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Thread 5 Cont. From >>2861528

>Last emulation thread hit the limit. Let's keep the emulation train rolling.

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>the faster we can force shitty rips out of circulation
we have what we have and just because there is something new of something old doesn't mean that's what people have.
If good versions of a game are better, they will rise to the top, but
telling someone to "download a proper rip" is a pathetic excuse for inherent incompatibility.
please go and fuck yourself with this kind of feeble attempt at legitimizing a crappy emulator.

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Not the guy you are arguing with, but bin+cue/etc is considered the proper format for PS1 rips. This is because of the number of multi-track games. I use bin+cue when I use epsxe as well, since it supports it. Why would you want to use a sub-par rip?

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Your entire post is fucking retarded. If a rip doesn't work on real hardware, then it doesn't work in Mednafen is therefore shit, period.

Only crappy emulators allow broken rips like that.

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...You're a fuckin' imbecile.


Thank Christ, someone with some sense.

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is wii good for emulation

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Depends: are you looking for emulation on a budget? Then yes. But if you want the full monty, a desktop (Mac or PC) with some hefty specs is your best bet.

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>/vr/ doesn't have enough shilling and shitposting. Let's fix that with yet another shitty emulation general!

Please stop.

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Because multiple threads asking about emulation questions is better than a single general?

Do you even know what problem you are attempting to fix?

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i was hoping we could turn over a new leaf with this thread
but the sperging never ends

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I asked in the last thread near the end, and I didn't get much, so I'll ask again.

I downloaded Metal Gear Solid: Integral for the PC.

I know this is Emulation general...but I figure people on here would be best fit to help. I'd like to avoid emulation if possible...because I'm lazy and lack a gamepad.

The visuals themselves work and so does the game...the only problem is that there is no sound, and it runs in windowed mode but that's a side problem, I've downloaded patches and that didn't seem to do anything.

>Newer Hardware, NVIDIA GeForce 750Ti, Windows 10.
>I've put the .exe in compatability settings and no change.
>I've had this game before on the same PC, the only difference is my OS (used to be Windows 7) and the Graphics Card.

I really want to play this game again...but I'm at a loss of how to solve my issue, any help would be appreciated.

If I should download different ISO's or different cracks...where should I look? I've googled for a while and I only turned up what I have now.

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hell if i know man, it really has nothing to do with emulation

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I know...but like I said, It's either ask here with people that likely have tried to do this before or make a whole new thread.

if no one can help me here I guess I'll just have to ask the whole board.

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What emulator are you using? I must have missed the question in the last thread.

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Not using an emulator.

I downloaded the ISO's and cracks.

I would like to AVOID emulating it, since I lack a gamepad...and I'm lazy.

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I've never needed a crack to run metalgear. Currently have it set up on pcsx. Never had trouble with others though. What site did you get the file from. (I've always used emuparadise)

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You don't need a gamepad to emulate. It doesn't really take more than 2 seconds to install an emulator on windows. I've used epsxe and mednafen as well. Always works fine.

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iso zone.


if you could point me to a website with the full game for the PC, that would be cool.

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oh really? It doesn't need a gamepad?

anytime I've looked it up guides everyone always said you needed a gamepad.

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You'll have to map the controls to your keyboard but that's pretty easy in most emulators and some do it by default. What release of windows are you using? I know 7 has an xp mode. You might need to run it in that.

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ISO and other formats are fine for multitrack images, which is what plenty of games are ripped as.
bin+cue is ONLY needed for multitrack CD's, and CD's have been BULLSHIT since forever now.
again, please go fuck yourself with your "proper" rip nonsense.
>doesn't work on real hardware....and is therefore shit.
you are a completely deluded fucktard who should stay away from this medium:
There are plenty of awesome rips out there for a multitude of emulators which will never run on real hardware.

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I'm using windows 10.

everything you need to know is in my original post

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Also...can I map controls to my keyboard AND mouse? or just keyboard?

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Not sure if 10 has an xp mode but I'm pretty sure that's where the problem lies. PC software that old is bound to have problems on 10. I think it would be faster for you to just emulate. If you have the processing power (doesn't take much and you likely do) you could always fire up windows xp using virtual box and test it in that to see if that's where your problem lies.

Yeah, you can map it to both keyboard and mouse. I haven't done that in years so off the top of my head I don't know which epsxe, mednafen, or pcsx does it easier.

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You'll be able to actually play it using xp in virtualbox as well.

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well since I already have a working copy of MGS, I'll see if Virtualbox has what I need. if not...I'll try to get the PSX version and emulate.

just download virtualbox and it emulates other OS's?

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Yes. You'll need to download a copy of XP though. You'll find them on any of the torrent sites. You just mount the iso with virtualbox and it installs really quick b/c it doesn't actually have to read from a physical disc. The virtualbox software will walk you through everything else for improved performance once it's installed (like using your actual gpu, it sounds complicated but it isn't they lay it all out for you once xp is installed.)

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>windows 10
stopped reading

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Nice meme.

windows 10 is great.

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Aside from the problems most people have with it, windows 10 is significantly less reliable and much more finnicky as far as playing old PC games, and in some cases using emulators

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>There are plenty of awesome rips out there for a multitude of emulators which will never run on real hardware.

What the fuck is awesome about that? It makes life harder for people who want to burn images to CD-R and play them on a real console, and for what?

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I've had few problems with windows 10.

This recent issue has been the only one I can think of.

I can run DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D. and plenty of other old games on it just fine.

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Most of the problems lay in the fact legacy and xp games installed to completely different file structures. Windows 10 is ok for modern gaming. (I don't like that it spies on me so I mainly stick to linux.) I dual boot btw it or 7 and linux on all my machines. I tend to virtualize xp on my linux os though b/c it's lighter on resources.

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The more popular the pc game the less problems you'll likely run into. Most people would just emulate mgs so they likely didn't fix the compatibility for the pc version. Not much demand.

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>DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D
those are like the easiest games to play ever on like any operating system

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>Oh, I just used the compalibility mode. (Windows 95) It works! Thanks for reminding me!

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>Oh, you said in your post that you already tried that.

why don't you read?

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Those were just examples.

I've got others.

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you didn't say which compatibility mode

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ok. try getting wipeout xl to work

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because I hate racing games.

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your loss

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>You weren't specific enough!
nice damage control.

Don't you think If I mentioned it I would have tried them all?

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no. now stop acting like a little bitch

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I see this threads local troll has taken up residency again. It's all good. You're fairly entertaining when you get a nibble.

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What are some good emulators for Android? Right now I just have SNES9x EX+ and PPSSPP.

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Retroarch. It's got you covered for everything plus it's free.

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this is an emulation thread. so,
fuck real hardware

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Wish I had a microscope

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In Specs wouldn't an Amazon Fire TV be an ok device for retro-gaming? I'm obviously new to the general but wouldn't it be possible on this Android based device? I think I read somewhere that you can sideload apps so something like RetroArch would work, no?

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It was at one point but amazon has taken steps to prevent rooting or doing anything fun with their devices. It will likely get bricked on you through an update. People have been installing kodi on top of their software for a bit. The hardware is capable but amazon actually makes no money off selling the devices. Thus they may choose to brick you for not using services that generate them income. It's pretty shitty imo.

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By "side loading" you are basically losing 20-50% of the hardware's capability. The resources are too limited. Kodi sure. Retroarch... unlikely. The devices are built to a specific purpose.

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huh sideloading takes more resources?

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>bin+cue is ONLY needed for multitrack CD's, and CD's have been BULLSHIT since forever now.
...which is what the PS1 uses. We aren't discussing other formats, so I don't know why you are spazzing out over other formats. Why the hell would you bring up a point only to defeat it with the very next sentence? Are you completely retarded?

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I was actually considering buying an rpi for a while, but I think I changed my mind thanks to this thread.

I can't support a company that actually pays people to shitpost on MY chinese girl cartoon image board.

>> No.2885856

Yes. You're loading it alongside anything currently running on the device. (The interface, it's updates, it's data collection, etc) It's a confusing and unnecessary term I'll admit. Think of it like most os's. You can shut off unnecessary services/software and focus those resources on what you're actually doing. You can't do that with an amazon fire tv. Shutting down their services to free up more resources will brick your device. Thus, "side-loading" which really only means being forced to run your software alongside theirs. I feel people have a right to root the hardware they pay for. Amazon isn't making money on the hardware though. They are making money on the service. You are the product in this case. Amazon isn't necessarily wrong about this. If they were genuinely generating decent income off the hardware then I'd feel differently.

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Yes... b/c that's what the Rpi NONPROFIT is doing. They're employees and founder make what is legally allowed for NONPROFIT status. They have constantly sold more than what is profitable and no one has gotten rich off it. Go figure.

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Like I'd believe some fucking shill. There's no way someone shitposting this much isn't getting paid for it.

rpi isn't even good for emulation, why do you keep making it the OP pic? And posting a new thread five seconds after we hit bump limit is next level shitposting, especially on /vr/. There's no way anyone would do that unless they were desperate for their shill bux.

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Well I agreed to use a different pic in the last post. I was too lazy to search for a new one this time and they don't let you use the same one. Pi2 performs exactly as advertised with regards to retro emulation. Check out one of the many youtube videos. People that dislike it are computer illiterate. I do like the product. It's plugged into my living room tv, as well as many original "retro" consoles (9 if you're curious). I have the nvidia shield on the tv in my bedroom as well as my self built gaming pc. I emulate on many devices. From time to time I even do on my laptop, phone, and tablet if I'll be traveling for a bit. I enjoy emulation that works well. My Pi2 is great for it's purposes. I'll go ahead and link a pic to the NVidia shield next thread if it makes you feel better.

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>I'll go ahead and link a pic to the NVidia shield next thread if it makes you feel better.

How about you fuck off and stop posting ITT forever, faggot.

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I'd probably get bored with posting but you're an entertaining sort. One can only watch so much boobtube, game, check out the news, and masturbate before they find themselves bored. You fill a necessary entertainment gap for me. You're truly a bro whether you mean to be or not. Thank you anon.

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Have you considered suicide?

I think you and everyone around you would be happier that way.

>> No.2885945

Knives are sharp. Bullets are scary if they're flying towards you. Breathing isn't bad. I have people that rely on me.

"To die will be an awfully big adventure."

In time anon. When it's my time.

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Use helium

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k buddy.

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Any advice for unbricking a PSP1000?
>the home+start+select+square+triangle boot method didn't seem to work
>I can boot in recovery mode
>The memory stick light is flashing like crazy, and the stick appears stuck in there
>I still have a pandora battery
>all the guides I've seen have links to downloads, but they are old dead links.

>> No.2886217

Can you link me a list of dead download links? I might have what you're looking for stored on my array. I'm going to sleep but I'll check in the morning. (Still have emulation working on psp but don't use it much these days.) I haven't deleted much for the past two decades. Just bought more storage. I might have what you want.

>> No.2886310

thanks brah, but turns out I might not need it.
The memory stick was jammed in there, but I managed to force it out with some manicure scissors. After that, the psp turned on as normal, still with CFW. I've found another memory stick to use as well

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You don't own actual tools yet play at being a man. So your mother loaned you her bit of kit? Good for you.

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I have ps3 cont on my pc and Pjn64-emulator.
How to conf. my controler??

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Is running the Homebrew Channel on a Wii U in Wii mode safe? I'd rather do that than buy a whole other Wii just for emulators, but I don't want to risk bricking Wii mode or having Nintendo update it and kill it. Anyone have any experience with this?

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When will we get the equivalent of No-Intro for disc based games?

>> No.2887009


You already have it- Redump or Trurip (I lean toward Redump). I've heard the occasional nay-saying bullshit about Redump, but haven't ever run across someone who could do better and still be willing to share the goddamn data.

(Cue some asshole saying Darkwater is just as good.)

>> No.2887096

I'm fucking new, what's Redump and where do I get it?

>> No.2887101

Do you still have to become a "dumper" in order to get access to Redump?

>> No.2887126




It wouldn't matter if you did, there's torrents of the shit _everywhere_. Fuck, have an HTTP link to the entire PSX NTSC-U collection.

http://www.theisozone.com/search/ (Do _not_ click on that link without an ad-blocker. Goes without saying, but some stupid fucks _still_ don't run one)

>> No.2887137

Too bothersome. I can get no-intro easily via archive.org. But disc based media? Shit nigger, I have to sign up for some private tracker bullshit or suffer through a shitty public site that probably doesn't even have the most up-to-date dumps.

>> No.2887151


If you can't even search "redump", then click on the entry you want and download it, then you are one lazy little Mexican and I hope Jamal bends you over in your sleep.

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Is ps2 emulation on point now days?

what emulators are really solid for the 2000's era?

>> No.2887609

>Is ps2 emulation on point now days?
Depends on what you mean. Out of the 2500ish games, PCSX2 can run about 2400ish more or less correctly. If you mean accuracy, I have no idea just how accurate PCSX2 is.

>what emulators are really solid for the 2000's era?
Well, there's PCSX2, Dolphin, and....that's about all I know of.

>> No.2887618

ISO 9660 can't have non blocked data. Redbook audio is the most common form of this, but not the only.

>> No.2887640

Neo.EMU has been good to me, as has GENPLUSDroid. NeoGeo and Sega Master System/Sega Genesis respectively. GameGear emulation is really screwie on GENPLYSDroid though.

>> No.2887643

I have a job, and things to do in the weekend. Retroarch is it if the question, unbilled it comes setup now and I've missed it.

>> No.2887653


/g/ here:

What specs are required to run PCSX2 at full speed?

Any idea if it's faster or slower than GC (Dolphin) on the same hardware? Relative importance of CPU vs GPU (i.e, can I run on a recent laptop with integrated grafix)?

Need beefy single core or spreads well over 4+?

I have some rare Stallmans I'll post in exchange for good info.

>> No.2887682


Are you using a free software operating system?

If so then Retroarch is great. (Apparently there are builds for the Botnet too, don't use it).

It works and can play games out of the box with no problems.

Getting it setup *exactly* how you want can still take a bit of time, e.g. setting up system-specific settings (gameboy games in green, roll off the highs on the genesis, 8:7 vs 4:3 for snes, etc)

I highly recommend you take the additional hour or so to learn and setup EmulationStation, as it provides a much nicer frontend and makes browsing your Rom collection better with boxart, date released etc.

>> No.2887698

Humm. I'm on vanilla Android (Nexus phone), using a build from Fdroid. Maybe I'll give it another shot

>> No.2887713

It depends on the game. There are PS2 and GC games that you can run on a pentium 3, and there are ones that literally can not be run on currently existing hardware.

The CPU is the most important, and single core performance is usually all that matters, but if you use PCSX2's software mode, which is necessary for some games eg Ace Combats, then you'd want to have 8 cores more than top tier per core performance.

You don't need much of a GPU for the most part, but it can become the bottleneck if you're trying to do 4k IR with 8xSSAA or something.

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ok. I just know that my late 2013 macbook (i5-3210M, HD4000) only averages about ~45 fps on Super Mario Sunshine, which is enough to make it "unplayable" for me. It'll do 60 fps sometimes (staring at a wall), but then drop to 20-30 about half the time when I'm running around which kind of ruins it. No fancy settings, just trying to play it in original resolution without that fucking awful 480i composite quality.

Might have a go at PS2 then, just gotta clear some hard drive space for the isos etc.

>> No.2889038

If you dualboot it into linux you'll find emulation is much better. I've got a 2014 macbook with similar specs but a hd5000 gpu. Runs smooth as butter.

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Alright guys I got a problem for you.

I open Retroarch.
Trying to play some Ocarina of Time.
I go and get MUPEN64+ core.
I soon discover it runs poorly.
I am told online to change my graphics driver from OPENGL to D3D.
I make the change and now Ocarina of Time runs perfectly.
Decide to switch over to some SNES games.
I went into the settings in BSNES to see if changing to D3D would allow me to use accuracy mode rather than balanced mode.
It still would not.
I was able to play Super Mario World just fine for the remainder of the session.
When I closed Retroarch and reopened it I was no longer able to play SNES games using any BSNES core.
Even mercury cores for BSNES will not work. The games appear to load and then crash at the last second.
I thought this was perhaps a problem caused by changing the video driver to D3D.
I go into the settings for each one of the BSNES cores and I intend to change them all back to OPENGL.
They are already set to OPENGL despite how I changed them earlier.
I try changing them to D3D as well and that still crashes.
There is no error message aside from "Retroarch.exe has stopped working."
Does anybody know what I did wrong here? I am genuinely confused about all this. I even deleted the core files and redownloaded fresh new ones and it still crashes just the same.

>> No.2889060

I have never gotten OOT to work with retroarch. If someone has a solution I'd like to know. I just play it on my N64 but that's a pain to pull out of the closet.

>> No.2889065

Yeah I hate fighting with all the wires too. For me all I had to do was get MUPEN64+ core or whatever exact name it is from the core downloads in Retroarch. Then You set your video driver to D3D instead of OPENGL and it should work just fine. No more lag or skippy music. But be warned it might fuck all your other games up like mine did. I can only run SNES games in BSNES accuracy now, and my PC really can't handle that so I basically can't play them anymore unless I go and pull the SNES out of the closet and blow the dust out of my cartridges. But we both know that would involve standing up.

>> No.2889068

Mupen64plus only works with OpenGL. If Glide64 plugin runs poorly, try using Rice or GLN64. They'll have more glitches but they will run faster.

>I went into the settings in BSNES to see if changing to D3D would allow me to use accuracy mode rather than balanced mode.

D3D would only make a difference if your GPU was really awful at running OpenGL. bsnes accuracy is highly CPU intensive, so it doesn't matter if it's D3D or OpenGL. Just use Balanced because it's twice as fast and just as accurate except for one game that uses mid-scanline effects.

Are you using per-game configs? Turn that off for now, and set video_driver = "gl" in the base retroarch.cfg and try again.

Also, you can get the error console log to file by launching RA from the cmd line like this:

retroarch --menu --verbose >> log.txt 2>&1

>> No.2889070

Well now I have no idea what kind of ghost power shit I have concocted. Thank you I will try this out.

>> No.2889078

Thanks, turning of individual configs fixed it it seems.

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File: 1.52 MB, 2560x1920, IMG-20160101-00472[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here a picture of Megaman X3 displayed on my HDTV through SNES9X, boy I do love emulation.
Just kidding, it's the original cartridge on an original SNES model 1, upscaled to 1080p via a Framemeister in 8:7 through RGB SCART. GET FUCKED EMULATOR FAGS.

>> No.2889189

nice and blurry

>> No.2889192

That's the camera, I can't be arsed to grab an internal screenshot.

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>> No.2889201


>> No.2889218

I wonder how much you payed for mega man x 3

>> No.2889219


>> No.2889231

Bought it at a thrift store yesterday for 99 cents.

>> No.2889235


>> No.2889252

ah shit, why build your MAME cabinet out of a full-blown PC when you can use that $60 toy?

>implying every house doesn't already have 5 extra HDMI cables floating around by now

>> No.2889287

What modern gaming computer is retro? The retro bit comes from playing retro games. It's sad some autist took the time to make an infographic. They seriously need more going on in their life.

>> No.2889308


The shills have won, Anon. All we can do at this point is filter the emulation threads and hope they don't serious posters away from the board.

I wouldn't mind so much if they would keep their shit in a single containment thread, but they feel the need to shill up any thread that mentions emulation for any reason.

Also, I think this may be the same shill who pushes Raspberry Pi threads on /g/.

>> No.2889435

Fuck Squarepusher in the butt.

On topic:
I suggest mod/admin megre all shilling and cancerous threads into one, and ban everyone who shills outside of them. Thoughts?

Prime examples.

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>shilling free emulators and old second hand CRTs

>> No.2889463


End yourself.

>> No.2889624

>Apologising for shills and unpaid ads.
Hiro is dumber than moot to allow this.

>> No.2889629

Like I said. Fuck off shills.

>> No.2889685

I want use Lakka on my old pc
my config
Sempron 145 + GT 610
I cant unlock the second core
Also i hear lakka getting a version o reicast.

>> No.2889695


Your mentally unbalanced ravings are no longer amusing. Fuck off and die.


Hiro is a skeeze who sells people's data. You will get little real help from him, especially for a problem that exists only in your deluded mind.

>> No.2889871

Honestly, just use Dolphin if your computer is up to it.

>> No.2889886

what are some good SNES games to emulate on a smart phone? I got a smart phone a couple days ago and I want to play video games anywhere I go!

>> No.2889947

does anyone know how to fix pressing ctrl d on retropie after starting the raspberry pi?

>> No.2889960

Should I build a high end emulation HTPC or build a lower end emulation HTPC (possibly ARM?) and then get flashcarts or other ways to emulate the tougher newer stuff?

Thoughts anon?

>> No.2890013

I'm new to emulating MAME and I'm having issues. I'm trying to emulate Time Crisis 2. I dumped the zip file in the roms directory and went into the command window and entered the rom name but I can't run it. Required files are missing, which I'm guessing means it's not detecting the rom file.

>> No.2890019


You don't have the bios probably.

>> No.2890027


Whoops, I forgot to stick the BIOS in the folder.

>> No.2890038


And still doesn't work

>> No.2890082

Either you don't have the proper dump for your version of MAME or it can't be emulated yet.

Time Crisis 2 is a pretty recent game; I would be surprised if it could be emulated at this point.

>> No.2890084


I fixed it but Time Crisis 2 doesn't run properly, which is unfortunate. I really like light gun games.

>> No.2890085


Probably better to emulate PS2 port.

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File: 1 KB, 384x224, redearth-01-02-184343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So trying to run Red Earth in the latest version of Final Burn Alpha and trying to coin up and start the game gives an ingame error of No CD Rom Drive. Is there something wrong with the rom I found?

Also for some reason the options for creating and inserting Neo Geo memory cards is greyed out even while I'm running a Neo Geo game. Do I need a more recent BIOS or something to enable those options? Or is there something else I have to do in order to use memory cards on the Neo Geo roms?

>> No.2890715

Just bought a raspberry pi from my m8 with cables and shit for 20 bucks.

Why does this fucking thing lag playing goddamn Super Metroid? With 700 MHz processing power it should definitely better that the SNES with only ~4 MHz processing power. Even running an operating system and a couple programs.

Why is the emulation for Rpi so shit? Is model 2 any better? Does anyone have the same problems as me with Model 1B?

>> No.2890894

You fucked up getting a raspi. Just get a pc and use that instead.

>> No.2890934


I'm afraid I must agree with this anon. I'm sure some other fucko will come in here as a veritable "101 Uses for Raspberry Pi 26 Volume Compendium" and start rattling off every goddamned virtue of the little shit. But I always find myself saying "...And? So what?...Meh." to each and every one.

>> No.2890998


I've never emulated PS2 before, do they generally work well?

>> No.2891006


No, PS2 emulation is an incomplete GPU-hogging nightmare.

>> No.2891137

How do you switch shaders in retroarch ?
I tried to find it in retroarch itself but there doesn't seem to be an option for it, I can change it with the hotkey i set up to close down the fullscreen game with my gamepad (select) and then pressing m or n to filter through them but it only takes the ones in the root folder and not any of the subfolders for some reason, do I need to move the shaders out of the subfolders into the rootfolder or how does this work ?

>> No.2891151

Should I build an emulation HTPC that can emulate Saturn and higher or just not bother and get something that can do like 16 bit and PS1

>> No.2891161

ah it think I understand how it works now, you simply move the shaders from the subfolders into the root folder and then filter through them with the hotkey + m.
Seems strange that it wont pick up shaders in subfolders though.

>> No.2891334

Best shader? Lotte Halation seems pretty good but what do you guys use?

>> No.2891341

it depends on the game, but usually a halftone and waterpaint shader in retroarch.

>> No.2891612

How are the SNES flash cart things? The Ever Drives. I've got a harmony cart for the atari and it's perfect.

>> No.2891779

The hotkeys only cycle through cg and cgp in the folder set for shader_directory.

In the menu, you can setup the shader chain in Shader Options in the Quick Menu once you are running a game.

>> No.2891782

the emulation wiki doesn't seem to help in learning terminology. yes i am so fucking stupid that i don't know what it means to be 'open source' or 'closed source', i don't know what a plug-in is, or why that would make it a better format. I don't know anything.

so where can i go to find all this out and more? unless it's on the wiki and i'm apparently blind as well as retarded

>> No.2891947

They're great. Work as advertised.

>> No.2891990

What's the best and most developed N64 emulator? Is it still Project64?

>> No.2892112
File: 974 KB, 500x279, RkAF06.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried emulating the user created net yaroze PS1 games? Does anyone know where I can download them?


>> No.2892486

There's a ton of playstation magazine discs in the redump database, they are probably in those somewhere.

>> No.2892510

How do you get into the quick menu ?

>> No.2892530

Found it, was hotkey + F1 with me.
Now I finally understand how the shaders work properly, I thought it was strange that I had to copy them over to make them work.

>> No.2892738

Has anyone got reicast working on retroarch ?
All I get is the bootup sound and then a grey screen.

>> No.2893212

so just got a PC with decent specs, but it has windows 10. Is emulation worth it on windows 10?

>> No.2893254

I prefer hylian for for retro stuff and bilinear for ps1

>> No.2893259

yes very good. you can run games in 1080p in full speed unless you have a turd pc pretty 2012 or are stuck with loonix gnu

>> No.2893452

Just dualboot. If you don't want to install it onto your actual hard drive linux will install to a usb device and run perfectly fine on that. Just set your computer to boot from usb in the bios first.

>> No.2893662

Why wouldn't it be? It's the same exact shit.

>> No.2893685

What's the point of going through that effort if you're not going to use a CRT? What a moron

>> No.2893750

Just ordered some everdrives, anyone have any experience with these?

I've got my old consoles still around and for whatever reason I just prefer playing on the console with the controllers on the couch the old fashioned way. Even with a USB controller and hooking up my PC to my TV doesn't feel the same. Maybe my brain is just autistic.

Hope they work as well as advertised.

>> No.2893946

idk i just wanted to ask, i never emulated before but i really want to get into it

>> No.2894040

been out of the emulation loop for a while, whats the best emu for n64 for windows? still pj64/mupen64?
also are there any n64 emus that support video filters like scanlines/crt?

>> No.2894120


Everdrives are fine, as long as it's not some cheap chink knockoff.

You should really consider an upscaler if you're hooking your consoles up to an hdtv, though. Although the good ones are expensive.

>> No.2894750

>whats the best emu for n64 for windows?

Project64 is the most compatible.

>also are there any n64 emus that support video filters like scanlines/crt?

Only RetroArch does, through its Mupen64Plus core.

>> No.2895095

>Hiro is a skeeze who sells people's data
>Shitposting ironically on Hiro's board.

>> No.2895112


>advertisements for free things and things that are no longer being made

>> No.2895345

If only they were offering the 3D rendering needs to go in a RPG I highly recommend you'd emulate, alongside SNES GENESIS and NES

>> No.2895375
File: 399 KB, 1920x1200, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat feel when no cracked LaunchBox 5.5 for Big Box Mode


>> No.2895393


Why do you think he was kicked ass-over-teakettle to the curb by 2channel? This is common knowledge over there, they hate him. Selling data isn't even the shittiest thing he's done.

>> No.2895616

A I5 4460+ gtx will run wii at good speed/resolutions?

>> No.2895625

I want to make a bootable partition on my laptop whose only purpose is emulation. Should I install Lakka on it? Emulationstation? Or is my plan retarded?

>> No.2895641

Very easy to do. Just dualboot linux with whatever your os is and run retroarch or whatever with the emulation station frontend outside of x window mode. Very light weight and simple.

>> No.2896032

It's not really though.

>> No.2896993

Isn't that entirely your preference? I can't tell you what to do.

>> No.2897903

>Still shilling for the stallman
>Still shilling for raspberry cuckold
>Still shillng for Squarepushers massive butthurt

>> No.2897907 [DELETED] 

Then leave, hypocrite ,or go back to shill jewland >>>/g/
We don't need cancer like you.

>> No.2898210

>Still a whiny bitch on the internet.

>> No.2898667

If money were not an option for me, and all the old consoles/games stopped working, what would be the best way to emulate PSX, PS2, DC, 64, Saturn? (those are of my most interest)

>> No.2898668

Does having a gaming laptop mean that i'll be able to emulate smoother? I'm pretty much retarded

>> No.2898691

a windows desktop
it means that you can emulate on the go

>> No.2898701

Then why do people do crazy things like mod a wii, buy some chip, or pay for home brewed hardware? Is it not more stable?

>> No.2898713

Gonna play devil's advocate.

Mod a wii because most people seem to have one, and it's convenient as well as easy. Hell, you already have controllers to use without extra things needed.

Chips if you still want to use original software. It varies on preference.

Paying for homebrewed software is a fucking scam and I feel bad for anyone who's dumb enough to bite

>> No.2898725

a modded wii is great, but not for what you said you wanted.
ps2 & saturn is only really viable in windows
they sort of work in linux, but not well.
the others are also BEST on windows.
a desktop is simply the most bang for your buck.

>> No.2898741

Thank you, I don't know much about emulation but I at least wanted to know the best route to stability before diving in on the wiki.

>> No.2898767


>> No.2898776

Hardware solutions are probably best for PS2 and Saturn

>> No.2898824

Yo, there is.
You use a crack for 5.2, and copy the license file over to 5.5.

>> No.2898910


>> No.2899415

Is a PSP still the best option if I just want to portably emulate...

>Sega Genesis
>Atari 2600
>Neo Geo Pocket Color
>I assume N64 isn't possible?

And if so, which PSP model should I get, and where online is a good place to get one?

>> No.2899472

The N3DS is far better for all of those except GBA due to lacking TempGBA (gpSP is still good, though), and Atari since no one has bothered to port an emulator for it.

>> No.2899503

Oh shit, really? Got any links to share?

>> No.2899916 [DELETED] 

what kind of specs will be needed if they finish the WiiU emulator?

>> No.2900019

It costs ten times more though.

>> No.2900028

You can get a PSP for $18? Link ploz

>> No.2900046

Something like this.

>> No.2900257

I can't figure out how to work it. I know I need libretro cores, but I can't figure out where to get them. When I go to emulator websites, I just see regular downloads for windows and linux and such.

>> No.2900278

>I know I need libretro cores, but I can't figure out where to get them.
I threw it at google, and got this result:
Pick your platform you'll be emulating on, and then pick the cores you want.

Why is google so hard for people?

>> No.2900282

He's on android.

You download them directly through the app. Should be an Online Updater menu.

>> No.2900284 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 590x119, Emulating.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PS2 is /vr/ enough now right?

I'm happy for the first time in a while, well at least aside from 4

>> No.2900287

best snes emulator? and reccomend me some games. i havent played an snes since i was a kid

>> No.2900289


>> No.2900301 [DELETED] 

Well they stopped making games for it and it's like 15 years old now

>> No.2900339

Google "recommended games", the wiki is the first result.

Just report and move on.

>> No.2900360

>He's on android.
He can't figure out the built-in updater, can't figure out how to google, are we sure he's going to be capable of actually using the program?

>> No.2900437

Can the PS3 controller work with the popular emulators?

>> No.2900443

You just need a program to make it work

There's motion joy that's push button for the standard controllers and I used it fine for a while, but other people will tell you it has chinese spyware in it or something, dunno how true that is, it's also a very ugly program

>> No.2900451

for each emulator, do I need to get a separate program, or does motion joy work fine for them all?

>> No.2900467

motion joy just converts the controller, I forget weather it converts it's input to xinput or to a 360 controller, you might get to choice

>> No.2900485
File: 1.86 MB, 1200x3700, 1431880918744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i went looking on google and found an archive link to the this image.

any truth to it? It recommends Input Wrapper.

>> No.2900491

I don't think I ever got input wrapper to work, same with x360ce or whatever, that shit screwed up my controller and made it permanently emulate as a 360 controller until I reinstalled windows, which was annoying with some emulators

>> No.2900492

Pretty much all games right before the PS2 era though can be played with the Buffalo SNES controller

it's like 15 bucks and works nice

Try the steel series USB controllers they're like 15-20 as well if you want to do PS2 games

>> No.2900504

yeah ps1 and ps2 are going to be what i emulate the most, and i figured a ps controller would be best. So how about the PS4 controller? Doesn't the ones you just recommended not have L1 and R1? I can just buy that, but if the Steel Series thing you mentioned looks as cozy, maybe.

>> No.2900508

This thing, it's basically just a PS2 USB controller, there's a lot like it, you could also just get a PS2 to USB adapter, the controller you use doesn't matter so long as it's xinput for compatibility

not sure why it's reviews are so bad


>> No.2900530

Probably because it looks and maybe feels cheap. I've not used it, but money isn't an issue. I was mainly asking about playstaion controllers because I know they are durable and comfy. It just seems the ps3 controller specifically hasn't had good luck with emulation. However i do like to travel a lot and the cheaper controller might be best for the beat up with laptop gaming and transportation, so thanks for the recommendation, might pick one up next time I'm in best buy.

>> No.2900563

Yes, use scpdriver. Old versions work best, less bs.

>> No.2900679

This. Use SCPdriver. It's free, has no ads, or any possible spyware. The place where you download it has install instructions. Works with my PS3 controller for PuNES, Nestopia, FCEUX, Higan, RetroArch, ePSXe, PSX-R, Yabuse, NullDC, SSF, MAME, Kega FUSION, Gens, you name it.

Another good option(if you can solder) is to get one of those cheap ass $5 translucent blue PS1/PS2 controller adapters for USB, and replace the cord with a quality cord, since the one that comes with it is crappy and breaks quickly.

>> No.2900862

Ayyy... The shill maymay OP pic works! Pls shill more , anons!

>> No.2900865
File: 3.93 MB, 1600x1200, in-line.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I only recently started messing with retroarch. Those shaders/filters/whatever you call them are pretty damn cool. Is there a general consensus on which crt shader is the best? Any tweaks I should make to the preset stuff? I kinda like crt-royale but it could use some work.

>> No.2900867

Terrible infographic created by an autist
I wish I was kidding

>> No.2900926 [DELETED] 

what kind of specs will be needed if they finish the WiiU emulator?

>> No.2900996

>Huh, why isn't NES Emulation working?
>Oh shit, maybe it suffers from the same problem as SNES Emulation and I have to download an older version
>Spend 1 hour going through every single version
>Huh, same problem
>Oh wait, it just can't read special Japanese characters

FFS, why does Ninja Ryukenden work but not Ninja Ryƫkenden? Seriously Retroarch.

>> No.2901014

Supercard Mini SD is a piece of shit. Fuck the Chinese.

>> No.2901141

What were you expecting from an autistic shitbox made by autists?

>> No.2902078
File: 94 KB, 640x480, vp_battle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a hack for the PSX version that let's me have everyone shut the fuck up? I'd take either undub or voice mute but all I could find undub for the psp port.

>> No.2902087


That would be handled by the OS, I believe.

Not retroarch.

>> No.2902874

I want to emulate GBA on my PSP using gpsp kai. Apparently I need a bios. Any reliable place to get it?

>> No.2903013

I'd check emuparadise.

>> No.2903015

Seems like a you problem. Retroarch works fine for me.

>> No.2903787

Why is this threads troll so angry? Was he molested by an emulator?

>> No.2903805


Retroarch shot his dog. Mednafen stole his truck. A Retron slept with his wife.

'Tis a tale of much woe and sadness.

>> No.2903806

>a Retron slept with his wife


>> No.2903941

I've read it's technically illegal, but I haven't kept up with the laws around this. Does anyone really give a fuck if you download a bios?

>> No.2903993


One thing most of you shitters have yet to learn is how fucked copyright laws really are. Fucking _everything_ is illegal without some asshole middle-man getting paid (often in-perpetuity). Emulators are currently safe, but with the goddamned TPP who really knows?

>> No.2904012
File: 39 KB, 500x375, 1449963195586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Retron slept with his wife
Bitches love firmware packages.

>> No.2904286

I'm guessing the Pi2 violated his booty.

>> No.2904295

So emulators being safe = bios downloading being safe?

>> No.2904305

The winds could shift at any moment but no one is prosecuting people for downloading retro bios files and games. They don't have some out of control organization like the MPAA hunting people who download stuff.

>> No.2904368


Unfortunately, no. In addition to copyright (which has been found to apply to BIOS') you have a lovely little ad-hoc piece of shit called "mask rights" which also apply and were literally made up by technology-baffled courts as they went along (led merrily down the path by tech companies such as Nintendo, of course).

As I said, you can't do _fuckall_ these days without some asshole Big Media middle-man wanting their never ending toll booth payment. Some even refuse to acknowledge Fair Use now because they know you'll never go through even a fraction of the money they can for it to see the inside of a court room.

>> No.2904370


No, it torched his barn and took all the livestock.

>> No.2904373


Whether they're prosecuting is another matter entirely. He asked whether it was "safe". I assumed that meant "legal".

>> No.2904390

I mean... blowjobs aren't legal in every state but there's no one arresting you for getting one.

>> No.2904394


True. Simple misunderstanding I suppose.

>> No.2904459

I'm not discounting the fact that if prosecution becomes profitable they won't start tomorrow. Like you said about the TPP. Who knows these days? The climate could shift at any time. But for now, I'd consider it safe.

>> No.2904461

Is emulating anything past PS1 maybe a pointless waste of time

>> No.2904464


Yes. Unless you like fucking around with settings and compatibility lists more than playing the game.

>> No.2904469

Depends both on your hardware and the game. I emulate a lot of the PS2 catalog without problem. There are still trouble games though. I build a beastly new rig every 3 years though (just because I enjoy doing it and can). I can run Witcher 3 at full settings yet somehow OOT on N64 is still fucked for me. I have hope though for OOT, I'm trying it on mint soon with different video settings.

Like he says... settings can be a bitch. I don't have this issue with most of PS2 though. "Problem Games" exist in the strangest places though.

>> No.2904516

It's probably silly, but I feel like I've become more paranoid about being prosecuted as I get older, with all this talk about changing laws and what not. Sort of like how as you get older you feel less bulletproof regarding your health

>> No.2904526

GameCube emulation is really good, PS2 emulation is a piece of shit, Xbox emulation is nonexistent.

>> No.2904530

In this regard it may be silly. I've looked before and can't find a single instance of someone being prosecuted for downloading a retro game or bios. Many of these sites are hosted in the US and Japan. You don't need to torrent anything. When companies start targeting the sites then you should worry.
Xbox has been incorporating their games into their Windows OS in some fashion for years now. That's probably why.

>> No.2904537

GameCube emulation beyond the 50 most popular games is still extremely hit or miss. It's in the nature of high leve emulation.

>> No.2904731

I got Dolphin running on my i5 Surface Pro 4. Several games run at full speed (at 480p), but am I doing damage to my processor by putting it under too much stress?

I asked on /g/ but the thread got overrun by poo in loo shitposters

>> No.2904814

What the hell is retroarch's problem with PSX games? It won't add Rayman even if I get the redump version, others as well. Is there some master list of approved dumps or something?

>> No.2905264

Hey not sure if this is looked down on to ask, but what is the best way to emulate the game Hell Night (Dark Messiah). Unless I just can't find the ISO for psx. What is M.A.M.E.? Because that is the only ISO i can't find for the game, apparently it's a type of emulator...

oh and i can't understand Japanese so i can't play the Japanese one.

>> No.2905286


>> No.2905305

Thank you so much anon, not only for the game I wanted, but for introducing me to a cool website, i'm still new at emulation. However, the website is really slow loading, and i kept getting a bad gateway message the first few times I tried to open the site, happen to know whats up with that?

>> No.2905309

>What the hell is retroarch's problem with PSX games? It won't add Rayman even if I get the redump version, others as well.
You have a real bin+cue version of Rayman with all 51 bin files?

>> No.2905689

okay I'm almost at the limit of my frustration. I'm trying to emulate Clock Tower on epsxe with Pete's plug-ins. But no matter what i do in configuration, I can't get the prologue cut scene where Professor Barton puts Jennifer into hypnosis with the red swaying screen, literally the first few second of the game, to not lag up terribly. Is there something I'm missing, or perhaps an anon who was in the same boat that knows how i can fix this? Or should I just move to psX emulator?

>> No.2906363

yeah from isozone, the redump release. It'll boot if I load it within the core, but it won't scrape, same with Croc 1&2

>> No.2906670


Emulating on a system that doubles as it's own gaming platform is much more valuable than owning a pi2 that doubles up as a shitty slow as maker server.

Why is the rasp pi the image for every thread ?? It's PATHETIC and OBVIOUS you have a rock hard boner for rasp pi.

>> No.2906718
File: 29 KB, 640x480, 1442577639403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just discovered PS1 emulation on my phone but I can't play games that require me to button mash like fighting games since it's touchscreen.

What kind of PS1 games are good for a phone? All I can think of is Final Fantasy.

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