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how is Die Hard Arcade missing from the 3D? wtf

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Wasn't that just Dynamite Deka with the movie license?

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Dynamite Cop is Die Hard Arcade 2

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>no X-Men
>no Vendetta
>no Captain America and the Avengers
>no Double Dragon
>no Battletoads
Shitty list is shitty. How old are you? Did you just come here from YouTube?

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Double Dragon isn't included for the same reason the Punisher isn't there: there's only two characters to choose from
I considered adding Vendetta in place of Violent Storm but eventually settled on the latter
X-Men wasn't put due to lack of free spots
the remaining two games in your list are shit sorry

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>Sword 'Em Ups
>Not Hack 'N Slash

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Daily reminder that /vr/ is mostly 12 year olds dreaming of being le hardcore and OP was probably super proud of that list.

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to be honest I just updated and cleaned-up an old beat 'em up list that's been floating around /vr/ for quite some time, so the credit isn't entirely mine

that's the joke

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Did I overlooked the game or is Captain Command a pretty weak game? Despite awesome characters (Baby Commando da best) the game never caught too much my interest like other Capcom's beat'em ups. Also, Crisis Beat is a good though short game, it's one of my favourites on PS1.

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why isn't there a beatemup.com like shmups.com or some shit.

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Yep it's pretty run of the mill.

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punchpedia is a great scroll beater resource

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Rate my tastes.

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Any Streets of Rage 3 fans in here?

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>hasn't played Battle Circuit
Get on that shit ASAP.

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>prefer growl over Cadillacs and Violent Storm
u wot m8

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no Captain America and the Avengers is a good game

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