1.

GBC is literally GB except with higher clock speeds, more RAM and a color extension on the PPU.

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I think you need to take a chill pill there mate.

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you dont get the paint or apply game specific filters/banners (you can change the wallpaper color tho) like the super gameboy, but this thing does everything pre-DS perfectly.

gameshark works on it as well in case you were worried if certain things were blocked out by the player or not.

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I would consider PC classics like Baldurs Gate which was released in 1998 to be retro, and gamecube is almost that old.

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>this thing does everything pre-DS perfectly.
Not exactly. GBA player has about 4 frames of lag and outputs at 480i, which looks worse than 240p.

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>It's exactly the same, except for the parts that are different

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Well let's put it this way: the GBC did not require a duplicate CPU from the GB to make older games work perfectly.

The PS2 needed the PS1 CPU inside of it.

>> No.3084176

The PS2 didn't need a PS1 inside it, they just opted to reuse it as a soundchip and then made it double as a legacy mode.

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It's okay to move goal posts to make your point, but the definition of retro gaming is rigid and impossible to negotiate. Gotcha.

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not retro cuck

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like an early snes and a 1chip?

only one of those is considered 6th gen. I wonder which one it is?


no. Do you think xbox, ps2, gamecube etc. should be added?

>> No.3084226

which they pretty much would be if they had the same 32bit processing power and identical sound channels, wouldn't they?

Pushing the argument that the gb-gbc differences are comparable to the ps1-ps2. this is good stuff. I wana play too.

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You're a retro cuck.

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Yes. I do think we should be inducting consoles after they're a certain age. But I also think it makes more sense to cut it off as "fifth gen or earlier" than "fifth gen but also dreamcast for no particular reason". I'd just happy for a rule that came from a place of sense, than the current one that seems like an omission to placate people who I don't think exist?

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How does pre 3rd millennium not make sense?

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Because it doesn't mean anything. 1999 vs 2000 doesn't mean anything to video games specifically. Imagine a world where 0AD was figured to have been 5 years earlier than it is for us. The Dreamcast comes out in 2004. Would we draw the arbitrary line in the sand at 2005, or would we stick with 1999 because 1999 is an important number for some other reason?

Obviously it'd be silly to still stick with 1999 in that case, because all of a sudden you're locking out the N64 while allowing the PS1 and the Saturn. And people would flip out if you excluded just the N64. It's just a random number, that was picked up out of a hat, with no rhyme or reason beyond it sounding clean. I suppose you could argue it's 90s culture versus 00s culture, but 2000 was still a lot like 1999 for the game design zeitgeist.

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3rd millennium began jan 1 2001.

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I can play DKC 1, 2 and 3, SMB1, 2, 3 and World, Zela 1 and 2, Alttp, Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, Metroid, and literally ALL GB and GBC games on this thing. It's retro, fuck off back to le reddit with your shitty attitude, asshole.

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No need to over complicate it. It's a pretty big divider. Basically lines up with pre/post 9/11 too.

Anything after 5th gen is just technically different. 1st-5th gen is all the same resolution and aspect ratio for example. Analogue audio. Etc.

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Besides the terrible fucking d-pad on the cube controller, it's pretty nice. But still, the d-pad really is unforgivable.

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It's a good combo to have. I mean, I doo play most of my GB, BC and GBA games on my GBA SP. But it's nice to be able to play them on a TV when I feel like it. Plus, the Gamecube has the best exclusives of that gen, and the best versions of some of the best multiplats too (like RE4). So it's almost entirely a no-lose situation. Though Gamecube games are expensive as shit these days, but that's neither here, nor there.

Though on that note, the Gamecube and Gameboy Player combo is the cheapest way to play many retro games. Like being able to play Alttp, and only paying $12 for it (as opposed to $45, if you're lucky, for the SNES version) Or for that matter, getting games like Ninja Turtles 3, and unlocking Turtles in time in it (best easter egg EVER), which is a means to get one of the best games ever made, for $15, rather than the usual $30-$50 it generally gets on SNES.

IDK, I'm not a "purist" I guess, because I use "filthy" modern hardware, and play ports and re-releases because they're cheaper and all that shit. But I'm not a collector. I want to play the fucking games, not look at them and jerk off. And specs being EXACT means nothing to me.

So GBA games like Metroid Zero Mission and Megaman Zero are "modern trash". Uh huh. OK buddy. Though, seeing as those games are apparently older than YOU, I'm guessing your thoughts on the subject matter very little.

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i was just pointing out that other 6th gen consoles were released before 2001. Dreamcast being allowed on the principle that it wasn't as good as the other 2 is bullshit. Jaguar doesn't get special treatment because it was shit. 32x gets shit on but the dreamcant is okay? fuck that.

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A little bit, but oddly I've noticed it less using a first party controller.

Like, my shitty third party repop controllers sold in shady retro shops literally have like 1-2 second input lag. Almost enough to make me return the player. But then once I got an actual Nintendo controller, it's like 1/4 of a second at most. Nothing unbearable (though it makes some games a pain in the ass to play)

90% of the time, I don't notice it at all, and that's playing action and action/adventure games for the most part. Though sadly, all Mario gams that I've played seem to have a noticeable lag, no matter what controller is used. Well, Yoshi's Island barely has lag at all, actually. It's really tight and precise. Now if only I could be fucked to play that game...

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OK, but ports are also covered by the board rules. So I can talk about the GBA version of DKC all I want, and you can go fuck yourself for being autistic enough to be a dick-bag about it.

The GBA (and by extension GB player) has a TON of retro ports, plus literally thousands of GB and GBC games that are playable on it. So fuck off.

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Dreamcast is allowed here for 2 reasons.

It's SEGA's last consoles.
There's very little in the way of cancerous fanbases that it brings in.

Maybe I'm giving Moot and the mods too much credit it but I think they have the foresight of what would happen if 6th generation is allowed here.

I don't consider it a retro console but I don't care that it gets talked about here.

Now GBA on the other hand would be full retard just for the fact of games like Halo coming out the same year of release. The amount of shit posting of "GBA is retro so this this is now" would be worse than it is now.

I don't consider GBA nor will I ever see it as a retro handheld. It's far too modern. Hooks up to the GC in multiple ways. Wind Waker and the GBA player.

What are you going to do. Let GBA discussion in but ban anything that talks about Wind Waker?

Please... GBA is not retro.

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And yet for some reason one of those technically different systems from a different generation is allowed.

Dreamcast shouldn't be /vr/.

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>6th Gen
ha. no.

>> No.3084324

>made a thread yesterday just simply asking if GBA is retro because it's 15 years old
>thread gets deleted and I got warned
>this thread just assumes GBA is retro
>still up
thanks mods!

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i never said gba was retro.>>3083725 was my first post itt.

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I would call "5th gen or earlier" pretty simple. No consoles or handhelds come to mind as not being clearly 5 or 6. I mean, I suppose some select group of posters might not know what 5th gen means, but...we shouldn't cater to them.

I suppose it all boils down to what you think retro means, but for me that means "from an era before modern design trends". Prioritizing graphical awe-value before making sure the game has a fluent control design, and patching up the control design by not requiring as much player control is a good example of this change in design trends. While it definitely popped up in the 5th gen, it became a staple tool for developmental problems in the 6th gen. That situation holds true across the 5th / 6th gen border for a lot of modern game design: 5th started it, but 6th ran with it.

Whatever the cutoff period is for the board, it should ensure discussion of games that games that are too old for /v/ to care about can be discussed. Whether that means talking about only games that feel most different from modern games, or whether that means talking about games that were released 15 years from whatever that day is, isn't a big one for me. But I would appreciate we pick one of those things and go with it, than a wishy-washy middle ground solution that appeases Dreamcast fans.

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its already been pointed out that all those handhelds are 5th
right? the vmu could be a contender in a console war with some of the consoles discussed here.

dreamcast is a bully

>> No.3084334

There are faggots here who will fight tooth and nail crying that Dreamcast is "Gen 5.5"
I am not kidding.

>> No.3084340

I can tell you for a fact right now. And let me say this isn't an edge loard thing. These games are just prime examples of why modern games have gone the way they have.

I will shitpost every piece of shit thread involving the following. And you can bet these threads will be SPAMMED to hell. Halo shit and Kingdom Hearts. Those two cancerbases will destroy the board alone.

>> No.3084351

I'm pretty sure their argument goes something along the lines of "the textures and polycount aren't as large as the XB0/PS2/GCN". At least when I'm checking this board, I mentally filter them out as not being thought through properly.
I suspect old Halo fans would probably do what the DOOM fans have done. The part of the fanbase you're afraid of wouldn't come here, I don't think. They wouldn't get to talk about later installments, or books, and the dudebros certainly wouldn't be on a third-string 4chan board.

I'm actually sort of fond of the KH combat system as an alternate to the more simple jRPGs' combat systems. The fanbase, though, we could always point them to /vg/.

>> No.3084354

Doom is actually a good game.

>> No.3084360

Halo has its place as the popcorn muncher coop/multiplayer FPS. I think we'd all appreciate it a bit better if it had been a B-list game instead of an A-lister. Though I will give you that Halo Reach through whatever they're on now is strictly bad.

>> No.3084363

I don't get the generation thing at all. What makes a console undeniably belong to a particular generation? There are too many overlaps for it to be date related and "hardware" is too vague and unreliable to be compared.

Technological or innovative leaps might make some sense, but I think that gets fuzzy once you reach 5th gen consoles or count handhelds at all.

Is there an actual list of criteria somewhere?

>> No.3084367

No. Don't down play the cancer that is the Halo series.

It's a shit Unreal/Quake clone with low grav on. Add regen health.

It invented the modern model of an online paywall.
It was the first top selling game to get DLC going and make it a thing.

It is the original dude bro shooter that tryhards play.

>> No.3084370

I have it and I love it, pretty much the whole reason I keep my gamecube around instead of just using the wii.

>> No.3084374

Nah, Halo is for lazy people, it's the Quakers that are tryhards. That being said, it's fading into irrelevance and you should try to enjoy that th best you can.
Let me crib a post from Atariage that put it well:


>Generations usually come in five year intervals, and significant advances in technology. However, there's some debate as to what belongs where... I would put the 2600 and 5200 in separate generations, but Wikipedia seems to lump them together.

I think that the generations could be defined as follows:

First Generation - Dedicated consoles such as Pong, which were electronic TV games with the programming built in.
Second Generation - Marked by the introduction and use of programmable/interchangeable cartridges. Pre Eight Bit.
Third Generation - 8 bit consoles. Scrolling graphics become the norm. The beginning is marked in some regards by the introduction of the Famicom.
Fourth Generation - 16 bit consoles. An incremental improvement over the last generation.
Fifth Generation - Marked by the introduction of 3d as a major game engine factor. CD-roms begin to replace carts. (N64 excepted)
Sixth Generation - Standardization of 3d. An incremental improvement over the previous generation. Introduction of online gaming.
Seventh Generation - Online gaming as an integrated part of the console is the norm. Introduction of motion control systems.


For a long time, people have defined console generations in terms of when two big companies competed with comparable products against each other. People are starting to move the definition to something less...marketing focused. To expand on this guy's post, I'd call Eighth Gen the standardization of hard disk installations and true HD. It falls short in terms of handhelds, but I'm too tired to defend or improve on that right now.

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>Unreal/Quake clone

>> No.3084389

>>what is Periodization

Retro has never been defined as a Period of time.

>> No.3084392

Unfortunately shit like Halo will always have a place of hatred in my heart.

That post is pretty good but one thing.
>Fifth Generation - Marked by the introduction of 3d as a major game engine factor. CD-roms begin to replace carts. (N64 excepted)
That first part ignores arcades. You can't look at 1st-5th generation and ignore arcades.

The second part with the CDs is debatable. The SEGA CD wasn't a complete failure. A lot of people got CD games fort the first time with it.

I'd also add the controllers being a huge thing in game design change for the 4th generation. Also allowed "arcade controls".

Should mention 1st-5th gen is 240p and 4:3 aspect ratio.
Your game is shit, kiddo.

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>> No.3084408

Generally, 'generations' only describes home consoles. Arcades I generally find harder to lump into any categories, in part because they do so many architectural changes between games.

~7% of Genesis owners had one. I wouldn't call that a /failure/, but I definitely wouldn't call it "the beginning of CDs replacing cards". No, the PS1 was in charge of that operation.

In terms of resolution and aspect ratio, because of the fact it sweeps across five generations unchanged I wouldn't bring it up there.

>> No.3084409

>5th: introduction of 3D as a major game engine factor
>6th: standardization of 3D
3D seems fairly standard on the PlayStation and the N64 library stands out as being overwhelmingly 3D.

I don't like those "bit" descriptions either since they're not accurate in terms of hardware or graphics. It's just one of those terms people use that isn't really correct.

There still seem to be a few gaps where some consoles can get lost.

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>8th gen is the gen of true HD
>moving away from less marketing terms
"True HD" is definitely a marketing term. 10 years ago 480p was HD. It's not significant anyway, and even if it were, most modern games don't run in "true HD." I wonder what 8k will be if 4k is "ultra HD." "uber HD?" Then what after that? "Sublime HD?" "Transcendent HD?" "Divine HD?"

The xbox360 and wii both also have installable software and online stores as a norm, and those are 7th gen. The distinction between hard disk installs and solid state memory installs isn't enough to warrant a separation of generations either. Besides, I think xbox360 used a hard disk anyway.

As far as I'm concerned this is still the 7th gen, and if anything we have regressed to 6th gen. Input devices are back to 6th gen with exception of Nintendo's 7th gen (DS) touchscreen stuff on the WiiU, and there has been nothing outside of fidelity. At least 3->4, the second least significant gap, still had a noticeable increase in possible complexity of games.

>> No.3084418

I disagree with the arcades. Arcades played a very large role with retro consoles. Arcade ports even being box in games for consoles.

>~7% of Genesis owners had one. I wouldn't call that a /failure/, but I definitely wouldn't call it "the beginning of CDs replacing cards". No, the PS1 was in charge of that operation.
That's why I say it's debatable. Do you go by the start of it or when it became a mainstream thing with PlayStation.
>In terms of resolution and aspect ratio, because of the fact it sweeps across five generations unchanged I wouldn't bring it up there.
I bring it up because it went across 5 generations. When trying to deice what is retro you should look for commonalities. That is a huge one.

>> No.3084423
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>'d also add the controllers being a huge thing in game design change for the 4th generation
That was definitely 3rd gen though. 4th gen controllers just added more buttons.

>Also allowed "arcade controls".
NES Advantage?

>> No.3084428

2 fucking button you fucking dumbass.

Does Street Fighter have 2 buttons?

>> No.3084436

Quality Thread Guys.
Good Job.
Way To Go.
Keep It Up.

>> No.3084440

When I say true HD, I don't mean TRUE HD (TM), I mean "not weird tricks to masquerade as 720p or higher". Halo 3 being a prime example of that fuckery. 4K? I get off the ride at 1080p. My eyes can only see 4K if I squint, sit upside down, and shout Hail Marys until a miracle happens.

When I say "install-able", I don't mean downloadable gaming, I mean "the game installed from the disc onto the hard disk and only plays that way". While it did exist, I would call it uncommon. Does do some nice things for load times, actually. Imagine how much better 5th gen disc games would be if they ran on flash memory load speeds.
I do agree that arcades are important. I just don't think they can be aligned to generations in any meaningful way, beyond being released during some 'generation anchor' consoles.

When it comes to a field as big as video gaming, I think it's best to go with "thing that strongly cemented trend". If we went with whichever weirdo tried the idea first, our figuring would be scattered and not particularly useful for making generalizations. I mean, some nutjob made a laserdisc game in the 80s. I think we can safely agree that optical media gaming didn't meaningfully start in the 80s.

Looking at commonalities in that way is a dangerous game. We could easily 'is 2D, uses chiptunes, and only takes digital input' and exclude the 5th gen from 'Retro'. It's too superficial to be useful.


>> No.3084497

Yeah, I'm sure out of all the audio CPUs in the world, it was only incidental that they chose the PS1 CPU.

>> No.3084542

It's super great but only if paired with a proper Crt as otherwise all your games will look stretched to fuck!

If I were you (and I am because I have a gameboy player) I would invest in a multiformat Professional Video Monitor (PVM) and Component cables for the gamecube so as to get true 480p and the best picture you can possibly get out of the player. You'll probably drop a grand on those two items but who cares!

>> No.3084572

Yay. I had one and it was GOAT. My only complaint is the lack of super gameboy features.

>> No.3084582

That's like saying Undertale and Minecraft are retro because they are inspired by the 16-bit era.

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