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What did /vr/ think of Advent Children? Honestly.

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Watched it around when it came out.

Its all flash and no substance.

Thats not inherently a bad thing. It doesn't shit on the series like Crisis Core or Dirge of Cerberus did, but it tried.

So did I enjoy it for what it was? Yeah.

Keep in mind this came out in fucking 2005 and it looked really good at the time. I was also in like 10th grade and watched it with my brother and 2 friends (one of which was insanely into FF7) so that played a part in the fun.

FF7 didn't need the extra stuff though. 2 spin off games with Dirge and Crisis Core, a now episodic remake and its just going to marr the damn good game it was.

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Best fight scenes ever.

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In relation to the FFVII game, it was nice getting some confirmation on the ending. I was still new to the whole franchise back when this was released so I was still seeing a lot of "ambiguous ending/everybody dies" around, which at the time was off-putting for me.

On the movie itself it's pure fan-service galore and what little story there is it completely drops after they reach the city about halfway through, then it's just battles, chases and more battles.

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On its own, it is a decent-at-best movie that looks very pretty.

As a sequel to FF7, it rolls back some of the most important achievements of the game's plot and takes away the ambiguity of the game's ending.

It's poop.

Rule of thumb: If it has FF7 in the name and is not FF7, it's poop.

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Unnecessary, still better than spirits within

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>2 spin off games with Dirge and Crisis Core, a now episodic remake and its just going to marr the damn good game it was
You forgot Before Crisis, but nobody can play that because cell phone bullshit.

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>If it has FF7 in the name and is not FF7, it's poop.
but what about porn?

i mean the obvious non scat fetish stuff

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It's okay if you ignore the story.

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Didn't like it. It looks amazing but it just didn't remind me of the game at all. It felt completely different and it was a little too "anime" for something that looks so realistic. Don't really know how to describe it

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The Tifa vs what's his name fight and the superb animation in general were fucking great.

Everything else is just meh or worst.

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It is unironically my favorite movie. I've got the movie poster on my wall, three different copies of the movie and I still watch it every couple of months or so.

It was a love letter specifically to the FF7 fan, and speaking as a fan, I couldn't be more grateful for the gesture. The fact that the movie didn't dumb anything down or go through long exposition to assist people unfamiliar to the setting was even better in my eyes. It made it perfectly clear that they were serious about this just being a movie for the fans.

Imagine if every videogame movie was like that? No hand-holding for people who don't play the game, but giving the fans exactly what they desire regardless of whether it means the movie will do less well financially.

>To those who love this world
>And knew friendly company therein
>This Reunion is for you


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I prefer Gackt when he was in Malice Mizer desu

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Gackt wasn't in Advent Children, he was in Crisis Core.

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Whatever, it's Nomura behind it all, same thing, it's Gackt-related

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Well, you're not wrong.

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Terrible movie.
Also they managed to make the characters look worse compared to the OG trailer.
Too much gravity defying and terrible dialogue.

Plus the action was too drawn out and pointless. And there were no consequences.

> Loz and Yazoo BLOWN UP
They're fine.

>Cloud is shot through the heart.
He's fine.

>Rufus blown up in game.
He's fine.

Such a terrible "movie".

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It's way better than Spirits Within

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That's not setting the bar too high.

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of course they're fine, anon

they just used a phoenix down

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Was ok. The super human strength thing kinda had me put off slightly because in FF7 it took like 3 of them to pick up an air tank inside the rocket but the fight scenes were cool so I didnt mind. I consider ACC a good movie though, the extra scenes help patch the movie togather verywell.
I like DoC and CC also though so most people here say my opinion isnt worth dirt

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The Turks were the only good part of the film.

Also not retro.

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better than the game desu. more cinematic. more sad. my kind of tea

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