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>Games age
Where does this meme come from?

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Now that the dust has settled, my wife and I bought a Retron 5 to play GBA games on an LCD with a smoothing filter so we can see which games have aged poorly.

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>Where does this meme come from?

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Underages and people who can't accept that their tastes have changed so they blame the game instead.

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It isn't the games themselves, but the industry. Those games were made when the game industry was younger thus certain conventions were accepted or they were grappling with certain issues during that time compared to more modern games.

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>things get older
>people act like things don't get older

never change /vr/. I mean, unless you want to be right.

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Baby got told in another thread huh? Baby had to leave and make this thread to cry huh? It's ok baby you can cry just let it all out WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I GOT TOLD SO HARD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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>new game comes out
>buy/pirate game
>play game on currently available hardware

>old game
>buy specific monitors to display shit "as the developers intended"
>hunt down physical copies of the game, roms are SO inferior
>get working controllers and cables for my 25 year old hardware
>bitch about everything on the internet


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I think a lot of people misunderstand what this means; a game that has "aged poorly" can still be a fun game, it just means that it could have been MORE fun NOW if there had been more modern game design aspects in it, so when compared to a more modern game, it doesn't quite stand up in comparison. It's still just as fun as it always was, there's just better designed stuff out now.

Like comparing Goldeneye to Quake 3 Arena. They're just inherently different due to new development concepts that either weren't implemented and/or possible at the time. It doesn't devalue the playability, it's just different. Anyone that doesn't play a game that "hasn't aged well" just isn't willing to learn the quirks of an older system, which is probably why so many people here think of that concept as ridiculous. That's kind of what we do, appreciate older design for what it is.

So basically what >>2880123 was saying.

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It's perfectly legitimate to view older design as bad by modern standards, just like it's perfectly legitimate to view modern design elements as bad (addictiveness prized over fun)

Ideally casual garbage like candy crush will be the thing people say hasn't aged well in 20 years time when they have hopefully cut that shit out

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Wow, this makes me embarrassed to post here.

Are there any other decent retro gaming forums? Preferably ones not full of shitposters?

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nope, get fucked

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Don't reply to obvious shitposters and you'll improve this board a lot.

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>Anything I don't like is a meme

Where does this meme come from?

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It is 4chan, chill out.
Yeah, it is neither a bad or good thing. The games mechanics never changed during all this time unlike people who change either growing up or aging past their prime, just the industry.

Before almost all games had a score ticker, hell Wolf 3D had a score box and lives. It is hard to imagine such things now-a-days. Then also view what is acceptable game length for a modern game day, like a platformer or a racing game. People want 10+ hours out of the games these days because eventually games kept growing bigger and bigger. From the NES games to the SNES games with saves to even more expansive PS1 and N64 games to another jump to PS2, NGC games. If you looked at a lot of older games you can often see a repeating six to twelve level structure and you have completed the game, and often times the player can complete the game within around thirty to ninety minutes when they build up the competence to play that game.

Today such a game would often be frowned upon as having too little content, or giving a slightly back handed compliment in it being really good, but too short.

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tv shows age
movies age
literature ages

Some poorly, some gracefully.

But on /vr/ games don't age and anyone who claims so is memeing, shitposting or an underage babby faggot turbopleb. With Atari 2600 being the exception because lol those graphics suck balls and aren't even worth playing.

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>tv shows age
>movies age
>literature ages
All wrong.

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But modern mobile design isn't bad because it'll eventually get old, it's because they're already deceptive to the consumer. Don't get me wrong, arcade games were hard because they also needed to make money, only instead of nickel-and-diming you to feel like you're good, you play enough so you actually are. That is why older games are genuinely fun, they place proficiency over accessibility.

Point is, it's legitimate to view modern game design as bad, it's just not "aged". "Aged" mechanics are a by-product of older hardware utilizing different concepts to make gameplay more fun THEN, which doesn't translate as well now because we already have better options that these odd mechanics were trying to work around. That's "bad aging".

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This term isn't taken seriously, because it is an analysis of a game compared to current pop culture, and as such, 99.99% of all games aged bad. Try convincing a 15-year-old to play TMNT, if you disagree.

The core gamers care about Assassin's Creed and Battlefield. The rest are casual gamers. Retro gaming is an absolute niche, unless you stick to playing a few games everybody hears about all the time like Zelda, Metroid or Mario. Even then it's still a niche, overall.

Old music matters, old literature matters, old movies matter.

Old video games are irrelevant. No one gives a shit, so to speak. The video game industry is huge, but few people genuinely care about old games.

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The winners write the history books, as it were.

Nobody cares because nobody's given a reason TO care. Introduce a online-based arcade-like retro emulator for portables with international scoreboards and you'd find at least marginally more people vying for the high score again. I mean, look at flappy bird for fuck's sake.

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>can't into reading comprehension
>can't disprove it

Those Amos and Andy shows have sure held up well haven't they!

I also forgot to mention that music and fashions can age poorly or gracefully as well but you're probably too busy listening to Elton John's "Victim of Love" in your leisure suit.

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>leisure suit

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Post pics of her tits and feet.

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Right, that's why there is usually only 1 classic rock station in a major city and 3-4 pop/hip hop stations.

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>game looks the same as ever
>film looks the same as ever
>music album sounds the same as ever
>hurr they age

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"Games Aging" is a controlled thing, and only weak minds are impacted.

Game companies try to move perceptions that "old games are bad", because if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to move new product. There are so many games in existence right now that any one person couldn't play them all in their lifetime already. There doesn't need to be new games anymore.

This isn't abnormal in a market, I just hoped more people would see through it.

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And close this thread.

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>judging artistic content by it's aesthetic presentation

Literally retarded

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>I'm a faggot and need to kill myself

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exactly, what looked acceptable then wouldn't pass now

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That's why a lot of 5th 4th and 3rd gen games are sold on stores like PSN and Nintendo Network?

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yeah because they look perfectly fine for today's standards, that's correct

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If I say something like
>Super Mario Brothers has aged well and stands up to any modern game
most people on this board wouldn't bat an eyelid.
Say something like
>Super Mario Brothers has aged
and prepare for a mass triggering of people who immediately associate the term as a pejorative

and a lot aren't
Do they have 1st and 2nd gen games on those networks or are the games from those gens determined to have "aged" and thus have less consumer value?

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People will call you on the "aged well" thing, don't lie.

>and a lot aren't
Do they have 1st and 2nd gen games on those networks or are the games from those gens determined to have "aged" and thus have less consumer value?

Is that so?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Console (commodore 64 which if you follow the year it was released, is a 2nd gen computer)

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>or are the games from those gens determined to have "aged" and thus have less consumer value?

Its always a licensing issue. That shit is basically free money by distributing a rom/emulator. The only reason shit doesn't end up on the market place is they don't have the legal rights to put it there.

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agreed. i grew up with atari 2600 and zero fucks are given as far as ever playing Combat or any of that shit.

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I agree with this, it's kind of a hindsight thing.

It can be said with confidence that when making an FPS for console today, using the left stick to move and the right stick to look is by far the best way.

But look back to the 90s, most consoles didn't have two sticks for their controllers, some didn't even have one, some games managed a decent control scheme anyway, a few, on the PSX, with the dual-shock, actually DID do use both sticks in that manner.

Even though a few were way ahead of their time in that aspect, this was still experimented with a lot, some control schemes were fine (some actually worked quite admirably without any analog sticks), some were only acceptable for their time and you look back on it with a modern perspective, and the control scheme is actually uncomfortable and unintuitive.
That doesn't mean the game is necessarily bad, or that it lacks merit, a game can have poor controls and still be pretty good.

I think Goldeneye 64 has aged poorly in a -few- regards, but I still cherish it and think it's a fun game.
(I was also very disappointed when it turned out the remake played like some colladoody bullshit)

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>It's perfectly legitimate to view older design as bad by modern standards, just like it's perfectly legitimate to view modern design elements as bad
Oh absolutely, for instance, regen health is a bad crutch with many modern shooters, only some games implements it in a way that doesn't suck.

Likewise, I always felt that extra lives, or at least, limited continues, were a needless remnant of arcades trying to sucker you for quarters. Like, I paid cold hard cash for this game, and now it has the gall to act like I'm supposed to feed it coins?

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>Before almost all games had a score ticker, hell Wolf 3D had a score box and lives.
What's even more hilarious is that the lives system was made obsolete by the fact that you could save your game at any time.

The score was kind of part of the charm with Wolf 3D though, there isn't really many other FPS with that, and there's something satisfying with seeing it climb higher as you collect treasure and pop nazis.

They were gonna have a lives system just like that in Doom, complete with collecting treasure for points and all, but as they scrapped the lives system for being obsolete, the score system went as well because it was seen as having no purpose without the lives.
Love Doom, but I can't help but think that the addition of treasure hunting and score would have added a fun element to the game, just like in Wolfenstein.

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Shut your whore mouth.

Look at captain positive!

Just a wild guess but I think old 2600 stuff is often too simplistic for a modern day mindset. If you didn't grow up with that kind of stuff, it can be hard to see the appeal, as opposed to say, Super Mario Bros. or Doom, old games, but there's WAY more to them than simply building up a score, which was really the end goal with a lot of games like that from that era, there's little progression, neither in story or gameplay.

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Are there any games now which have similar gameplay but have vastly improved? I'm guessing that's what it means.

It's fucking stupid though.

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From idiots who misuse language.

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A common problem on the internet. See what they've done to the definitions of "entitled" and "literally", made them mean "not entitled" and "figuratively".

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It's an excuse that means "this game is old and I don't like it [anymore]."

Nothing more.

Anyone who actually enjoys video games as a hobby should be able to look past what can be seen as archaic control schemes and judge a game based on when it was released, and not be a complete moron who says "this game is bad because it doesn't look like The Witcher 3".

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It's not only on the Internet, nor is it exclusive to the English language. Whenever someones uses "literally" in a non-literal sense I point out their mistake, and insist it's a grave error until they acknowledge their mistake or give up on what they were going to say and have their day ruined.

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Literally all forms of media age; this includes video games. In my opinion, something has aged when it is an obvious product of its time. With music, I could compare Nirvana to Dinosaur Jr. Both were big in the early 90's, but Nirvana's grunge is much more of a zeitgeist than Dinosaur Jr's alt rock. With video games, I would compare A Link to the Past and Starfox. Again, they were both made in the early 90's, but the basic 3D graphics in Starfox seem much more dated than ALttP's sprite graphics.

Also, aged != bad. Please stop using aged as another buzzword to describe things you don't like.

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Plebian, 2nd gen was a great time in gaming.
You're just a newfag that doesn't appreciate 4 bit graphics.

>> No.2880875

>4 bit graphics.

Those are 4th gen tier graphics though.

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games age because newer versions of them come out that are sometimes undoubtedly superior, it's rare though and there are games that have no modern counterparts or equivalents

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>newer = better

oh boy

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when did i say all newer versions implies better
try harder
reach harder
reach for the stars anon

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your post just aged by 10 hours

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ITT Post games that have aged horribly

Not even trolling, this game is fucking garbage. The fact that people get tattoos solely based on this game is hilarious. It's either a scrawny kid born in 97 who barely experienced the 5th generation or a fat neckbeard w/ a leg tattoo/vape pen in his early 20s who actually think this game stands the test of time

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here's your reply

fuck off retard

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>I can't figure out why my only friend at 40 is my mother, literally.

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Do you go off on people who say "what's up?"

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/v/ loves OOT, lil zelda tard

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Are people in here this autistic not to recognize figurative speech ? Of course games don't age, it's a way of saying they are hardly any fun nowadays, because they have flaws that were corrected by more recent games long ago, and they seem tedious.
Or am I being trolled ?

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sometimes games use archaic ideas that stem from relics of the time
for example, limited lives stem from the arcade era and trying to get money out of people, some argue it's also the source of the NES' high difficulty but I blame that on the devs doubling up as playtesters.
there's no actual reason to limit lives. If you die on world 1-4 too many times, why should you have to go back and redo worlds 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3? the only reason would be so that you can get a better score, or take advantage of secrets in those earlier levels. to some people that's reason enough, to others it's not, in either case the game shows its age by having a system in place that only made sense at that time.

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Real problem here is the fact that "X has age poorly" is thrown around a lot, a game that hadn't met it's full potential will always be that even if we're just noticing it now not that it aged poorly.
Aging well is most certainly a real thing, some games are so well made that many many years after release you can go back to it and it play very well maybe outside the change in graphics or other minor changes compared to it's more modern contemporaries.

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I sometimes wonder if that is indeed the case. At times I think people are trying to argue that if a game was good then it is good now (which is true, assuming the game was actually good and not relying on a crutch of good-back-then graphics or clumsy implementation of interesting game mechanics that were in their infancy that have since been perfected), but other times it sounds like they think people who say a game "aged" literally mean that the game data itself is getting old and changing as a result.

>> No.2880982

>If you die on world 1-4 too many times, why should you have to go back and redo worlds 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3?
Possibly to extend the longevity of a game. Games were short back then, but if you limited their lives and they ran out of lives and got sent to the start of a level that will be a little bit more time spent on the game. If you ran out of continues you would be forced to restart the game thus having to play ten to thirty minutes until you got back to the point that you were having trouble with. A lot of people might just call it a day for the game once they ran out of continues and play it the next day or something.

A lot of games back then were designed with beating it in a single sitting in mind, and sitting down for a four hour chunk out of your day probably isn't the best thing to do.

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Games don't age.

It's you that has aged.

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That doesn't account for people who weren't alive during that time period playing those games.

>> No.2880998

I think only people with legitimate autism or non-native English speakers would think that someone saying a game has aged means that the game itself has changed and not the climate in which the game exists or the mindsets of those playing the game.

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Making you redo past levels after getting a game over is punishment for getting a game over in the first place. It makes the game higher stakes, and it gives you a stronger incentive to play well.

>> No.2881008

that works in arcades but not at home
if you past a level you shouldn't have redo it

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You know, I actually like those early 3D crummy graphics, they have a certain charm, the low polygons, the blurry textures, etc. the only thing I don't like, it's the low framerate.

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The fact that games age is "controversial" because people think aging is literal like the 1s and 0s changing, or they think calling a retro game aged is somehow an attack on, and a condemnation of, all retro games. That's all there is to this.

>> No.2881149

>and I don't like it

You mean, "I like other things more"; it's about perspective. People can like old things for what they are, others choose not to. Some people like antiques, others think it's a waste of money and shelf space.

No I'm not drawing parallels to collecting

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Dumb idiots who are dumb stupid people.

I mean yeah obviously you change so you won't experience a game the way you would have done in the past, and yeah obviously the broad culture changes so that the average gamer will slowly outgrow some kinds of old games. But dumb idiots tend to talk about this like they (the individual idiot) represent everybody, and if they outgrew Final Fantasy 1 then everybody else did too. And other dumb idiots talk about it as if the average gamer of today represents everybody, meaning that if the average gamer today can't be impressed with Pong then Pong has essentially aged into obsolescence.

But really, only ONE person has the same tastes and the same pattern of development as whatever person it is that's pontificating. And probably exactly ZERO people have the same tastes and developmental history as the average gamer--because an average person doesn't even tangibly exist; "the average gamer" is an abstract concept only. And every day babies are born who will be HUGELY impressed with Pong... supposing they don't happen to run into other video games during the few years it'll take for them to become able to play even as simple a game as that. And for every game that a given soapbox idiot thinks was good in its time but isn't good now, there were probably people back then who thought it was bad THEN because they had already outgrown that type of thing. And so on, and so forth. These things are very complex, and yes in some sense games can be said to age, but no it's not simple enough that anybody saying it on 4chan is any more than 0.001% likely to be saying anything sensible.

>> No.2881184


No. It's an attack on viewpoints other than the speaker's own. It's insulting. To say "this game is too old for today" is to claim that people who like it out of nostalgia don't matter; and that the billions of people who for various reasons haven't paid much attention to video games (and who therefore are ripe to be impressed with even old ones in many cases) don't matter; and that people with different personalities and mental ability suites who might be immune to annoyance from the particular type of oldness exhibited by the game in question don't matter. It's preachy BS that comes out of a disinterest in actually having conversations with other humans in which sincere questions are asked. Which of course is very common among nerds and neckbeards, which of course means it's also very common among gamers.

>> No.2881187


Sure but there's no simple "climate" that you can reasonably conjure up with one word like that, and you have barely any idea what the actual mindsets of actual players are. What you know is your mindset and the weak evidence of others' mindsets that comes out of whatever small friend group and large Internet echo chamber you happen to be in touch with. A single person hardly knows anything about this, unless they've deeply studied it for years with professional-level sociological expertise or something. It is complicated, and a 4chan thread will do no better to sum it up than to say it can't be summed up. Which is a crappy summation, but that's what you get for reading a crappy website.

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You are delusional.

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Google "Games that have aged poorly"
About 22,600,000 results

Google "Games that have aged well"
About 101,000,000 results

It's only a meme totally insular to this board and not something that has been said well before this board was around.
No one in the history of recent times had ever said or speculated that a medium could or does "age".

just a meme folks.

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Saying a game has aged is not an attack on all retro games.

I think most retro music fans would agree that old Herman's Hermits and Archies singles haven't aged very well. I don't think anyone would consider that statement to be an attack on all 1960's music.

>> No.2881226

VR games will make all button-input games outdated.

>> No.2881256

So which games do you all think have aged the worst? I always list Dragon Quest 1 and Final Fantasy 1 as two that top such a list.

>> No.2881263

Starflight. It seems a design goal was to give that "you're really a starship captain" feeling, even at the expense of making the game boring (because real starship captains would mostly do boring things). I guess back then there were a lot of Star Trek nerds with nothing better to do.

Star Control 2 aged much better because it took everything good about Starflight and removed all the boring parts.

>> No.2881268

Old computer RPGs,

>> No.2881285

I think certain aspects of good games have aged a little worse for wear. Like a lot of PS1 era games that looked mind blowing at the time look poorly now but the game play in them can still hold up.
Some soundtracks from the CD era as well that emulated popular music of the time haven't aged gracefully.

>> No.2881290

It's interesting how the concept of games "aging" is used more frequently in the positive (i.e., that it aged particularly well) rather than as a negative.

>> No.2881293

The original Rogue.

Amazingly unique and innovative for when it was new, and inspired an entire genre (roguelikes), but I don't know any roguelike fans who still play Rogue.

>> No.2881295

Yet on /vr/ it is almost always assumed to be a detrimental remark

>> No.2881304

Maybe it's less of a case of aging badly and more of a case of being superceded by better versions.

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YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH AND BACK TO >>>v with you piece of shit. THIS is a PSX mongoloid retard, learn the difference.

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It's not funny.

>> No.2881321

For you.

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>implying weapons age
If it was good back then, it's still good now

>> No.2881719

>literally not reading what he posted

>are people here this autistic
Yes, a lot are, this is 4chan after all.

I agree.

That works iffy at best with home consoles. Millions of kids never saw the end of many of their games simply because they couldn't reliably practice later stages and get good at them, not without a lot of frustration, and if a game stops being fun and starts being frustrating, what's a kids incentive? He'll grab another game from his shelf instead.

Now, I'm not saying challenge isn't good, but challenge should come from the gameplay itself. Punishing the player for getting killed is fine, but be careful you don't turn the game into a tedium.

>> No.2881748

Yeah, me too, I like the low res pixely textures and stuff, and how it'd be supported by hires 2D sprites (explosions and other effects, inventory items, etc)

I think Resident Evil was always great, but the controls were always dogshit. Better control schemes could have been made.

I would say that's what a lot of people mean when they talk about games aging.
The Dune RTS was pretty revolutionary, but there's a lot of things it DOESN'T do that you'd expect from an RTS of it's type, so thus it isn't always quite so accessible to people who played later RTS, even Starcraft improved tons upon the basic things Dune presented.

>implying anyone ever gave a shit about the actual PSX

This would be an interesting discussion to have on /k/
>there would be people insisting the 1911 pistol design hasn't aged

>> No.2881809

Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong? Find a flaw!

Protip: you can't.

>> No.2882159

People that want to force you to buy the newest console.
so hardcore fanboy.

>> No.2882160


>> No.2882173

Because not all games age as much as others?

A game like Pokémon RB is a good example. It used to be amazing, one of the biggest RPGs for the Game Boy. Good graphics, lots of Pokémon to collect, and a fairly elaborate turn-based combat system that didn't devolve into pressing "attack" over and over. I spent dozens of hours on these games, probably 200-300 on both carts.

Today, though, I can't play them anymore. Why? Because it's slow. Saving everytime you open up a PC is annoying. Going to the inventory and finding your bike every time you leave a building is not fun. It's also buggy. And there are perfectly good GBA remakes available that improve on it in literally every way.

Games like Mario Bros don't age that much - the sprite-based graphics will always remain endearing, and the gameplay is simple and streamlined to the point where modern 2D Mario games haven't even changed much formula-wise.

>> No.2882184

The game didn't age, you did. Give the game to a kid who had no previous contact with gaming and he would love it as much as you used to. That's why I find the concept to be so retarded.

>> No.2882185

If your so bad that you can't preserve lives, you don't deserve to play on later stages. That's how games work you little whiny faggot.

>> No.2882186

That's not the game holding up by gaming standards, it's holding up by a child's ignorance. When people they say that a game has aged, it is that it aged compared to the games that came afterwards.

>> No.2882196

Games don't exist in a vacuum, though. And pretty much every kid today will have his first gaming experience be on a smartphone.

Obviously the game itself doesn't change. Nobody who says that "games age" claims this. It's just that certain flaws used to be excusable, but now they are not.

>> No.2882201

When people say a game has aged they mean THEY are so used to modern conventions the game doesn't hold up to THEM now. It's a totally subjetive experience, totally dependant of how much YOU changed.

>> No.2882221

hahahahah lets use the word meme in every context op,that will show them you mean business hahahahah so epic

>> No.2883120

Fucking Kekoslovakia!

>> No.2883541

How's life in your magical world where Saved by the Bell is still relevant despite their target audience having long grown out of that shit and that current teens can't relate to it at all? Is Kelly still hot?

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>Is Kelly still hot?

If you thought she was hot then she is fucking SMOKING now.

>> No.2883898

>pirate the game
>connect your modded console to your crt tv
>play the game

>> No.2883943

good job third world

>> No.2884506

Hot damn she aged better than most of my favorite games did.

>> No.2884524

Not entirely

>> No.2884567

I find myself saying, "Ohhh man, I remember when these graphics blew peoples' fucking minds". Hoqever, when people describe something as looking "dated" I get a bit peeved, but I think it's a fair critique.

"The graphics look like shit. This game has aged poorly" Makes me full-on REEEEE.

Controls are a different story, but you can't blame that on the time. Sure, we've seen progress in game controls... meh fuck it. Say what you want for the replies on 4chins.

>> No.2884573

How is life in your magical world where teens aren't made to read theories written by old dudes with beards who fart dust. How old are you, did you graduate high school?

>> No.2884585
File: 1.16 MB, 1156x771, saved-by-the-bell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i thought he made a pretty good point, this is 90s as fuck

>> No.2884586
File: 508 KB, 2048x1536, full-house-cast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit like this is dated as fuck because white people don't have children anymore

>> No.2884590

My nieces wanna play old school games when they visit all the time. They're 4 and 6. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to play them if they couldn't relate to them.

>> No.2884591

The weird thing is, though, it's largely a fashion thing. If you replace the characters by Disney Channel starlets but kept the plots the same today's teens would probably watch it.

>> No.2884592

/pol/ always finds a way to race bait

>> No.2884595

not /pol/ I'm just joking

>> No.2884596 [DELETED] 
File: 370 KB, 1438x1604, 6ZzhFMG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern kids shows.

>> No.2884603
File: 21 KB, 682x517, ninahartley2c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has porn aged?

>> No.2884608

VICTORIAN ERA DRESSES didn't age, you did. Give a VICTORIAN ERA DRESS to a kid who had no previous contact with FASHION and she would love it as much as you used to. That's why I find the concept to be so retarded.

>> No.2884609

Is that Nina Hartley? But yeah 90s porn looks like crap.

>> No.2884621


Go back to /tv/, you fucking idiot.

>> No.2884623 [DELETED] 

butthurt blackie

>> No.2884626

Go back to /v/

>> No.2884627
File: 108 KB, 600x530, ffvi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see the point you're making about games we used to enjoy losing their appeal. I used to think of Zelda 3 as 10/10. The reason I have reconsidered is that I've since (much more recently) come know know more about other games *from the same generation or earlier* which has slightly lowered my opinion of Zelda 3 seeing as it compares with earlier Zelda installments or other games in the same sphere of genres. It might be valid to criticize the developers for issue X if I have later learned that issue X had been solved/improved many years earlier by others. Or a game might seem less innovative in this context.

The question of Pokemon's attention span requirements might fall in the same category. Other RPGs of Pokemon's generation had improved on the monotony of menu-based encounters in ways other than just giving attraction to non-Attack options.

But let's say the game had great graphics (or whatever) for its day but nonetheless looks awful in modern lens. Is it appropriate to say the game aged? If I say it aged, it's like admitting that I'm too naive to appreciate the context of the game's release and the available resources of the day. It would be more appropriate to say that I've gotten away from my roots, that it's time to put down the Steam controller and time to pick up the alcohol swabber. Put down the Oculus Rift and pick up the soldering wrench. Put down the smartphone and pick up the "how to install _____ on windows 7 x64" faq. Maybe it's time to indulge my imagination by playing a game that requires you to imagine that Lufia and Hero are having a converstation that's displayed as text boxes above two avatars that are just glorified digital animated chess pieces. Maybe if I try hard enough, then I might just find that original groove that made the game magical. Maybe the "magic" was in me all along. And maybe if I let it follow me around into my special place, then it will gush out of me once again.

>> No.2884631
File: 860 KB, 225x225, 1313114.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nina Hartley always looked old after all

>> No.2884642
File: 58 KB, 680x493, fuck off bitch im playing pinball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is that Nina Hartley
filename brah

>But yeah 90s porn looks like crap

>> No.2884651

Games don't "age" any more than any other form of media does, unless we're talking about degradation of the storage medium. What changes is the context people view it in. Used to be that you could know Super Mario Bros extremely well, because it may have been the best game you had at the time. 30 years later, it is neither one of the better games for a young person to play with their crazy amounts of free time, nor for an older person to play with the crazy amounts of selection they have available. This isn't a problem that spans decades, it only takes a few years for something better to come out, and then a game becomes a foot note in history, something you play just to see what it was like.

>> No.2884652

games do age, and you don't need to look anywhere but the early fifth gen to see how badly a game could age. turok, for instance, was innovative and there wasn't anything like it on home consoles when it was released, but there's no chance in hell i'd ever replay that game on an n64 again

>> No.2884656

The main problem today would be about having bachelors living in the same house as girls aged 0 - 17.

Also who is the guy on the right-hand edge? He must be a late-series addition, I don't remember him.

>> No.2884657

Games with save batteries age, but you can solve that problem by replacing it and voila, it's like new!

Games without save features are literally ageless.

>> No.2884658

DJ's boyfriend, Steve.

>> No.2884662

"That game has aged" is a euphemism for "My attention span has atrophied in this age of Facebook so I no longer have the patience to play that game"

>> No.2884664

>Games don't "age" any more than any other form of media does
>any other form of media does

Pop music especially.
Pop music ages, not all of it, but a lot of it does.
New wave
New Romantics
Prog Rock
Hair Metal
90s Dance

Popular fashion ages.
Hair cuts age.
Special effects age.

>> No.2884665

One of the best examples of a game ageing badly is Altered Beast, it's fairly common to see people slating it and saying it's not that good of a game once you take of your nostalgia goggles, but people need to ask where our nostalgia goggles came from in the first place.

It was chosen as the pack in game for the Megadrive for a reason, it showed off what the system could do. The big colourful sprites, the rich sound, the "RISE FROM YOUR GWAVE!". For a kid coming over from the 8 bit era it was amazing. It was like having an arcade machine in your house almost. And that's what endeared it to a generation of kids like myself who still love it today.

Give it to someone to play now, someone who didn't experience it back in the day, it doesn't have the same wow factor. All they'll play is a rather clunky and mediocre beat em up, which at its core is all it really is.

>> No.2884676


>prog rock

I was just listening to Genesis' Foxtrot album today, and I dunno, but to me it doesn't sound like a record from any particular era. I guess the sound quality of the recording and mastering kind of gives it away a little, but other than that I think it's a timeless album that can be enjoyed regardless of time. Same with many King Crimson and Yes albums, and many many others more experimental like Tangerine Dream or Agitation Free.

New wave music is also amazing and modern music still borrow a LOT from it.
And I don't know what do you mean with "90s dance", but yeah, probably electronic club music is the kind of music that "ages" the most, mostly because it's hugely disposable music, people only cares about the lastest trends and sounds and are fast to forget the rest, which is why electronic music is the kind of music with the most sub genres it's ridiculous.
Still, even with all this kind of superficial and disposable nature of electronic music, even after dubstep, hardstyle or any currently popular genre stops being popular, classic techno and house music will continue to make people dance.
There will be countless skrillexes and deadmouses, but I'll take a Jeff Mills or Carl Cox over any of them, ANY day.

>> No.2884684
File: 237 KB, 512x384, OlKd8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, it's not. Thanks for trying to make things black and white though.

>> No.2884691

Funny, cus modern games often require more of an attention span.

>> No.2884692 [DELETED] 


>> No.2884694


If this was true, modern games wouldn't be profitable at all.

Then again, the main thing about modern games to succeed is the pre-release hype marketing strategy. At least western AAA stuff.

>> No.2884697
File: 20 KB, 480x360, LOL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've never seen a child enjoy an old school game

Yes, anons, even Atari. The only thing that hasn't aged well is you.

>> No.2884705

Takes more of an attention span to wait for an update then sit through endless cut scenes than to run right and shoot everything in sight.

>> No.2884730


Yeah but when the game where you "run right and shoot everything" start getting challenging and you have to pay attention to patterns and be careful with your positioning, that's when lack of attention span kicks in.

Updates can be bypassed by browsing the internet on the tablet/phone in the meantime, and watching cutscenes don't require a lot of attention, I mean, you just have to watch. Then you start the game and you're instantly gratified with trophies for having watched them.

>> No.2884736

y can't metroid crawl?

>> No.2884746

Getting harder is what holds your attention, your mind is constantly occupied. You don't need much of an attention span.

Watching is passive, your mind can easily wander, it requires more of an attention span than actively doing something.

>> No.2884758

>Getting harder is what holds your attention, your mind is constantly occupied

That's not how it works, if a game gets too busy too soon and the player is expected to die and restart the level from the beginning and hold memorization to avoid where he previously died, that right there is a filter for people with short attention span.

>Watching is passive, your mind can easily wander, it requires more of an attention span than actively doing something.

That's not how it works, if it really was hard to hold people's attention, then games wouldn't have cutscenes, becasue companies are constantly doing studies about how to get the most out of people's attention. If it was true, TV and Youtube wouldn't be popular.

Maybe if the said cutscene was some sort of complex documentary about physics, but videogame cutscenes are mostly action-packed like a Rambo film. You don't need to think that much, just watch and enjoy the explosions.

>> No.2884790

>That's not how it works
Sorry, but it is. It's harder to stay focused on something passive, your mind has more freedom to wander. Games, the actual game parts, are known for holding peoples attention, it's a phenomena known as "flow". Activities such as knitting and other traditional crafts hobbies also do this.

>If it was true, TV and Youtube wouldn't be popular.
Not necessarily, but desu TV is probably less popular with modern kids than games. Youtube videos are often fairly short.

>> No.2884794



>> No.2884797


So basically you're telling me that a 12 year old kid is more likely to take knitting than watch an action-packed cutscene from Call of Duty.

>> No.2884798

fucking weabo get out

>> No.2884823

>he takes it as an attack on the game and not statement about the game and how it's viewed through the lense of contemporary gaming
Why do you take personal offense at me saying "these controls could have been done much better than they actually were" or "this specific part of the game is actually really dumb and bad and I'm glad we don't do this specific thing anymore" ?
I'm not saying the game isn't good, I'm not saying you're deluded for liking the game, hell, depending on the game we're talking about, we might both love it.

>> No.2884834

Yeah, it's one of those games that was really only impressive for it's time, there were much better beat em ups before and since.
It's really boring when compared to Streets of Rage or Final Fight.

Still, as a game to give you a demonstration of what the Genesis could do, Altered Beast did an adequate job.

>> No.2884836

Music ages? Seriously? Everyone better call up their local symphony and tell them they're wasting their time playing shit like Beethoven and Mozart. Shits way too old to still be relevant.

>> No.2884846

>these big names are remembered today for their talent and cultural impact
>that means all music from their era didn't age
You remember Contra, you probably don't remember Gunforce, at least not fondly.

>> No.2884850

>good stuff doesn't age
>bad stuff does

Maybe the shit you think has aged was just bad to begin with?

>> No.2884856

dankest of the dank bro

>> No.2884881

were talking about aging and no one has brought up tank controls?
Because those aged well, right?

>> No.2884907

Pretty much. You had many more hours and less experience as a kid, you just kept with the game. heck, you probably rarely rented so the game you rented was all you had, and you had exhausted your owned games.

There's just no reason nowadays to keep with a game you're not enjoying, that's actively frustrating you. Easier to move on.
>hurr but i'm playing what i did as a kid
Nostalgia filter. You give it an unfair excuse.

>> No.2884910


Lol wut?

It was thoroughly mediocre at the time of release and was reviewed as such. It's why Sega of Japan selected it as a pack in for the genesis since they didn't want to give away good games.

>> No.2884925


And this pretty much is the thread right here. Classics by definition don't age. If a form of media comes off as aged after only 2 decades or even less, it was probably never good to begin with.

>> No.2884928


I have no problem with them since I'm not a retard. It's just first person controls.

>> No.2884930

I played Altered Beast for the first time in recent years, and I had fun with it. Didn't get why so many people hate it. Even my die-hard Sega fanboy friend hates it.
It's a bit clunky at first but when you get ALTERED it's amazing.

>> No.2884936


65 retro average


>> No.2884938

When a game "ages" it means they get outclassed.

Dragon Quest 1 inspired hundreds of games. Those games did everything DQ1 did, but better.

>> No.2884957

This, I agree with this 100%.

>> No.2885053

Tank controls were never good, only barely passable for their time.

>It's just first person controls.
>perspective doesn't matter
Wolfenstein 3D technically controls much the same as Grand Theft Auto, as well as Resident Evil, yet the way you move your player character around the space of the game and how you orient yourself feels noticably different, does it not?

I keep hearing people talk fondly about it as if it was some wonderful classic, but I guess some people were just easily impressed.

>> No.2885061

It's by no means bad, it's competent, it just isn't anything special.

Dune was pretty good but the way you interface with the game certainly isn't smooth or intuitive. Just because Starcraft and other games are much better doesn't mean it's not good or fun.
I would say that's a good game with an aspect that has aged badly.

>> No.2885079

No, I said nothing like that.

>> No.2885108

I suppose.

Streetfighter is uninteresting and boring today (though I'm sure it was adequate for it's day), but Streetfighter 2 just so thouroughly eclipses it in every single way.

>> No.2885132

Yes, either outclassed or it was never that great to begin with and some were just infatuated with some superficial aspect of the game that is no longer as appealing. For those who don't understand what people mean when they say that a game "hasn't aged well," they mean that if you go back and play the game that you loved, say, 20 years ago and are no longer particularly entertained by it, then it hasn't aged well. Either the appeal was entirely out of novelty or you have found similar, newer, and in your mind better games that you would rather play.

And yes, of course it is subjective and doesn't have to do with the game itself since quality is entirely in the mind of the player.

>> No.2885189


RE4 didn't use an isometric view but people still bitched about the tank controls.

More importantly it's a gameplay issue. How do you do a game like Brigador or Desert strike without them? You either lose all the precision of control or you need to introduce lock on schemes and such. Or worse turn it into a generic twin stick shooter.

>> No.2885220

"What's up?" is a common casual greeting. "Games age" is a made-up phrase used by a few people out of an already small demographic of retro gamers. Furthermore, "What's up?" has no negative connotations whereas describing something as having aged often does. There are exceptions though, like wine. For describing other things, without qualifiers and context clues, the default interpretation to assume the poster is trashing the game.

>> No.2885228

>It's by no means bad, it's competent, it just isn't anything special.
The game mechanics are fairly poor, the presentation was good for it's time. But that's not something that can carry game through the years.

If I were to say games that focus on cutting edge graphics over gameplay don't stand the test of time, then I'm sure many here would agree. Why those people flip their shit when you rephrase it as "those games age badly", I have no idea.

>> No.2885250
File: 7 KB, 800x600, literallysquares.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Where does this meme come from?

>> No.2885373

Really? I found Resident Evil 4 the most enjoyable and most accessible of the series because the camera followed you over your shoulder, rather than being static. I also love it for being absolutely batshit, taking about as big a departure in tone as Army Of Darkness (though the games after that tried to do this and failed). The laser sight system also made combat much more streamlined.

As for twinsticks, what's bad about that as long as the game is good?
Left stick to turn and look, right stick to move and strafe, that feels natural to me, most games with this has decent accuracy.

I haven't played Brigador or Desert Strike so I can't speak for them.

Since Capcom is in the process of gradually remaking the old RE games, it'd be delightful if they made them with 3D environments, and then gave you the option to select between fixed cameras and over the shoulder cameras, to appeal to both play styles.
I like the old RE games but they feel like such a chore to play.

>> No.2885374

It doesn't look that bad.

>> No.2885379

Then Super Turbo came out and now the same could be said about Street Fighter 2 World Warriors.

>> No.2885451


You just have to look through some of the discussion on here to see how a certain vocal minority that can't handle tank controls wants to change it to something else. The devs keep saying they need it because if you didn't have that control scheme it would dumb the game down.


>> No.2885462

I dunno, I like Adventure's simplicity. The bat that switches items around is artificial diffculty

>> No.2885869
File: 140 KB, 800x800, Sonicadventuredcog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>games don't age at all

>> No.2885906

That game was always shit, just like every Sonic videogame.

>> No.2885932


I didn't like this when I played it back in 2001 and I don't like it now. Likewise, there are some who played it then and liked it, and some who played it in the past year and liked it. Your post proves nothing.

>> No.2885951

Whoa, /v/ is here,

>> No.2886028


How is this post /v/?


If anything, this is more in line with the traditional /vr/ attitude towards the "aging" myth.

>> No.2886032

Yeah and sadly a lot of these games, could GREATLY benefit from a good rerelease, assuming the developers understand what made the game great to begin with.

So many "forgotten gems" were just concepts that were ahead of their time and just needed a good ironing out of wrinkles.

>> No.2886267

>The Model T didn't age, you did. Give it to a guy who's never seen a car before and he'll love it as much as your great grandpa did in 1908.

>> No.2886281


Look at this and say it still looks incredible to this day. And before you say it would've looked bad even back then, it won an Academy Award.

>> No.2886282

>rampant abuse, violence, and coercion in the porn industry circa 1980

I'd say it's gotten a hell of a lot better, yeah.

>> No.2886328

>The gun didn't age, you did. Give the M1895 Nagant to a kid who had no previous contact with shooting and he would love it as much as you used to.

>> No.2886372
File: 10 KB, 225x225, ronfp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everything I know about porn comes from that one fictitious Linda Lovelace movie

>> No.2886376

its harder to make a living as a female in porn. Porn is about using you and throwing you away more than ever. That is why so many turn to escorting because they make a little more and they are not stuck on a "set" for 6-8 hours.

>> No.2886523

>Porn is about using you and throwing you away

Yeah, I know. That speaks volumes to how hideous the industry was (and still is), when "use you and throw you away" can be considered an improvement.

>> No.2886525


What is "Don't fucking work in porn like a dumb bitch!" for $100, Alex.

(Lobby for legalized European-style prostitution. Everybody wins.)

>> No.2886540

Saying games age is just a figure of speech to describe how perceptions of a game have changed over time. I've never understood why it creates so much butthurt. Is it just that the board is filled with autists who can't wrap their head around figurative language?

>> No.2886542

>its harder to make a living as a female in porn

Yeah because they get paid umpteen times much more than the dick that they suck?
These whores chose their "career", stop perpetuating this victim bullshit. McDonald's is always hiring.

>Yeah, I know

No you don't you pathetic attention whore.
You're a sad uneducated nobody that tripfags on an anonymous chinese paedophile discussion forum for attention.

>> No.2886543

>Shariah law didn't age, you did. Give the laws to a culture that had no previous contact with laws and they would love it as much as Muhammad salallalah alayhi wasallam. That's why I find the concept to be so retarded.

>> No.2886547


Hi /pol/.

>> No.2886549
File: 93 KB, 500x581, new-meme_c_303698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my favorite new meme

You're an idiot.

>> No.2886552


It's nice to see you too, /pol/. Have a wonderful fuhrer-filled day! :)

>> No.2886560


>> No.2886565


Now now...No need to get your Hitler-knickers in a twist. ;D

>> No.2886573

>/pol/ didn't age, you did. Give the board to a kid who had no previous contact with the internet and he would love it as much as Moot used to. That's why I find the concept to be so retarded.

>> No.2886583

Not even that guy, but you need to stop posting

>> No.2886607
File: 84 KB, 414x745, Fedora 045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>These whores chose their "career", stop perpetuating this victim bullshit

>> No.2886706
File: 60 KB, 907x473, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What am I supposed to be seeing that looks bad?

CGI rarely looks "real." The allegedly very best CGI (Gollum in LOTR; Avatar) doesn't look real, it just looks like really good CGI. I would say the same about this: doesn't look real, but it's a very good visual effect. I imagine it was advanced for its day. I don't imagine people watched it and were like HOLY SHIT IS THAT A REAL JINN, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THAT 10-STORY TALL JINN AFTER FILMING WAS OVER, KILL IT OR RELEASE IT TO THE WILD

>> No.2886719

>arguing aging on /vr/ of all places

>> No.2886727

CGI regularly looks real, that's why its use usually goes unnoticed.

>> No.2886742

My point is that yes, it was impressive for the time. It used a new technology to good effect. Since then, the effect has been done better and more effectively. To modern eyes, that effect is no longer impressive. That would mean that it hasn't aged well. That doesn't mean it is bad, it just doesn't have the "wow" factor that it once did. Repeat that effect with the same quality in a film today and it wouldn't win an award.

>> No.2886749

we all literally stunted here

>> No.2886765

>read the Illiad
>what the fuck is this
>boring prose, shit descriptions
>why would you read this compared to modern historical fiction

outdated crap

>> No.2886883

>Is it just that the board is filled with autists who can't wrap their head around figurative language?

>> No.2886891

>(though I'm sure it was adequate for it's day)
It really wasn't. The guy who made Street Fighter 2 didn't like Street Fighter. To the point that when he was asked to make Street Fighter 2, he almost didn't want to. Eventually he accepted, but with the mindset of "let's make this into something actually good."

>> No.2886954


>Not even that guy


>> No.2886962


I'm gonna have to agree with the autists on this, then: it's either good or it isn't. If it was good then, it's good now, and if it's shit now, it's still going to be a steaming pile of worm-ridden dog shite in 10 years.

>> No.2887146

Nah, I'm sure we have many posters who browse 4chan while sucking on pacifiers, playing with rattles, and messing with their block-into-hole games.

>> No.2887210


I'm sure most people here understand figurative language. We just disagree over the use of personal opinions as objective statements.

>> No.2887725

shit that's impressive for 1940

>> No.2887732

No one ever claimed the idea of a game ageing well or badly was objective...

>> No.2887736

i'll claim that it is for the sake of argument

>> No.2887924

>personal opinions as objective statements
I don't think anyone puts forth their arguments about that most of the time.

Though there are certainly objective truths, like for instance; Duke Nukem 3D is objectively good and fun, while Duke Nukem Forever is objectively bad and not at all fun.

>> No.2887960

Then your claim is wrong.

>> No.2888670
File: 79 KB, 640x647, 8887_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game was considered acceptable back in 1998. These days nobody would argue that it's a good game at all.

>> No.2888682

This game was shit back then too don't kid yourself anon. AKI wrestling games are still God tier wrestling games that still play great.

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