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Daggerfall thread. What characters are you using, and where are you in the bay?

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I just recently got back into this game and I forgot just how giant the dungeons are. So I'm just trudging through my first one atm.

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I've started playing in 2010, and I still play with a character from back then. Dark elf, Lvl. 19, warmage.

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Where the fuck do you buy potions? I playing as a sorcerer

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Can someone please post the image with the better keyboard controls?

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Here ya go anon

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How do I train magic, guys?

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cast spells

iirc it doesn't matter how powerful the spell is, only the number of spells casted counts. I.e. do some restoration spell 15 times (or how much you can do with your magicka), then rest, repeat.

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Don't die on me anons

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That is all true. Surprised to see it modded into the game, but it is all pretty much true.

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If people like to play the game, who cares?

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Because some people can't handle the truth

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Fair enough. I personally prefer Daggerfall to Morrowind though since I like the open world and can have total control of how my character is made. The dungeons are fun to explore, and imo the most roleplay friendly TES game. There are games that do these better I'm sure, but I just like Daggerfall y'know?

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Stop being reasonable!

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This pic literally describes why Daggerfall is fucken awesome tho, IE it's a million times more like reality than any of those other games

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Is this the game where you can climb anything?

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I'm using a Custom Class Nord im currently residing in Burgwall in Daggerfall (I don't have a house yet but I just rented a bunch of taverns for like a hundred days since i'm a knight

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What's your skills?

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Long Blade, Critical Strike and Restoration are my Primary; Thaumaturgy, Mysticism, and Destruction are my major i'm level 9 at the moment

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Are there any completely worthless skills to avoid during character creation?

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Language skills, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, medical. Pickpocket is trivial, but it helps getting into the thieves guild. The language skills are nice for roleplay purposes, and you can convince certain creatures to stop attacking you, but you're better off killing them and looting their corpses.

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Probably only the language skills, unless you're playing as a linguist. And that's terrible!

I think the "stealthy" physicals are ideal minor skills. These are:
Critical Strike

I would not put Running on as a trained skill, since it will cause you to level too quickly (yeah Bethesda was like that even then)

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Leveling too quickly in daggerfall is at least not as punishing or risky compared to later games

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Thanks, hopefully I can finally get into this game this weekend.

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Primary Skills

Long Blade-57
Blunt Weapon-51

Major skills

Hand to Hand-35
Short Blad-33

Hand to hand damage 4-8

Started plaiyng somwhere around 2014-2015

Haven't touched the main quest yet since i met Lady Brisienna

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Why all weapon skills, man? You chose the canned classes?

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>redguard female
worst possible choice

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Yes, unmodified Warrior class

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Are there any mods that should be used for this game?

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Just get DaggerfallSetup. It comes with a bunch of bug-fixing mods, plus some optional quest packs.

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Just a tip for the modder made quests. Some of them are bugged unlike the perfectly fine compUSA ones.

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In daggerfall are pre made classes alright?

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The Eye of Argonian mod that comes with the daggerfall setup. Just use it and it extends your view distance

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If you've mastered the mechanics then the game is more difficult playing with premade. Otherwise they're ok.

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So I can basically make the same class, but optimize it more? Like make a warrior who resists everything?

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Make sure to change the output, scaler, and resolution with a text editor just did it recently and the game looks a lot less pixelated

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You can try making a character with that many resists. But you'll level up extremely slow or you'll have to take a few big disadvantages to balance out the Difficulty Dagger.

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Holy shit, this could word-for-word be used to describe Dwarf Fortress' Adventure Mode

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There are ways to do that, such as choosing immunity to magic and having weakness to disease and paralysis, then choosing forbidden stuff you aren't going to use. Like forbidden to use axes since I'm going to be using all swords.

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It's cool how Daggerfall "character professions" can transform the player's flesh into tensile polymer composites

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The hell am I looking at?

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immunity to anything physical or magical touching the character, the first five rows.
Take a second to think what your skin needs to look like if you're naturally immune to all that shit.

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The class advantages/disadvantages; can be added in creation. Note that the class overwrites all the alleged racial abilities and base attributes in Daggerfall. I think altmer retain paralysis immunity and nords retain frost immunity, that's it.

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tfw you can never resist the temptation to use the rusty ogre exploit and end up with 1m septims, daedric weapons, and the best house in the game

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How do I know if a shop is rusty or not?

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A question to Daggerfall players: can I play a decent thief in this game? I know it's based off of D&D and you have thief classes, but can you actually play the game breaking into places, stealing loads of shit, selling stolen wares and sneaking around?

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Yes. Don't shoot for a thief or burglar though, and more so for assassin. Thief is not that great compared to later games, but it's still viable. An assassin build can still do thief stuff, but you need a way to defend yourself. Just know that pickpocketing sucks, and try not to steal from stores.

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there's a bug with pickpocketing failure in stores and containers (virtually always alerts the guards). The PC still needs to do some pickpocketing to get a letter from the thieves guild.

you can break into stores after they close and empty the place, no problems

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what is even the point of a house?

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Drop shit from your inventory without it being lost, it's better to get a ship though cuz you can access it from anywhere and it does the same thing

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To store your stuff, and to roleplay.

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The ship has a bug where you can't traditionally store stuff. Instead you drop it on the floor

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>to roleplay

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I know. Can you actually store things in your house, i've never bought one before

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It IS a role-playing game.

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Other way around, made a mistake. Boxes and shelves in houses aren't safe storage. Boats are fine

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>tfw you never get to see the Numidium

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Is there a difference between the boats, else the price?

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One is bigger than the other

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the large boat is an empty wooden cathedral of solitude

the small boat is cute

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Does vampirism exist in this?

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Yep I think theres like 9 different bloodlines that provide a different benefit

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Resting seem like the only way to restore magic.
Is there some potion that restore mp and what the best way to obtain potion, they seem quite rare.

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Potion of restore power, you can get them at the mages guild or different temples if you have a high enough rank.

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Can you join and archive a high rank in both magic guild and dark brotherhood in the same playthrough?

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You can join all the guilds at the same time just not more than one Knight's Order and Temple, also you can only join the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild once so if you get kicked out you can't get back in

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How do you fight higher level enemies in the game? Liches, Ancient vampires, and Daedra lords just nuke you with 50 spells the moment they see you.

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You increase your level yourself. Daggerfall is kinda mean in the sense that you can go into dungeons capable of fucking your shit up. If you want magic defense then willpower is your stat to invest in.

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Buy a boat
Live the high life of a buccaneer sea captain on Illiad Bay and use it to store all your booty between adventures and get free ship traveling as well.

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>Tfw made a freelancer class
>basically a spellsword with sneak skills
>tfw it's justified to buy a boat and sail looking for work
I used this class in skyrim and it's fun too. A mercenary who built a medium house with a garden. The house mostly has shelves to store his spoils

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But I thought you couldn't sail the ships?

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most of that text describes why I don't very much care for TES in general

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> nuke
willpower is magic resistance, try increasing that

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Are there mods that fix race bonuses?

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Does cloth/armor influence the way NPC interact with you?
For example, if my character is naked will it have a negative effect on the conversation?

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I read that it shouldn't.

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What do you guys think about daggerfall unity?

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No but it was intended to work this way. The game is full of cut features and much of it still are in the files. There was a website about that but I don't recall the name.

I'm hype ! Gavin's a genius and he work fast!
Can't wait for more features, but the game won't be ready for at least a couple of years. He need more manpower.

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Did help with it, but my programming skills are zero

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usually indie and open projects don't need coders. They got a freak or two that can handle this just fine. What's often lacking is artists. Be it for models, textures, writers (text and script), or musicians.

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You can't hes just roleplaying it

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Fuckin awesome dude I have the latest version of it. Gavin posts his progress on twitter daily too, I was hoping it'd be done by Daggerfalls 20th anniversary which is August of this year but I don't see that happening

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How do you level up ranks in guilds?

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You do quests. The more quests you do, the higher the reputation, and with enough you can advance. I think you can only advance like once every gameday month though. If that's the case then after every advancement just journey from part of the lilac Bay to the farthest and back

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I want to make an archer build.

Problem is I don't really know what skills are important as I've never made anything that isn't a mage. Should I for example still make a high elf with paralyze weakness?
I also feel like the running skill would be obsolete since it is constantly leveled passively, but does the same apply to stealth?

I would appreciate some advice on which skills are good/bad for a stealthy archer type.

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Stealth is in a way, leveled passively. Take running as a minor skill, and stealth as a major or primary shouldn't be bad. I'm assuming the elf with paralysis is to lower the dagger...anyway.

Take a weapon for close combat, like short blade or simply long blade as a minor, but put most of your points into it and add some more in the background as well when the question comes up to make it more viable. You're probably only going to use a few skills, but those are ones that come to mind, personally.

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So in order to rank up in guilds do you have to have a skill or skills at a certain point? Like having 70 in mysticism/ destruction/illusion can make you archmage?

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I keep on getting quests that take place in dungeons I can't finish. Is this going to be a problem or should I just go take a new quest?

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As a general rule you should save before getting a quest.
Just because you can get fucked over by the random dungeon you get sent to.
It might be annoying to reload that save
but guilds get pissy if you keep failing their quests.

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At least DaggerXL is going again. I've chatted with Lucius personally and progress is going well. Parts of the source code have been uploaded to github with more to follow. Check the blog/forum if you want.

>inb4 DaggerXL will never be released
Who knows. I can only mention Lucius' estimate that with the current speed of progress the Beta 1 build (100% gameplay complete) should be done in a few months. Even including the usual unexpected delays I'm still being optimistic for a release for the 20ths anniversary.

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I gave up on DaggerXL I'm alot more interested in Daggerfall Unity with the new skybox, far terrain, and console commands

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Dorf has actual gameplay though.

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I'm willing to bet Daggerfall Unity will be released first rather than this delayed garbage.

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doesn't matter if it's shit We've been playing a game for 20 years just fine. Surely we can wait another year or two for an update that won't collapse in itself whenever it encounters something the developer in their rush did not expect.

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is daggerXL further along than unity?

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I'd say they're even at the moment considering DaggerXL has been around for 5 years but Unity is coming along quick and with a lot of potential

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Lucius pls go. We don't believe your bullshit promises anymore, especially since you're still just as much a perfectionist but with the added burden of a family to feed (protip: a spouse or kids usually spells death for a project headed by one man).

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I said Unity was better you doofus

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>I'd say they're even at the moment

>> No.2930309

>Considering DaggerXL has been around for 5 years

>> No.2931035

Daggerfall Unity will never be a real replacement for the original game. It will maybe be able to caputre most features and add some more fun stuff, but only DaggerXL will behave identically, minus bugs.

But let's just wait. If the Beta 1 is being released this year, it'll be a huge step.

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So I was in a dungeon and I found a map to another dungeon. The game told me it wrote down the location, but where the hell do i find it?

Also in a mages guild quest. They are sending me to "house of stadingrad" but when I search the map. It says it's not there.

Thanks in advance. I love this game, wish I had it when it first came out.

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Just use the search function on the map

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DaggerXL isn't going to do shit, because it's never going to be released. Lucius is deluded if he thinks he can juggle a family and a job and still do what he wants to do with Daggerfall, all while being the only one around to do the bulk of the heavy lifting.

The math does not add up, whatever way he tries to spin it.

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Fucking this

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Take a look at the map and turn off cities, inns and temples. The red dots are just graveyards, so search through the orange ones. If you absolutely don't remember which dungeon map you found (upon reading it says "Marked XY on your map"), there's no way to find it other than visiting every dungeon and checking if it seems somewhat familar.

Quests you get in a certain region always point to other locations in that region. To find the dungeon, see above. The search function is case sensitive iirc.

Apparently you know his personal life better than anyone else. I'll keep following the project because in the long term it's still the most promising one to me.

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I never played Daggerfall when I was younger (started with Morrowind) and I tried it around 2009/2010 but couldn't get used to the controls. Are there any mods that make the controls closer to Morrowind/Oblivion?

>> No.2933632

Change the controls

>> No.2933741


I'm just curious... so many people complain about the controls of Daggerfall, even semi-professional reviewers. Is it really THAT hard to open the menu, click on "Controls" and change them? Is this option invisible to anyone but seasoned Daggerfall maniacs?

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>Actually suggesting Daggerfall's Dungeons are worse than Morrowind's and Oblivion's
Top tier b8

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Character looks ready to fight. What's what are your skill levels?

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The.Elder.Scrolls.Chapter.II.Daggerfall-GOG here if you want it:

>> No.2937326

anyone want elder scrolls one?

>> No.2937354


They're uh.....Both free on Bethesda's site, you know.... <.<

>> No.2937362

yeah, but that's legal. What are you? Sane?

>> No.2937367

well that sucks.....

but dont those require DOS?
and dont the GOG versions NOT?

>> No.2937369


Just expedient. Actually, posting Arena would be more useful. Their version is the floppy-based original instead of CD-ROM enhanced.

>> No.2937372


Literally all GOG does is pretty them up and slap them in a preconfigured DOSBox. Oh, and give you the documentation goodies.

>> No.2937374

and what the hell is this and how did i never hear of it:


>> No.2937376

ive never even installed anything from GoG as I have all the originals of everything i want so I never knew that

did try dosbox once though with Blood 1 and it seemed to have a pretty high tedium curve in terms of configuration

>> No.2937379

Is it true Daggerfall has the largest in-game world of any game ever?

>> No.2937393

More like the total opposite. The default config works for a lot of things, and to start a game in DOSBox you don't even have to enter its shell. Just pass it as parameter to the DOSBox executable and you're done. It's no more "tedium" than any other emulator out there.

>> No.2937401

I think the new Elite is actually larger

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File: 107 KB, 1200x497, ohxApXb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, and no. It's by far the largest within its genre. Minecraft has a bigger world by virtue of its data model, and of course games like Elite (not even the new one, the original >>2937401) have a bigger world simply because their genre is space, and galaxies tend to be bigger than continents.
Hand modelled RPG worlds are usually a couple dozen square miles, and that's the big ones. Daggerfall is a couple thousand square miles, that's several orders of magnitude difference.

>> No.2937410


From what I know. Mapping meter-for-meter in-game it has the same area as the United Kingdom.


Let's not whitewash things- vanilla DosBox is a fucking pain in the ass to use. The later you get into the DOS era (which by the way contains most games the average joe wants to play) the more exponential your problems will be, especially when SVGA and memory extenders get tossed into the mix with BUILD3D.

>> No.2937417

>vanilla DosBox is a fucking pain in the ass to use
I literally do what I described. When I got a dos game, I make a new dosbox shortcut, then append the path to the game's executable to it. That's it. Hell, even the CPU throttling works fine, because it detects memory extenders and goes into high gear when that happens.

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>> No.2937572

OP here. I personally always play Daggerfall from vanilla Dosbox as opposed to the thing that makes Daggerfall easier to install. The game I find just plays better, and I don't have to tweak the CPU cycles just to get the right amount of speed since it automatically plays on MAX when I load it on vanilla.

>> No.2939307

Should use Daggerfall setup it comes with all the patches and has the bonus quests form compusa. There's also unofficial quests and bug fixes that are optional along with the eye of argonia that extends your view distance http://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/index.php/Daggerfall_:_DaggerfallSetup_EN
There's also one for Arena http://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/?title=Arena_:_ArenaSetup_EN

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Speaking of DaggerXL
Is DarkXL good? I've never played OG Dark Forces.

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You shouldn't be scared of the command line. It's part of the experience.

>> No.2939495

I'm not scared of it, I can't be bothered with it. I grew up with DOS 5.0 and later Win 3.11, fiddled with autoexec.bat and config.sys to get them damn sound drivers and cd drivers to work and still have enough conventional memory for the games to play.
None of this is necessary with DOSBox though, and I actually spend a bit of time to set up my shortcuts and configs in a way that DOSBox works like a console emulator, booting straight into the game, and closing itself when the game is done. The commandline is a tool, and I want to play a game. So I automate what's possible.
My point was merely that in the most basic form, you can use DOSBox in a way, that there is zero manual configuration required.

>> No.2940413

Is there any advantage/disadvantage to join a temple/knighthood rather than an another?

>> No.2940608

Nope except that the province its in is where you'll get your free house

>> No.2941192

The DarkXL version isn't complete and the current release is outdated, but it's supposed to be 100% playable in the next release which is estimated to be released within the next few months.
As for the game itself, I haven't played it either, but I've heard a lot of good things about it.

>> No.2941752

I downloaded it and tried for myself. Haven't noticed any problems with it besides it not behaving well with borderless windowed, but then again I am just 3 levels in.

Pretty great game, the fact that it actually requires you to jump and crouch to navigate throws me off since I'm used to good ol' Doom.
But it feels like a pretty unique game, although at first glance anybody would say it's just a Doom reskin.

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Haven't played in a while because I am stuck in a room with a vampire ancient on my low level custom unarmed character and have no idea where to go

>> No.2943450

Where do I start dungeon crawling? Only graveyards and vaults show up on my map, do I have to find them myself?

>> No.2943684

Quests and maps are how you start dungeon crawling. The guilds, particularly the Fighters is a good start. The dungeons can be really mean though, so get a recall spell and cast it at the entrance inside the dungeon in case things take a turn for the worst or you're lost. A wagon is cheap and good so you can haul your loot(which is personally why I love dungeon crawling). And that's all that comes to mind. Quests and maps are your main way to get to the dungeons so I hope this helps.

>> No.2943790

Can you still play after beating the main quest?

>> No.2944045


>> No.2944941

Also I don't really have a sense of direction of what to do other than guild quests. I have some Daedric artifacts and weapons so after the main quest should I just do the guild quests and level up?

>> No.2945642

I found a map to some dungeon, but how do I access it? Does it automatically mark it on my map? I can't find the map in my inventory.
Also, I'm a fucking retard and I don't understand how to cast spells.

>> No.2945691

You can ask around the towns for quests, these are the merchant quests mostly, quite a few interesting ones.

>> No.2945696

If you open ("use") it, it will show something like "The long lost location of dungeon XYZ has been marked on your map". The you've got to look up said dungeon on the map. iirc, it's always located within the region you are currently in.

Casting spells works almost identically to Morrowind: First, open your spellbook, then double-click a spell. If it's a spell directed at yourself (like healing) it will be cast immediately, ranged spells like a fireball are then charged and you need to cast them with the "activate" button (spacebar in my case). To make casting a little more comfortable, you can re-cast the last spell. Just look up which key it is in your configuration.

>> No.2945802

Thanks, but do those maps stay in your inventory? I forgot where I found those maps.

>> No.2945925

No they don't

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I've been playing this Bard character over a year now. It's pretty challenging and fun, especially if you've never played the game before.

I like the roleplaying aspect. You're really a fighter/mage/thief character without specialising in one. You get to interact with people a lot more, for one. The only thing that's missing is being able to play music, compose songs and rise in reputation for doing so. Otherwise it does kind of feel like you're waltzing into a tavern like swashbuckler, taking on any dangerous job and getting talked about or keeping to etiquette when you visit a Lord's castle.

And in dungeons you're kind of fucked if you pick the wrong spell, which is cool by me. It still sucks if you're 3 hours deep into a dungeon and an ancient lich finds you while you rest and nukes the shit out of you because no spell points. Otherwise it's great fun coming up with cheap spells and workarounds to just half-ass magic as a bard. I have at least a dozen low level spells of various kinds that have carried me through some pretty precarious situations, especially cheap spell reflect/absorbs and language spells. If you're stuck in a dungeon filled with daedra creatures, buffing your language skill can go a long way. I barely had to fight at all because diplomacy + letting enemies fight each other = easy victory.

It's very basic stuff, but as a roleplaying game I don't think anything comes quite close to the freedom you have in designing your character and playing your character in Daggerfall.

>> No.2946102

> daedric dungeons
Where can I find them?

>> No.2946108

How has there not been a fan remake of this with modern graphics tech?

>> No.2946175

There are a few projects going, but it's a damn huge game for a simple "fan remake". Check out DaggerXL (or XLengine) and "Daggerfall for Unity"

>> No.2946281

Alright lads. I am about to start a game of Daggerfall. I never really got far in it when I first played and only truly got interested in TES after playing Morrowind.
I'm thinking of playing a swordsman who boosts himself with magic. Maybe as a Dunmer or something. We will see. I'll keep you guys posted once I install this shit.

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And so begins the tale of Vsevol

>> No.2946548

>Custom classes

>> No.2946612

By random chance. I play a lot of quests in the House of Dibella (because Bard), and a few quests involved Daedroth fucking filled dungeons. I pushed my Daedric language skill with trainings enough that my language spell carried me through most encounters.

Oh, and by the way, those assholes at the House of Dibella also made me crawl through one dungeon filled almost solely by Vampire fucking Ancients and Ancient fucking Liches. They really wanted me to die.

>> No.2946641

What do you suggest? I am not far enough that I can't reroll.

>> No.2946743

don't reroll. A joy of RPGs is seeing what you can do with your character, instead of going for minmaxing builds. If life (or the rng) hands you a less-than-perfect character, you play it the best, simple as that.

>> No.2946805

I miss the time when games actually followed that rule and didn't present this pre-calculated every-character-of-every-class-is-the-same system.

>> No.2946890

I agree with you on principle, but unfortunately a shit ton of RPGs simply fuck you out of progressing in the game if you don't get at least a bit autistic about the build.

I want to be able to play something other than the greatest hero in the world, dammit.

>> No.2946901

another anon here

Depends on what you consider "progressing in the game". Even if your character is too weak to do the main quest, there are still many options for you. I've got to admit that my character is a custon battlemage wich is about the ultimate fighter, but this also causes most of the combat to be boring "hack down the enemies while you don't have to care about health".

>> No.2947947


The general complaint on premade classes is the low HP gains per level and the gear restrictions. The HP is "purchased" at the cost of making it harder to level. The class disadvantages make it easier to level.

But when making a custom class, it becomes clear that maxing out the HP gain per level is actually a pretty good buy. Restricted gear, on the other hand, can be a rather serious disadvantage and it pays off to try and get clever with other disadvantages.

>> No.2947964

What's the difference between the burglar and the thief?

>> No.2948019


Here they all are!

And the burglar was accidentally restricted to plate armor only, rather than the reverse. Retro games ftw

>> No.2948341

Shoot me in the face senpai

>> No.2948649

One of them is closely located to the entrance of the last dungeon of the game. IIRC it's the smaller boat.

>> No.2948781

The burglar judging by the skills is a class that moreso is about stealing things and less emphasis on defending themselves, as opposed to a thief who at the very least is more capable of defending themselves.

>> No.2948871

Never forget that the 100% gameplay complete beta was meant to be "done in a few months" back in September 2012.

>> No.2948919

What are some things I should know before I play this?

>> No.2948993

Can you ask more specific questions? Not trying to be rude, honestly, but the game is a actually rather complex one and it's hard to cover all bases on what you would need to know to minimize first time frustration. I can however link you to an hour video that covers some of the more important beginner aspects if you want. Plot spoilers aside it's more so 40-50

>> No.2949006

Actually, I apologize. I forgot all about this.


But the video is still an option, and I suggest a recall spell if you find the map too complicated in dungeons. Get it at the mages guild, take an advantage that ups spell points just enough, and cast it at dungeon entrances if you want to get out you can quickly do so

>> No.2949147

I need MAPS where can I find MAPS??

>> No.2949754

Yeah I know. That's why I only stated Lucius' estimate. But considering the huge amount of progress lately, I think it could actually happen this time.

In dungeons, mostly. So ask random strangers in a town about work, go to the person they recommend you (if anyone, else ask further or switch town). Often they have dungeon-related quest for you.
Finding dungeons on your own in the wilderness is nearly impossible, so don't even try that unless you're searching for a specific dungeon and already know it's location map pixel-accurately.

>> No.2950247
File: 1.19 MB, 2880x2160, robot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and what the hell is this and how did i never hear of it
It's a good game that you never heard of because the graphics technology it used became obsoleted by Direct3D almost immediately after it released. That, along with the sluggish controls and the fanbase waiting for an actual RPG, pretty much killed it and almost killed Bethesda Softworks, too.

If you have a currently high-end processor then the GOG version (which uses DOSBox and nGlide) is playable, but "playable" is as good as it gets at the moment; it's still not a smooth ride. This is definitely something you want to pirate before you consider buying it to see how it runs for you.

>> No.2950368
File: 2.91 MB, 640x480, breaking in.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of. It's still better than most RPGs in that you can actually go around stealing stuff like a thief is supposed to, but it's not nearly as rewarding and there aren't as many interesting or rare items to steal as there are in every subsequent TES game. Stealth is a very useful skill in dungeons since most of the powerful monsters can see through invisibility anyway.

Also note that there's no NPC detection system or crime reporting like there is in the later TES games. It's all up to a roll of the dice whether the psychic guards get summoned when you rifle through things, even if you're in an empty building. However, as long as you don't get damaged while the guards are chasing you, your crime is not recognized. So the typical run for a thief is to try to steal something, run from the guards until they despawn, and repeat. If you do this in a shop then you need to wait a few in-game days for the guards to despawn. Outside they'll despawn as soon as you get a short distance away from them.

There are no fences and no "stolen" items. You can stand right in front of a shopkeeper, steal a Daedric Wakizashi from a shelf, murder every single guard that spawns with arrows or spells, then sell it right back to him for around ten thousand gold. The merchant will still like you just as much as he did before and nobody will know that you've ever committed a crime. That situation is actually kind of realistic. Would you rat on a thief who slaughtered everyone that could protect you?

>> No.2950684

not him but can you or someone link this video? i've played daggerfall for a little bit but sometimes with stuff like this you learn little things (i learnt the shift+action+direction trick in gothic to move items in stacks of 100 off a video, thank god)

>> No.2951639



>> No.2952152

Where to buy soul gems?

>> No.2952193

It's why I always roll my eyes when people get mad the new ES isn't as good as the old
They are all bad and for every improvement we are given several drawbacks

>> No.2952561


Holy shit the combat in this game is hard. I lost half my health to the first rat you encounter, then died to the next enemy. All of my swings somehow miss the target

>> No.2952565

Also, this game runs pretty slow. Is there something I could do in DOSBOX to increase the speed?

>> No.2952658

It has a dice-rolling mechanism to calculate the hits. Keep in mind that stabbing or side-swings have a higher chance of hitting, while diagonal/vertical swings deal more damage.

As your skill increases, you'll hit the enemies much more often, it's only a bit tedious in the very beginning.

You can increase the cycles. There should be an option in the DOSBox config. Try "cycles=auto", if it isn't set as that already. On my install it works just fine.
Otherwise, experiment with fixed cylcle numbers.

>> No.2952689

Elder Scrolls games are always mediocre unless you mod them, then they become solid.

>> No.2953289

Where can I find daedra in the game?

>> No.2953401

Whats the best way to level up stealth and critical strike? those are my only important skills i have left in order to reach max level. also is there a guide somewhere that goes into detail on specifics on leveling skills?

>> No.2953423

what do you think would help you become sneakier and do sneaky attacks? It's a ROLE playing game. Think of how you want to interact with that world, and do that. The best way to kill the game, and turn it into an epic minmaxing chore is trying to game the engine

>> No.2953453

Not him but are the magic skills the only ones you need to really "grind" since they go up much more slowly?

Just sneak in dungeons to level up Stealth. If you have Stealth might as well put it to use, and you can get backstabs.

>> No.2953493

>are the magic skills the only ones you need to really "grind"
Or you could accept that in that world magic is fucking hard, and takes years or decades of focus and practice, instead of breaking the role by "grinding"

>> No.2953825

You got good answers for stealth already. Critical strike is purely up to chance every time you hit, so just hit stuff and you'll level it up, albeit slowly. Consider getting a weaker weapon or using your fists if your hand-to-hand damage is low enough, so you can get more hits in per enemy.

>are the magic skills the only ones you need to really "grind" since they go up much more slowly?
Language skills level up the slowest overall in natural gameplay since they're spread so very thin that encountering a creature governed by any specific skill you can think of is rare. The best you can do is train them up to level 51 through a trainer. Since your language skills are automatically "used" as soon as a creature loads into the world, and you only get one attempt per creature, the only reliable way to get a language skill up is to repeatedly enter a dungeon with a creature that speaks your desired language. Entering and exiting it will respawn everything according to the type of dungeon it is, thus giving you another language skill use each time.

To be fair, I don't know if grinding is really breaking the role in that specific situation. Much like real life, you get better at things by practicing them, so it wouldn't be unreasonable for somebody to get good at magic by dedicating several in-game weeks to practicing it. The same applies to the common practice of leveling up your dodging skill by letting weak enemies hit you, which is not unlike sparring in real life to practice self-defense.

I agree that running/jumping literally everywhere and casting cheap spells every second is going a bit too far, but "grinding" in some circumstances can still fit a character's role.

>> No.2954681

We're probably thinking about different grind. I'm perfectly fine with study and practice of magic, which takes some time and dedication. Grinding to me kind of indicates a chore, in particular an out-of-game chore, when repetition is used not because the character demands it, but because the engine can be abused that way.

>> No.2954921

Love that guy he's the one who got me into the game

>> No.2955062

I always create characters with the lowest possible difficulty dagger and use the 200 max skill patch that comes with DaggerfallSetup. That way you can't max your skills in the first 24 hours of gameplay. Plus getting from 10 to 200 still takes a long ass time, but you skills level up frequently enough that it doesn't feel like your character has stopped growing.

>> No.2956184
File: 33 KB, 600x819, QxDidJegVgs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that webm

Holy shit, this is amazing.

>> No.2956960

The true power of the acrobat!

>> No.2958353

he presents the informative videos pretty well and knows a lot about the game but some of the shit he does is pretty cringey

>> No.2958476

Good for you that your a daggerfall purist. Dont tell me how to enjoy my game, I dont much feel like pretending im only a thief or something like that.
What I mean is, is there a way to tell if your increasing sneak? my sneak is at like 76 and i'd like to grind it some more so i can reach max level and master thieve guilds and the dark brotherhood. I'm kind of worn out on letting it level up on its own. also is there anyway of telling when you get a crit? i know you have to hit so many critical hits to level it up but i never know if its ready to level up

>> No.2958486

>Tfw no game has Daggerfall Acrobatics with hand crafted towns
This kills me

>> No.2960176


>> No.2960260

Yeah he's kind of a weeb but his guides are really good

>> No.2961890
File: 3.51 MB, 1920x1080, DaggerfallUnityTerrainNature.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2962149
File: 1.95 MB, 280x202, 1404588550799.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

give me a good custom battle mage build you fucks

>> No.2962569
File: 65 KB, 480x360, FO1_Quest_Bust_out_of_jail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also note that there's no NPC detection system or crime reporting like there is in the later TES games. It's all up to a roll of the dice whether the psychic guards get summoned when you rifle through things, even if you're in an empty building
Fallout 1/2 handled this sort of thing well for old games. NPC's detected their surroundings based on their Perception stat, and the higher the start, the further they can see and hear. Sneaking and stealth attacks had a lower alert radius, and you could even lower the perception of NPC's like guards by getting them drunk by giving them beer.
Also for petty crimes, you'd be thrown in jail overnight.

Shame we somehow went backwards, modern Fallout games removed and dumbed-down all of this.

>> No.2962582

If the development team for Daggerfall had been given more time and had been able to include at least 95% of the features they originally intended to be in the game, how would the Elder Scrolls series as a whole look different today?

>> No.2963198

More or less the same. The features they planned to include seem more like touch ups and refinements unless in mistaken.

I'd have to look over the skills again. I'll get back to you

>> No.2963232

>how would the Elder Scrolls series as a whole look different today?
unchanged. Daggerfall was an experiment. Economically Daggerfall is just not "worth it". See also >>2962569 Different developer, same result. Deep roleplaying is awesome, interesting and challenging to the player and the developer. But it's not economic. Once devs decided they're in it for the money the whole thing fell apart

>> No.2964282

They just keep cutting down features. Skyrim was even more dumb than Oblivion. So no it wouldn't have changed a thing.

Now I want to make a gentleman Burglar class.

>> No.2965738


>> No.2966227

do skeletons actually take more damage from blunt weapons like in oblivion?

>> No.2966256

I fail to see how it was. Got actual examples or are you just parroting what you heard on /v/?

>> No.2966278

Well weapon profs used to be short sword, long sword, two-handed sword, bastard sword, falchion, stiletto, katana, flamberge, masamune, scimitar, rapier, pizza-cutter, dagger, bowie knife, kitchen knife, butter knife, chef's knife, meat cleaver, stanley knife, swiss-army knife, mace, flail, ball and chain, hedgehog-on-a-stick, wooden stick, iron club, steel club, dwarvern club, caveman club, dance club, handgun shotgun, sniper rifle, revolver, peashooter, paintball gun, nailgun, gloves, knuckle dusters, claws, bare hands, rude gesture, and 6 inch dick, 7 inch dick, and 8 inch dick and they FUCKING CASUALIZED IT TO A SMALLER LIST THE FUCKING FAGGOTS.

>> No.2966280

Looked it up for you. They are weaker to blunt >>2966227
weapons and edged weapons do half damage

>> No.2966668

People loading up morrowind, oblivion, or skyrim for the first time can generally make it past the tutorial sequence without dying on their first try. Or barring that, maybe their second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, or tenth try.

Privateer's hold is a small dungeon by DF standards but is larger and more difficult than the endgame content of the more recent games.

>> No.2967364

>more difficult than the endgame content of the more recent games.
new anon; that's a bit of a stretch. hardest creatures in PH are the imps just because of their touch spells, but there are only 3 of them. and it's really not that big of a dungeon.

>> No.2967680

It's pretty huge actually, and there's also bears and spookies as well as a tiger which can fuck your shit up

>> No.2968056

Sometimes when you rest in PH a lich will interrupt you I saw it happen to a guy in one video

>> No.2968309

So what is the best way to make money, aside from the shop glitch?

Also are there any mods that restore some of the cut spells like diminuation and the polymorph spells?

>> No.2968442

Dungeon diving is the most lucrative way to make money...that and quests. Good starter money can be gained from going into crypts. And stealing in general pays very well. Don't shoplift though. It's near impossible

>> No.2968491

Ok thanks.

>> No.2968507

A good way is to go out far enough from a location until you're in "the country" and then rest for 99 hours until you get attacked. They will always spawn in front of you, and its usually just one at a time. This is a good way to fight humans.

And an additional note when dungeon crawling, you'll want to find places with humans or Orcs, since they drop the most and best gear.

>> No.2968512

Thanks, I never considered that.I've always wondered about walking instead of fast traveling. Can you actually arrive at specific destinations?

>> No.2968530

Fast traveling in Daggerfall is near essential. Procedurally generated or not, the world is comparable to our world's smaller countries in size. And you're not exactly missing anything if you fast travel.

>> No.2968616

Yeah, you can walk from place to place, it will just take forever.

Not exactly sure if you can discover locations without a map though.

>> No.2969090

I've always wondered if turning down guild quests penalizes your ability to advance so it takes longer. Anyone know?

>> No.2969263

Turning down quests doesn't hurt your rep. Failing them do, which happens when time expires usually

>> No.2969523
File: 83 KB, 639x482, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my current character. She's pretty beast.

>> No.2969646

i picked up a mint CIB copy last year for $10
still haven't played it, always meant to back in the late 90's

>> No.2970037

New to the game. I bought a horse and cart, but how do I put loot inside of it?

>> No.2970072
File: 55 KB, 1600x1200, Castle Wayrest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not exactly sure if you can discover locations without a map though.
You can. If you stumble upon one of the 4,000+ dungeons while riding around in the wilderness it'll be added to your fast travel map.

This isn't actually as impossible as it sounds, though it's still unlikely and not worth it unless you just want to prove to yourself that it can be done for the fun of it. There's a very wide area around locations that will count as "discovering" them and reveal them on your fast travel map. You'll know that you crossed one of these areas when some yellow text appears at the top of your screen. If it's a dungeon, it'll say some flavor text based on the type of dungeon such as "Horses passed this way recently" for human strongholds or "Harpy feathers are everywhere" for harpy nests. If it's not a dungeon, it'll just say "You are entering X". This is the only reliable way to discover certain witch covens.

When you're not in a dungeon, open your inventory and click the "Wagon" button. On the right side of the screen you will see your cart's inventory and weight limit. Use the "Remove" interaction on items to move them between your inventory and the wagon. Always be sure that your cart is actually visible on the rightmost column, or else you'll be dropping your items on the ground.

Inside dungeons, including the castles of the three main cities, you can still access your wagon by going to an exit. When you activate it as if you were leaving the dungeon it will give you the option to stay and access your wagon. Clicking "yes" will open up your inventory and clicking "no" will exit the dungeon.

>> No.2970439

Did a dungeon last night for Mage Quest "find the escaped atronach". Couldn't find the fucker though and just gave up after 30 minutes. Hate when that happens.

>> No.2970575

Quick question, lads. Do you use the pre made classes at all? I'm thinking of using one instead since the classes made are usually based off of the pre made anyway. If not, what should I keep in mind when making a class?

>> No.2970697

well if you do you wanna grab the version off the UESP since it's up to date with the latest patches as well as optional fan patches that fix a load of stuff
plus it comes bundled with dosbox so you just run it like any other game

>> No.2970878

Obviously being able to make your own class is far superior than choosing a premade. They aren't very good actually, with a lot of redundant problems like multiple weapon proficiency's, or useless skills like climbing, running or jumping tagged.

Keep to one or two weapon skills. Definitely pick up mysticism for Recall. Dodge, Critical Strike and Backstabbing are a must. I wouldn't bother making a pure mage character - they are pretty boned overall and require too much maintenance with potions and resting. Touch spells are fine Destruction spells and work with any class if you want to build around that. Be sure to choose x3 INT.

That's pretty much about it. There are ways to minmax and such with the creator, but you don't need to to be successful.

>> No.2970883

slight addendum; mages aren't really terrible, but they take a long time to get good. Helps with the skill uncapper patch, since the higher your magic skill, the less a spell costs. Obviously if you're running 150-200 Destruction, you'll be shooting bolts of lightning out of your ass.

>> No.2971149
File: 1.28 MB, 2000x2500, Daggerfall Roll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why hasn't anyone posted this yet.

>> No.2971187


>> No.2971220
File: 25 KB, 320x200, fall_000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aight, let's do this

>> No.2971228

What patches and mods would you recommend?

>> No.2971254

The patch he's referring to is DagSkills. It doubles the cap of all skills and attributes to 200.

It's available as a part of DaggerfallSetup, which also includes a bunch of bug fixes, unofficial quest packs, and a tool to increase the max view distance. It's all optional and part of one convenient installer, so that's your best bet.

Nothing's stopping you from getting them individually, however. You can find almost everything on UESP.

>> No.2971265

Everything is here.


I don't use the extra fan quests, though.

>> No.2972827

Anyone know why the game keeps freezing whenever I pass out from exhaustion?

Also, any way to improve performance? Kinda weird, but I still get some slowdown in some areas like the Mages guild.

>> No.2972936

What towns does everyone use as their homebase? I spent some time looking for a good location with everything I needed and came up with a really nice spot in Wayrest; Easttale. For a Mage, it's nearly perfect.

>Mages guild right next to the market.
>Most travel in the province will put you at the east gate whenever you go back, which is the closest entrance to the guild/market.
>Bought a small house for resting that just happens to be located one house away from the guild/market and on the way from the east gate.

Only thing it doesn't have is a pawn shop, but Aldwych is a days travel east, and the pawn shop there is located directly north of the west gate where you arrive.

My hope is that the Dark Brotherhood guildhouse is right near the market in Easttale as well, but I have yet to join it.

>> No.2972967

I want

>> No.2973171

for performance open the DosBox.conf file and go to the CPU section and make it look like this

>> No.2973178

When you pass out from exhaustion you die anyway. And to improve performance go to the dosbox config file, open with a text editor, and set cycles to max. It's still a bit meh, but that's probably the best you're going to get out of it.

>> No.2973247


>> No.2973265

I've always been partial to Gothway Garden.

I want to play a vampire, what is the best way to become one and to counteract its weaknesses? I figured a health regen spell or item for the sunlight/holy damages.

>> No.2973274

use in-game resources to figure it out

>> No.2973327
File: 503 KB, 2800x4300, Daggerfall Faces.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is good advice if all you care about is performance, but beware that if your CPU is too fast then these settings can cause some issues. If you notice NPCs in town all grouping in one place, moving very slowly if at all, or flickering when you move near them; or if you notice that climbing, strafing, or swimming becomes unreliable; or other minor movement-related glitches like that it's because your cycle count is too high. Generally you don't want it to go any faster than 50,000 cycles, thus:

cycles = fixed 50000

is the most commonly recommended value. There is still some slowdown in places with a lot of shit on screen like the Mages Guild and when the dungeon map has a lot in view, but I find that to be the lesser of two evils vs. the bugs that can result from running the game too fast.

It's more fun to discover this kind of stuff on your own as >>2973274 said. There's an in-game book that has a bit of information on it. If you just want to spoil yourself then here's my advice:
The damage isn't much, even the weakest regeneration spell you can make should outheal it. Shield spells can protect you from the sun/holy damage, too. The biggest drawbacks to being a vampire are the inability to rest/wait if you haven't killed in 24 hours and the inability to fast travel during day. So if you're starving during the day, you're pretty much stuck and don't have any option but to manually walk to the nearest thing you can kill. NPC civilians inexplicably do NOT sate your hunger like they do for werewolves, but the guards that spawn when you murder people DO. Every enemy does, in fact, even the undead. The 24 hour thing means almost every time you fast travel anywhere, you'll need to kill before you can rest, so always have a plan and pay close attention to the operating hours of whatever services you frequent.

On the plus side, you'll always arrive at night when you fast travel as a vampire.

>> No.2973340

Thank you.

>> No.2973667


>> No.2974868

Here's some tweaked womenfall faces made by /vr/ a long time ago.
Also includes armor and clothing tweaks.

>*CLOTHESFALL.ZIP and WOMENFALL.ZIP make female characters not look like hideous beasts.

>*CLOTHESFALL.ZIP fixes and tweaks, made by /vr/

>*WOMENFALL.ZIP fixes and tweaks, made by /vr/

full pastebin

>> No.2974924

>make female characters not look like hideous beasts
that's almost a classic for Elder Scrolls games, isn't it?

>> No.2976353

Has anyone here tried daedrafall? How was it?

>> No.2978017


>> No.2979576


>> No.2979608

Is an unarmed build viable?

>> No.2979609
File: 11 KB, 258x314, 1310496003560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lol wut.... how are Oblivion's dungeons worse than daggerfall? You're just being a faggot now...

>> No.2979674

h2h damage peaks at 11-21

and any visitor to this site could confirm to you that the hand does not wear out

>> No.2980246

With enchantments buffing up your h2h you'll be doing more damage than a daedric dai-katana. But you won't have the bonus to hit from material properties. And h2h kick attacks have slower animation than weapons.

>> No.2980897


>> No.2980985

Different strokes for different folks young lad, some people like getting lost in dungeons and not having their hand held like a baby through a kiddie ride. I love all TES games but DF is the best for punishingly difficult dungeon crawling. I love it. You realize you're in a Daggerfall thread right ?

>> No.2981294

Oblivion a shit you newfag. TES ended with Morrowind.

>> No.2981340
File: 34 KB, 500x500, polishingmyspear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have that guide that tells you where you get the best prices when you sell stuff? I think it was kinda like an infographic or something like that.

>> No.2981341

At least it's not Skyrim's dungeons. The dungeons in oblivion aren't bad, and I personally like them along with Morrowind's.

Ended with Oblivion imo

>> No.2981568

Not sure about any infographic, but you get the best prices, both for buying and selling, from the lowest quality "rusty relics..." stores and the worst prices from the highest quality "incense..." stores.

Although high quality stores are poor choices to buy or sell items in terms of value, their upside is usually a larger selection and better chance of higher tier items being stocked.

If you have any way to fortify your personality such as through spells or enchanted items, be sure to use them while trading to get better prices.

>> No.2981602

Thnaks m8. I may be mistaken but I did see that in an infographic or a screencap of a post. Anyways, thanks again.

>> No.2982164

Tried playing this game like 4 times throughout my life and ended up nearly in the hospital from motion sickness every time.

>> No.2982383

Did you try turning off head bobbing?

>> No.2982529


Holy shit dude i have never heard from a successful Bard player. So how does this daedric language aspect work? Can you literally just walk up and tell them to fuck up other daedra?

>> No.2982565


It could be the FOV. They're not retro, but Half Life 2 and Bioshock had weird FOVs and they made a lot of people (myself included) sick.

>> No.2983078
File: 61 KB, 640x960, mortal enemy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah. The way Daggerfall works is that every enemy, even those without any associated language skill (animals, undead), have a very small chance based on your personality attribute to not be hostile. For human enemies, this chance is further increased by your etiquette skill, and for language-speaking monsters it's increased by that specific language skill. Having your weapon sheathed also increases the chance.

With the maximum skills and attributes each language-speaking enemy will have around a 60% chance to not initiate combat. It's not too shabby for Daedric since there's several high level enemies that speak it.

This all happens as soon as the enemy is loaded, before they even detect you. There's no interactivity on your part to use the skill, and enemies cannot be talked to or commanded. You can't try to talk down enemies that are attacking you or anything like that, but enemies that passed the language check will never attack you unless you hit them first.

As for enemies fighting each other, that's for spellcasting enemies which are just as likely to blow themsellves and others up as they are to blow you up. Daedra Lords and Lichs are especially good at friendly fire. With enough practice you'll learn how to best position yourself to encourage this behavior. There's also a certain Daedric artifact that can be used to make a clone of an enemy that fights for you.

Not the guy you're responding to by the way, but I've also played this style of charactsr a lot and it can be pretty fun.

>> No.2983140
File: 276 KB, 638x480, dagger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My really old char, argonian werewolf with hircine ring.

>> No.2983141

also, rolll

>> No.2983416
File: 29 KB, 95x120, DaggerfallFrostDaedra.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm curious about this as well.

>> No.2983538

I'm about to use one of the premade classes lads. Wish me luck

>> No.2983550

Some aren't that bad what class are you playing as

>> No.2983592


>> No.2983685

How do I increase my destruction skills if I can't join the mages guild?

>> No.2983787
File: 27 KB, 640x480, atronach.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you rank up with the temple of Kynareth enough you can use their spell maker. If you're already in another temple, just fail a bunch of quests for them until you get kicked out, then you can join Kynareth.

It's almost always easier to join the Mages Guild than it is to get high enough with the temple, though. Why can't you join? If it's because of your reputation, just fast travel for several months and it will eventually go back to 0. If it's because of your low skills then I'd train a different school first just so you can get your foot in the door. Bouyancy is an extremely cheap spell that can be bought and used to train Thaumaturgy quickly.

Alternatively if you've got some gold to spend, you can use their trainer without joining the guild.

>> No.2983805

I can't join because I'm not proficient in any of the magics enough to join

>> No.2983926

Then buy the cheapest spells and ignore the school of magic. The gold cost of spells corresponds to the magicka cost for your character, so go by that. Look out for Bouyancy, Free Action, and anything else in that price range. When you finally qualify for the Mages Guild you'll be able to make the cheap destruction spells you want.

>> No.2984245

father /vr/, I have sinned.

I noclipped through an elevator to find a quest item that was taking 4 days of searching. Can I have some forgiveness?

>> No.2984321

You're forgiven. The random dungeon stuff is pretty bull sometimes.

>> No.2984327
File: 60 KB, 1600x1200, The Blind God.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that you know where it was, reload from the beginning and get there legitimately. Only then can you be forgiven, lest the reputation and gold earned from this quest be a permanent mark of shame upon your save.

Another path to forgiveness is to not turn in the quest. You may fail this quest just as you have failed yourself. All will be forgiven, for you will have tasted true consequence of giving up.

Perform either of these tasks and the Blind God will see not your transgressions.

>> No.2984697

I cleaned the whole dungeon and kept searching for the secret door and I've passed through the damn place a few hundred times.

I've cleaned the dungeon again from the beggining. I know the whole thing by heart by now. Dem drops tho

>> No.2985189
File: 85 KB, 500x281, poop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


But there is literally nothing in Daggerfall.

You can walk for WEEKS and its just rocks and bushes.

It's only so "big" because everything even a little bit interesting is separated by so much empty space.

>> No.2985457

You aren't wrong, and while the game isn't particularly thriving for realism, in the real world isn't exactly cluttered with things every few steps(think rural like in Daggerfall since there's basically tons of cities now instead of villages) That does however make walking rather undesirable though, since it can take quite a bit to get to where you have to without fast travel, which the game at least warrants due to its comparable real world size.

>> No.2985541

Do any of you lads actually use training from trainers?

>> No.2986073

What's a good class to start with in Arena?

I've played D&D, Ultima and M&M crpgs, but no Elder Scrolls. I'd like something that shows off the game, but isn't so weak that I just die over and over.

>> No.2986241

How do you find secret doors on the maps? What do they look like? I can't seem to find any,

>> No.2986262

they all show up on the automap

otherwise, the texture might be slightly misaligned

>> No.2986271

The automap?

>> No.2986405

Guys, what's this dungeon cheat that I keep hearing about with the brackets? Is...it okay to use it? Like after exploring most of the dungeon and coming up short you just resort to it?

>> No.2986425

It teleports you to a possible location where a quest item can spawn. There's two hand-placed locations in each internal dungeon block and you cycle through them using the ] and [ keys. If you've been to them all and still didn't find it then you're in the wrong dungeon or the quest is expired or bugged.

They won't break anything. Use them if you want but you will forever be judged as lesser. If you do use them I recommend manually finding your way back to the exit from there. This helps build familiarity with the layout, so the next time this block shows up in a dungeon you'll know how to get there again.

If it doesn't work, make sure you have "CHEATMODE" enabled in z.cfg.

>> No.2986429

Do you personally use it? I don't want to take away from the experience...but sometimes dungeons can be very...for lack of better words..broken.

>> No.2986458

Will I enjoy Daggerfall if I'm a fan of procedurally generated roguelikes with heavy character customization and don't care much about the plot or dialogue-heavy NPC interaction?

>> No.2986526
File: 3.00 MB, 640x480, map notes.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I personally don't and I've never encountered a dungeon in my several hundreds of hours where the quest object was not reachable legitimately. I find it fun to navigate them and systematically crawl them for my objective, but there's no denying it can get tedious and the dungeons as a whole get very repetitive, so there's really no shame in using the cheats if you've stopped having fun in one. It's a single-player game so don't let anyone tell you how to play. The "experience" is what you make of it.

You might like it. Daggerfall's gameplay has more in common with dungeon crawlers than it does with story-driven CRPGs, and NPC dialogue is only ever really used to find places and people in towns. The dungeons are not procedurally generated on the fly like in a roguelike, but there's thousands of them and only a handful of ones used in the main quest were handcrafted, so they may as well be. Character creation and customization is a big focus of the game. Combat is real-time first-person with stats in the background determining accuracy and damage.

>> No.2986548

Thanks, I was looking forward to play Daggerfall one day and it looks like this day finally came.

>> No.2986558

Chuckled at dat filename tho

>> No.2986591

And we all know realism is what fantasy RPGs really need.

>> No.2986652

I'm a lycan now, lads. Perfect for my roleplaying as a knight, who while doing his duties by helping the townsfolk, has encountered lycans, and unfortunately unable to heal himself has turned towards the side of the beast. I also plan to do some witch coven things to summon hircine, take out a loan, then leave the Daggerfall kingdom. Hoping to start a new life with the blood of the werewolves flowing through me. My hunger never fully satisfied.
Thanks for this video too, as I was actually wondering about it. Makes me feel more relaxed in exploring dungeons, since I have something to go by. If I exhausted the crawling though I'm going to use the cheat since some things are just not fun to slog through. I might have to return to the exit soon since I'm becoming more and more encumbered.

>> No.2986739
File: 44 KB, 640x640, 11093094_422396531275537_863393144_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So apparently Daggerfall has level scaling. Should I be worried?

>> No.2986801

It's level scaling is more like Morrowind's than Oblivion's. It just changes the types of enemies you might encounter, but the enemy types have a set difficulty. NPC type enemies scale to your level, but they won't ever outperform a Daedra Lord, Ancient Lich, or Ancient Vampire.

>> No.2986842

To add on to this:
Artifacts aren't level scaled.
Most quest-spawned enemies aren't level scaled.
It's true that you aren't going to see the higher tier items until you level up a bit, and some of the weaker enemy types go nearly extinct when you're a high level, but it's nowhere near as bad as the level scaling of the last two Elder Scrolls games.

>> No.2986947

Whats the best premade class for magic, mage or sorcerer?

>> No.2986968

Mage or Spellsword. Sorcerer is mage hardmode since they can't regenerate magicka. The sorcerer however has a short blade skill that I would train up, get a dagger, and enchant it with magicka leech. Or you can cast an area of effect spell around yourself to gain some more magic if you feel like doing that.I'm not sure if this could be considered an exploit though. Sorcerers can wear up to chain armor though, so all is not lost.

>> No.2986970

>using premades
>using premade mage classes
I hope you like suffering.

>> No.2986975

The premade classes aren't bad, it's just that custom class if you know what you're doing can be so much better. With that being said there's nothing wrong with premades.

>> No.2986985

>I'd like something that shows off the game, but isn't so weak that I just die over and over.
Any class that uses magic is a good choice. The magic and spell making system was one of Arena's signature features, and you're completely and permanently locked out of it if you didn't pick a spellcasting class. For that reason, if you're looking for one that "shows off" the game and you don't plan on multiple playthroughs, choosing a spellcaster is a must. Spellswords are the most well-rounded class but they aren't exceptionally good at any one thing. Sorcerers become extremely powerful due to their massive magic pools, and dungeons are filled to the brim with enemies that will recharge you.

That said, all the classes are capable of completing the game and you can still have fun with them. Thieves are weak and limited, but they level up much faster to compensate for it. Knights are nice because they don't have to worry about repairing their equipment or artifacts. If you don't pick a magic class then you'll want to shop around for enchanted items to get access to some useful utility effects or kill Trolls.

>> No.2986987

They really aren't that bad m8

>> No.2986996

>you're completely and permanently locked out of it if you didn't pick a spellcasting class.
Actually if you buy bouyancy in game and lock yourself in an inn for a few in game weeks, you can then join the mages guild no problem. But this brings up another matter: if you're a barbarian and you're not good with magic unless you invest heavily in intelligence as you level up, then it just makes being good in the mages guild a bit of a grind. You can however receive training from the guild once you come out of cocoon mode, so that probably offsets some trouble for a little bit.

>> No.2987000

True for Daggerfall, but I should have clarified that I was talking about Arena. See >>2986073

>> No.2987004

Oh! Sorry, my fault. Arena is a bit out of my element to date.

>> No.2987074

Wait you can actually name the specific blocks in Daggerfall? I thought you could only put random writing like in Arena.

>> No.2987321

>go through dungeon
>repeatedly look at map
>no secret doors
Welp, time to cheat

>> No.2987328

modern gamers, everybody

>> No.2987357

Sometimes there is no secret door. Sometimes it's just a secret moving corridor/room. I hope you like clicking on torches bitch.

>> No.2987370

modern b8 everybody... or is it retro b8 seeing as we're on a retro based board and you're posting about a retro game?
oh well, gen X faggots, everybody

>> No.2987372

Daggerfall's dungeons are horseshit man and I've been wandering for hours. I can't even find the quest target anymore. I love the dungeons, I really do and are really fun to explore. But god forbid you have a quest object or target that's REALLY well hidden and is nearly impossible to find.

I did that too. Nothing.

>> No.2987373

the game's retro. The attitude towards it is not. Stuck for a minute? Why bother thinking, or working? Just cheat your way through it. And then of course come back later and complain the game's too simple, too easy, too dumb, and too old.

>> No.2987375
File: 41 KB, 640x480, dag dungeon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can name everything you've touched. If you stand on an elevator, you can name the elevator. If you walk up to a lever, you can name that too. Basically anything rendered in 3D instead of being a sprite will show up on the map. In the case of elevators and levers and gates their placement on the map will actually change when they move. Made solving the Castle Sentinel puzzle to get to the lich a breeze by keeping track of which levers moved which blue bars.

>> No.2987380

It's fine, no reason to force yourself to backtrack over and over until you find it. Just try to learn from this, because you will see these same dungeon blocks in a lot of other dungeons. When you find the quest object make sure you figure out what you missed and how you could have gotten there from one of the doors leading out of the block. Don't just cheat and recall back to the exit.

>> No.2987385

Oh that's something I'm definitely not doing. I found out where I was, and I saved right before I did it so I'm gonna try to backtrack to where it was without cheat mode. I'm afraid I'm gonna use it as a crutch, so I'm disabling it again. I actually like marking my map, it makes it easy to remember, but now I'm wondering if I should do it at each intersection or at every few tiles.

>> No.2987390

Also, one tip: if you cheat and it seems like you're in a sealed room, it's not because the dungeon generated wrong. It's because you're on the wrong side of a place you wouldn't have been able to reach normally. There's quite a few quest object locations that are like this. In the block with a million red brick door teleporters, the quest item is usually in a small chamber with a trap door way above it. The trap door can only be opened by a lever at the end of the teleportation loop. You keep taking the first red brick teleporters you see until you're in a room with the lever, hit it, then keep going again until you get the one that deposited you over the trap door which is now open.

There's a lot of ones like that, including hidden doors, teleportation, maybe requiring climbing or slowfalling sometimes (there's a chain or tapestry nearby that will give you the buff if you need it), and even rooms and hallways that can move. Usually if a door is "magically sealed" there's a switch or something hidden that can open it, but rarely they are just randomly sealed like that and you're screwed if you can't open them with magic. Good to have an enchanted item for that if you're not a magey character.

>> No.2987395
File: 3.94 MB, 3688x7541, Daggerfall tips - PC Gamer - Feb97.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2987398

>I found out where I was, and I saved right before I did it so I'm gonna try to backtrack to where it was without cheat mode
So, you're cheating

>> No.2987402
File: 1.77 MB, 3016x2114, daggerfall pcgamer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like to do it at every intersection. After you get used to it you can make the notes more sparse and rely more on memory, since you can always click around until you find one of your notes to see if you're going the right way.

Oh shit, I haven't seen that before. That's a nice guide.

>> No.2987408

Yeah, I prefer to leave cheat mode disabled. Better to enable it as needed. Plus it's really easy to accidentally press some keys and fuck up. Like rebinding anything to the "1" key or - or = will activate cheats when you press them. Or even if you didn't have anything bound and just accidentally pressed one of the many cheat keys.

>> No.2987414

That's literally what I did actually, it oddly enough helped me get more familiar with my surroundings when the room was larger, or if there were a series of ramps and what not.
This what scares me. I should really load up just in case.

>> No.2987417

What attitude are we supposed to have towards the game?

If someone with a modern gamers mentality has taken the time to give the game a chance, and done their best at dungeon diving only to come up short, then decided to cheat, why is that such a bad thing?
Would you rather they just shitpost about how hard the game is or how confusing and shit the dungeon layouts are? Maybe you'd rather they took up a gamers mentality from around the times df was released, when it was a buggy mess, and have them shitpost about how incompetent beth are and that they can't code their way out of a paper bag?

Frankly, that anons attitude is fine and it's folk that whine about people cheating that need to stop and have their attitude addressed.

>> No.2987421

>why is that such a bad thing?
There are thousands of dungeons in the game. The game world is very thorough. Part of the game is simply luck, player luck. Bypassing that is bypassing the game.

>Would you rather they just shitpost
Non sequitur

>Frankly, that anons attitude is fine and it's folk that whine about people cheating that need to stop and have their attitude addressed.
People can cheat all they want. They better stop talking about the game as if they have anything useful to contribute though. They're not playing the game anymore. They stepped outside the game, manipulating it outside the means of gameplay. They're analyzing, enforcing progress, maybe debugging, but they stopped playing.

>> No.2987428

I get where you're coming from and agree for the most part. Still this anons initial post wasn't praise for cheating, merely stating, quite poorly i'll admit, that he's stuck and the best he can do is cheat.

With that though we've been fortunate to have these other posts discussing alternatives and giving pointers how to bypass the need to cheat in future.

I'd much rather have this sort of mentality and attitude towards the gameplay and players than blatant shitposting/shitposters, so it isn't all bad.

>> No.2987435

>the best he can do is cheat
That's never the case. Especially in Daggerfall. The game gives you a billion and one opportunities. It outright expects you to fail some of them, it expects some of them to be impossible. You can accept that, and beat the odds, or cheat.

>> No.2987447

He's shown some remarkable self-restraint already by keeping cheat mode disabled and reloading to get there 'normally' once he took a peek. I personally love the dungeon crawling in Daggerfall, but feeling like you've explored every possible inch and then spending an hour wandering through the same empty hallways with only the corpses of your foes to guide you in your search for any sign of that tiny goddamned Orc's Blood sprite is not the highlight of the game for anyone.

Daggerfall has plenty of other fun things to do and if a player gets tired of a dungeon that they've already pretty much completed then I'd rather they cheat and get back to the parts of the game they enjoy than slog through it and have a bad time to meet the purist's standards. I agree that it's a slippery slope and relying on it can quickly have a very negative effect, but in a game like Daggerfall with so many large and repetitive dungeons and a few quest and system bugs even with the patches, it's kind of hard not to be analyzing and debugging even if you aren't actively entertaining the possibility of cheating.

Maybe the best way to handle that situation is to intentionally fail the quest, and only use the cheat to see where it was and help you do better next time if one must, but I can understand how that would be pretty frustrating and might reduce one's enjoyment of the game.

>> No.2987450

So for character creation I should specialize in one weapon skill, short blade as a backup, and maybe some magic? Sounds good. Any other tips? How do I make each character different from one another without resorting to the classes?

>> No.2987460

>I'd rather they cheat and get back to the parts of the game they enjoy than slog through it and have a bad time to meet the purist's standards
Where's option three? "Consider that bit of secret unfound, leave the dungeon, and try your luck elsewhere". That's all I'm suggesting. The only reason the false dichotomy is even coming up is an attempt to "100%" that dungeon, and with the number of dungeons in the game that's simply not necessary, or useful.

>Maybe the best way to handle that situation is to intentionally fail the quest
Bingo. If you couldn't find what you were looking for, you couldn't find it. That's life, including the life of a digital hero.

>and only use the cheat
No, just no. You got plenty other dungeons to learn, and in time you will.

>I can understand how that would be pretty frustrating
I actively hate games and gamers that insist on a notion of mandatory winning and completion in a game that's pretending the player is a peer. Half the fun in these games is doing your best with the cards you're dealt with. Often that's not winning, _and that's fine_

>> No.2987485

I can't really argue with that. I agree with your attitude and it's the way I play the game. I really enjoy Daggerfall for its willingness to put me in situations where I have to manage my time and sometimes sacrifice or fail something along the way. It makes the successes feel that much more satisfying.

At the same time, the disappointment of a defeated player is sometimes enough to drive them to quit the game, and I consider a person cheating and still having fun with Daggerfall to be a lesser evil than one that gave up. A lot of people come into the game after playing its more popular sequels, wherein it's much harder if not impossible to fail many quests, and you're expected to just accept hundreds of jobs at a time and complete them at your leisure. Those games are worse off for it, but if the conditioning to expect and enjoy that has already taken place then it's a jarring transition, to put it lightly.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if somebody really wants to cheat or feels like cheating is their only option, I'm not apt to convince them otherwise, if only because the game can still have a lot to offer even to those who aren't experiencing a real possibility of failure. I'd still be interested in discussing the game with them and hearing about what they got out of it, even if they didn't play it the way it was meant to be played.

>> No.2987489

I dunno, just sounds like horseshit complaining to me. The hardest quests I've ever run into was one where I had to find wolfsblood. Turned out there was an actual loot on the floor the looked like regular old bloodstain clutter that I walked passed ten fucking times.

There was also one quest where I had to rescue some faggot noble's man lover, who's only path was opened up by a secret torch switch that moved a whole corridor module.Now every time I see dead ends I check torches and clutter for secret switches. Hell there were even some creepy teleport bricks hanging on a ceiling with a levitating chair that moved you up to it.

>> No.2987919

>I hope you like clicking on torches bitch.
W-wait, torches can be levers? Do they react if they are or do I have to click on every torch hoping something happens without a clue if it did?

>> No.2988028

Yes, torches can be levers, and sometimes there are pressure plates that are barely visible. Chairs, bookshelves, and cages can be activators too. There's more I'm missing. It might be a good idea to get in the habit of clicking any sprite or object you find if you are having trouble locating the quest object.

Most will react with a slight movement, but some don't. Everything will always make a sound when it activated; a creaking sound that's pretty recognizable. And most of the time whatever you need to activate is quite close to whatever it moves, so you'll see the result as well.

>> No.2988032

New thread when?

>> No.2988110

OP here when this thread goes on autosage.

>> No.2988145

Tips for dungeon crawling? As well as tips for finding quest objects?

>> No.2988271

Best tip I can think of is buy the spell Recall and *always* remember to cast it at the start of the dungeon, even when you use the spell to get back because it doesn't stay like in Morrowind. Once used, it's gone and needs to be set again.

The next best tip is experience. Once you learn how the dungeons work, they become a bit easier to navigate, especially when it comes to finding objects or quest creatures.

You could try something I learned from Anarchy Online called "rights", where you just keep taking rights when moving through it, so it becomes fairly easy to remember where you're at and where you've gone already. It doesn't always work as you can get stuck in a loop, but it can help.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything. Just be sure to read the quest you take. If you need to find an object, remember what it is you're searching for. Like someone else mentioned, finding "blood" can look like random blood splats on the floor. Some dungeons get tricky with levers too, so if you pull one, something somewhere changed, so you might have to backtrack for it if it's not readily obvious.

>> No.2988298

Get used to reading the map and learn how dungeons are built. Daggerfall's dungeons seem complex at first glance, but they're actually very simple arrangements of massive "dungeon blocks" which are basically a full pre-made and handcrafted dungeon in and of themselves. Those square blocks were randomly placed in a grid with doors between them to create all the non-main quest dungeons in Daggerfall.

On the map, you can see the layout of the dungeon in the top left corner. That yellow shape is a diagram where each square (4 pixels) is a block. Remember that only blocks that are fully surrounded by other blocks can have quest objects, everything else is a "border block" which just seals off the doors of adjacent blocks with empty rooms and hallways.

This all probably sounds confusing but it'll start making sense when you do enough dungeons. Eventually you'll have many of the blocks and their puzzles/quest locations memorized which makes the whole process way faster and require less backtracking.

Privateer's Hold is actually a great dungeon to learn about dungeon structure and the map, because it's only one block surrounded by four border blocks. Every other dungeon quests can send you to have at least two blocks, thus being at lease twice as large.

>> No.2988592

Are there any helmets that look good on argonians? All the ones I got look rather weird.

>> No.2988604

>They're not playing the game anymore. They stepped outside the game, manipulating it outside the means of gameplay. They're analyzing, enforcing progress, maybe debugging, but they stopped playing.

The game is broken mate. I love it, but it's a mess held together with duct tape and old gum, you need to cheat once in a while.

>> No.2988714


>> No.2988793

I had a quest where I couldn't find the objective. I just reloaded to before picking up the quest and tried a new one. Yeah, it sucks, but the alternative removes any sense of accomplishment.

>> No.2989065

Things happen tho lad. What kinda quest was it? Dungeon Crawling I bet?

>> No.2989258
File: 24 KB, 320x200, fall_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Made my class. Didn't powergame with the whole magical immunity thing.

>> No.2989260
File: 22 KB, 320x200, fall_002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2990069
File: 212 KB, 440x341, 1450633655065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How viable is it to play a custom class that cannot wear armor of any kind?

>> No.2990120

It can be viable, but I would raise the hp as much as you can and have a resistance or immunity to magic. May I ask why?

>> No.2990263

Depends on the character. "Linguists" don't need armor because just about everything you would fight can be avoided with high monster skills.

>> No.2990283

On paper sure, but there are of course animal enemies in dungeons who you can't talk to, and humans as well as vampires and lycans, with the only common monster being imps and you have to past the skill check first. Linguists are handicap classes for real who need a way to defend themselves. I would learn magic if you're a linguist as they'll be misc skills, but with enough practice you can indeed defend yourself.

>> No.2990483

Even with the maximum skills a little less than half of language-speaking monsters will still attack you. And you aren't ever going to max out your language skills; you could level ten separate characters to 20 and complete the main quest with all of them in the time it'd take you to do that for one character. Best you can hope for is buying training to get them all to 51 (max training), meaning you'll fail about two thirds of the language rolls.

If you use the uncapper mod that lets all skills go up to 200 then you can actually can eventually make all language-speaking monsters passive with those maximum stats, but the fact remains that none of your language skills are going to get past the mid 50's without some very heavy grinding.

Sadly, undead enemies, which include some powerful and common monsters, don't speak any language you can learn.

Far better to rely on pacifying, comprehending, and invisibility spells than the language skills themselves. A linguist character is an extreme class you play for the novelty and challenge more than for its actual effectiveness at any task. Really fun to pull it off, though. Especially taking out your quest target under True Invisibility, while all the enemies surrounding it didn't even notice anything happened.

>> No.2990898

How do you advance in guilds? Does it just happen?

>> No.2990972

ability reqs need to be met, reputation (gained from quests) needs to be sufficient, a month of time needs to pass

>> No.2990981

But how do I know if I advance? Healer here, apart of the temple of Stendarr and just killed a Daedroth.

>> No.2991515
File: 33 KB, 640x480, unauthorized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't officially advance until you talk to a factionmember. They will show a prompt describing your promotion instead of bringing up the dialogue or services menu.

Now renounce your false God and join the best temple.

>> No.2991549
File: 368 KB, 1296x865, DFCharacter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My last character I played, she's pretty good. I finished the main quest and was going to do all the Daedric prince quests afterwards but got burned out on the game. I think I did a few of them but can't remember which ones off the top of my head though.

>> No.2991591

>went through the dungeon
>found my quest target
>finally can read the map with little trouble
Why does this feel so good lads?

>> No.2991617

It feels very satisfying to find your quest objective on your own in those big ass labyrinthine dungeons. Sometimes you'll get lucky too and find the target not far from the entrance. I think if you start to nolife the game, you'll come to recognize chunks or segments of each dungeon as they're copied and pasted sectors used in each dungeon, and you'll kind of get a feel/know where quest objectives are better more efficiently.

>> No.2991686

The weird thing was that the target was LITERALLY in the next room. However I explored elsewhere, and I wasn't made. I'm playing with the Healer class, dumped all my points in short blade and just started from there.

>> No.2991853

>got into a dungeon
>encountered a lich upstairs
>trying to look at the map to look out for different rooms
>ebony dagger broke
Should I just leave the dungeon? There's a quest item in here but I think I got it fully mapped...

>> No.2992597

I'm playing Arena and I think I'm hosed.

I did an escort quest and the girl's portrait stays in the corner even after I finished the quest. Saving and restarting doesn't help.

I've found a couple posts from people who had this happen, but no solutions. Anyone know offhand?

>> No.2992604

>Anyone know offhand?
Offhand is your non-dominant hand. Usually you use it for a shield or utility items, unless you got a two handed weapon

>> No.2992626

Mock my pain

>> No.2995039


>> No.2996650


>> No.2996874
File: 80 KB, 1280x1473, dos32a_058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post your character.

>> No.2997856



>> No.2999247

Tip for creating a class, lads?

>> No.2999448

Only your two highest % Major skills, highest % Minor skill, and all three primary skills will count toward your leveling. So you choose six skills you want to focus on, and six other skills you want to boost with higher % at lvl 1.

Also, the no magica regen is not a completely useless weakness, since it gives a huge boost in lowering your difficulty dagger and your mages guild buddies will help replenish your mana every time you visit them.

>> No.2999635

But how do I efficiently replenish? I heard it's harder in this game than in later ones and arena.

>> No.3000323

If you have spell absorption then you can absorb your own area of effect spells, thus allowing you to create area-around-self spells that can be spammed indefinitely. It feels a bit like an exploit but if you're concerned about efficiency then that's as efficient as it gets.

>> No.3000756

I've been hearing that PER affects effective repuation by 1 every 6 points. Is this just a rumor, or is it from the outdated manual that came with the game?

>> No.3001594


>> No.3001756

Could you have picked a shittier service?

>> No.3001775

Do you guys like Arena?

>> No.3002081
File: 228 KB, 299x440, 3dd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>got to the first staff piece
>wanted to grind some more before getting the second one
>game freezes whenever I try to hit an enemy

>> No.3002409
File: 229 KB, 1431x605, his pocket.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That happens to me, but only with my fist. With a weapon it's okay.

>> No.3002526

I'll give arena this. I do enjoy the overall atmosphere of the game. I actually get kinda scared whenever I'm dungeoning in that game so I gotta give them that.

>> No.3002550

The monster sounds are very effective.

>> No.3002553

Thr human enemies are always the worst because they can sneak up behind and spook your shit in

>> No.3002842
File: 40 KB, 1600x876, arena inn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, you can never really relax in Arena since enemies don't stay dead like in the other TES games. There's pros and cons to it, but the anxious atmosphere it creates is palpable and feels more fitting for a dungeon, and you feel immense relief when make your way to an inn after arriving in a city at night. Daggerfall only gives you that feeling in the titular city.

>> No.3002860

I have to say I can get an assfull of wandering around sprawling cities asking random people for directions, though. I wonder who thought that would be fun.

>> No.3002949

I think it's okay in concept, just gets to be a drag when everything and everyone looks the same for miles. Daggerfall hit the sweet spot for me with the color coded maps and being able to get your map marked from any distance. Morrowind did alright since the towns were visually distinct and not too huge, and your map got automatically marked as you walked around. I still prefer all three approaches to the ever-present quest markers in every open world game these days, at least.

In my opinion, the biggest reason why it feels bad in Arena is because of the sluggish movement controls. Being able to look anywhere you want or change direction instantly with the mouse or talk to people without having to drag the cursor over them would have gone a long way to improving city navigation.

>> No.3003029

>quest markers
Let me just say that oblivion in my opinion had the greatest balance with quest markers and directions. In Oblivion you can actually ask for directions usually, which I think is nice with the quest markers used to point you towards specific things. Daggerfall did the directions thing best, as Morrowind feels a lot like a slog when walking around(i really don't like the city of Vivec). But then again, Morrowind from what I gather is much more of a patience game compared to Daggerfall which isn't afraid to jump in your face nuts exposed.

>> No.3003186
File: 1.13 MB, 1280x960, guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really didn't like how Oblivion handled it, but that's just this one anon's opinion. Morrowind feels like a slog walking around because it IS a slog. Base movement speed in that game is annoyingly slow and you get punished in every gameplay mechanic for running instead of walking. That significant flaw aside, I do prefer doing quests in that game and really navigating the world, reading signposts and using the illustrated "Guide to <city>" in-game pamphlets along with directions, and the possibility to get lost looking for a dungeon and stumbling upon something new, which wouldn't happen if I knew exactly where I was going all the time. In many cases you could get directions in Oblivion, but there were still too many quests that did not provide enough information to complete if you modded out the markers.

Daggerfall's approach is my favorite, though. Thousands of massive cities and dungeons clearly marked and ready for travel, with finding your way around within them being the manual part. It's nice to pick a city to settle down in, do some quests and become familiar with it over time, eventually having a fully marked map and being able to find your way around even without it. Admittedly it's not for everyone and many would probably find it tiring, but I find it strangely satisfying.

I don't mind markers existing as a convenience feature for anyone who would rather have them. They are a simple solution to eliminating the repetitive tedium of finding out where you need to be headed. But I wish they were more optional - not just in the sense that they can be turned off, but in the sense that the game world would be designed without assuming the player is using them.

>> No.3003228

>navigating the world, reading signposts and using the illustrated "Guide to <city>" in-game pamphlets along with directions
Hear hear. Automatic interactive maps are so destructive. People stop looking at the game world and instead just follow the dot on a 2D image. Might as well not bother with the game world at all. It's so much more awesome to read the game world. Follow roads or trails, read signposts, look for shop signs or building styles, look for outfits of guilds, so you know who to talk to, etc. Also, in-game pamphlets and guides have the cool aspect to be in style, and that they may possibly have some distortion (really bugs me when medieval fantasy cartographers worked exact within an inch)

>I don't mind markers existing as a convenience feature for anyone who would rather have them
only markers I can accept are approximate in-game scribbles on the aforementioned pamphlets (here, I marked it on your map)

>the game world would be designed without assuming the player is using them.
Big heads up to world designers out there: spend some time navigating your world without an interactive map, without a minimap, without a compass. Do it the way your NPCs or in-world characters do it. If you can't, add in-world material until you can. The maps are there to ease navigation, not enable it.

>> No.3003657


>> No.3004339
File: 189 KB, 960x4200, fuccboi adventures.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some Bard (fuccboi) hands me a quest to track down some faggot who ran off with a deed to a house he bought
>the faggot my PC's tracking down threatens her with "i'm too rich, just try and come at me fucker"
>later track down the deed deed to the house the bard fuccboi bought
>theres also a note basically saying that she's starting to piss her pants cause my Khajiit Bard (slut) is coming to finish the job
>find her
>Ms. Imtoorichtodie get's her shit wrekd
>find money
>go back to Bard (fuccboi) for a job well done and a nice diamond for enchanting
This game is too good.

>> No.3006690

how the hell do I install this shit (andyfall/clothesfall)

>> No.3006735

nevermind, figured it out after translating the readme's.

just drop all files and folders into the "arena2" directory.

>> No.3006764

What am-I in for if I want to play Daggerfall ?

>> No.3006776

An old fashioned rpg dungeon crawler where you can make your own overpowered or underpowered class. The main attraction are the dungeons which are not exactly beginner friendly, but it's they only way to learn how to dungeon crawl. Any specific questions, lad?

>> No.3007112
File: 55 KB, 1600x1000, dos32a_032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the other guy said. Plus it doubles as a fashion simulator with all the nice armor+clothing option. It's a lot more flexible than Morrowind's clothing and armor. Daggerfall's main attraction is the dungeons, RPing, and creating your own adventure and lifestyle. Different regions have different environments and buildings. But the building styles aren't as noticeable as Morrowind since the graphics are blocky and old as shit. You can live in deserts, jungle, swamps, mountains, or plains and forests. Each region also has a different patron diety that you can join or worship.

>> No.3007298

What are your skills and advantages?

>> No.3008543


can you post pics of them, I only found a video about one of them and I'm curious.

>> No.3010491
File: 292 KB, 1920x1040, large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3010959
File: 1.25 MB, 3448x2400, cyrodiillargelowrescr7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a few questions about character building.

Is the critical weakness to paralysis, disease and poison combo with immunity to magic and spell absorption a foolproof combo or can that fuck me over?

I know about the High Elf and critical weakness to paralysis combo, but I'm choosing a Nord so what would happen to his frost resistance if I choose weakness to frost?

Lastly, is a 50 spread on every stat good enough? I don't know what I'm going to need and it looks like speech craft has more of a focus than in earlier games so Personality may not be a dump stat.

>> No.3011181

It's not going to fuck you over, and choosing a weakness to frost as a nord only cancels out the resistance so it does normal damage. A 50 spread on all stats is alright, but it'd obviously be better to have some sort of an affinity of a stat that you can call a strength instead of being alright in all stats, but yeah it won't hurt you in the long run at all.

>> No.3011202

Thanks mate. I was really stumped about the Nord thing since they don't have full immunity.

>> No.3011243

After you choose your stats they can all go up by 10 with further rolls. So you can put some stats down to 40 to boost one stat higher than the rest.

>> No.3013491

Hello is this where tes lore is discussed?

>> No.3013695

Usually that's in /tg/ on weekends, or very rarely /vg/. I can't see why anybody would complain about lore talk here, but it'd be best to focus on lore introduced in Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, and Redguard to keep it on topic.

>> No.3014005
File: 82 KB, 960x600, screenshot-2016-02-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that stupid bitch, she just can't be killed

>> No.3014082

Lel. Also is that a premade class? Not going to jump in your face, just curious. I like the premades since they really do limit what you do. I can't seem to intentionally handicap myself with custom.

OP here. Lore isn't really for this thread. I love it, but it just won't fit and it doesn't really get interesting until Morrowind which is unfortunate.

>> No.3014120

I was very fond of using the premade classes in Morrowind and Oblivion, for immersion's sake. But that is an inhumanly customized class and since I couldn't think of anything creative I just called it a "Knight."

>> No.3014432

>it doesn't really get interesting until Morrowind
Nah. There are tons of books in Daggerfall that are interesting. Kirkbride might not have been off his rocker but he and the rest of the team still wrote some interesting shit in Daggerfall. Especially that book about Makela Leki's memory stone.


>> No.3014508

A Tale of Kieran, is also pretty damn good. Too bad whoever wrote it was probably gone by Morrowind after Bethesda already lost a lot of it's original team.

>> No.3016442

speaking of redguard, is it any good?

>> No.3016650
File: 1.78 MB, 1440x1080, governor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not to mention that several Daggerfall books were basically fanfiction written by beta testers that were edited and put into the final game. Of those I enjoyed King Edward and The Real Barenziah. They're historical fiction books that aren't necessarily lore per se, but they're good stories nonetheless.

Though it's worth noting that the majority of Daggerfall's books were written by Ted Peterson, who continued to write many more books for Morrowind under contract. He wrote too many good ones to list, including The Alik'r (Daggerfall) and the Dance in Fire series (Morrowind). So it's not totally unfair to say that the bulk of the writing talent was retained up to Morrowind.

See >>2950247 for my brief opinion of the game. I really liked it but it will not emulate smoothly on modern PCs. It's definitely playable on a high-end one, however. It's not an RPG and not comparable to any other Elder Scrolls game in gameplay, so just being an Elder Scrolls fan doesn't automatically mean you'll like the game. However, if you like action-adventure games, fun characters, puzzles, and TES, then it's hard to imagine you NOT enjoying it for anything other than technical reasons.

>> No.3018485

rolling fuck it

>> No.3018510

Does anyone else have a problem with the mouse clicking multiple times automatically?

Like when you examine something, sometimes the mouse will click so fast it just skips out of the menu?

>> No.3018518

>the only people who like daggerfall are poorfags who cant afford the later games

This post was clearly shat out by some /v/ermin who cant stand people enjoying games he doesn't like. Why did it get so many replies?

>> No.3019189

set the DOSbox CPU Cycles from around 40000 to 50000

>> No.3019797

it's already fixed at 50k. Should I go higher?

>> No.3019819

Nah, that's right around where it should be. Higher would cause more problems. Are you certain your mouse itself isn't having an issue? The first thing to go in most mice is the left clicker, and you'll notice it failing when it starts having trouble holding a click and registering multiple clicks when you only intend to click once. Daggerfall is especially good at damaging mice because of the extreme number of left clicks required to scroll through your inventory.

If you have another mouse you can test with, that'd be what I check first.

>> No.3019847
File: 11 KB, 153x249, Pissed_Merchant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons, what's the most invincible class and race in Daggerfall, and are any of you on Steam so we can discuss more matters about Daggerfall and its mechanics?

Just that a fastpaced forum isn't really fastpaced enough for me.

>> No.3020083

Nord with fire, magic and electric resist. You don't have to bother with poison, since the spells are so rare that only assassin NPC's attack with poison.

>> No.3021505

is there a mod to make daggerfall Khajiit into cat-people?

it's a small piece of variety i like.

>> No.3022104

immune magic, fire, frost, poison, shock
crit weakness disease, paralysis

unlike the later TES games poison is a type of elemental damage in daggerfall. Ancient Liches and lvl18+ humans have Toxic Cloud. Immunity won't help much in the beginning but if you get into "Area Around Caster" range later on you might suddenly get fucked up and that's why.

Poison makes a funky low-pitched WUOOORRRR.

>> No.3022274

Drop by /tg/ this weekend. We do lore threads.

>> No.3022286

isn't lore from star trek? got any data for that?

>> No.3023298

>isn't lore from star trek?

>> No.3023327

Hey a fellow fa/tg/uy

J-just been hanging here in this thread and /v/. The good threads on /v/actually about video games are one of the best imo, second to /vr/

>> No.3023793

I wouldn't know anything about that. Haven't visited the place in years.

>> No.3024293

I actually completed it pretty recently. It's fun. Not as good as Daggerfall, and is kind of clunky to play, but I enjoyed it.

>> No.3024315

So, I just got Morgiah's letter. I know that if I accept her quest, I'll have a month to finish it.
But how long can I wait before meeting her? Can I just go grind dungeons and adventure for a couple of months?

>> No.3024447

those were the days, when successor games actually improved on their predecessor

>> No.3024668

You've got all the time you want. If you want to test to make absolutely sure, just fast travel cautiously back and forth to opposite corners of the world to force several months to pass, and see if you still have the letter. In a quest with a time limit, the letter would vanish when it runs out.

>> No.3024684

Go back even further to Arena and that was the entire continent of Tamriel, Tens of thousands of square miles!

>> No.3024702

As far as I know Daggerfall has the bigger game world, even though it is supposed to represent a subset of the world presented in Arena

>> No.3024780

Daggerfall's got a larger open world than Arena, along with more cities, villages, and dungeons. Arena's is larger canonically but the in-game explorable area is less. Though you could argue that Arena is infinite since each city has infinitely looping wilderness around it. But if you just count the area before they start looping then Daggerfall's got it beat by several orders of magnitude.

It's also harder to compare since Arena doesn't actually have a fully explorable open world; none of the locations are connected and you can only move between locations via fast travel. The fast travel map says you're traveling nearly 9000 miles (or was it kilometers?) when you go from one end of the world to the other, which some have incorrectly used to calculate the size of the in-game world itself, despite the fact that if you actually walked that far you'd still be in the same spot on the world map.

>> No.3024865

Just checked and I was off by a bit. Fast travel in Arena from Necrom (Morrowind) to Daggerfall (High Rock) is reported as a 4500km route. It can't be perfectly used since it probably assumes you're taking roads, but it gives a rough idea of how wide Tamriel was supposed to be in Arena. As before, this is just a number and does not have anything to do with the actual area of the in-game world.

>> No.3027513

>page 11

>> No.3027887

I think the scale of Daggerfall is "true-to-lore", so the iliac bay is represented in full scale.

>> No.3028524
File: 44 KB, 703x680, 1441380709610.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A quest NPC ,who some asshole directed me to, transformed into an Orc Shaman and dumped my character into a hellish maze. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't weighed down with tons of gold, and my best weapons weren't broken.

>> No.3028609

After having lurked /vr/ and /v/ for years without finding one of these for Morrowind, I am starting to think that there may not be one.

>> No.3029942

Made it back to base, carrying ~17,000 gold pieces and infected with plague.

>> No.3030202

Reminder that you should use Dosbox Daum for silky smooth videos instead of shitty sluttering ones.
Also, where does the game store its music? I had expected to find .hmi files in arena2 but there wasn't any music file I could recognize.

>> No.3030214

recently I tried Daum out of curiousity. First game I tried it with, Epic Pinball, had glitches on Daum, but was flawless on 0.74. So I have my doubts about the usefulness of Daum.

>> No.3030235

Having tested Blood, Daggerfall, Doom, and Quake in Daum, I haven't found anything but improved performance.
Could be my hardware tho, we all know how moody old vidya can be.

>> No.3030525

I've seen one posted a few times. It's at least a few years old and it's got a couple issues, but here's an archive link anyway:

While I was looking for that I also found this one that I'd never seen before, apparently made last month on /vg/:

Not posting either of them directly because it'd be off-topic and I want to avoid roll replies.

>> No.3030719
File: 89 KB, 493x747, Kim_Il_Sung_Portrait-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, millenialfag here.Getting my way through Morrowind right now, thinking about trying out Daggerfall when I'm finished that. How easy is it to make the jump from Morrowind, and is it better at anything than the newer titles?

>> No.3030894

The world size is realistic. Daggerfall is the size of Great Britain. Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim together are 1% of the size of the London Metropolitan area. It pissed me off just enough that I didn't bother with Skyrim.

>> No.3031113
File: 2.83 MB, 3200x4305, daggerfall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bethesda's always been known for their "big open world games" but it cannot be understated just how fucking big Daggerfall's open world is. You always need to be aware of where you are in the world, because it could take an in-game month or more to fast travel across the whole country. In this way, time management becomes a factor when you're on quests. You always want to be prepared because if your weapons break or you contract a disease and don't have the means to cure it, you may not have the time to go repair or get healed. The world moves on and is not afraid to leave you in the dust.

In that regard, I feel like Daggerfall's the best game to actually live in, because the world doesn't revolve around you. There's a cozy feeling that things are happening even as you live your life. Seasons and holidays come and go, people will have new jobs for you or stop offering one they had previously. Two factions might randomly decide to become enemies, turning questing for them into a balancing act if you don't want to drop your reputation with one too much.

All this scope and scale comes at a cost, however. The biggest thing to note is that Daggerfall NPCs are basically nothing. You don't sneak around them to steal things, because they can't detect you anyway. You don't pickpocket items from their inventory, and you can't even attack NPCs indoors. The other thing you'll notice is that once you've visited three cities and maybe 20 dungeons or so, you've seen just about everything you'll be see for the rest of the game. If you don't pace yourself or aren't taking quests from a wide variety of factions, you may grow bored from doing the same things in the same places over and over again.

Ultimately, Daggerfall does a lot of things better than the newer titles, but is also lacking a lot of things that you may have liked about the newer titles. Just don't go in expecting "Morrowind with more features" like some may have described it and you won't be disappointed.

>> No.3031115

Better at anything? Class creation, roleplay, and arguably dungeon diving, but later titles do better in other areas. The transition will be a bit bumpy to say the least but if you know about Morrowind's dice roll combat then you know what to expect there and will have no surprises. You can still make spells, alchemy compared to Morrowind is not as useful, fun, or reliable. Dungeon diving and roleplay is the main attraction. Other things the later games do a bit better.

>> No.3031120

Better class creation
Better dungeons
The overworld is fucking huge but it's a glorified tech demo.
DF is a dungeon crawler and not a story driven RPG(There's a story and shit tons of lore but it takes a back seat to dungeon crawlan)

>> No.3031124

>In that regard, I feel like Daggerfall's the best game to actually live in, because the world doesn't revolve around you. There's a cozy feeling that things are happening even as you live your life. Seasons and holidays come and go, people will have new jobs for you or stop offering one they had previously. Two factions might randomly decide to become enemies, turning questing for them into a balancing act if you don't want to drop your reputation with one too much.

That's why I find it comfy. I don't feel like a hero trying to make sure things go right, I feel like an adventurer trying to get some money and live.

>> No.3031204

What would happen if we shared a file?
One person creates a character, plays for 3 hours or so, and uploads the file for another? Repeat forever.
What kind of adventure would with bipolar maniac have?

>> No.3031205
File: 110 KB, 640x400, SCR0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3031227

God I wish they'd bring back language skills. No other TES game let you RP as a proper bard.

>> No.3031232

>bring back
forget it, TES went in the opposite direction. They've given up and have no interest to be anything but a generic fantasy action game

>> No.3031294

Alright, lessee what happens.
I have to find some nightblade in the harpies nest, which is pretty shitty because I don't have any weapon that can hurt harpies so they'll have to be avoided.

>> No.3031297
File: 263 KB, 320x803, TES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot pic.

>> No.3031302

...and I also forgot that the quest aws started at Midbury.

>> No.3031371

>tfw thinking of making classes based off of original dnd classes.

What class should I recreate?

>> No.3031375
File: 121 KB, 236x421, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.3031397
File: 452 KB, 640x3840, Aviary of Morarock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I decided to take up Dude's quest. While killing rats, bats, and dodging harpies, we found and dispatched the Nightblade. We haven't gotten out of the dungeon yet, but Dude was wise enough to mark the map as he went. Hopefully he will be able to find his way out safely in time to report back to the Knights of the Dragon.


By the way, I set the view to "Full Screen" while I played. If you want the bar along the bottom of the screen back just press ESC and re-enable it.

>> No.3031432

Should I make the blunt weapon skill a minor or low major skill? I'm going by the AD&D monk, so I'm leaning towards staffs. Immune to poison is one...what kind of weapon should I use?

>> No.3031492
File: 23 KB, 320x200, fall_005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wandering across a dungeon
>USE on a lantern just in case
>Hear a laughter and a clashing sword
>Okay maybe its just a background noise haha
>Find this not two seconds later

>> No.3031496

The hell is that?

>> No.3031514

A harpy and no less than two daedra lords spawned in the same space. I found it a little after uploading my save for >>3031294

>> No.3031561

I haven't played this since I was a teenager, but this thread has me reinterested. Are there any "must-have" mods? The video seems teary, too...Is there a fix for that?

>> No.3031907

The game is fine without mods, but I however point you to the direction of the UESP version of the game that comes with all the patches that give the most stable experience of the game.


DaggerfallSetup. The first file, install all the patches, and set the cpu cycles to the best you can in DOSbox since 50000 cycles may not work well for your computer.

>> No.3032520


>> No.3032751

>tfw Daggerfall turns 20 this year

>> No.3032819

>GIant I was searching spawned inside a statue
What do? he is untouchable.

>> No.3032903

Tough luck. Seriously, don't know if there's anything you can do unless spells, or if there's something you can do in cheat mode that fixes the problem

>> No.3032906

Sometimes arrows can hit enemies that can't be hit by melee weapons. Also try area-around-self or area-at-range spells. Might have to try using the [ ] cheats until you teleport inside with him, then teleport back out when you're done. Clipping into the void may also help provide an angle from which you can attack.

Not sure specifically what statue you're talking about, but I do know of a few dungeon blocks with statues that can be moved by activating something nearby. There's a possibility that it wasn't glitched and you're just supposed to find that switch. That is even more likely if the giant spawned there to begin with instead of being lured there or pushed into it by accident.

Good luck anon, if none of these work you can upload your save and I can try some stuff, too.

>> No.3032929
File: 44 KB, 1024x768, screenshot.464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guy got out, the room was a giant room with a hole in the middle, and a switch behind another statue. The statue that had trapped the giant didn't actually move, the guy just noclipped out when I used the switch.
Now I am trying to find the ruins of a manor in a town with six houses, a bar, and titties. THe manor seems to not exist in the overworld map so I guess it is in the city named like the manor ("Ruins of hearthston manor"). The noble that owns the manor is the titties in question.

>> No.3032983

I almost had a heart attack.
>Dungeon diving
>See the pixelated image of some blond dude sleeping naked or something for a fraction of a second
>The colors change to 8 bits or something, no idea what happened but the colors got fucked up for even less time
than the time spent by blond dude in the screen
>"You are healty" message
What the fuck?

>> No.3032995

Your going to be a werewolf anon

>> No.3033004

Were you fighting werewolves?

>> No.3033025

Oh that's why my stats are suddenly skyrockeyting. Life I guess.
I am immune to all magic, weird. Also, what should I do to prepare to not fuck up my game? how do I turn into a big bad wolf at will, hircine ring right? how would I get it?q

>> No.3033050

>Read "Lus, god of animals"
What the flying fuck.

>> No.3033052

Lycanthropy imo is better than being a vampire. For a lycan you can transform once a day(not 24 hours) like once a day. You have to kill at least once every month or you're stats will turn to trash. Just go to a town, turn into a werewolf and kill someone if that harms happens. Guards can't apprehend you because they have steel weapons which can't touch you.

You can access lycanthropy via the spells menu. Hircine's ring negates the negative effects of being a lycan. You can either wait until a certain day to summon him or go to a specific witch coven which always summons him...expensive nonetheless. Also you'll be forced to transform on every in game full moon...assuming you're outside.

>> No.3034405

How the fuck do I shut up this fucking horse why does it have to neigh so much.

>> No.3034505

You can't. I heard there's a mod for it but I could never find it.

>> No.3034919

Always remember get off your horse before opening a menu, it helps a lot. You can use an unpacker to find and remove (or replace with silence if necessary) the horse neighing sound, but that's an involved process. Also make sure your cycle count is right. Horses neigh a lot more at high CPU speeds; one of the many problems Daggerfall has with CPU scaling.

>> No.3035805

I hope you're using the staff exclusively for enchantments. H2H does even more damage than a daedric dai katana when souped up.

>> No.3035818

Dunmer's all business. Looking at the titties even from the HUD.

>> No.3036827

Fun fact, the author of that apparently regrets writing it.

>> No.3036838
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It's a reference to a town in Black Marsh in Arena where you couldn't actually enter the palace due to the way it generated.

>> No.3036894

How meta. But it's great they acknowledged it. Pretty funny.

>> No.3036960

New thread?

>> No.3037450

Will once this is archived or before bed which is soon. Whichever comes first