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I have been in possession of this gold version game cartridge for about 15 years now. I traded some Pokemon cards for it. The reason why this is an interesting cart is because the sticker is upside down.
>pic related
I come to you guys at /vr/ to ask if this rare item is worth anything. Ebay sells normal gold version carts for about 20 dollars. I tried to research this to see if there was anyone else that had a similar game cartridge with an upside down label. I didn't find anything. The game has been tested and works and contains no save data. AMA
Thanks in advance

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probably better off asking on some pokemon-specific forums . or maybe nintendo age

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not worth jack shit sorry lad. Try smashing it with a hammer to see if there are any gold nuggets inside.

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>The game has been tested and works and contains no save data.

No shit, the battery ran dry about 6 years ago, man. Same as every other.

Not sure if you're serious but it is most likely somebody did that themselves. How on earth is a cartridge going to be processed upside down, then pass quality control?
At any rate, in terms of worth, probably about the same as a regular Gold cart, give or take a couple of dollars.

Here's an interesting idea. Try selling the fucking thing.

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why is it not worth jack shit? what is your source of information?

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The top bezel doesn't say "Nintendo GAME BOY"

probably bootleg

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variants in any form are mostly not more worth than the normals.
maybe if it had a very special variant aspect like a gray shell.
sure there are hardcore collectors which even look for those, like on nes games there are 5 and 3 screw variants, but even those are not really more worth than the others.
well like someone mentioned you can try selling it at nintendoage, it's the likeliest place there is some hardcorecollector who is interested in it and might throw some additional $/€ on it. but don't expect too much.

also a higher res picture of the whole front would be nice since:

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this happened to 2 of my gold carts so i replaced the batteries in both
also had to fix a ruby cart

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No one gives a fuck about your upside down label on your shitty Chinese bootleg m8.

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Why would it be worth anything in the first place? What do you think is so amazing about an upside-down label?

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People pay thousands of dollars for misprinted coinage. I dont see why this would be any different. not him btw.

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quit being a cunt to OP, he did nothing wrong.

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OP. please tell me this is a joke.

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Because misprinting a coin is something extremely rare because it's fairly difficult to do.

Putting a sticker upside down on something is ridiculously easy to do.

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Also because this is obviously a fake cart.

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>I can't see why a video game is different from a coin

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OP here
the sticker has not been tampered with at all. also as you can see in the picture it does have "Nintendo GAMEBOY tm" on the cart. this is not a bootleg

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Sorry OP, even if it's a legit cart I can't imagine anyone paying extra for this at all. It's just not very impressive.

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Ask yourself if you would pay extra for a cart with an upside down label.
Just because some total jackass took out a mortgage to buy a wrongly assembled Samus amiibo doesn't mean that this stuff has any real worth.

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Stuff like this happens occasionally, bypassing QC on seemingly obvious issues.

It's more likely that this is a fake, but rare and misprinted stuff does occur often.

I'm more likely to believe this is a fake because if it was real than we would have probably heard of more than one in all these years.

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Well then congratulations, OP you have a product that is worth exactly as much as a regular version because it's just an upside down sticker and not, say, a different version of the software (which actually WOULD be worth something).

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If you can prove that it is a legit error, then maybe someone would pay more for it? Maybe? As far as errors go, this one could be easily faked.

I really just don't think you've hit the jackpot like you seem to think you have, OP.

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OP here
thanks for being such assholes about this /vr/tards. Just came to see if I could find out any more information or if someone had a similar cart. I didn't figure it to be worth more than 30 bucks anyway. Don't even really want it because I only like first gen pokemon
thanks for the help faggots

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Serves you right, we're not here to help you scalp some poor sap. Do your own sales research.

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When people commit acts for the sole purpose of making a buck, they usually end up making asses out of themselves. This post is laughable.

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Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that OP is a fuckwit of the highest order?

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>using "Now that the dust has settled,"

We can, but you're an even bigger one.

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OP here again.
5/10 for making me respond
I really don't give a fuck about making any money off the game, i was just trying to find out some information about it. I couldn't careless that it's not worth anything, just curious about it.
You guys are so pent up with rage, I think its about time you leave your mothers basement and go and get laid. It's good for ya!
Fuck off dickheads!

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Nigga we get nothing from this conversation and you bump a legit thread for your selfish shit and expect help?

Fuck you turd face.

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Rule of thumb, only stamps increase in value due to fuckups.

The only exception I seen lately was with amiibos and even then it have to be something actually neat like Samus having both arms be cannon arms.

It is your own fault for obtaining the game with such a clear error so you only have yourself to blame. If anything it will decrease the value as most people will think the sticker being upside down as odd and not interesting and as stated Bookleg Pokemon games are kinda common which doesn't help. Personally if I were to buy Pokemon Gold and start a collection I wouldn't buy that one. Just use common sense.

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You sound kind of mad, are you mad OP?

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I doubt it's a rare cart. There are a lot of databases that keep track of regional versions, ROM revisions, misprints, etc., and this type of thing would have shown up on their radar already.

My best guess is that someone printed a replacement label and put it on the cart upside-down. There are ways to create reproduction labels, and there are even eBay sellers who provide this service. So yeah, it's not an unlikely scenario that some idiot printed a replacement label and applied it the wrong way.

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At this moment, this is op and his shitty thread.

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OP here
I am mad. I came here out of curiousity about the game to find out more information. Not to see if i could make a quick buck. As i stated before i've had the cart in my possesion since it's release date and I doubt a 12 year old boy trading it for some pokemon cards has the knowledge or equipment to put an exact replica sticker upside down on a cart himself. It was processed that way and has not been tampered with

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okay fine you picky whiner, everybody elses sticker was upside down. YOURS is the only right side up one. happy?

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we failed, guise... the better angle would have been to convince him it's worth 500 and that we all wanted to buy it so he'd list it on ebay with a ridiculous BIN.

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Only old /b/ could pull something like that off.

Whatever the fuck we are, it sure as shit is not old /b/.

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I was kind of hoping all the shit he got would have him list it on ebay so I could buy it cheaply but that doesn't seem to be happening.

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OP here again.
Thanks for peaking my curiousity even more, I'm just gunna go ask the nintendo fags about it now instead. Just decided to share this retro flaw with you /vr/tards because I like this forum.
Thanks again faggots

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I suppose you could send it to the VGA to entomb it, then try and pass it off on ebay for $1000 like most of the other VGA crap. Who knows, you might get lucky.

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OP here again
Disregard this entire thread, I'm a huge cuck who likes sucking big black cocks.

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purple-black or mocha-black?

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OP here.

This should have said "piquing" instead of "peaking", my bad.

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>wow, I don't care, they don't bother me
>I know, I'll show how much I don't care by responding every hour saying how much I don't care

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stop trying to bully oP

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It's definitely rare. Many Chinese bootlegs were assembled by mentally damaged prisoners but even they managed to get the labels on right. You've got something that only someone of an intellect such as yours could produce.

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OP here.
I am listing it at 250 on ebay, seems a fair price for something as rare as this you all are just jealous of my find. Ahaha faggots I win.

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I will give you my highest offer $3.50 no mo

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link of the listing pls. If true I'm legitimately interested in following this.

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>Ask yourself if you would pay extra for a cart with an upside down label.

I would, and there are tons of idiots like me.

Maybe you should kill yourself if you think something isn't worth what somebody is willing to pay.

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Behold, the "Inverted Jenny" stamp. Printed in 1918, only 100 are known to exist. It is the simple most valuable US stamp in existence, with one selling for $575,000 in a 2005 auction.

OP's cartridge basically has the exact same flaw, the one which so many in this thread are quick to dismiss as something that couldn't possibly add value. Yet give it just a few decades and I just about guarantee you OP's cartridge could sell for just as much.

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I am amazed at your stupidity.
>behold a glorious winged faggot.

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You have a lot to learn about the world.

Sometimes people do things you don't like.

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You have a lot to learn about video games. Not everyone cares about what you do.

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Does this look like /b you fucking autistic crack head?

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>Not everyone cares about what you do.

Do you have down syndrome? Get the fuck off this board.

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Softly lick my hairy little coin purse, faggot.

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No it does not, you cheeky little cunt.

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Please run outside, look directly up, and drown like a turkey in aids rain.

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Pictured: Me watching this thread.

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You...You don't want to lovingly lick my scrote? :/

I'd pay you, if money was the issue...

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Exactly, so get the fuck outta here with that shit.

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Eat a whole trash bag full of dicks. Just swallow them whole like daddy taught you.

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can we please not use so much potty language kids?

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No, fuck off.

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No it isn't you silly goose. The equivalent of that would be if Ho-oh himself were upside down but the rest of the label were right side up.

Oh, wait. You were being facetious.

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You asked about value in the first post. It read like so many other posts from people who find or have something they think is valuable and try to get research data for free from the very people they hope to profit from. Sure, maybe you aren't, but the way you posted had something to do with the reaction you got.

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>I'm not trying to profit in any way... I just want to know what this is worth for reasons.

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OP here

The bidding is going pretty well, up to 97$.

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Buyer is going to file a claim that it's a forged game and make up bullshit to get his money back. He'll have the money and the game and resell it.

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This is the real OP
Disregard all the imposters
As I mentioned a number of times already, I am not trying to make a quick buck. I am simply a collector and as most collectors I like to know the value of my possesions. I have no plans on selling this cart just wanted to know if it was worth hanging on to for all these years

>> No.2884215

Wouldn't a collector already know the value of his possesions?

>> No.2884224

the kid you got it from probably put it upside down senpai

>> No.2884230

I like you op. Your cart is priceless and will bring you good luck and fortune in the future.

>> No.2884241

Well it's so super rare we can't tell you, the only way to find out is to auction it.

>> No.2884338

That was me. I love fucking with tards.

>> No.2884351

I know the value of all of my collectables except for this one. Thats why i was asking you /vr/ fags

>> No.2884358

>not trying to make a quick buck
>no plans on selling this cart

>was it worth holding onto all these years

Sort of a logical fallacy there, innit? If it stores your saves and functions normally for gameplay that's all that matters. If you're not going to sell why should it matter? Just play the game instead of assigning value to what appears to be a poorly manufactured fake.
>No NintendoGAMEBOY
>No impressed numbers on label
You'd probably have to remove the case and look at the pcb to see if it's even a legit copy of the game and not just a game that was flashed with a Gold image.

But hey, you don't want to sell it so why care?

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Please regard this picture
It does have nintendo gameboy on it.
Also there is a stamp of number 22 on the front label.
>pic related
Its a legit v1.0 copy. The cart and sticker have not been tampered with at all

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I tried to get a decent picture of the stamp number 22! Its right on the "P" you can see it if you look close enough

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I can see what's present. This isn't unheard of, having an upside-down label isn't isolated to Pokemon Gold or give it any precedence of value. You may see re-sellers marking it up for being 'rare' and vapid buyers paying that price for a 'rare' cart. But personally I don't think it's got any more value than a regular cart for the only remotely unique feature being that the label was put on upside down. I still hold that the functionality of a working cart and it's ability to save should easily trump a reversed label in terms of value. But this type of thing is easy bait for collector fags who assign value to 'variants' like this one, as being special.


There's no reference of value outside of what you assign to it for re-sale. Sum total apprised value is nil unless you're baiting for possible value despite your insinuations of no sale forthcoming.

>> No.2884394

Well unless another one shows up, then as far as we can tell then your cart is one-of-a-kind, and it's simply impossible to guage the value of one-of-a-kind items. It could be worth a fortune, or it could be no more valuable than a regular copy of the game. Truly getting a bidding war of some sort going is the only way to get an idea of its worth.

I don't normaly dispense this advice, but you might wanna ask reddit about this one just to get some other opinions.

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Real collectors don't care about the value cuz it has value to them.
Resellers care about monetary value cuz they like to gouge memories for cost.
So eff you reseller. Go away and shill your tainted goods elsewhere.

>> No.2884547

Don't try and steal my handy work faggot.

>> No.2884552

I was on reddit, they sent me here. Told me you guys know more cuz you never leave your basements save for hot pockets and tendies.

>> No.2884637

Gee might be because it wouldn't be hard to flip the label yourself. Fuck off.

>> No.2884693

>Extreme damage control

>> No.2884695

>Real collectors don't care about the value cuz it has value to them.

Please stop trying to decide how others should think, you fucking moron.

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>or give it any precedence of value. You may see re-sellers marking it up for being 'rare' and vapid buyers paying that price for a 'rare' cart

You just contradicted yourself, you cunt.

>Paintings don't have any value. Vapid people pay millions for paintings that a four year old could make

Good one. You should seriously consider suicide.

>> No.2884702

I heard it's possible to heat up the sticker of any game cartridge in a way that it will not damage anything and will keep the adhesive somewhat intact.
This is what I think of the whole thing, if the PCB is indeed legit.
If I would get such a thing in my possession then I would give it a try to correct that flaw.

>> No.2884756

Status-minded collectors probably wouldn't buy it for much money given the risk of it making them a laughing stock if they were to pay out the ass or flaunt it. Personal collectors likely wouldn't buy it due to generally uninteresting nature of the thing. Again, someone might be more interested in it because of the flaw, but honestly it looks like one of the flaws that could be easily forged (is it easy? I have no clue how hard it'd be to safely remove the label and reattach it without signs of tampering since I've never tried it, to be honest).

>> No.2884760

Please stop being a fraud.

From: A real collector.
>ps: it's not worth jack.

>> No.2884761

>Only intelligent people collect things

I don't think so.

>> No.2884762

The important thing to remember is that even if this were a one of a kind ultra rare Pokemon Gold misprint cart, no one is going to pay extra money for this because it's stupid.

Earthbound CiB sells for $1000+ because that's a really cool thing to have.

OP's cart is not a cool thing to have.

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You're not a real collector, a real collector would know that something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

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File: 25 KB, 588x430, Final-Fantasy-XIII-Snow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A real collector never backs down!

>> No.2884771

Real collectors have thier own value, cuz it only matters to them. I could care less on the value of my collection I only care that it's important to me. Fuck your arbitrary need to have an outside value.

>> No.2884773

a real collector never stops trying to fill the empty void that is their life fulfillment by amassing pcbs and plastic!

>> No.2884775

You're a fucking retard.

>"X has no value"
>"Actually X has whatever value someone is willing to pay"

Fucking dumbass. You're an embarassment. Cut your own penis off and throw it in the garbage.

>> No.2884776

You are confusing collecter for reseller again.
>remember kids reseller =\= collector.

>> No.2884780

This is sort of my stance. I buy what I want because I want it, and I don't have the intention to ever sell anything in my collection.

>> No.2884782

Like your mother did before she had the abortion that is you?

>> No.2884784

Good one faggot.

>> No.2884785

>This is what a reseller would say.

>> No.2884787

>Raised edges on the sticker
Nigger, it's obviously been fucked with. GTFO

>> No.2884791

>Haha I called him a reseller, that told him
>Thread title: What is the monetary value of this object

Oof. You should figure out what thread you're in before posting.

>> No.2884816

We all knew it's a reseller thread, I'm not sure you do tho.

>> No.2884817

Ain't my fault you can sell your wares here.

>> No.2884829


>> No.2884841

Now you're in damage control mode. I win.

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>getting this butthurt on /vr/

>> No.2884867

No I never gave it value. I simply stated that there's no benchmark for the price but that it would be marked up from what the base price of the cart for it's condition would be. This being based off the idea that if anyone like op tried to sell it, it would be inflated arbitrarily by this flaw. There's no contradiction in that, just speculation. A contradiction would be a number value assigned to a precedent such as stating

>there's no precedence of value for a reversed label, but I saw one go for x amount of dollars

>Paintings don't have any value
Your point being? This is a flawed cart in that it has a reversed label, not a completely unique work of art.

>> No.2885493

OP, I think you have the GBA SP special edition cart

>> No.2885780

I think you are mistaken you very weird young man.

>> No.2885784

Wow this guy is a fucking major faggot. Trying to strawman his way out of it.

>> No.2886190

>I was on reddit
Shame that changed

>> No.2886371

OP back again
not possible. the"22" has been stamped right-side up on the upside down label as you can see in the picture
My other game carts have the "22" stamped in the exact same position as this one but with the sticker on the right way. If the sticker had been tampered with the "22" would also be upside down
AMA faggots

>> No.2886636


how hard is it being a faggot?

>> No.2886709

>AMA faggots
What exactly are you hoping for here?

You've established it's a production error. You've established it's fairly rare, rare enough that there's no auctions of similar carts to use as a guide for the value. We've established that no one here or on Reddit gives a shit about it, regardless of how rare it is. What more do you want?

As has already been said, the only way to find the value is to auction it, maybe no one will care and it will go for the regular price, perhaps even less, but then maybe a collector will pay a bit more than normal, maybe a couple of collectors will get into a bidding war and drive the price right up. But since you've said you don't want to sell it this is all moot.

What more do you want?

>> No.2886714

It's a shame you'll never have my rare valuable cart. You're just jealous.

>> No.2886718

I want you guys to admit that what I have is rare and you're jealous cuz you will never have such a rare find.

>> No.2886724

I took a shit today and it's the only shit in the world exactly like that so it's rare. U jelly?

>> No.2886737

OP please get in here, I think there's some faggot pretending to be you! :(

>> No.2886756

This is not the real OP

>> No.2886772

I'm OP, yes I'm the real P
All you other OP's are just REEEE
So won't the real OP please stand up, please stand up, please stand up

>> No.2886793

OP here,

You're right it's some imposter. I'm still trying to find out if my rare game has proper monetary value then ill decide how much I will sell it for.

>> No.2886867


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These /vr/tards are fakes!! I am the OP
>pic related

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File: 1.68 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2886886
File: 1.68 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My phone's being a dick

>> No.2886897

OP here:

This guy is really trying to be me.
Please disregard.

>> No.2886901

It's not unreasonable to suggest that this might be worth something. It's worth whatever some idiot nerd wants to pay.

A while ago a defective Peach amiibo went for something like $1,000 (or was it $10,000?) on ebay.

>> No.2886902

Ok guys, I'm putting on a tripcode, I'm the real OP so no one can impersonate me anymore.

>> No.2886903

It was actually $25,000 jesus christ.

Point is, some hardcore collectors are truly fucked in the head. OP, just list it on ebay at an unreasonable price and see what happens.

>> No.2886905

I see toy collectors all the time (and pokemon card collectors) that love to show off misprints of their collection.

you find one of those fat fucks and you got yourself 50 bucks.

>> No.2886906

It probably wouldn't do too well in an auction or something but you could probably hustle some nintendo fanboy for some money

>> No.2886907

>Namefag don't know how to tripfag.

>> No.2886908

That is honestly stupid.

>> No.2886910

Wait fuck, hold on a second.

>> No.2886912

When I saw that ebay posting I thought it was a joke. But nope, there were actually a few people having a bidding war over this thing.

It's hard to imagine the kind of person who would be willing to spend $25,000 on a defective amiibo, and also HAVE $25,000 to spend on a defective amiibo.

>> No.2886913

>Putting a sticker upside down on something is ridiculously easy to do.
Even in those days Pokemon was *already* a multibillion dollar worldwide industry. A late 90s EGM issue reckoned the worth of the property in the single-digit.... BILLIONS of pre-9/11 $$$s. Even IF shit like that happens then the entire assembly line team personnel will simply disappear. There are reports of Pokemon cartridge/toy assembly line workers being rounded up and used as "evolutive accelerants" to some monsters that were still being tested for release.

>> No.2886932

>have gold Zelda 5: The Ocarina of Time cart
>be ~15 years after the release of Zelda 5
>"i seem to remember these were limited to pre-release purchases, perhaps it's rare"
>"how much $$$$ do i have stored up in this thing"
>go on ebay to check prices
>some vendors selling for high starting bid but not getting any buyers
>they sell for the same price as other N64 games in similar condition
>the ones with mint, factory sealed packages are getting extra, but nothing crazy, like $100, which is less than double the original price
>i.e., you'd make more money if you'd simply invested the original cost of the game in the storks & bongs market

>> No.2886967

Ok let's try this again.

This is the real OP, I'm sorry for sucking so much dick.

>> No.2887017


its just the gold edition pokemon.

>> No.2887038

OP here

Yea that's one of my other listing! How did you find it?!?!

>> No.2887390
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OP here.
Just found my old Game Boy and gave it a shot.
Who's laughing now huh?

>> No.2887415

>bongs market
I think OP already invested in that. He's clearly high as a kyke.

>> No.2887896

Are you guys serious. It's near impossible to take a sticker off of something without damaging it. Especially one that's been fixed to a surface for so long.

>> No.2887898
File: 158 KB, 319x480, 1365841292903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using a RBY screenshot

>> No.2887901
File: 44 KB, 437x390, 1436493042027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2888480
File: 79 KB, 649x611, Pikachu Holding In His Barf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did a giggle.

>> No.2888681
File: 1.54 MB, 3024x4032, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These guys are Not the OP, had me a giggle tho m8

I am the real OP, i plan on listing it at a ridiculous price on ebay sometime in the near future and see if some nintendo fagboy, like myself, thinks it's worth anything. I don't really need the money but it would be pretty exciting to see if anyone finds this as interesting as I do and willing to pay a nice chunk of change for it. If no one bites I'll just keep it considering its a unique item to have in my collection.
If I ever do make any money off the cart I probably will invest in some storks and bongs. Sounds like fun

>> No.2888709

People itt don't seem to know that "misprints" do, in fact, go for something on secondary markets in a lot of collector circles. But that's no guarantee that this misprint in particular is something worthwhile.

Strange as it may seem, OP would have been luckier if this was a more common thing. You like to say something about it being "One of a Kind never seen anything like it" but nobody will have heard about it or care about it. But if there had been, say, a whole assembly line's worth of carts that did this accidentally for an amount of time before it was caught, and something like 15,000 carts hit the market upside-down, they'd probably be worth something. Enough people will have seen them, owned them, had friends that had them, that it will stick in their memory, but the vast majority of carts would still be correct, making it worth something has a "rare novelty".

>> No.2889352

Bootlegs with upside down labels are a "rare novelty"

>> No.2889384


Games like this are never worth holding onto for the value increase. Even Terranigma UK version with perfect condition box and map is still just 10x the price when new. You're not getting rich selling any of your old games unless it's that track and field NES cart or whatever it was.

>> No.2889532 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.74 MB, 4128x2322, 1451701648271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suck my dick fag , no box no shit, also ,superior weeabonese version is mine

>> No.2889648

The 22 on our cart looks like it was done by hand

>> No.2889651

I meant "your", but either way not every cart you own would have 22 stamped on it either way.

Confirmed fake.

>> No.2890036
File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, pacman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here dumping some pics. Confirming that this is not a fake. I took some pics of my other game carts and if you look at the bottom right of each of the labels you will see 2 numbers stamped by nintendo during processing.

>> No.2890041
File: 2.09 MB, 3024x4032, yoshicooke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2890045
File: 2.29 MB, 4032x3024, red.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the red version has "00" some of the carts have different numbers which is normal

>> No.2890047
File: 2.44 MB, 4032x3024, goldversonupsidedown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally another pic of the gold version with a clear image of the processing stamp "22"
not a fake!
One of a kind cart

>> No.2890059

Hey OP

why don't you just goandfuckyourselfm8

>> No.2890071

looks legit to me. my offer still stands at $3.50 american. I might pay a little more if you get it VGA graded and certified.
take it easy kiddo

>> No.2890073

Dude I mean, that's like cool and all, but give it a rest man. It's not worth anything more than a regular version of Gold. You could TRY setting up an auction on eBay, but it's really up to rabid collector's when it comes to whether or not it's worth anything.

>> No.2890074

It's time to stop shitposting OP

>> No.2890146

Because Nintendo is the only person in the world who can stamp numbers on paper. How deluded can a person get?

>> No.2890268

Let me be perfectly clear when I say this:

The label doesn't affect the playability, and some people would rather a normal cart that looks normal. You're only ever going to get a bidding war on this with the most autistic of collectors, and that's it. Even then, it's not worth that much as "priceless" doesn't demand a high price, rather whatever the most a collector is willing to pay for it

So, enjoy your $40 I suppose

>> No.2890329
File: 10 KB, 285x200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The reason why this is an interesting cart is because the sticker is upside down.

>if you look at the bottom right of each of the labels you will see 2 numbers stamped by nintendo during processing.

>the red version has "00"

>> No.2890348

$1000 in comics is worth $1000 when you've found the right buyer

if you dont find the right audience you'll be stuck with these assholes, who also believe that retro games shouldn't be worth more than bargain bin prices.

good luck OP

>> No.2890485

Those numbers are what factory the cart was made in, dumb ass. That's why I stated waaaaayyyyyy back here >>2889651 that not every cart OP owns would have 22.

>> No.2890837

>It's not worth anything more than a regular version of Gold.

If you honestly believe this you're as fucking stupid as the retard who buys it. Kill yourself faggot.

>> No.2890845

Everything is only worth what people are willing to pay for it.

I would not pay any more for this cart than for a normal one. If everyone in the world thought like me, the cart wouldn't be special at all. Maybe OP will find someone willing to shell out for it, I dunno. This thread is probably inflating the value of the cart way more than the misprint sticker itself.

>> No.2890850

That's why it's worth something though, because someone stupid will pay for it, a painting isn't worth 10 million until someone pays 10 million for it

>> No.2890852

Fun fact, money is only worth anything because the government says so. The rest of the world can just decide that your regions currency of choice is worthless and every centavo you have could be completely worthless.

Something to consider

>> No.2890853

OP confirmed for MAD and on SUICIDE WATCH

>> No.2890859


your logic is flawed. people don't have 10 million to spend by being stupid. they spend 10 million to launder money, dumbass.

>> No.2890871

Typically expensive art is expensive because of a combination of the artist, historical inportance, and aesthetic appeal of the work. This could possibly have a few bucks more value than a standard cart, but unless there is some hot collecting factor for a Gold game with an upside down label it probably isn't going to sell for hundreds of dollars.

That being said, with the the current pants-on-head state of game collecting, some investor might come along and want to pay $100 for it.

>> No.2890887

OP here

So I found a few potential buyers that are willing to pay about 120 us.
Think its a good price or should I hold out for more?

>> No.2890903

OP here

I'd say pull the trigger


>> No.2891191

Don't know why everyone is being a dick to OP. While there are a lot of bootlegs of pokemon out and about, what you have here is certainly interesting OP, and i have never seen anything like it. I'd hang onto it for sure.

>> No.2891193

You forgot your OP here, OP

>> No.2891195

OP here.

I don't feel so good.

>> No.2891218

Tell them to stop wasting your time, serious offers only.

>> No.2891251
File: 1.80 MB, 3024x4032, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am the real OP. I'm not mad or suicidal and fuck all you fakers! What I mean by a ridiculous price listing, closer to 1000 dollars.
Just want to see if some collector fag is willing to cough up the cash. Otherwise I'm just keeping it

>> No.2891268

>telling a deluded faggot the truth is being a dick
hope this post doesn't make you melt snowflake

>> No.2891284

it's just upside-down, son. not a misprint. nothing special about it.

this one time a guy showed up in /dueling network general/ with a German Blue-Eyes White Dragon printed halfway through with an ultimate rare foil. THAT is worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.

what you have is worth maybe 100 bucks, tops, if you find a sucker on eBay.

>> No.2891291

blow dryer and patience. although you'll probably melt the plastic, too.

>> No.2892210

why even reply?

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