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Why wasn't Daytona 2 ported to any home consoles?

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It's a real shame. They didn't even put the tracks in the Dreamcast version of Daytona 1. SCUD Race/Sega Super GT was also supposed to come to Dreamcast.

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Why wasn't it ported to Windows?

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Why wasn't arcade perfect Outrunners ported to any home consoles?
Why wasn't arcade perfect Super Monaco GP ported to any home consoles?
Why wasn't Scud Race ported to any home consoles?
Why wasn't arcade perfect Virtua Racing (PS2 version is washed polygonal shit) ported to any home consoles?
Why was fucking Sonic the Fighters, from all games, ported to any home consoles?
There were/are some retards working at SEGA.

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>Sonic the Fighters
That was ported only to Xbox Arcade iirc.

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>Why was fucking Sonic the Fighters, from all games, ported to any home consoles?

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Probs because Sanic.

In any case Sega fucked-up by not releasing it on the Saturn. Fighters wasn't perfect but it was still a nice and pretty novelty. Plus it would have been the closest the Saturn would get to a mascot game since X-Treme was canceled and the other Sanic Sanic games feel shovelware-ish.

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>Sanic Sanic
*Saturn Sanic

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Spikeout is another Model 3 game that never got ported to anywhere. It's a 3D beat 'em up that served as an influence to the Yakuza series.


A watered-down arena fighting game, titled Spikers Battle, was planned for a Dreamcast release but never got ported outside of arcades either.

A sequel developed by Dimps was eventually released on the original Xbox in 2005.

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Good thing you can play it in model 3 emulator.

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it's pretty hard to set it up with a controller though

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Never had any problems using my wheel with it. Are you using the Supermodel-UI? Makes it a lot easier than using command line.

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Supermodel-UI rocks.

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>Why wasn't arcade perfect Outrunners ported to any home consoles?

>probably wont even be ported to the 3DS by M2
Fucking tragic.

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This is my first time seeing this game and it looks like silly arcade fun

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You can race on its tracks in Outrun 2

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>your mom
retro as fuck lmao

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How typical of a Dreamcast child, to act like a child.

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Pretending to be retarded or just plain retarded?

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The Dreamcast isn't retro. Mods even agree and are always removing cancerous Dreamcast threads that belong on /v/

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Soooo why are you shitting in a thread about a 1998 arcade game that wasn't ported to the Dreamcast?

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Not retro.

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The Dreamcast isn't retro. What part is complicated?

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98 release, bitch boy.
Admit you just got pwned to another dimension.

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Protip: it's the same autist from these two threads.


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Mods disagree about it being retro and will remove it because it doesn't belong here. It wasn't even allowed to begin with.

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Nignog we're not even talking about the dreamcast here.

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This is a thread about an arcade game not being ported to the Dreamcast

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They just said console port. They could have just meant the Saturn. Now be nice and admit you got destroyed.

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No, because OP mentioned the Dreamcast in his image.

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Just stop responding to him. There's no winning against this guy.

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But we've won, arguing further will just make his tears of humiliation taste better.

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>posting a reference = mentioning

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So you're admitting I'm right and the dreamcast belongs on /v/ with the other children.

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>this thread right now

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Look at the two threads in >>3029185.

He'll keep using the broken record tactic until the thread is in an irredeemable state. It's best if we ignore him and wait an hour or two.

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Mods have banned/deleted threads and posts in the past for mentioning a non retro console. Why should the Dreamcast be any different

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I'm not that anon from the two threads he posted. That's a different anon.

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Come on anon I know you're butt is still sore from getting rekd so bad, but we've already told you this is a Daytona 2 thread on the Model 3, and not a Dreamcast thread.

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Probably because this is not a Dreamcast thread but a Daytona thread.

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Then why did OP mention the Dreamcast, you're dodging the question.

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Samefag harder, bitch nigger, we KNOW that pwnage did emotional damage and your desperate for getting the last word.

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Because it's odd that despite referencing a console, the game wasn't ported to that console?

It's a retro arcade game that wasn't ported to any console be it the PS2 or the Dreamcast or anything else 6th gen or later. Like, late Neo Geo games were ported to the PS2 and Dreamcast. Should we stop talking about them because of this?

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You can talk about the arcade game or neo geo games, but don't talk about noon retro consoles like the Dreamcast or ps2

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Good, 'cause we're talking about the arcade game here, not the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast is referenced because I doubt the PS1 or the Saturn could handle a good port of the game.

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Then don't mention non retro consoles like the dreamcast fucktard

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Anon, you can still pretend nothing happened and just hide the thread. There's no need to reply to yourself to save face.

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What modes do you pick, /vr/?

Also manual or automatic?

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Manual Hornet all day erry day.

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Both Daytona 2 and Scud Race tracks are unlockable in Outrun 2 though

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Only in the Xbox version unfortunately.

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Well it is the best port of Outrun 2, unless you're including 2006.

The tracks are kind of shit though, not as much detail and animations as the originals, and they really clash with the rest of the game. And the curves are really harsh and don't gel well Outrun's driving physics.

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Damn, that is pretty soulless compared to the original.


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How powerful of a computer does Supermodel require? Compared to the Model 2 emulator?

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Takes 5 seconds to try it yourself. The model 3 CPU can even be under clocked for extra speed if your computer sucks.

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Slightly more than Model 2 but much less than NAOMI emulation.

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I always pick AT. I'm used to driving stick and it feels nothing alike, so I tend to mess up everything when playing the game.

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So, is the shitposter from earlier finally gone?

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Anyone else like driving the hornet in Daytona 2?

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That lame bait has been posted here 750 days now you should know not to fall for it.

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I must be doing something wrong. I can`t get anything better than 9th place in beginner with any car in Daytona 2 (regular, not power edition). No mistake, slipstreaming, only little slinding in the one sharper curve and the result is always the same.

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same reason the other Model 3 games weren't, Sega was retarded
I want a fucking Spikeout and Scud Race port so much.

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Scud Race was fucking awesome.

McLaren F1 a best.

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Has anyone ever played the original version of Daytona 2, with the "Astro Waterfall Speedway" beginner track. I've only ever seen the "Power Edition" update.

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You can emulate either version.

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Sonic the Fighters is included in the Sonic Gems Collection on PS2 and Gamecube, along with an exclusive 4-player version of Sonic R.

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Megadrive Super Monaco Grand Prix is superior to its arcade counterpart in every department except graphics.

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Sega of Japan wanted Sonic Fighters on Saturn, but a certain man whose initials are B.S thought it would hurt Sega's image in america.

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That's what I said, why bother porting a mediocre game to so many consoles instead some actually good arcade game which only lives through emulation nowadays?