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anyone know if open pandora is any good?

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It was great for its time, but constant delays really hurt it. Nowadays it's very outdated, old tech. There isn't much else comparable in the pocket PC department though. There is a successor in the works called the Pyra, but it's looking to be too expensive to be worth it.

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do you have a better suggestion for portable emulator machine that could play games up to psx era?
not psp

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Not really, other than your choice of phone or tablet.

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Or notebook

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Wait for the Pyra.

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>wants to play psx
>doesn't want a psp

stop being difficult, faggot.

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>wants to pay pre psx
>doesnt want 10 fps

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just get any of the many jxd gaming tablets

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Do yourself a favor and don't get any of those. You're honestly better off with a PSP than any of the clones. There isn't a single good handheld clone out there.

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phone. laptop (not pi or other.)

i'd say DS but they are harder to 'hack' than psp, stop being difficult.

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If you can find an NVIDIA Shield Portable for cheap, it's pretty handy as an emulation device.

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Koolaid when it was first annouced, overpriced once china $50 tablet PCs became a thing. Better off getting a cheap tablet and plugging in a controller.

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Why? Even the early jxds outperform the psp and offer smooth emulation of anything up to ps1 and the new ones just run circles around the psp.

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they're not psp clones, they're android devices

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Buy yourself a nice 7" tablet and install retroarch.

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Bought one in 2008 and never received it, like thousands of others. Shit was a total scam.

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I have one. ( sorry >>2902517)
It's really quite good for what it does do. Great controls, and what it does (emulation up to psx) it does remarkably well.

800x480 screen, so be aware of that, but that's not a dealbreaker for emulation. Nubs are... odd. Keyboard is great for C64, spectrum, or Zmachine, easily beating any android emulators.

Major problem is really that if they'd made enough of them, you could use them as building materials. It's over an inch thick. Though you wouldn't want to, since the plastic will crack on you in some weaker spots. Thankfully, none of which are structural, it's just a little odd looking.

Still, if you can get one cheap, it's not bad.

What I'm really wanting is an emulator I can fit in my pocket and play in the bathroom, and no one on any of these portable emulator threads has something good for that.

PSP won't play snes at all well.
JXD stuff or the GPD xd won't fit in my pocket.
Pandora fits ok, but I worry that if I sit, I'll snap it in half.
Anyone who tells you to use your phone must be a mutant with a third hand, or a willful idiot who only plays one handed games.
The gxw-zero is still pretty thick, and seems to be not currently produced, and I question its abilities.

A truly pocketable emualtor machine with integrated buttons just doesn't seem to exist. Unless one of you knows better.

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>Anyone who tells you to use your phone must be a mutant with a third hand, or a willful idiot who only plays one handed games.

or we just, you know, buy controllers for our phones like normal people.

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>RA shill

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>willful idioting

Ok, so explain it to me. You sit down on the toilet, pull out your game controller and your phone, and hold the game controller that normal people buy with two hands, and then hold your phone with...?


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Bluetooth controllers can keep your phone firmly attached to them, you know.

You use your hands to play while the controller itself keeps the phone where it's supposed to be.

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Are there cabled ones that do the same? I find it ridiculous to use a wireless connection for something firmly connected.

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Yes, you can also find controllers with a thin cable to plug on the mini usb port.

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And from now on, every time the anti-controller shitposters decide to pop out you can drive them away with this.
Personally I use my controller to play MAME roms while I'm riding the bus or taking a potty break.

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>Anyone who tells you to use your phone must be a mutant with a third hand, or a willful idiot who only plays one handed games.

What is a Bluetooth controller.

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i bought one. was fun to set up and mess around with since it's basically a tiny laptop. if you have expendable income and enjoy little gadgets you probably wouldnt regret buying one.

but on the other hand, it's a total ripoff as far as what you get for the price, and there is plenty of other (cheaper) hardware that can emulate just as good if not better.

so unless you just enjoy little shit like this as a hobby it's not worth it. i havent picked up mine in like 2 yrs.

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my laptop is more portable

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>carrying that around

just plug your laptop in your TV for fucks sake. why even bother going "handheld" if you're going to play games on something so hilariously massive?

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Psp Go

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Because something four times the size of the phone is a solution.

I could just carry my 3dsxl, it'd be smaller. Hell, an OG gameboy would be smaller.

But good try. Don't give up, you'll be a real boy someday.

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No matter what anyone says, the PSP Go is the best actual portable machine.

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Why? It costs more than a jxd and has worse specs.

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You can't use a laptop or a tv while riding a bus or using the bathroom, silly grandpa.

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Are the analog sticks still shit? Read awhile back that they break after a few months which turned me off from buying one.

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It would be if weren't because of it's non-replaceable battery.

The (maximum of) 48 GB storing space is a definite plus, though.

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Of course you can.

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total bullshit, igot the 7800b, its an awesome emulation machine which also functions as an android device and has rooted emulation-store in it. browse a game you like and play it

anybody who says its shit never held one before

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>Half Life 2
>Portal 2
>Generic shooter game labeled FIFA 15

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I wish there was a good pocket PC option these days but unfortunately we're in the android age. Everything is an android device and seems to have deficiencies from what I'd like. Pandora should have been the god machine but it was way too late.

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>unfortunately we're not all running CE
Yes. "unfortunately" Pandora would be perfect then because it's screen and CPU are just right for running something like 4.whatever

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>Ceck out open pandora
>biggest selling point is emulation
>that price
For less you can get a PSVita, an Android phone or maybe a 3DS that can do that and more.

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The Pyra's coming though.

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Are the buttons and dpad decent?

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they make smaller ones that come in their own little carry bag. using this with bluetooth headphones feels pretty futuristic.

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The buttons& pad are responsive and don't break after a month of use.

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>look at prices of the Pyra

Wow. I can buy a fucking HP Smart Stream tablet with 2x the specs for 30% of that price

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What? Last I heard they were looking to sell the Pyra at €500, which is like $550. The Pandora has dropped significantly in price because it's old tech at this point and they want to get rid of their stock.

It's a pocket PC running Linux by the way, not a tablet. For some of us that's a pretty massive difference.

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Looks like you can't even buy an open Pandora anymore. That's a shame.

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I seriously fucking hate Apple for permanently ruining the market for any phone or PDA to ever have physical buttons again. Remember cool phones like the Sidekick or PDAs like Sony Mylo or whatever? A computer without a fucking keyboard is completely worthless in my opinion. Touchscreens are shit and will always be shit

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in the bathroom? can't you just be by your own thoughts for 2 minutes

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thats what the shower is for

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This. I don't mind using touch screen for mobile phones but goddamn it touch screen gamepad emulating controls in emulators are fucking shitty. And touch screen specific games like angry birds are all watered down trash for soccer moms and stacies

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I love  for making you so deeply ass pained lol <3

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>>>2900916 (OP)
>>look at prices of the Pyra
>n our scenario, we'd have a final price of about 499 EUR.

how come 330$ when it is 500euro on their estimation?

Better build your own rasberry/banana Pi portable

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the pyra (whenever it gets released)
your phone (if you can get a controller to work)
your laptop (if you can get a controller to work)

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I love that apple has made you dumb enough that you think U+f8ff is actually their logo.

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I never liked this solution and I absolutely hate when people suggest that this should be what I should look at and should be my only option.

I want my controllers to be built into the device, not separate.

It's why I still stick to my PSP since all the chinese androids seem to have issues with the buttons or d-pad.

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It might be but how the hell would you get one?

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Why am I seeing cheaper and more powerful credit card sized computers every month but shit like this is overpriced as fuck?

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pretty much what >>2905894 said, you also have to take in consideration the custom keyboards, nobs and PCBs things like the pyra and pandora use.

you can easily grab a RasPI, and cram a batery, keyboard and screen but it'll lack things like the nobs and probably look bad.

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Because the people doing it are autists. They overthink it and everything has to be open source. A phone with a BT keyboard and BT controller and some sort of case to connect them would be 100 times better and cost a fraction of this shit.

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NES and Genesis run fine on PSP, faggot.

There is no concise answer for portable SNES.