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Is there a hotter N64 girl?

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I think I liked OoT so much as a kid because I wished I could be Link and marry Ruto.

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This pic is actually from Hyrule Warriors, but you get the idea.

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The controller itself.

Dem pigtails.

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Oh the hours I spent pressing against undersea walls to get the optimal camera view of those clamshelled titties.

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Coco Bandicoot

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If I were Banjo, I would have struck a deal with Grunty: she can have my sister's body as long as I can fuck her as much as I want afterward. I've got a bear dick so it's not like she wouldn't enjoy it.

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I looked up bear dicks. They aren't as impressive as you might think.

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She's 11 you sick fuck.
Yes I know she's ageless and much older godamnit, but where it counts she's 11

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They've gotta be bigger than a human's, though. Right? Is there a bear dick/human dick comparison image?

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In terms of overall body ratio, humans actually have among the largest of any animal species.

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This is true, and actually I'm aware of this. But when you put a bear's dick next to a human's, I'm assuming it's larger just because a bear is so much bigger than a human.

(btw, is there any animal that has thick fur on their dick?)

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It didn't take long for this to turn into an animal dick discussion.

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Ruto is a monster, I was always grossed out by her alien head shape. I also imagine her as reeking like an old fish.

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nice singles btw

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Zelda lived in a world without running water and wore some pretty tight clothes during the second half of the series. I doubt she smelled any fresher than Ruto.

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Zelda lived in a world without running water and wore some pretty tight clothes during the second half of the game. I doubt she smelled any fresher than Ruto, probably worse after she got done walking around inside the Death Mountain crater with no heat protection.

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thats hot?

Holy fuck you treasure fags are so fanboyed you are retarded

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Not N64, and Isabella from CTR is better, and presumably of legal age.

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Zelda as Sheik. Reverse trap ftw.


Saria's for friending, not fucking.

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sorry anon but ive never played a Treasure game outside Mischief Makers.

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Not even close.

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Well the game came out in 98 so I guess she's of legal age now ;^)

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ebin cap, bro

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Weird how this game copied the ghibli style and then years later ghibli sorta copied them back by having a character wear the clothes clamp thing on her hair.

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lol, some fag calling some other fag a fag because he finds the wrong pixels hot

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Maple is CUTE!

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I like how they made human Marina reflect the player's age so you can have an adequate waifu for your age bracket.

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From Donkey Kong 64

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What game is this from?

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I wonder how many kids fapped to Candy Kong in Donkey Kong 64.

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

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loli is better

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I got a boner staring at this picture in Nintendo Power back in the day.

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ANOTHER shitlord thread?

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Don't even care that she probably smells like manure.

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Someone post some N64 ass

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That singing voice...

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I replayed the ayyliums mission over and over just to get hugged by her sister

Well, maybe a little bit ashamed

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There are better girls here to slam n' scram but there's nothing better than a country girl like her or Cremia for a wife.

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Outta my way, plebs, patrician's waifu coming through

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Hot Gruntilda is a good choice but dont forget about....

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Surprised it took 50 posts for this.

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Best secret agent ever. Prove me wrong.

>muh bond

Fuck Bond. He never saved the universe from homicidal aliens.

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one of my first boners. not my first but def one of them

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Johanna Dark looked like a lesbian in the original Perfect Dork.

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Was Majora's Mask the most sexually charged Zelda game of all time?

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It's funny that they put her in sexy poses for the promo shots, but in the actual game she's not sexualised at all.

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Those dancers where total sluts

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why do people like loli?

it's like saying you like c p

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naw bro its only cartoons

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We should track these people's IPs and send a friendly warning to their employer. That should help them ;^)

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Because some people are just born mentally ill.

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This. Fuck.

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And I can't believe I had to be the first one to post this

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You can't believe you were the first one to post a sunflower with breasts?

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I always liked Manami.

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Hes right tho, that sunflower gave many pre teens their first erections during the time of release..

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Her rival, Aisha, wasn't bad, either.

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Sex sells. Marketing 101. It's why this picture was used in magazines to advertise Um Jammer Lammy despite that game being about as unsexualized as you can get.

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Let's assume man X was a pedo...

I much rather he jerk it to cartoons than actual CP. "Thought crimes" don't exist, if you have fucked up thoughts and never act on them, it's okay.

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what a slut

the fountain fairies were literal whores

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Redditor's first day on 4chan.

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I have a screencap that I think is informative.

I'm not going to be catty about the fact.

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I can't even tell what the fuck this is talking about.

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What do you want, a cookie?

I'm not impressed.

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nobody cares about you shitty self capped post you pretentious pedo faggot

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It takes someone who cares to so boldly tell everyone how little they care.

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why should he give you the time of day if you aren't going to give him likewise?

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>Yes I know she's ageless and much older godamnit, but where it counts she's 11
That just makes me even harder.

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I'm not reading all that, but if someone has an intense moral opposition to loli drawings, you really, really, REALLY do not belong on 4chan. If you don't like it, sure, but seriously advocating punishing "thought crime" stuff makes you sound like a Facebook activist.

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It looks like a longer post than it is.

> you really, really, REALLY do not belong on 4chan
Tribalistic nonsense.

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You should be aware that a number of governments will prosecute even for drawings of perceived child porn (like lolis) and that the sentences are just as severe because the drawing is defined as being child porn as much as if it were an actual photograph.

Possessing these pictures isn't a "thought crime," it's just a crime.

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4chan is a community. It has been turned to shit over the past 9 years, but moral crusades against drawings of all things are the kind of oversensitive shit that no one on here should want.

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Fuck off SJW shills.

You've ruined the rest of the internet, you won't ruin 4chan.

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Anon, they already have.

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No fuck you, I'm not an SJW, I'm just an argumentative cunt correcting a dumb shithead because he's wrong.

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I wonder if they are offended by the J-List ads since, well, loli.

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And that's fucking retarded

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A government making a thoughtcrime punishable doesn't make that government just or correct.

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I feel bad for anons living in Canada and Australia who have retarded social justice crusader like you getting elected. You know what else is illegal downloading roms and music.

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>Possessing these pictures isn't a "thought crime," it's just a crime.
lol, maybe if you live in some kind of oppressive shithole like the UK or Australia.
Fuck off back to reddit, you whiny piss bag.

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Why Howard? Why?

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fond memories of looking up her skirt, too bad she got shorts after the armor upgrade

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Everyone is getting off topic here and needs to shut the hell up.

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There is. But I grew up with Startrek so my flag is at full mast.

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/vr/ has no janitors and the mods never visit it so I'll be as off-topic as I like.

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4chan is already dead, too many normies on the internet bleeds it's way into everything.

Self censorship is the worst kind, even if there are pockets of resistance, most people are going to somewhat censor their beliefs on race, sexuality... Wave your hands in the air
Stomp your feet on the ground
Climb up the ladder quickly
And then spin yourself around

Open the umbrella
Then answer the phone
You can do it with a partner
You can do it all alone

Scale up the wall, just how high can you go
You're sure to break her heart if you get up there too slow
Pound upon your chest and take an elevator ride,
You can get off at the top and then you look from side to side.

Come on, come on,
Come on, come on,
Do the Donkey Kong, do the Donkey Kong

Come on, come on,
Come on, come on,
Do the Donkey Kong, do the Donkey Kong

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>this thread could have been about sexy pixels
>now it's ruined

A night that will live in infamy. For shame, /vr/

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Not to mentionbher extra eyes.

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best Harvest Moon

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Humba Wumba from Banjo-Tooie.

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I always chose Elli, but yea Karen got it going on

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>N64 grills thread
>no Berri
It this wasn't your first furfaq-fap, you are underage

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hot. too bad it will soon be deleted

>> No.2898882

And I was disappointed by both.

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I don't see what the issue is when the topic changes. It's a matter of interest, and if you're interest in changing it back, try to.

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lol, saved

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underrated post

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Assuming she wasn't a weird furry thing, I'm going with Berri.

I like fit girls.

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>no one posting the best

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It's impossible to know what this response means.

Both super-MRAs and super-feminist males have been relegated this insult.

Making it meaningless.

>> No.2899265

What is even weirder is that their staff has collaborated several times in the past.

>> No.2899269

>Both super-MRAs and super-feminist males have been relegated this insult

>lol what is horseshoe theory

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She wasn't on N64.

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It refers to the phenomenon in which one party, in an effort to counter or discredit another party, end up using the same (distasteful/underhanded/deplorable) methods as their adversaries to do so, despite this putting them on the same moral footing (but they'll claim otherwise, of course).

>>2899265's use of it is a bit incorrect, though.

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Wow, the N64 had more hotties than I remember. There are even a few honorable mentions.

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Vela gave me an upskirt fetish. Also my first vidya fap.

>> No.2899560

The problem with Grunty (including sexy game over Grunty) is that, no matter what she looks like, she'd still have the same comically disgusting habits and contempt for basic hygeine, and still have the same voice.

There was literally a character in BK whose entire purpose was telling you very clearly just how utterly disgusting and putrid she is. It was an actual major plot point. She wallows in filth and decay -- bathes, sleeps, and brushes her teeth with it. Every inch of her, caked with filth and rot.

She canonically smells like a putrid, shit-smeared corpse. She is basically a Nurgle Rotbringer from Warhammer, and is probably crawling with diseases. And did I mention that her voice doesn't change after she transforms?

>> No.2899562

Didn't she say she would just start fucking pigging out again? You're right. She would have that hot new body for all but a week before it went to shit again.

>> No.2899565

That's kinda hot, 2bh.

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>did I mention that her voice doesn't change after she transforms?

It does though.


>> No.2899601

Her cackle was still her old voice.

>> No.2899628


I'm in love. 8)

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why'd you cap an argument made every 2 seconds on 4chan by defensive pedos? its like yeah it IS different than actual cp but it's not like the fetish doesn't come from real children in the first place and couldn't possibly lead to someone getting hurt irl. nobody would feel the need to bring this up if any pedo ever was actually working to solve their sexual problems and not just indulging constantly and getting defensive on an anonymous animu board when someone (rightfully) implies that it isn't healthy.

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might just be they are only trying to ruse you

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good choice

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It always bothered me that her name started with M but her hat had an N on it.

>> No.2899981

I wish people would only post in-game images in these types of threads. Anyone can do fan art that makes a character look hot.

>> No.2899991

>Anyone can do fan art that makes a character look hot.

Not me.

>> No.2900002


>working to solve their sexual problems

Can you even? I know that in my country in like every city there is an anonymous help center where you can go and talk about it and seek help. But like in the US? I read right here on 4chan, and we all know what is written here is 100% true of course, that if you there go to the psychologist and tell your problem you do not get help- you do get reported.
So, like if you noticed those tendencies- could you seek help where you live, not prejudice, not judgement but HELP?

>> No.2900037

why would you get reported for just having pedo thoughts? i don't think anyone's been arrested for that in the us

>> No.2900042

anyone that matters retrofag

>> No.2900064


Not arrested but put on DA LIST for "potential threat."
Didn't seem so far out to me with reading of things like having that list which pretty much says DANGER- This person is a SEXUAL PREDATOR! HIGHLY DANGEROUS! and then putting such incredibly sexual things like peeing in public on the list of things that can get you on there.

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Posts like these makes me think you didn't actually read the whole thing.

But rather, tried to detect a my 'side' early on, and just skimmed and skimmed to get to the end.

If you read the whole thing, grasped the whole thing, you'd realize I think real child molestation is awful, because it's real. And fake child molestation, which isn't real, is just a matter of being your 'thing' or not.

Nothing fictional is a problem, because fiction does not encourage/validate grown ass adults to do anything they already know is wrong.


Does everything have to be a battle? I feel like I'm saying very simple stuff here, and none of the responses have been "Yeah I get what you mean." Hey person who gets what I mean: Please tell me you're out there.

>> No.2900083


Bank heists. Don't we all have a pretty firm grasp on what's morally wrong about a fucking bank heist?

You wouldn't do it after watching a fake one, and you have ample opportunity to watch many-a-fake-one.

But we're less embarrassed about our fantasies to work as a unit, with matching uniforms, wielding guns, and possibly smoke dumb motherfuckers in our way. We're less embarrassed about it, and that's it. The amount of controversy left in fiction, is a matter of how embarrassing it is to defend. This is like the last dragon to be slain in the west.

Stop thinking you're doing a great service by discouraging any types of fiction blocked from being made. It's -bad- of you.

>> No.2900131

Orchid on K:I Gold was my first fap. Something pure about that.

>> No.2900203

yeah i read the whole thing and i'm saying that MAYBE there could be a correlation in certain people with how their sexual fantasies affect their potential interactions with real people and how dumb it is to act like that can just never happen

i like how the forum that screams "muh degeneracy" at completely personal choices will always gladly defend rape fetishes as something to be accepted as normal regardless of context like the media doesnt have an affect on people when it clearly does, even to the point where real people could be harmed believe it or not

i'm not sure if i condone censorship of lolicon or whatever considering pedos will probably find fringe ways to spread it anyway and it seems like a pretty short-sided, ineffective way to get rid of pedophilia but it definitely shouldn't be normalized either
fetishes are separate from other fantasies, they work on a deeper level than the thrill of watching someone do something you dont have the balls to do. this analogy is stupid.

and i never implied i'm against pedophilia as a form of media as long as it's spread as something to be understood instead of fetishized. if someone can make an engaging narrative about a pedo than they have every right to. but don't get butthurt that you don't see half-naked animu grade-schoolers in commercials or whatever your creepy ideal media is.

>> No.2900206

well that shouldn't happen as long as they really are seeking help

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Same. If this ass didn't give you a boner you were probably homo.

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File: 1.81 MB, 1258x2380, Young_Princess_Ruto_Artwork.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im just going to post this naked fish loli. Shield your eyes and hide your childrens form the shame!

>> No.2900217

something's really wrong with you if you preferred that over her adult form

also i'm not sure what's so silly about hiding children from the fact that neets on 4chan want to fuck them like they can even know what that means anyway

>> No.2900262

You know when you put it that way....

>Murders on TV/Movies
>Rape fantasy porn
>Movies/music/TV about doing/dealing drugs
>Barbie's Dream House

I'm no pedophile by any means, don't look at lilli or w/e, but I can actually agree that there is nothing wrong with drawings or porn starts that LOOK younger than 18.

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shhhh ade is sleepin

>> No.2900290

Japan is as normalized as you're EVER going to see lolicon get. But there's good news there. Their violent crime rate has flatlined for fucking years. That's amazing.

Would I be dumb enough to say acceptance of lolicon is the reason for that? No, what kind of asshole would say that? But it definitely HASN'T caused the opposite, and that's why censors should permanently fuck off. We have evidence of the damage it doesn't do.

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>something's really wrong with you if you preferred that over her adult form
People are willing to admit this.

I can tell you the personal-est anecdote though. At a very young age, I had fantasies of being naked, and "courting" another girl my own age. "The actual mechanisms of sex? Eh? What the hell are those? Get that complicated shit away from me." It wasn't my concern. I did know I wanted to be under the covers naked with a girl my own age. And you look back, wishing you could be that small and naive (pure?) again, with someone as naive as you.

I was into girls very early in my life, and while I definitely am not the one posting loli in this thread, or other threads, I can blindly guess where they might be coming from. I more or less just hope most of them shelter this same reason, but are bashful to talk about it. For me, it's about memories of a world that doesn't exist anymore. It CAN'T happen, so it's got a mystique to it. Michael Jackson took it pretty fucking far; But his childhood was a lot more non-existant too I believe there was an episode from Louis CK's show about this. Where this guy is lecturing him about how missing the person is a lot better than being totally fucking bored with them. That's the worst.

Anyway, that's it. Wishing you coulda done something. I don't like my current gross, utilitarian adult body as much as my younger, agile, cherubic monkey form. And etc etc, it's why I find some of lolicon interesting. Some. Not all. Barely any.

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>> No.2900329



>> No.2900331
File: 189 KB, 1454x1112, tmp_22638-meh.ro63341617389980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we please stop talking about people who find pictures of children hot and go back to posting pics of adults from vidya that are hot?

>> No.2900336

Y'know it's very unlikely that a /vr/ thread is gonna hit 500 posts either way, so I think there's room for both.

With a quick middle finger over the mouse wheel, it's quite easy to navigate a thread to just see the nice purdy pictures.

Por que no los dos

>> No.2900357


Someone doesn't remember how she seductively swims towards Link.
Also why the hell would young me playing that game prefer the adult one over the one closer to my age back then? And first crush sticks.

>> No.2900369
File: 59 KB, 177x342, jugga_bio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2900385


Dude, I did this like a thousand times when I was 12 (2003) just for some fap. And I enjoyed it like a motherfucker.

>> No.2900386


>> No.2900389

Look up kneejerk in the dictionary.

>> No.2900395

What about Nabooru and other Gerudo Girls in Ocarina of Time / Pirates in Majora's Mask?

>> No.2900396

>that half censored c. p.
Oh shit what's happening there's a weird van by my door hang on a sec I'll go see what they want.

>> No.2900402
File: 1023 KB, 500x330, ribbon kiss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember to love your fictional polygon loli.

>> No.2900424

>this analogy is stupid.
No it isn't. His analogy is smart.

There, I put forth just as much effort as you did into your argument. My vote cancels yours.

>> No.2900440

>i like how the forum that screams "muh degeneracy" at completely personal choices will always gladly defend rape fetishes as something to be accepted as normal regardless of context like the media doesnt have an affect on people when it clearly does,
>i like how people say it doesn't happen when it clearly does

Could you supply some evidence that doesn't exist solely in your mind?

>> No.2900453

I'd kill for someone like that desu. An uninterested little punk chick working a job she doesn't care about eating bunny ears

>> No.2900495
File: 84 KB, 1068x600, 1452055102189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw australian
>still have loli on my pc
I don't give a fuck.

>> No.2900523

tilefag get out

>> No.2900551

best post in the thread

>> No.2900582

Terrible mother, awesome fuck.

>> No.2900585

where's you're god now

>> No.2900798

Kirby likes 'em young

>> No.2900808
File: 154 KB, 500x412, 1405844038485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You god damn better believe it.

>> No.2901161

cool blog bro

>> No.2901290

Yeah I must be some kind faggot to talk comprehensively about anything in a place where only the hardest motherfuckers roll.

>> No.2901707
File: 143 KB, 223x344, Lilith.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me 2d lolis are cute. Adult characters can be cute as well depending on how they are drawn. I understand the difference between reality and fantasy. It doesnt hurt any real little girls if I like 2d lolis. People are just looking for the easy targets to vilify.

>> No.2901717
File: 75 KB, 800x372, 1452196869318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2901718
File: 14 KB, 336x113, Lilith_Avatars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2901732


Every censorship debate ever, now in convenient summarized image macro form.

>> No.2903006

>not popuri

>> No.2903047

fucking this

>> No.2903736

N for Nintendo obviously!

>> No.2903738

Thick just the way I like em, thick and full of gas. Now I just need to see/hear her fart with her asshole opening up with the gas pouring out inch by inch closer to my nostrils. Oh god yes! I'm so fucking hard right now that I think I'm seriously going to fap to some rule 34. You people have done it this time my walls are going to be cum stained tonight!

>> No.2903745

Why does this make me think of Space Jam?

>> No.2903758
File: 69 KB, 640x480, 315029-Soldiersphotoafp-1325425087-746-640x480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus dude. >>>/d/catalog is thata way.

>> No.2903761


Have you told your sister you feel this way about her?

>> No.2903869


>> No.2903894


Obama's next State of the Union Address.

>> No.2903924
File: 14 KB, 275x343, james_franco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2903978


>> No.2904020


>> No.2904048

jugga was just too much for my 12 y/o dick

>> No.2904054

Nice try, James Joyce

>> No.2904062

what the fuck you just admitted your argument is shitty and just kept going with it. i dont see how normalizing children as sexual objects and glorifying rape porn can do good for society but i cant find shit about pedophilia statistics in japan so whatever. on precedent i don't like it.

>> No.2904076

I love how loli never fails to derail any thread

>> No.2904095

You're babbling.

Blathering even.

>> No.2904098

>James Joyce
The fuck you talking about? That post actually used spaces and punctuation.

>> No.2904105


"My litle fuckbird", "arse full of farts" etc. Look it up.

>> No.2904120

Those letters are better than any of his novels.

>> No.2904121


>on precedent i don't like it.

The precedent was 45 year-old lords marrying 14-year-old brides, you egotistical windbag. Yes, the world did exist before you were born. And it was a very, _very_ different place. You should try learning about it some time. There's only 1.2 million years to catch up on!

>> No.2904123



>> No.2904764

>The world is 1.2 million years old
Well fuck man. Be a creationist or a darwinist but don't just be full of your own personal shit.

>> No.2904783

He's saying the world, not the planet.

I think he's speaking more about humans and our ancestors, and the circumstances that more directly led up to our being, than the history of all life as we know it.


Argue with his actual argument, ya jerk.

>> No.2904784

You don't have to like it.

Just leave people alone. Don't try to get anything censored. Don't support or vote in those who would.

Until someone commits a (victumful) crime, they're FINE.


>> No.2904791
File: 12 KB, 480x360, Sonya_Blade_vs._Jarek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2904821

are you me?

>> No.2904974

I dunno. Anything's possible.

>> No.2905131

I'm gonna say you're probably not.

But again yeah, we've landed objects on comets so who knows what's possible.

>> No.2905761

We've also cured spinals. Look up "firefighter severed spine".

>> No.2905786

is it really you? :^)

>> No.2905789


>> No.2905802

lol at this emotionally stunted virginal manchild. creep.

>> No.2905842

>45 year-old lords marrying 14-year-old brides
are you trying to tell me this is a good thing? this is actually the shit i'm talking about. treating children like objects for sexual gratification and in this case acquisition of property

are you just trying to look smarter than me by appealing to your highschool history classes? i dont understand

>> No.2905845 [DELETED] 

like i said i don't think that censoring loli for pedos is going to stop them from getting it anyway so yeah i agree there but i also think its something we shouldn't expose and normalize pedophilia to children which is what i'm seeing some anons implying

>> No.2905852 [DELETED] 

like i said i don't think that censoring loli for pedos is going to stop them from getting it anyway so yeah i agree there but i also think its something we should expose and normalize to children which is what i'm seeing some anons implying

>> No.2905858 [DELETED] 

like i said i don't think that censoring loli for pedos is going to stop them from getting it anyway so yeah i agree there but i also think its something we shouldn't expose and normalize to children which is what i'm seeing some anons implying

>> No.2905859

like i said i don't think that censoring loli for pedos is going to stop them from getting it anyway so yeah i agree there but i also think its something we shouldn't expose and normalize to children which is what i'm seeing some anons implying

>> No.2905865

I dunno, I have legit seen weird assholes say that the Middle Ages were better than modernity. I have honestly seen people who think that we should bring back feudalism and absolute monarchies.

Generally, those types of people tend to imagine that they'd be a powerful feudal lord, or an influential member of the royal court, if not an actual monarch, rather than a shit-farming serf or a 13 year-old being given as property to a gross old lord.

>> No.2906227

Lol she wasnt this hot in oot
And fuck HW. Fucking spinoff

>> No.2906235

I have had sex in my life, sir.

It's fine. Not really worth the hassle of wrangling people you know to a secluded location at odd times of the night, but it's fine.

Manchild? Ehh. Sure, okay. I don't mind that word. I mean no one has to pick up spears and kill mammoths anymore. It's not the worst thing I could be in this given society.

Creep? Naaah that's just rude tho. I'd rather you didn't call me that again pls

>> No.2906430

>I have had sex in my life, sir
With your hand doesn't count.

>> No.2906585

This quip would work if I didn't mention that stuff about wrangling other people.

But since I did, it doesn't.

C'mon dude, hustle.

>> No.2906594


There are monarchists on /pol/. One of my real life "friends" was brainwashed by /pol/ into becoming an extremely right-wind monarchist. He became absolutely insufferable. /pol/ truly corrupts people into becoming a bad person. He used to be nice to everyone and now he's a mean motherfucker with no more friends.

>> No.2906610

Yeah? Well, I won't be a virgin anymore after I fuck you in the ass, will I?
Not me.

>> No.2906868


>> No.2907214
File: 23 KB, 371x321, whoa just take it easy man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Come on 4chan
>complain about loli and lolicons

>> No.2907312 [SPOILER] 
File: 219 KB, 579x708, 1452450138677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rare are really good at making sexy females tho

>> No.2907327

If you get corrupted by /pol/, you were already a /pol/ack.

>> No.2907339

naw, it should of course be from 18 and up, like other porn (not that anybody on the internet ever cared or lied about their age)

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