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What are some good MS-DOS era flight sims, /vr/?
Pic highly related, playing this and f-19 was a blast.

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F-15 Strike Eagle III and B-17 Flying Fortress
Aces Over Europe/the Pacific
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
X-Wing and/or Wing Commander
Gunship 2000
Harrier Jump Jet
Dawn Patrol
Wing Commander Privateer and/or Elite Plus

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This one was good, but for Amiga only.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 1
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4
Microsoft Flight Simulator 5

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I'm sensing a pattern here, and a lack of MS Combat Flight Simulator

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Better hope you have the original manual because believe me when I say, you can't play most of these things without instructions.

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Retro flight sims are cool if you can look past the dated setting of many of them (bombing Moscow instead of dune coons).

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I remember vividly the manual of TFX. The WHOLE keyboard was mapped, thrice (modifier keys)! That's utterly bonkers.
Also, saw the Falcon 4.0 box in store once. Several pounds, because of the massively heavy CD inside, and the 1 inch thick manual.

I kind of disliked how Flight Unlimited somewhat forgot its aerobatics origin with Flight Unlimited II. It's a gorgeous game still, but Flight Unlimited was in a class of its own, with the textured ground, lens flairs, blackouts, torque rolling and all these cool things, while MS Flight Simulator was busy giving you flat shaded polygons in FS 4.0

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got to look at them as historic settings (think WW II, just more current), instead of dated settings

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flares, dammit

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I have an original copy of Novalogic's Wolfpack and I've never been able to figure out how to play it. The manual is something like 60 pages.

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>60 pages

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i played only 3rd

need to go fly more DOS

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They're all shit. Play some real games instead of having a shitty watered down version of a job.

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The older ones are pretty easy to figure out. I had a pirate copy of Fighter Pilot (Digitial Integration, 1985) and basically fitured out the controls by just testing each key. There wasn't much to it, but at the time it seemed really advanced and felt like a real simulation.

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> manual thicker than old Avalon Hill tabletop wargames (before Advanced Squad Leader, anyway)
Hey, I thought computers were supposed to make things easy!

Pic is some random game from this thread:

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>testing each key
I figured out F-16 Falcon and Fighter Bomber that way. But some other old simulations were pretty deep for the hardware they were running on like Gunship and a manual and overlay was really fucking handy.

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I miss those days. Now each keyboard has a non-standard design, so you can't add these things any longer.

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I had that game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TJ1DdURN54
on my Amstrad.
Christ, my ass was destroyed as a kid, I think I managed landing only once.

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>no one mentioned Eagle Dynamics' SU-27 Flanker yet

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>I kind of disliked how Flight Unlimited somewhat forgot its aerobatics origin with Flight Unlimited II
Wasn't there a story out there that they had to ditch the physics from the first game because, while great physics simulation, it was total spaghetti code and they fired the only guy who understood it?

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I remember having some f14 simulation or something on the macs at school and the grd 7 teacher printing out the fuckhuge manual for me.

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Landing was tricky. I think you had to maintain enough speed or else you'd lose control in a stall or something. Getting really low in altitude before decelerating might have worked, but I can't remember for sure. And there was also the undercarriage to worry about (it gets destroyed if exposed at too high velocity).
I noticed that you can basically land anywhere that's flat ground (any place that has no mountains on the map), and then just taxi to the runway. Kinda cheesy, but easier than trying to land perfectly...

Here's another video (Atari version):

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Jane's AH 64 Longbow was really good. It was simulation game of the year iirc.

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I had an article about it in a magazine of 1998 somewhere. Well, it is in Russian, so not very much value for English internets.

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F-14 Fleet Defender was fucking god tier, and no one else has ever made anything close to it.

So many F-14 systems actually modelled. It was fucking mind blowing. The manual was like 800 pages. When they say speed up/you're high/low, the best way to correct either is actually the opposite of what you're think.

If you're fast, it's better to pull up. If you're high, it's better to slow down.

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>textured graphics on my 386dx with a vga card.
>RIO seat can control and launch 6 phoenix at 6 separate targets being beamed to you from an awacs or other tomcat
Muh dick.

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>Having your nose blown off and radar destroyed by UFO
>Shooting phoenix with no guidance set to auto acquire, it acquires the UFO and kills it.

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Red Baron and Aces over Europe. The former especially.
>become the ace
>can paint your plane yourself now
>Message: baron von Richthoffen asks you to join Jasta 11, would you agree?
>fucking yes i am!
>your flight leader for next mission: Lothar von Richthoffen
>your flight leader for next mission: Manfred von Richthoffen
>you are a flight leader now
>1st wingman: Lothar von Richthoffen
>2nd wingman: Hermann Goering

Spirit of an era perfectly captured, hands down. Also, man, that theme is great.


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Oh fuck, i am the only one who mentioned it?

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Microprose were absolutely god-level with the amount of craft and attention to detail they put into their games.

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and then they got bought, gutted, and eventually closed. That'll show them to ever dare try to make good games.