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anyone else think this game is way too frustrating? if you jump one frame too late or early you die, and the only way to win is to 100% memorize everything. i wouldn't even call it a platformer its more like a side scrolling puzzle adventure game.
the world is cool as fuck though and the story is cool. plus its satisfying when you finally succeed.

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>i wouldn't even call it a platformer its more like a side scrolling puzzle adventure game

That's what's good about it.

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True, but then again the game gives you a million checkpoints and I think there's a quicksave in the pc version. It may seem hard but you actually get punished very little.

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>if you jump one frame too late or early you die
It's a cinematic platformer. Abe is tied to a grid.

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> I think there's a quicksave in the pc version
Only in the sequel

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If there are perfect frame jump gaps (I don't remember the game having too much of them, maybe one or two suckers while riding the Elum in the desert area), there must be no more than two or three instances in the whole game. At least, the main areas.

If you mean the hidden areas that teleport you back to the Rapture Farms for a short time are supposed to be hard as balls because, you know, 100%ing a game shouldn't be easy.

I think Heart of Darkness would suit your complaints better.

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>Playing this
>Having fun
>In the jungle area, stuck
>Isn't any way for me to go that I can see
>Lost my ride so I can't go back
>Run around for an hour getting bored, frustrated, and tired
>Haven't played it in months now


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In all versions of the sequel in fact, not just the PC version.

OP I feel your pain but I think it's part of the charm. The mental payoff is great.

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I actually just started to replay it for the first time in years yesterday. There's a lot to like about it but it's frequently more annoying than entertaining.

There's too much trial and error because of the timing the game requires for me. It's a satisfying game but I'm not sure I have the patience for it anymore. I don't remember if Exoddus was any different in this regard.

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I think HoD is less of a challenge than AO. There were quite a few problems that they fixed for the second one.
These really are the type of game you need to have patience with and aren't really enjoyable for people not a fan of the genre.

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I honestly like the whole trial & error aspect to the games. It invites a good amount of both challenge and replayability to the gameplay. That said, I can still understand why it wouldn't be someones cup of tea, prefs and all.

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This was the first game I finished as a kid. Great memories.

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I don't think it's possible to be stuck anywhere. If you need Elum to proceed, I think he respawns with you. If I had to guess, there is probably a doorway or a switch somewhere that is blended in and tough to see. You should go back, and the sequel is one of the few games that expands on almost every aspect of gameplay relative to its predecessor.

I remember it was like that when I first picked it up. After playing for awhile though, I am now at the point where I can pick up a controller after a couple years of not touching it, and not miss any jumps for quite a long time. You'll get a feel for the "rhythm" of his running animation. It's quite satisfying and fluid movement once you get the muscle memory.

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The first one had neither of both. Which hurt the game a lot, since even OI, with their utter lack of good game design choices, noticed that making complex puzzles with such a shitty checkpoint system was totally idiotic and made the game inpossibly frustrating. So they put a lot of back and forth puzzles to pad up the game. Wooo. Not surprisingly, the second game fixed both the checkpoints and the saving, so they could try a lot more.

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>It's a satisfying game but I'm not sure I have the patience for it anymore.
I'd suppose this statement would be true for a lot of people nowadays. Would that mean the novelty of Abe's Oddyssey has worn off? Is it even possible to enjoy the game without that? Or is it actually the same, legitimately good game it always was, but it's just that by now people have changed?

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i remember wasting many a weekend on this back in high school,absolutely loved it..along with the broken sword adventures.

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I don't think the game is necessarily any worse now than it was then. It's a clever game with great presentation.

I was simply expressing the fact that I, personally, have more trouble getting into the game than I did several years ago when I first played through it.

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>anyone else think this game is way too frustrating?


Then again I tend to be too overconfident, combined with bad timing and reflexes. Thank fuck for infinite amount of respawns/resurrections.

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>Playing Oddworld: Abe's Exodus
>jump from a high ledge
>Abe falls to his death
>mfw Abe was stuck in an infinite loop of death from a quicksave

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I wish people would just accept the flaws of certain genres rather than strip them out completely.

Platforming in a cinematic platformer is going to require intelligent timing because of the delay caused by character animations.

I would argue without this, they lose what made them interesting in the first place. They just become another platformer.

Play Blackhawk for an entry level cinematic platformer though.

Rote memorisation is a dirty trick though. These games were designed for you to die a lot in order to pad its duration. It's ok to die - just make sure none of your friends get killed in order to grab that perfect ending.

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I finished it when I was much older and still loved it.

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Git gud scrub. i can play this game on a keyboard with no problem

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>Oddworld thread
Just in time. I got this 3d printed for a christmas present

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>3d Printed
At home? All in one piece? How much manual post processing did you need to do?

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I need to ask at one point (it was a present, I didn't do it). Hand painted and sculpt cleanedup.

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Don't worry about it, just wondering about the state of home 3d printing

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This game is one of my favourites.

However I thought the HD remake was a bit shit. I would have preferred it to stay 2d, but with updated/upgraded HD textures and characters.

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it wasn't home printed, but a company request

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