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Favorite games?
Whatcha been playing recently?
Best OST?
Most polished combat?
Wall of shame?

I have been playing the D&D games a lot recently, they are both quite fun. Tower of Doom is very solid and challenging, it's the perfect balance between melee combat and RPG elements. Shadow over Mystara has more content and variety but is kinda broken. Still, it's quite enjoyable.

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King of Dragons > *

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Guardians is fucking fantastic its find like a fighter which I love

Battle circuit is also fantastic, the buying system is great and I love the theme and aesthetic

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King of Dragons is great too, after all it's pretty much the predecessor of Tower of Doom.

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I always felt like the inventory management just bogs down the D&D games.

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Hyperstone Heist>Turtles in Time

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It's a bit annoying at first, but eventually you get used to it.

Playing with Magic User in Shadow over Mystara is definitely a bit boring though, too many interruptions, it feels more like an action RPG than a beat 'em up.

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>favorite game?
Alien vs. Predator.
>whatcha been playing recently?
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara.
>best ost?
Final Fight.
>most polished combat?
>wall of shame

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What do you guys think of this gem? I have the last stable version.

Truth to be told, is unbalanced as fuck but very fun to play.

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Presentation is top notch, but the AI is kinda too much.

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>Favorite games?
Streets of Rage 3 - Captain Commando
>Whatcha been playing recently?
D&D - SoM. Never had the chance to finish it.
>Best OST?
Uhm, hard one... I really like the OST from Comic Zone
>Most polished combat?
The D&D series cos of its depth.
>Wall of shame?
I'll say Golden Axe... the controls just don't work for me.

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Im all over Streets of Rage 2 as my favorite sidescroller beat em up. I remember being so psyched finally being able to beat it on its hardest difficulty only to find that you could enter a code to unlock the "Manic" setting.

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The fuck is that?

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I agree, the combat is much more intense on The Hyperstone Heist and the level progression feels less forced.

But again, I grew up with a Genesis, so...

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Streets of Rage Remake, a fan made mash-up of all the Strets of Rage for Genesis. Sega pulled the plug on the project a while back but you can still get the latest version on torrent.

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ah cool, thanks anon

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Hyperstone Heist is just a watered down port of TiT with missing levels and bosses.

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nigga the combat is completly different. If you try to play either of those games as if you were playing the other, you'll get you ass handed to you in level 1

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git gud

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Disagree, but HH is also good and different, I like both games.

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This game is some real guilty pleasure, combat is shallow but its presentation is quirky and unique.


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>the nigga who has been shitting up this forum for years with his SOR3 shitposts hasn't even beaten D&D SoM yet

nigga you serious?

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I don't know what're you talking about. This is like the 3th time I post in this board.

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D&D games, Final Fight arcade, River City Ransom, the SNES Kunio games, Aliens vs. Predator, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, TMNT arcade, The Punisher arcade, 6-Player X-Men arcade, Denjin Makai, Guardians, Guardian Heroes, and Battle Circuit and probably my favorites.

Runner-ups would include Sonic Blast Man 1&2, Shonen Ninja Sasuke, TMNT III, Turtles In Time, Armored Warriors, Knights of the Round, King of Dragons, Warriors of Fate, The Simpsons arcade, Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3, Mighty Final Fight, The Ninja Warriors for SNES, Streets of Rage 1&2, and the Golden Axe series.

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Oriental Legend 2:


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Easy there comrade

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Nice unemulatable game, faggot.

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>Beat 'em up Special
>Playable demos: Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Bloody Roar, Cardinal Syn, Dead Or Alive, Dynasty Warriors, Mortal Kombat 3, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Victory Boxing 2

Any Eurobros who still buy print know if the British media's stopped using "Beat 'em up" to describe fighting games yet?

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Streets of Rage 3 master race reporting in.

Get fucked SoR2fags.

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hey whats the deal! wheres splatterhuose on that list! I'm sure that was one the first ever games to push rating system it should be remembered! its a love letter to horror fans and beat em up fans of old, treasure it friends

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The third one is the only one that plays like a beat 'em up, and graphics aside it's pretty standard IMO.

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Guess Comix Zone isn't a beat 'em up now, since you can't walk in pseudo-3D.

Fuck off moron.

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Comix Zone at least has a combo system you piece of shit.

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>Favorite games?
The Punisher, Violent Storm and Night Slashers
>Whatcha been playing recently?
Double Dragon II on the PC Engine. Plays kinda like a mix between the Arcade and NES versions, but nowhere near as good or polished as either of them. The character designs are very weird compared to the proper Technos version. Worth playing mostly due to the cheesy anime-style cutscenes. Better than that crappy XBLA version from a few years ago.
>Best OST?
Probably the original Streets of Rage, with the arcade version of Double Dragon II coming a close second.
>Most polished combat?
I wouldn't call it the most polished, but I like Double Dragon Advance for its sheer move variety.
>Wall of shame?
I've never 1CCed any Capcom beat-'em-up.

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>I've never 1CCed any Capcom beat-'em-up.
Since you like The Punisher start with it brah, it's one of the easiest to 1CC. King of Dragons is quite forgiving too.

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knuckle bash is the best one imo

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cadillacs & dinosaurs is the best arcade beatemup ever made. and that's a fact, jimbo.

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God tier:
Tower of Doom, Warriors of Fate, Final Fight,

High tier:
Alien vs Predator, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Battle Circuit, King of Dragons, Shadow over Mystara.

Mid tier:
Knights of the Round, Armored Warriors, Punisher, Captain Commando.

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>cadillacs and dino
>not god tier

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TMNT3 on the NES is a better game then Turtles in Time

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yeah, but how in the mother of fuck is cadilacs and dinosaurs not a god tier game? eh?

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I play this game with my 5 year old, and love it

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I felt Cadillacs and Dinosaurs didn't add enough things to be god tier, and some bosses are too cheeseable.

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>and some bosses are too cheeseable
every single final fight boss can be used an infinite. why is it god tier then?

there's a reason why on Arclive/suparc, cadillacs is the most played beatem up at all times.. because among ppl who played these game for decades, cadillacs is the most favorite and respected. be honest u started play only 2 year ago

why must things be added? Why not take the game on its own?

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>every single final fight boss can be used an infinite. why is it god tier then?
Because it did much more for the genre than Cadillacs and Dinosaurs did. Also, combat with regular enemies is more interesting in Final Fight, the enemy design in Cadillacs is kinda lame except for a couple of them.

>why must things be added? Why not take the game on its own?
Because it's important to add new elements, Warriors of Fate did what Cadillacs did 1 year earlier, except with better combat, better AI and better bosses.

The reason of why Cadillacs is so played is because it's the easiest to get into, i also played it a lot when i got into the genre along with SoR2.

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Look at the game on its own. Stop acting like everything has to be next step in evolution. You are viewing game from a post-20 year view. Back when Cadillacs came out it was God Tier, it is still God Tier.

Cadillacs is different STYLE from Final Fight and Warrior of Fate. Final Fight is slow style. Warrior of Fate is slow style. Tower Doom is slow style.

Cadillacs is FAST style. Punisher is FAST style. Shadow mystara is FAST style. Understand?

You obviously prefer SLOW style. Some people prefer Fast style.

You say Cadillacs Dinosaurs is not God Tier. But hundred EXPERT arcade gamer on suparc/arclive say Cadillacs is best beatem up ever made.

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iLOL if you think skill factor is so important in beatemup game then maybe you should play some fighting games? You good at KOF98/02? Come challenge me at suparc/arclive. :)

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>Cadillacs is FAST style. Punisher is FAST style. Shadow mystara is FAST style. Understand?
Final Fight can be finished faster than all of them (except for maybe Shadow over Mystara which is fucking broken)

Punisher is good but it lacks character variety to be God Tier, and just like AvP, it has many gimmicky shooting sections that lose the focus on melee combat.

Shadow over Mystara is broken as hell, it's a fun game, but in terms of overall balance Tower of Doom is definitely more polished and requires a bit more strategy than just spamming LBOs and 3 hit + Lightning bolts. The standard combat is a joke as well even compared to any of the games i said.

And Cadillacs, again, it's kinda Final Fight with running, but i felt the enemy design was significantly downgraded (bosses are equally cheeseable).

I'm not that big into fightans dear chinese guy, but i'm decent at Vampire Hunter if you are interested.

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I'm talking about game style. Not length of game. Cadillacs is rushdown game. Speed and BTFO enemies quickly is the point. Also, so many weapons and guns. Beautiful. Final Fight is more on careful decisions gameplay. Both are good. Not one is better than the another. Apples and Oranges. Both are god tier.

You are like Street Fighter gamer. You like Final Fight, Warrior Fate, Tower Doom.

Me? I like KOF games. Fast paced, rushdown, offensive. That is why Cadillacs so loved in countries that KOF > SF. Asia, South America, etc.

Punisher is not god tier, very good but not god tier. Shadow Mystara is not god tier, very fun game, but game is too messy and easy even on Level 8.

Cadillacs yes, it is god tier. It is complete package. Timeless game. Loved throughout the world.

I agree with your list. Except for Cadillacs. Have a happy gaming. My last post for today.

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Kinda agree on your first point, but Final Fight isn't as slow-paced as you make it sound, you can just scroll if you want and have 10 enemies on screen any time given time, and having a screen filled with Poison, Gados and Andores is certainly more menacing and fast-paced than most stuff in Cadillacs.

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it's this >>2863752

and it also has its own story mode, alternate modes, AI teammates, color pallets/sprites, unlocks, guns, custom weapons, etc.

It also combines all 3 games into one as if all 3 games were different area's of the city. I personally love how it adds custom pathways in levels, like SoR2 stage 1, you can go to an alternate route after dealing with a sniper that involves a building burning, followed by a roof top level. Think Starfox in how you can go to any planet you want and no matter which one u go to after "6 levels" its Andross time. Gives it tons of replay value.

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>Favorite games?
undercover cops,cads n dinosaurs,the gladiator/road of the sword, ninja baseball batman and sor2/3.

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>Favorite games?
Undercover Cops stylistically. I just like the rawness of it and digging up fucking steel girders to beat your opponents to death with. It also has that Irem visual grit that I really like which left the company with Nazca.

AvP for moveset and sheer satisfaction of gutting xenomorphs though.

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I really, really love Streets of Rage, but I also enjoy Super Double Dragon. I love that it has a parry button, and it has a wide moveset. It's a bit slow, but man, that game and the soundtrack are great.

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If you like parry mechanics you should try King of Dragons with the Fighter or Cleric.

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>Favorite games?
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, SoR3, Sonic Blast Man

>Whatcha been playing recently?
Captain Commando(the SNES port)

>Best OST?

>Most polished combat?
Don't know, I really like Cadillacs & Dinosaurs for its fluidity

>Wall of shame?
I enjoy playing console beat'em ups, even with its two or three enemies on screen at a time.

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I enjoy playing console beat'em ups, even with its two or three enemies on screen at a time.

That's understandable, but not when you have a much better arcade version of said game. Captain Commando SNES also has some other big problems, like slow combos that ruin the gameplay.

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I don't understand why anyone would want to play CapCom on snes. Strated playing Batman Returns on snes a couple days ago and it's surprisingly quite good.

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>tfw 1cc'd Tower of Doom with all characters
feels good man

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Return of Double Dragon > Super Double Dragon
The final stage is much longer and your hurricane kick hits enemies multiple times.

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Strategies for beating the wizard at the end?

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Fellas, take it easy! The Splatterhouse series is a beat-em Up and the 3th is the best one objectively. Comix Zone is also a Beat-em Up with one of the greatest OSTs ever IMO.

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That's why I prefer the term belt-scroller. At leaves very little room to ambiguity.

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>and the 3th is the best one objectively

No. The best is easily the original arcade game.

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Wizard is on Shadow over Mystara. Anyway, first of all you should use Project Image with all bosses, now some specific strategies:

Tel arin: 9 knives + LBOs, if he is still alive cast some magic, magic missile maybe.

Exhorder: First, be sure to pick Staff of Wizardry in the room before. As for the boss, stay away from this fucker and spam lightning bolts (spells and rings if you have), then cast other spells, Ice Storm, Conjure elemental etc.

Spiral stair: Mainly cast some area magic here when the screen is filled with enemies, like Reverse Gravity.

Dungeons: Magic missile the gargoyles for more spells.

Dark Force 2: This nigga is a joke considering how the amount of magic you have at that point. Anyway same as Tel'Arin, 9x knives + combo + LBOs, if he is still alive cast some magic, Reverse gravity do tons of damage to him. Meteor Swarm is also deadly, but it's bugged with the Staff of Wizardry and do little damage, so you should swap to your standard Staff if you want to cast that.

Nagpa: just spam magic, you gain a level here.

Synn: Project image, wait for her meteor attack, when she comes down just LBO the bitch. After that just cast magic, mainly Ice Storm.

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he's talking about the last boss of tower doom.

>> No.2870925

What i do is bait him to my line, i never directly attack him on his line. So when he comes to your line do a rush and combine it with run+attack or run+jump attack, after that go away from him. That's pretty much my basic offensive, if you have some spells use it with the undead guys and his Protect Image. If you are playing Elf, Ice Storm is the only magic that hurts him.

As for defense, be extremely aware of the magic attacks. He will cast lightning bolts if he is in your line far away. For fireballs, just evade them with run+jump. Meteorn swarm: run to the end of the screen in the oppossite direction from where they come. Fire circle thingy: just try to not stay near him too much time, when you attack him then run away.

>> No.2870927

rush attack* (release crouch+attack)

>> No.2870929

Oh i forgot, if you have arrows, attack him with it when you bait him to your line. Hammers and daggers don't hurt him.

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This was GOAT beatemup

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Well, while I'm aware that the arcade original is miles better than the poor SNES port, I grew up playing it and I have my SNES setup in a much more confortable way than my MAME setup. I even have an SNES controller that's like an arcade stick.

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