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Let's discuss the music in the Castlevania series.

What are your favorite tracks?
Any good arrangements you can recommend?
Why didn't Mana compose any music for Castlevania games?

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Mana should have absolutely composed music for Castlevania

Malice Mizer in Castlevania would have been fucking great

Why are all those pictures washed out to shit - did their graphic designer not know how to use contrast appropriately? Maybe that's the point

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good old "no nose" visual kei contrast.

Also, Mana DID compose music for Castlevania... but not for one of the games, he just composed a promotional fucking ringtone for Harmony of Dissonance. The ringtone was called "La nuit blanche" and probably we will never get to listen to it unless some japanese person still has a keitai from 2002 with the ringtone in it and somehow rips it and uploads to the internet.

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Best official arrangements of the classic tracks were on the Castlevania Judgement soundtrack. The game is pretty awful, but the arrangements of Vampire Killer, Beginning, Bloody Tears, Clock Tower and Mad Forest are incredible.

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Favourite tracks and arrangments are
Waterfalls from SCIV (and LoS arrangment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmUZ8B2pgAc)
Iron blue intention from Bloodlines
Prologe from CVIII (and this arrangment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmjn8DpT428)

I also did my own arrangment on Waterfalls' theme, maybe you will like it. https://soundcloud.com/demoncastle/waterfalls-first-take

>Mana should have absolutely composed music for Castlevania
>Malice Mizer in Castlevania would have been fucking great
Fucking this.
>Why are all those pictures washed out to shit
Gaussean blur and contrast over 9000 were 90's vk version of airbrush.

I still have the hopes someone back then was smart enought to email the ringtone to themselves and save the midi fiile on their pc.

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Best track coming through

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I find it very surprising OP that there's a Castlevania thread regarding it's music. Some of my favorite tracks are from the 90s.

The Lost Painting has to be my highest favorite of them all, it reminds of so many things, I just can't remember what it reminds me of. But it kind of brings the feels of <spoiler> the whole reverse castle and how dark and gloomy the personification of the protagonist's life has been without his mom.

It is one of the best hearttrending music I've heard in the whole series. The other being the Sega Saturn exclusive Symphony of The Night theme, Guardian. It may be maliceful, but it's a matter of trust and reputation. But in reality, I'm tied between Lost Portrait and Lost Painting on which out of the two is better, even though they come from different games.

About Legacy of Darkness, which may be 1990s or almost 2000s game, I agree it may be shit, but the music varies as well. There's this one eerie soundtrack in game I have made as my ringtone that plays only once in game, and it is very gruesome to hear, the start of playing that Legacy of Darkness game may look good, but the gameplay isn't as good as I would prefer.


Has to be tied with Lost Portrait, but as due to cocksucking masochist copyright profiters, it goes away repeatedly often, but in reality, it's worth a listen.

If you're into games that aren't worth the money, Legacy of Darkness is worth a try, but has some good soundtracks.

Pic related, one of the other game characters who I used to play with in the old classic days, unfortunately, the game is less sentimental then it used to be when I was in high school.

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I didn't like that LoS arrangement of Waterfalls, in fact it barely sounds like it and it sounds more like a generic orchestrated film music, kind of boring.
However, I did like your own arrangement of it, pretty good and soothing, anon.

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One of my personal favorites

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Thanks, anon. Glad you liked it. I'll try making more Castlevania arrangements someday

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Rebirth 2 pls

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>mfw when id shell out 5 grand on kozi's sig guitar but will never find one for sale

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damn, I think they don't even make them anymore.

I think your best chance is to check sites like yahoo auctions or mbok and see if one pops up. It'll probably cost several thousands though.

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Mad Forest
Reincarnated Soul

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Damn man, I know that feel. I've spent countless hours browsing ESP Japan's website, dreaming about $4000+ signature guitars like Ruiza's and Hizaki's...

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Same here with Hizaki's one.

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I always liked this Sugizo guitar model, actually looks kinda similar to Mana's jeune fille (and both of them look similar to Prince's guitar model)

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And then there is Buck-Tick's Imai guitar model, which looks similar to Akauzu-kun.

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Bloody Tears is still a favorite of mine. It was the first 2 handed piece I learned to play on the piano. I'm musically inept and used to work on this at 3-6am when I couldn't sleep during finals week in college. The best part was the hall I practiced in was one of those really really old buildings on the east coast that had all sorts of haunting and ghost stories about it and fact or fiction, definitely had a creepy vibe in the wee hours. Working this out in there always just felt good for some reason.


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I recently purchased the Edwards model of Hizaki's maiden and I absolutely love it. It's substantially cheaper, and the only differences are a machine painted body and a slightly different fretboard wood. Everything else is identical to the handmade real version.

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interview translation between Mana and IGA:


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watashi waaaaa kurushifaiiiido

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I've been out of the VK loop for more than 10 years, but someone sent me this recently. You guys must watch it.


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VK newbie here. What bands did they parody in this video? I recognize Malice Mizer and X-Japan, but not the others.
Sweet song by the way.

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Lareine (at least the bassist that looks like a pierrot, that's one of Emiru's outfits, Lareine's bassist), and Gauze-era Dir en grey.

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I feel kinda bad for missing the Lareine reference, but I guess I just associate Emiru too strongly with that cute pink dress.

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>tfw Malice Mizer actual reunion never
>Klaha is ded
>Mana has gone full same-song with MDM
>Mana will never compose (real) music for Castlevania


>tfw bought Bara No Seidou album because fuck that shit is gothic as hell
>disc wont fucking pop out, dont want to force it for fear of breaking it
>it just sits there on my shelf and i still cant get the disk out


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That sounds truly



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>Kozi will never release another solo album

His solo stuff was honestly the best stuff to come out off of the post-Mizer members efforts.
I liked MdM at first but as you say, it started to sound too same-y, Kozi kept things interesting but then he started doing too much side-projects and live-only event thingys. ZIZ was cool though.

You have the book version of Bara no seidou, right? At least you can flip through the cool pages, I'm sure you can find a FLAC of that album online.

The only MM album I have is memoire (the DX version, which I think it's the most common anyway), and it's also my favorite album by them, but Bara comes close second. A shame the Kioku to Sora remake with Klaha never made it into a studio record though.


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