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This thing is fifteen years old as of yesterday.
Is it retro yet?

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No and will never be.

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saged, reported, hidden

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It should be now, not that there's much to talk about considering most of the library was ports and remakes

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>post 1999

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available both on the N64 and the dreamcast

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Nigga what?
There's tons of exclusive games to talk about.
I mean, yeah it had it's fair share of ports, but theres also games like pokemon mystery dungeon, and plenty of "hidden gems".

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Damn something only the Rare games generally had as an option. Rest were pseudo widescreen meant to be displayed on a 4:3 tv.

So not retro.

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3:2 isn't widescreen.

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You're right. It's "Wide color screen".

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Might as well be.

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>300 guaranteed replies and the mods will leave it up

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If the GBA is allowed, the other 6th gen consoles will be allowed. If the other 6th gen consoles are allowed,

>Endless Halo and GTA generals
>Melee is the only good Smash game
>Melee is the cancer that is killing Smash
>Melee is not a fighting game
>Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Half Life 2 aged badly?
>Chie is best waifu :3
>The DS is 12 years old, why isn't it retro?

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Why are you guys such huge faggots?
GBA is basically retro now. We talk about it a lot on here anyway, especially Castlevania.
This is a slow ass board that has the same fucking threads over and over again, with the same content, basically same posts, etc.
Adding the GBA would be pretty refreshing and add more to discussion. Even though people like you are going to just shitpost and whine and bitch in every thread, probably do your best to shit all over it, it'd still be a nice thing to discuss. Get your head out of your ass, anons. Calm the fuck down.
Go play some comfy SNES Sim City and relax.

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well a lot of games for it are just nes/snes remakes anyway so there's almost no point

i honestly don't see why not though. widescreen seems irrelevant to me

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>retro is pre-2000
>people are too retarded to look up the meaning of a word

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So much for trying to get a legitimate discussion on wether or not the rules should be revised.

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You know there's a board you can go to if you want to discuss it, right? It's not retro here. Never will be.

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did you go out of your way to find the wrong screenies for each game

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>these screen captures

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"just go to /v/" is the worst advice you could give

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it isnt widescreen though

why do we have to allow generations
just allow systems
moot isnt around so his old rules dont apply

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Further proof that no one born past 1992 should be allowed to post on /vr/.

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my point is aspect ratios should be irrelevant in general
resisting change is a particularly childish thing to do anon

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