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What videogames do you consider to be overrated and to have aged badly, /vr/?

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You first, OP.

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If you're gonna keep making these threads at least change the OP picture and stop being a cum guzzling faggot.

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>aged badly

My favorite meme.

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well since we're already in a troll thread:

3DPD Zeldas

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Oh boy, here we go

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super mario world

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Unless you're using meme in traditional sense then it's not a meme, if you are then that's kinda sad.

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Do people even like this game for the gameplay ? All I ever hear people talk about it is the cutscenes, quotes, story, etc.

Moviegames like MGS are cancer tier.

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Your shit opinions are cancer tier.

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I don't think it aged though. I liked it better than MGS 2, and I played 2 before the first one.

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Why are people so butthurt on this board?

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Off topic, but I'm browsing on mobile amd my connection was being shitty and I could still tell that OP hasn't changed the fucking image.
And does he serriously think these threads are ever going to take off?

On topic; MGS1 is absolutely fine today. Played it for the first time two years ago and it's still a good game

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Shenmue, unless you love walking and talking simulators.

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People can't handle the fact that other people have different tastes.

I don't get it, I actually like to know that there are people that not only dislike, but actually loathe with all their heart some games I absolutely love. I don't get how some people can get offended by that.

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Your mom.

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yeah the GBA port was shit compared to the original

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>why does he keep making this thread? We keep replying every time and yet he doesn't stop!

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He has a point. The MGS series has one of the most passionate fanbases on not just 4chan but the entirety of the internet. The games almost all have a very lopsided non gameplay to gameplay ratio. Perhaps more so then any other action games of it's kind. MGS4 is by far the worst offense of this.

I also get this strange feeling that there are those amongst the fanbase that will lie and say ridiculous things to defend the game. In fact I believe there is a MGS fan liar in this thread right now.

MGS1 was also the founding father of the cinematic game. This cannot be debated since it popularized the worst aspects of modern gaming as we know it. Contrast this with id's idea on how Doom should be and it is very telling.

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I wouldn't consider MGS overrated. At least not by normal people. There are of course the drones in the kojima defense force that will spin anything around to make a negative look like a positive. ie, "x is only shit because kojima DID THAT ON PURPOSE because he is le epic ruseman. 11/10"

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ID's old idea of what a videogame should be kind falls flat for RPG's.

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>/vr/ will literally never stop taking the bait

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Super Mario 64.

It didn't innovate jack shit. There were plenty of other 3D games at the time and before it.

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You and every other special snowflake in this thread.

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>It didn't innovate jack shit.

It was the only 3D game at that time where you get to play as an Italian plumber dressed in a red shirt and blue overalls.

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Stop trolling, 3D games were complete dogshit until Super Mario 64

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Quake you dumb faggot

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It was the first 3D game with a full 360 degree user controllable camera.

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No it was not, you stupid fucking Nintendork.

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No it was not, you stupid fucking Nintendork.

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Alright, why don't you name an earlier game?

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Elite 2.

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Alright, why don't you name an earlier game?

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Chrono Nigger and Cross.

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The game is virtually unplayable when you toggle the external view on. It only existed for making screenshots. Try again.

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Only disgusting filthy ugly worthless homosexual faggots plaed Metal Cuckgear.

Its almost as I can smell the rotten sweat of the homosexual cocksuckers who played this game.

Then again I always distanced myself from self-proclaimed geeks. It wouldnt be a hesitant moment if there was a button to brutally exterminate all those who favored MetalcuckGear Soliddildo as their main game.

Fredrik Mohlund stand as one of these sweatstains with gross blemishes on his back, I regret the day we hit the beach to swim, chill and talk with the girls and you made the women withdraw with your disgusting body, face and manner.

And to those who enjoy making cover-songs on video game music, know that your virginity will stay long, and eventually you will delusionally boast about your achievement of having a wife, being "mature", unknowingly settling down to a former cumguzzling whore with rotten ovaries that will produce children on the autistic-spectrum, but knowing your inferior betacuck nature, you will surely defend the low bottom blemished whore with cuckpride.

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MGS, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, Diablo 2, Half Life 2, Street Fighter

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CAVE shooters, Toaplan shooters, Compile games, Falcom games, X-Com, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Phantasy Star, Artdink shovelware, and probably the one game that's overrated both in and out of /vr/: Crash Bandicoot.

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>I never played MGS
The gameplay is awesome. The series would not have survived this long if the gameplay was shit. See every other game with good story but shit gameplay.

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Well, since this thread seems to be here to stay:

Mega Man 2

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If Planescape: Torment can get critical acclaim for shit gameplay, then so can MGS.

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PT is an RPG which puts it in a different class of people accepting bad gameplay.

Metal Gear Solid's story and goofy cutscenes are are all good fun, but it's the stealth exploration and action that is the real reason for why it's popular. It's just that there's not as much to talk about in that sense other than how fun it is to sneak up and snap necks. So often they just talk about story stuff and muktuk eating contests.

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More like the entire Megaman series. No time limits, infinitely spawning powerups. Farm your way to victory.

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MGS barely has any gameplay. The map consist literally of less than 15 rooms, and after first 2 hours majority of gameplay is spent in Boss battles that take away the whole sneaking element.

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Fantastic, the story is huge !!!

>> No.2899641

That's beside the point, you asked for a game before SM64 with a camera that you can zoom and pan 360-degrees and Elite games have them.

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Nobody mentioned the game's god tier atmosphere?

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>MetalcuckGear Soliddildo

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Stop replying to your own unfunny post you idiot.

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The original post isn't mine; only the second reply is. Nice try, though.

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Street Fighter 2.

It didn't innovate jack shit. There were plenty of other brawler games at the time and before it.

>> No.2901560

We didn't used to be.

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Not that anon but I think Fade 2 Black for PC.

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>It didn't innovate jack shit.

It invented the concept of combos in fighting games.

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MGS1 is the best MGS by far

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Yeah, we had dozen of 1x1 fighters before SF2 and 100% of them had critical problems with colision detection, clunky controls or both. That's why the game is so praised 30 years after its release and you don't see almost anyone talking about earlier titles in a serious tone ("heh, do you remember Pit Fighter? We played it so much but the game was shit xD), it was the first one who did things right and wasn't a lucky contest where if you had luck you could connect the attacks.

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MGS3: Subsistence and MG2: Solid Snake are much better, though.

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you have CLEARLY never played MGS, if you are calling it a movie game. maybe play some of these games, before swallowing someone else's opinion?

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any game that has more watching than playing like MGS is literally a moviegame

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I agree.

> Tomb Raider
> Quake
> Crash Bandicoot

Tomb Raider and Quake have more in common with how 3D gameplay turned out it in the long run.

Also, as a added bonus, just recently Nintendo started making Mario games that play like Crash Bandicoot did back then, so Mario 64's gameplay legacy is just fading now.

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I feel like MGS2: Substance has the best gameplay in the series

So what? Does that make the game automatically bad? Why don't you just skip the cutscenes if they bother you so much

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I want to rewrite history too and say that Crash is the single most important game in video game's history. Everything from Doom to Bayonetta were factually inspired by Naughty Dog's masterpiece.

>> No.2902983

Kingdom Hearts

I don't care what your opinion is. As a born gamer and a fan of both Square soft (at the time) and Disney, I can rightfully say these two things should have never been combined. This is literally a game about the shift from kids to teenagers; the happy, bright lad gets his taste for the edgy life and just wants more.

Throw in the typical "cool" kid with straight hair and calm "I don't care" attitude that main young lad must aspire to be should he want to be accepted in highschool.

Woah, flipside! Everyone thinks they're special snowflakes! Throw in everybody's "heartless" (get the pun?), and the organization 13 (what a choice for a number, let's go with the most generic bad number possible) and dress everyone like GOTH KIDS.



>> No.2902987

is it a fun game tho?

>> No.2902995


My opinion is KH isn't retro

>> No.2903005

The only thing I give it is the mix between hack-n-slash and RPG, which took off. They were smart for doing so, and playing to a specific genre of people, but it was TOO played. Of course throwing in Cloud and Sephiroth with new designs and WINGS, OOHH! The only thing that could've made this game any more bait would have super forms, or some sort of transformation into a stronger buff of all stats and nigh invulner- what? They did?

Fuck this series. I can't enjoy the gameplay if you're trying to fuck everything I like for money.

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I just bought a few games a while ago, but haven't played them yet. I really should go dig them out

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>0s and 1s

>> No.2903360

>not improving over the years

>> No.2903370


>improvement/change means that 0s and 1s age

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There are some weird instances of people being willfully dense in these threads. I don't know how you people function in the real world if you take everything as a literal, face value definition.

I don't know if you people are native English speakers or what. If you are a native speaker, you know not to take everything at face value. Or do you think that "Raining cats and dogs" literally means cats and dogs are falling out of the sky?

I'm not going to respond to these posts any longer, and neither should any of you. You're speaking to people who are, as previously stated, being willfully dense at worst and at best, people who are simple minded.

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The original Kingdom Hearts is the only legitimately good game in the series. Final Mix + is good too but it's basically a turd covered in sprinkles. Now stop talking about non-retro.

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>autism speaks

>> No.2903397

>WELL UMMM UMMM I'm going to make this flame-baiting opinion and then I'm going to say "Let's not have this conversation"

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Birth by Sleep is better than the first KH, though.

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Your post has aged.

>> No.2903420

It's really not my problem or my fault if you wanna reply to me.

Never played it, should have made that clear.

>> No.2903506


Wow, that post is really original. Calling people autists? That's new to me, haven't seen that one before.

Upvoated and added to favorites to check again later in case I forget.

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How do you explain why Nintendo just stopped following the old 3D Mario formula, and switched to the style of its biggest competitor at that time?

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The new 3D Mario games aren't narrow corridors coupled with some side-scrolling segments. If anything, something like Sonic Colors would be closer to that.

The new 3D Mario games are closer to the bowser stages on SM64.

>> No.2905324

Damn I miss the style of 64 and Sunshine

>> No.2905384

SM64 should've all been Bowser-style stages. They had the best platforming in the entire game.

>> No.2905414

I still like the old c64 games with bad graphics. Wrong person to ask. Maybe moon rover? wow I hate it with a passion. no offence if you liked it.

>> No.2905416

pong. cool as anything back when. Couldn't play anybody to play it today.

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>aged badly
People who say this shouldn't be allowed on /vr/ teebeeaych

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At its face value it looks like a game, but it's not. This is actually an overly-complicated weapon crafting system disguised as a dungeon crawler. And if you try to treat it like... any other game ever and want to rely on dropped loot rather than devote hours to that crafting system, then you get punished SO damn hard for it.

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>SM64 should've all been Bowser-style stages.

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SOTN is kind of casual, isn't it? You can just grind levels if the game is too hard for you, and there's multiple ways to break the game. With the older games, your only choice was to git gud.

I love the game, but that's because I am a filthy casual.

>> No.2905484


This. It's either a good game or it isn't.

>> No.2905491

That's not what casual means, you fucking moron.

>> No.2905495

SotN is more like a sandbox game than a traditional action game. It's never really hard, even on the 'hard' mode. The fun comes from playing with all the crazy equipment and abilities you can find. Going through killing everything with masses of summoned skeletons and bats is pretty rad.

>> No.2905514

The Castlevania series was already casual by the time it transitioned to the 16-bit platforms.

>> No.2905540

How has this guy not gotten banned yet? Is he evading by using proxies?

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You're the reason 3D Mario is cancer.

If you want "muh exploration", go play Zelda or Metroid.

>> No.2905595

>he doesn't like my favorite game that's popular

>> No.2905604

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but that doesn't mean they can regurgitate the same thread over and over with the obvious goal to start trouble.

>> No.2905608

I don't think he's intentionally wanting to start trouble,I think it seems that way because he keeps using the same image every time

>> No.2905610

>they can regurgitate the same thread over and over
Go complain to the GCCXfags and Doomfags too then.

Oh wait, you won't because they don't hurt your feelings.

>> No.2905628

>Mario 64 is cancer

Toppest of keks.

Shouldn't you be happy with 3D World? After that and 3D Land, maybe that's the permanent direction Nintendo will take for the series.

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>You're the reason 3D Mario is cancer.
It much less of it being "cancer" and more you just disliking its own approach to platforming (which is understandable despite me not minding it) but sure, whatever you say bucko.

>> No.2905636


Those threads bring great, friendly discussion, even when disagreements occur.

These threads do not.

>> No.2905638

>Oh wait, you won't because they don't hurt your feelings.

Since you're incapable of conversing like an adult, I'll just end it here.

Thanks for playing.

>> No.2905657 [DELETED] 

Good riddance. Next time don't whine when you disagree with something, faggot.

>> No.2905667

No, they're some of the worst threads on /vr/, and don't even really belong here (doom threads should go to /vg/ and GCCX should go to /tv/ or /jp/).

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>deep hole on floor
>put chair over ir
>chair legs barely at the border at all
>sit on chair

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Some people like to live on the edge of danger to get their kicks.

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The only bad thing in MGS1 in my opinion is that there are only like 25 enemies you encounter in the whole game. Levels could also be larger or in bigger quantities but that would probably cause more repetition. Also, I love that each MGS location is unique and has its own assets.

>> No.2906624

>>"I'm trying!'

>> No.2906896


To me, 64 seemed a little confused with with its artstyle, especially compared to Quake, Crash and Tomb Raider. It all seems so inconsistent. Some of the UV mapping in that picture is pretty bad too.

>> No.2906898

that's a toilet

>> No.2906909

>starts by posting the best MGS

I don't come here often and I see now why

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