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Daggerfall thread. Last one autosaged.


Link to the setup

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And how can we go without pic related?

Post characters.

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>forbid chain and plate because it's a thief-type character
>can never wear Dwarven armor to complete the golden wardrobe
Why live? No, really. There was no more reason to live so he died and joined the Anthotis family.

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I'm curious, is there anyone here that prefers arena to daggerfall, or at the very least saw it as a fun game? It seemed popular back in its release.

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I see Arena as a fun game for what it is. It just isn't often talked about or ranked highly in TES communities because it doesn't really have any of the role-playing and simulation aspects that became the defining features of the series starting with Daggerfall. Kind of a Zelda II situation where you've got a good game that doesn't necessarily appeal to the same players that the rest of the series does.

The main thing is that Arena is a much simpler game than Daggerfall, and even simpler still than Daggerfall's increasingly streamlined sequels. Players who thought Daggerfall was bloated with half-finished features or got burned by its criminally buggy launch would appreciate the less ambitious but ironically more complete experience that Arena provides.

I do prefer Daggerfall myself, but I still play Arena from time to time when I don't want to have to worry about any long term consequences or fucking up my save because I failed a quest, pissed off a faction, or dropped my legal reputation too low. I also appreciate the simpler 2D layouts of dungeons, which are a lot easier to deal with for short play sessions than Daggerfall's nightmarish 3D labyrinths. Being able to delete walls with magic helps with that, too.

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You can do what now with magic?

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The Passwall spell allows you to remove walls.

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Delete walls. Or floors. Or create walls and floors. There's a few walls that can't be deleted, mostly in main quest dungeons near the riddle doors, but for the most part you can carve your own path through every dungeon in the game and skip the mazes. Especially useful on your way back up the multi-level dungeons since you already know the direction of the entrance. It's often known as "Passwall" since that is the name of the default spell with Delete Wall effect.

There's also a bug if you use the spells in just the right way that allows for crazy things like pic related.

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Looking stylish there.

Post fashion.

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>That webm

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Alright anon. About to play it now since I've been avoiding it due it's reputation.

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I prefer Daggerfall overall, but Arena is plenty fun for a simple game. The main quest dungeons are actually good without being frustrating murdermazes. Also it's fun to be a mage, since it's incredibly easy to become a flying, immortal demigod.

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I'm a knight right now. mostly to gain my bearings. Got diseased in the first dungeon so I had to hustle out, but the extended time did get me some good loot so I can't say it was a total loss. Simple dungeon crawler, but barebones everywhere else. Daggerfall is my favorite ES game atm, but I honestly think if it had Arena's dungeons and Daggerfall's openness with roleplay and guilds it could quite easily be one of my favorite games ever.

I like Daggerfall's dungeons, but they're too damn huge for their own good sometimes.

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Posting character. She's a "legacy" character of sort, built after my Arena character.
I've decided to actually finish the main quest for once. I've done good amounts of it several times, but I've never actually completed the game. So now I'm doing a complete playthrough of the entire series.
After Daggerfall, it's time to try Battlespire. But that's going to be a while. I've mostly just been goofing around and avoiding the main quest so far.

Arena's dungeons get pretty large and cool towards the end of the main quest. But there's a limit as to how complex a 2D dungeon can get.
There's also something refreshing about (mostly) not having a very hard time finding what you're actually looking for.
You should post your adventures once you get going.

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The first and third items shown are elven. The second and fourth are silver.

I was wondering if anyone had any clues on how to drop silver armor, seems basically impossible to find. I only got these by achieving a rank in a knight order, getting myself kicked out, and getting it again.

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It has no out-of-the-ordinary characteristics (apart from never showing up) — just a material level of 4 as you would expect

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why the fuck do you people use the term "autosage"?


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usually to spite you, occasionally to annoy you.

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>palette swap
Does Daggerfall contain composite sprites besides the character portrait? Images put together from different sub-images to allow customization while saving memory.

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Did you forget to git gud?

Shame I found it on a character who can't even use it.

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Op here. I don't mean to spite anyway, it just means the same thing by 4chan terms

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It means a different thing in 4chan terminology, autosage is something occasionally used by mods to prevent bumping a thread well within bump limit

"Doesn't break any rukes, but I don't like it", so to speak. Yes, it is a real thing that happens on 4chan, I personally witnessed it couple times.

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>called moot a newfag
Gets me laughing every time

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He was a cuck even back then.

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People referring to 2009 as "back then." Yeesh.

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It was seven years ago. Nearly a decade.
Let it sink in.

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no idea, would gitting gud mean finding morer silver?

i was just interested in collecting armor pieces. I am getting everything together on my boat. still need a few pieces from ebony & orcish, and most of silver.

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Sup /dag/

I made an acrobat who specializes in hand-to-hand. This build is pretty fun, i love being able to climb everything but it seems impossible to trigger climbing on the first try, is there any trick to it?

Also, where can i get some lockpicks? I'm on a quest on Crystyna Cultus to find a sapphire for some faggot in Blackwych, and i see a door hidden under some water that requires some pickage. Any idea where i should roll to, or a place with a few quests for this type of character?

I'm specifically playing this build to not be a combat monster, i want to level up by doing burglar shit.

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There are no lockpicks. Rather in thief mode and you click on a lock, the game rolls whether you unlock it or not. If it fails you have to bash your way in by attacking the door. In cities you get one freebie, after that the guards come to rip you a new one.

You can only climb buildings at a 90 degree angle, and kinda weird how sometimes it works other times it doesn't.

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The wall you climb must be perfectly vertical and face exactly North, East, South, or West, and you must also face as closely to a cardinal direction as possible. Just focus on the compass and climbing becomes easier.

There's no lockpicks, you get one chance to pick each door. In cities the doors will reset after 3 days or so and in dungeons they'll reset when you exit and re-enter, so for the most part if you fail to pick a lock the first time you'll have to start bashing or using Open spells. Because of this lockpicking is very slow to train so you might want to look into buying training for it up to the maximum of 51.

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On this note, the higher your lockpicking skill the more locked doors start showing up. Because of this you always have a way to train your skill, and it's not like certain locks have different levels like in later games.

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When I'm picking locks in town I retry doors by switching to the ship and back. Of course that's only in town, and it requires a ship.

In a dungeon I think it's possible to bash any door except for the magically-held locks (which always have a switch elsewhere in the dungeon block).

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For Arena are the main dungeons a set level or do they scale? Does that mean it's best to get quests to level up?

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I wonder how did people actually know what to do to complete the main quest for daggerfall. Most of them have level requirements, and you have to talk to a specific person.

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Rate or hate

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Most people simply didn't complete the main quest. Hell, that's still true even for modern Elder Scrolls games where it's impossible to fail; they just get distracted by all the factions and side stuff and get bored before bothering to finish it.

That said, people who did want to focus on it had enough to go on without needing to look stuff up. Except for some nasty bugs that could break it, most of which got patched. You get a journal entry telling you to check out Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Sentinel and they send you letters when each path becomes available. I don't believe you ever have to talk to anybody outside of those three castles unless you are prompted to by a letter, vision, or previous quest.

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needs gauntlets/10, pretty good -ign

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If your dosbox cpu cycles are too high, or if you run while trying to climb, climbing tends to fail.

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I still haven't found any nice looking gauntlets, still looking for ones that suit the look.

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So you don't go to the castles unless the game says you can?

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Not entirely sure what you mean by that question. You can go or not go. You're not blocked from going to the castles and you won't break the main quest just by entering them early. If you talk to a questgiver and refuse or fail a main quest without realizing what it was then you'll be out of luck, however. Though I don't think it's even possible to reach Sentinel or Wayrest without receiving Brisienna's letter, given the distance.

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Alright, thanks anon. I was just wondering since I'm doing a character whose priority is the main quest before retiring to a life of adventure.

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I see. Don't worry about it too much, then. If you do decide to visit the castles and talk to the nobles just make sure you don't get in over your head. If they have a quest to offer you, they'll offer it the moment you talk to them and never again. If you're ever lost for what to do next then go ahead and just talk to everyone in the castles and double check that you've followed up on every letter you've received. The main quest isn't branching or complex like other classic CRPGs, but it's still nonlinear in the sense that you can start the subplots in whatever order you want.

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Who here passes up magicka = INT(x) bonuses from character creation?

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I typically don't, since if you want to spellcast at all it's valuable to take some sort of multiplier unless you're planning to invest REALLY heavy in intelligence, but then that raises the question "Why didn't I just take the multiplier?" If you don't spellcast then it's not needed, and you can reduce spell costs heavily by simply training a lot in a spell school, but that's a bit of a mountain to climb.

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All aboard the pain train

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>hand to hand
>low strength

Pic related. Your character

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Main stats for fighting are speed (swing rate) and agility (hit rate) -- strength is bleh

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>low speed
I guess you like punching in slow motion then.

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>low wilpower
have fun not really feeling like punching the bad guys

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Seriously though anon, your class is fine and obviously has some roleplay in mind. It just might be a bit tricky in the beginning. Since your Max HP per level is 25 I suggest you invest level ups into speed and strength, with strength being good for some more damage and more encumbrance, with speed being good for hitting faster. I would also work on upping willpower to about 50 at least so you can have the base magic resist.

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i want my ass kicked guys
daggerfall has been too easy

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don't worry mate! follow those guys' advice and you'll have no trouble getting your ass kicked

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>not pumping up SPD
>not punching like the fist of the north star

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So guys, quick question here.

Is there any advantage whatsoever to using short blades? I know they deal less damage, but are they faster to compensate like in Morrowind? Or the only good thing about them is their low weight and overall cost?

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They're simply light and quick like the newer games, so it makes them ideal for backstabbing quickly.

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I can't see a difference in the attack speed. This would mean they are inferior to the other stuff. Of course there is the ebony dagger at the beginning, though, which is way better than everything.

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The ebony dagger can hit every single thing in the game. Ancient Vampires to Werewolves.

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This webm makes me laugh, and kinda reminds me of that fast moving gif meme that is posted on /v/ a lot. You know, the japanese sprite guy.

I've been looking for it

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The only advantage is the lower weight/cost and availability. They're not any quicker than other melee weapons. Melee combat strategy is the same for every weapon in the game - thrust at low skill or against agile enemies to hit more and chop at high skill or against slower enemies to do more damage. If you have the right skill and are strong enough to carry them (you usually want a backup weapon or two to last you through the longer dungeons) then whatever weapon has the highest damage and a material capable of hitting your enemies is always best.

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My last character I played. Her primary, major, minor and misc skills, affiliations and spellbook. I think she has roughly 14 million gold in the bank, a house as well, can't remember where though. The house has an attic where I store all her clothes, more weapons, and some Daedric artifacts. Owns horse/cart and ship. Finished the main quest and was going to get every artifact but got burned out.

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Tips for doing the main quest? Also, what did you do to progress in the MQ, just wait for letters? And what are some of those spells I see...like Recovery of Fortune.

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Looks like a Restore Luck spell, seeing as she made ones corresponding to each attribute.

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It's been so long since I've played or done the main quest, but one thing that really helps is being high enough rank in the Mages Guild to use the teleporter. This allows you to teleport to any location on the map (cities, small towns, dungeon entrances, everything that's a dot on the map). This helps because a lot of main quests, and just quests in general, have a time limit to complete ("blah blah quest description, I will give you *char name* X days to get to Y and get item/kill thing/etc and return"). It's not too much to sweat over, if you have a horse (you fast travel to places in less time), a recall spell, and the mages guild teleport service, you can get to the dungeon, do the damn thing, finish up whatever's needed in there and get back with plenty of time to spare.

I've read that you can get an idea of the size of an upcoming dungeon is by how many days the questgiver gives you to complete it. 7-10 days is probably smallish (still fucking huge though), 15-early 20s medium, and upwards of 30 days or more is a large one. Seemed to be a good rule of thumb to go by when I played. It doesn't hurt to read the UESP for the MQ, quest by quest, at least lightly skim over the quest coming up for anything you should know (is it timed? anything bad happen if I give this item to this guy instead?), not even necessarily spoil the quest for yourself, just get a good idea of what's coming and what to avoid.

Get the recall spell in some form, by spell or an item enchanted with it, that's very, very handy. It has the mark ("anchor") and recall ("teleport") effect in one spell. You can cast it anywhere, I prefer to cast it *inside* the dungeon, right at the entrance. This is because, if you leave a dungeon, all your discovered/mapped out areas inside the dungeon will be forgotten. So cast it at the start, inside the dungeon. This way you can start over the dungeon fresh without losing track of where you've been already.

>> No.3049284

Continuation: Yeah, it starts out you get a letter after escaping Privateer's Hold, the tutorial dungeon. You get the letter very soon after arriving in a town to go visit someone to further discuss the MQ. Also get a letter discussing the emperor's letter to the queen, you can hold off on pursuing that one until you're ready, no rush. The letter to Lady Brisienna (sp) however, you have to meet her in like 60 days or so, if you don't, she'll send out another letter giving you another 30, then again another letter giving 15 days, then if you still don't meet her by that point, she leaves for good and the MQ is inaccessible. Better to just go meet her right away, then once you meet her, you can hold off on the MQ until you're ready to take it on. This would be a good time to join the Mages Guild at least, keep doing the Guard the Artifact at Night quest and or the Protect the Sleeping Wizard quest over and over. This is preferable because both quests take place inside the guild hall you accepted it from later at night, and you can kill the human enemies that attack and get their loot, store it in your cart (bought from a general store), loiter until the quest is over (usually at 2AM or so) and repeat over and over.

Related to getting loot is a good place to sell it all. There's this town in the Alik'r Desert in Hammerfell (south of Daggerfall province). Town is called Bubyrydata, store is Perore's General Pawnbrokers. That shop has the best prices to sell your shit at that I know of, that's how I made so much money. Whenever you have free time in game (aren't on any timed quests), take a trip over there and sell all your stockpiled loot from your cart and make some serious bills.

That's all I can think of right now off the top of my head. I hope it helps.

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You're right, it's restore luck. They all correspond to each attribute in order down the attributes list.

>> No.3049503

I think the tl;dr is that the Brisienna letter should be dealt with right away. The other parts of the main quest do not have hard expirations in the way that that one does. Other letters will arrive, mainly after leveling up and/or reaching reputation benchmarks.

That character is just great. And the world needs more blonde-haired, blue-eyed paladin chicks. Kynareth seals the deal.

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Tips for the Bard class in Arena?

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Played a bit more on my mage for the first time in a long while. Soul trapped some ancient liches, got him Archmage rank and grabbed dat mace 'cause why the hell not.

I stuck with the Bethesda default mage with the abysmal 6 HP/level and armor restrictions, but with 3xINT spell points because starting out a pure caster without 3xINT is just asking for frustration.

Casting isn't as fool-proof as you might think - given the ridiculous saving throws of higher level mobs like Ancient Vamps / Liches / Daedra, I found myself 'missing' with offensive spells all too often. In general I found that encounters can go either one of two ways: you blow your magicka load all over them for no effect then you desperately swing your shitty weapon skill at them; or, you toss a single Ice Bolt and roast 'em. Very swingy RNG-heavy gameplay with no real middle ground.

Also of note: this guy has 450 spell points via the power of enchants. If I really wanted to be a faggot it could go up to 1200, but I reckon I'm good where I'm at.

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is this real? what speed do you need to go that sanic?

>> No.3055519

So are DaggerXL or Daggerfall Tools for Unity in a playable state to the point where you can do anything you can in the vanilla game yet?

Every other year the DaggerXL dev says that there will be a gameplay-complete beta out in a month and it never happens.

>> No.3055551

How do I decide what temple/god to join? Just RP or is there more to it?

>> No.3055763

RP/Benefits. Some temples have potion makers like Julianos if I recall, while others have spell makers like Stendarr. Others provide other services, but since the mages guild can already do this it's mostly for tp.

>> No.3055764

Sorry I mean item maker for stendarr

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File: 395 KB, 1440x900, MGE Screenshot 006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Julianos has the itemmaker.

There are a few interesting things about reputation in temples. I think you can buy it with very large donations (1 point with the deity per 2000g) but rep points with the deity increase rep with the temple and with "The People" of the patron regions; e.g., The People of Menevia or The People of Phrygias - a very hard type of faction to get reputation with.

Stendarr donations supposedly increase Legal reputation ("In the eyes of the law of Daggerfall, you are a common citizen"). That one is also very hard to change.

My understanding is that you can make donations instead of doing the quests, for reputation. I don't know how much of this stuff actually works, though, I always just did quests because.

>> No.3055941

Quests are better, especially the simple ones like "Do the exorcism"

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What are the yellow blocks in top left of my dungeon map?

>> No.3056556

It's a tiny diagram of the dungeon layout. Each dungeon block is represented by a yellow square with an area of four pixels, and the location of you and the exit are indicated by different colored pixels.

>> No.3056567

How useful is it?

>> No.3056571

It's very useful if you know how to use it, since you'll be able to gauge how large the dungeon is and instantly recognize when you've entered a border block, which is a waste of time to explore if you're there for a quest. I guess it's nice for getting a very rough idea of the exit's location if you get lost, but that won't happen if you use the Recall spell or just write a lot of notes in your map to keep your bearings.

>> No.3056573

To elaborate a bit, the red pixel shows your location and the blueish-greenish pixel shows the exit's location. When you're on a quest you only care about the number of blocks that are fully surrounded by other blocks. Blocks that have any free edges are border blocks, where quest targets will never spawn and most of the time just serve to loop you around and confuse you.

>> No.3056579

The one exception to this rule is certain main quest dungeons, since their blocks were hand-placed and they may contain unique blocks that can have your quest target even though they have free edges. One such dungeon is Woodborne Hall near the end of the main quest.

>> No.3056582

So I have no reason to go into border blocks? On a side comment, I find that very nice how they included such a thing in the game itself. It tells where to explore, but subtly and it works.

>> No.3056585

>It tells where to explore
which is why it sucks

>> No.3056594

Correct. You may sometimes find them useful but to explain why would require going into much more detail about how the dungeons are constructed. The short version is that they can sometimes be a shortcut to another part of your current block, which might be convenient if it's an especially maze-like block and you've already explored the long way around.

>> No.3056596

It's not like handholding or anything, like seriously those dungeons are HUGE and the edge blocks are inherently useless unneeded fat in terms of getting to the goal. I'll probably just get the quest item and explore further because I'm a filthy treasure whore.

>> No.3056613

>It's not like handholding or anything
No, it's just game breaking

>the edge blocks are inherently useless unneeded fat in terms of getting to the goal
So the dev put some work into making that stuff look good and play well, and you just bypass all that shit by analysing and gaming the engine underneath.

>> No.3056625

The dungeons are too big for their own good. I love huge dungeons as much as the next guy but the variety does not match the quantity to begin with and you'll get sent to massive fortresses and lairs by at least half of the random quests. The size and repetitiveness of the dungeons means you really something to help you learn to navigate them faster as you gain experience as a player, and the yellow diagram is a great tool to do so without giving too much away. It doesn't tell you where the quest object is and has just enough detail to give you a very vague idea of where the exit is if you became truly lost.

Daggerfall's dungeons are fun, but not so fun that I'd want to spend a few hours in them every single time I take some minor quest. Unless you're gaming the system by only accepting fetch quests, by the time you reach max rank in a faction you'll most likely have seen over half of the unique dungeon blocks in the entire game. Once you're at a point where the dungeons rarely if ever have anything new to show you, learning to use the tools the developers gave you to bring the time spent in them to a more manageable level helps to keep the game from getting stale.

>> No.3056636

>you really something to help you learn to navigate them faster as you gain experience as a player
Like a parchment and a quill? If you need a map, do it yourself.

>to give you a very vague idea of where the exit is if you became truly lost
And that's the problem. You're not truly lost.

>> No.3056640

Even if you don't use the yellow block you're never truly loss regardless.

Marking maps help. Also just following the wall back.

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File: 83 KB, 960x600, DOSBox 2013-11-05 21-07-17-33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>without being frustrating murdermazes.

I probably should have went for a more magic based approach when I played a few years ago, because these fuckers turned the dungeons into murdermazes.

>> No.3056651

When in doubt, always spellsword.

>> No.3056656

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. What sounds like a true experience to you sounds more like tedium to me. Daggerfall's dungeons are tricky enough to navigate even with the in-game map, at least until you've seen and memorized most of their parts. And you know as well as I do that most of these things cannot be projected onto a 2D sheet of paper.

>> No.3056659

correct your aspect ratio

>> No.3056662

>if you need a map do it yourself
I seriously hope you mean making dungeon notes and not just trying to recreate dungeons on a piece of paper. Jesus christ that sounds like a nightmare.

>> No.3056663

>And you know as well as I do that most of these things cannot be projected onto a 2D sheet of paper.
That's the life of a hero. Are you one, or just playing one?

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It's a bit late now

I remember having a decent number of spells midway through the game, the problem with the hell-hounds was that they would spawn in packs, pretty much right in front of me, then unload spells instantly.

>> No.3056670

I remember them having a useful habit of killing each other. My Thief fell in love with his Ring of Phynaster for those situations.

I'll just play one, myself. I respect your heroism, however, and will encourage others to at least try it your way first next time before explaining the more gamey methods to them. I mean that without any sarcasm, just in case it sounded like it.

>> No.3057740

How do I get into the thieves guild? I pickpocketed a few enemies a couple times but haven't got a letter.

>> No.3058039

Just keep doing it. You'll get the letter when you succeed enough. You can spam it on enemies insanely fast with no downside so even if your pickpocket skill is low it shouldn't be too hard.

>> No.3058532

What is wrong with the leveling system? Why can't I level up? I keep killing and sleeping but nothing ever happens.

>> No.3058724

You don't level by killing things. You level by using your class skills. Specifically, you advance in level based on a combination of your primary skills, your two largest major skills, and your largest minor skill. When enough of your class skills go up, you will see the level up screen after resting or fast traveling. If you aren't making use of your class skills then you could kill things forever and never level up.

>> No.3059738

I'm a Breton spellsword. I did this so I could use magic when I didn't have a sword of sufficient material, then I realized that magic hardly did anything and didn't auto-recharge. Sigh. I don't know how to level up efficiently.

>> No.3059752

take your time? The world's big, you'll level soon enough

>> No.3059769

Train up magic, get new spells, and rest often. The enemies in daggerfall are spread out so you can rest frequently to offset the lack of magic regeneration. The magic making system is tricky, do you need to know anything?

>> No.3060018

Mage here.

The golden rule of thumb for spell making: Once you get a couple of levels under your belt, keep base magnitude at 1-2, then increase the bonus per level as high as possible. It won't take very many levels at all for this custom spell to completely outclass an equivalent vanilla spell for the same SP cost. Given enemies' bullshit saves sometimes I feel perfectly justified in doing this.

One thing to be careful of is that certain Mage's Guild quests require that you have the vanilla version of the spell in order to complete them. Off the top of my head there's Sleep, Open and Banish Daedra, but that's about it.

There are a couple ways to regenerate your magicka but this one can very non-ambiguously be considered a cheat / glitch exploit so use at your own risk:

- Acquire a magic item with an offensive spell set to Cast on Used.
- Ready one of your own offensive spells (should say 'Press button to fire spell.')
- Cancel the spell.
- Activate the magic item to ready that spell.
- Cancel the spell. You gain spell points equal to the spell you canceled first.

You can hand-wave it as 'drawing energy from the magic item' because it does expend the durability each time, but it's still lame af. Probably shouldn't have mentioned it at all, really.

>> No.3060019

^ One crutch to use with magic is spell absorption + ranged-AOE — sorb your spells back.

Does anyone know if there is a way to hurt enemy spell resistance? Does willpower help overcome enemies or is it just for your own save?

>> No.3060038

Most of the premade spells are magic inefficient. Join the Mages Guild and make a few custom spells with a casting cost of 10 or less. As your magic skills increase the cost of spells will go down, with a minimum of 5 magicka per spell.

Play around with the spell parameters to get them as good as you can within your chosen price range.

A typical spell effect parameter looks like this:
1 to 1 + 1 to 1 per 1 levels

You can increase the "per X levels" part to make it scale slower, reducing the cost. Next, you can get some free extra power from the spell by increasing the high end of the ranges, like this:
1 to 2 + 1 to 2 per 1 levels

If you're looking to create the most efficient spells possible, you'll always want to do that since "X to X+1" always costs the same as "X to X".

Magic becomes much more useful as your magicka pool increases and casting cost decreases, so keep making use of cheap spells while you're leveling and it'll pay off.

>> No.3060057

You know reading all this kinda reminds me how rewarding it is too be a mage. Like the premade mage class can't defend themselves in privateer's hold all that well but with enough training they become literal gods. Especially if you're a hybrid class like a battlemage, spellsword, and nightblade as well as a bard to a lesser extent

>> No.3060314
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>> No.3062416


>> No.3064484


>> No.3064598

arena seems a lot rougher than daggerfall

>> No.3064607

Started playing daggerfall after cheating arena's end.
Pretty brutal starting out, but once you get the hang of things it's fun as shit.
I'm not still not entirely familiar with how you level in this game though, something about using skills and then resting to improve them?
Also any tips on improving sneaking? Do you just walk into enemies and hope they don't notice you?

>> No.3064659

Sneak skill is checked every time you get within range of an enemy, I think even when out of sneak mode, but that second one not sure of. (from UESP, "Stealth is a skill which allows one to avoid the attention of a hostile creature. It is automatically checked at every encounter.")
This means you're leveling sneak frequently inside dungeons because you're always encountering enemies but It would probably help level it quicker to be in crouch/sneak mode a lot when in dungeons. If you have access to a sneak trainer, I'd use them to train you some in sneak as well. The higher your sneak skill is, the higher the chances of enemies spawning with their back turned towards you too, so I've read.

>> No.3064669

also this article helps explain leveling simpler than I can, namely Leveling in General on how leveling up works


>> No.3064968

Could someone post that parkour webm? Its for a friend.

>> No.3066227
File: 2.91 MB, 640x480, breaking in.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one?

>> No.3068152


>> No.3068963

are there any other /vr/ games similar to daggerfall or TES in general?

>> No.3069086

Unfortunately, not many. Ultima Underworld has similar core mechanics but it's purely dungeon environments with survival elements. The closest thing I can think of to really capture the feeling of Daggerfall's scope and simulation is Dwarf Fortress adventure mode, which is of course not /vr/. Also not /vr/ are the first two Gothic games, which don't really have anything in common with Daggerfall but are often compared to Morrowind. They're much, much smaller, but more detailed and feature more reactive worlds and NPCs than any TES game. Again, it's still not really the same experience since the stats, character, and magic systems aren't as in-depth and there's not as much to do overall, so you can't really "live" in the worlds like you can in TES games. But the Gothic games offer a unique experience on their own and still give you a ton of freedom.

Those are the only games that immediately come to mind. You'll find a lot of retro first person RPGs that seem to play similarly, at least in controls and combat, but none feature such a massive world with a focus on side/faction content and as awesome class-creation as Daggerfall, which I consider the main attractions of the game.

>> No.3069271
File: 67 KB, 642x482, Key Configure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got some good key configurations?
There's just so many inputs that I'm having trouble fitting everything into a comfortable position

>> No.3069448

Set mouse controls to "view" mode.
Set forward, SLIDE left, reverse and SLIDE right to WASD. That's modern FPS controls.
Ignore turn left, turn right, slide, look up, look down and center view. They are all covered by mouse + WASD
I suppose the rest depends a bit on your personal shooter preferences. I use the cursor block instead of WASD, so I can't help you much.

>> No.3069465
File: 80 KB, 641x483, DagControls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is how I have mine, it worked great for me and was comfortable.

>> No.3069469


How about Diablo and Iceland Dale and all of those games? I haven't played them. Is there a lot of customization?

>> No.3070078

>Iceland Dale
I don't know why that made me laugh as much as it did.
Anyway, while those games do give decent customization, nothing in cRPGs like that matches being able to live in Daggerfall. They tend to be heavily focused on story. There tends to be an occasional Gothic thread on vr, I'd check that out.

>> No.3070453

>Muscle Wizard
Is that viable?

>> No.3070619

This is Daggerfall, anything's viable if you level it up high enough.
I believe there are spells to create auras and enhances your fists, so muscle wizard could be really fun.

>> No.3070940

Diablo and its clones are a whole other category of their own. They're easier to compare to action games like Gauntlet than to more traditional RPGs. There is a lot of customization, but the customization boils down to how you want to make your enemies explode; not your character's personality, history, or skills in anything besides slaughtering demons.

The Infinity Engine games (Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, PS:T) aren't like Diablo at all, but still a very different experience from Daggerfall/TES. They focus on giving you a wide cast of characters to customize and build a party out of and a lot of influence over the main story. All are excellent games that are worth a play, but I'd recommend them to RPG fans in general -- not people looking for more games like this one.

The first two Fallout games are an interesting comparison, though. They have a few things in common both with traditional RPGs and with Daggerfall. They're not party-based, they have a lot of customization and really great character creation, and they have open worlds to explore with various factions and NPCs interacting. It still won't feel much similar to playing Daggerfall, but it's slightly easier to recommend to a Daggerfall or Morrowind fan than most other RPGs are, due to the few similarities that they DO share. As you probably already know, Bethesda bought the rights and started making Elder Scrolls clones with the Fallout name recently, so there's even more similarities between the non-/vr/ games of those series.

>> No.3071778 [DELETED] 


>> No.3071831

I love daggerfall because it actually lets you roleplay - its so damn huge you can just keep going robbing people, killing people (I like playing a Nightblade) until you get bored.

>> No.3072465
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I agree, it's also great that you can actually make a kind of career out of being a guild member. I prefer it to the later games' implementation where the guild has a quest line and you become leader of the guild (a administrative & leadership job— ridiculous for a freelance adventurer and not possible to implement anyway).

>> No.3074363

I like that too, but I'm sure that was done in later games to show how your character made it so far, but meh execution, especially in Skyrim. Oblivion's Fighter's guild I think is alright. Like you're the leader, but you mostly just get the cut of it's weekly profits while you do whatever. I dunno, I kinda like that.

>> No.3076075


>> No.3076194
File: 97 KB, 1024x454, Little blonde girl facing away.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.3077524

what's that about?

>> No.3079297

He's saying the sprite looks like that. It's a just mushroom or something. Also looks like a shot from Daggerfall Unity or DaggerXL.

>> No.3079996

I'm doing quests for the Glenmoril Coven and they keep being all glitchy and confusing. I got one that was retrieve a book and when i retrieve the book I'm instantly marked as a criminal and chased around by guards.

I reloaded and got a different one, that says I need to retrieve a topaz from the Knights of the Wheel by talking to an adventuresome woman named Vyctabyth Mastersley in Ripshire but when i found the Mastersley Residence the person inside wasn't even a mastersley.

So i reloaded again and it told me to find an amber at "Gothway Garden's best gear store in Ripshire" which are obviously two seperate palces

Is something in my install causing problems or?
Do i just have to eat the negative rep with the coven?

>> No.3081732

>when i retrieve the book I'm instantly marked as a criminal and chased around by guards.That wasn't a bug, that's a part of the quest:

For the second quest, you may have just missed the quest NPC. They pop into existence when you accept the quest; most of the time their randomly selected house already has a resident. Just keep looking around next time and you'll find who you're looking for. There's also a chance they're invisible because Daggerfall is made of duct tape, but you can find them by spamming the interact button all over the house in info mode in that case.

For the third quest, yeah that undoubtedly fucked up. Go to both Gothway Garden and Ripshire and see which one has a "best gear store" available in the "where is..." dialogue of civilians. Hopefully one of them is the right one.

Your install isn't broken. Even with every official and unofficial patch there's dozens of quest and engine bugs. But most of them shouldn't be game breaking and should still be uncommon given the large number of quests.

>> No.3082775


>> No.3082826

thank you this was helpful.
I went back to the house to spam interact, and I noticed a room had no ceiling, because it had a ladder leading to an attic where the NPC was hiding.

>> No.3085346


>> No.3085479
File: 71 KB, 620x496, TESV_2012-08-18_21-13-21-43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Join Dibella. She has them bitties!

>> No.3086091

Screw it I was debating making a fresh charaactor tonight... now I have this to mold it with

>> No.3086138


Let's see what I get.

>> No.3086320

It's Unity, Gavin posted it on Twitter himself

>> No.3086326

I haven't been able to play for like 2 months since my computers broken so I've been playing Oblivion on the 360 for the first time. It's alot more annoying considering Unity 0.2 is coming out

>> No.3087006
File: 144 KB, 960x1200, tristyval_hawksmith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Interestingly, you can decline any number of quests without losing rep with the faction. Despite the way that the quest-giver snorts at you.

Another fun fact is that the fighters guild will give tasks to non-members. The only reward is reputation, and all the random tasks are local (like Kill the Rat in Bob Theodorick's House). This means that if you do a hard day's questing you can gain 100 rep with them before joining. One month after joining you will be promoted as high as your skills permit, as high as Master.

>> No.3087016

Best House for a Bard.

I get mad boners from all the chicks in their Temples

>> No.3087546

So just to clarify there is no factions in Arena right, just side quests and the main quest. Also can you keep playing the game after beating the main quest in Arena and Daggerfall?

>> No.3087552

I always wondered why there were giant bell ends sticking out of the ground.

>> No.3088595

Yes, there's no factions in Arena. The mages guild is there but it's for buying spells and magic items. And yes, you can continue the game after the main quest in both games

>> No.3088705

starting fresh

>> No.3092263


>> No.3093661


>> No.3096567


>> No.3096748

Just started playing this, is there a way to move diagonally? I've got mouse view figured out and the keys rebound, but I just can't for the life of me figure out how to move diagonally. Googling has not brought up any satisfactory results.

>> No.3096982

You can't, at least not in view mode. Just throttling between strafing and moving forward is how you'd do it if you really needed to. A bit awkward but you'll get used to it quickly.

>> No.3097023

I'm getting used to simply moving my view while walking and it's been working out alright.

Game's kind of fun so far, discovering all the neat mechanics while figuring the game out gives me a feeling I haven't had in a long time when playing. Discovering the associated bugs, looking at climbing especially, is not so fun though. I can see it getting tiring.

Luckily I'm used to saving frequently. Although I stupidly overwrote my save after getting stuck inside a wall, after having finished a quest inside a dungeon. Now I gotta do the whole thing again, since my last safety save is at the entrance.

At least I know now where the NPC is. The quest is about some oracle predicting some noble's fatal fate, from the mage guild.

>> No.3098134

If you still have the save where you're stuck inside a wall, reload it and press Alt+F11. It will teleport you back to the dungeon entrance. Note that this only works right when you load the game. Normally Alt+F11 will take you back to where you were last standing, so next time you get stuck (you will, a lot) just do that too.

>> No.3098726

I did, but even after reloading the game would apply fall damage when teleporting out and instantly kill me, sadly.
Cheers for the tip though.

>> No.3101942