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ITT sequels where the developers lost the plot

At least the soundtrack is the comfiest thing ever.

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I think saying they lost the plot is a bit much. There's nothing really wrong with Yoshi's Story aside from the incredibly short length.

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Not the controls, not the weird way to clear levels?

I lied to myself for almost two decades trying to tell myself it was a good game just because of my undying love for Yoshi's Island, and how I couldn't dare shittalk the 'sequel'.

I'm pretty sad they threw away the perfect mixed media look for the arts-and-crafts look, I really don't think it worked out well until, well, recently.

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The scoring is mechanically broken. All scores outside of a full melon run are completely pointless

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I didn't see anything wrong with Yoshi's Story. Although a single playthrough is pretty short, I don't think people tend to notice that there are actually several more stages in the game that you have to unlock by choosing different routes on subsequent playthroughs. You can unlock new Yoshis with special abilities in the process.

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The controls are good, the problem is the overall game design.

Since doing a melon-only run is hard as shit, the other fruit might help you get an otherwise not too bad score. Say if you missed one or two melons, you can still complete the level by getting the favorite fruit of the Yoshi you're using, or the lucky fruit and still get a better score than you'd get if you ate any other fruit. But yeah, melon-only is the only way to get the highest score.

Playing for score in this game turns an otherwise very easy game into a real sadistic experience.

Although the fact you only have 6 lives (or 8 if you unlock the black and white yoshi) makes the story mode a tiny bit challenging, it's unlikely you'll lose all your lives, even though some of the later levels are a bit hard (the jungle level with the thorns particularly).

this game is good to play while high

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You get points for each yoshi you still have alive at the end of each level, plus extra points for using the black and white ones.

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Its only a sequel by the virtue of both games starring Yoshi. It's a totally different type of game. That's like called DK King of Swing a sequel to Donkey Kong Country.

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At least it's one of the very few N64 games with acceptable framerate.

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>the problem is the overall game design
>I can replaya level without starting a new game or finishing this run
Who thought this was a good idea?

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Speaking of Donkey Kong, I can't believe after 3 wonderful games, Rare just went and replaced the already established Kongs and turned an excellent platformer series into one jumbled mess of a collectathon.