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Ask Questions. Get Answers.

Thread 4 cont. from >>2818958

>Last emulation thread hit the limit. Lot's of knowledge was shared. Let's keep it going.

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Just reposting this here for people to see. I needs the helps anons

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There are 3 main things you need in order to emulate decently PS2
CPU with instruction setSS2 (If you have SSS3 or SS4.1 even better)
CPU Single-threaded performance
Graphics card with dx9 and pixel shader 2.0 support (dx10 or dx11 is even better)

If you want to emulate most games at 60fps get a desktop desu

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It there an an already set up amiga emulator image ready to play floating around anywhere? Trying to set that shit up is a bitch and a half.

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How does one discover if they have these things anon?

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>Lot's of shilling was done. Let's keep the cancer spreading.

At least you didn't use a Raspberry Pi flyer for the OP thread image this time.

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install cpu-z

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google or >>2861637
According to videocardbenchmark.com you dont have much single-threaded performance. you might be able to run some games but at pretty low framerates. 2D games will be OK tho. Maybe switch to PSX emulation if there are similar games than what you want IE Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo

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I kind of miss the raging autist that used to be in my threads. It's like he disappeared. He would have flipped his lid over this comment. Kid was always fun to watch. He took everything so personally.

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If i am able to have an external gpu, would that help with playing ps2 games? This is really just an experiment, so if I can't do it at all then i wont until i have better resources

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That would likely change everything. If you've got one laying around then go for it. If not I'd just wait till you snag a new laptop.

>pic related

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What would be recommended? One day i may just get an external gpu just because vidya

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i cant get CONKERS BAD FUR DAY to run smooth the fps drops like a rock during cutscenes and other gameplay no matter what emulator i use and other games run fine the person to figure this out is god far as im concerned

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This sites pretty good at ranking them.


another useful site


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CPU is the main force when it comes to PCSX2, but you can try
post here the results im interested to see if theres a noticeable improvement

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It doesn't matter how powerful your shit is, it will stutter on android. The fucking launcher on the Nvidia Shield will regularly hang like a motherfucker. It is a problem inherent to android and it is literally unfixable.

>a commitment to staying open and empowering users
RMS is somewhere really upset because you posted that. Sure android is open source, but it is not at all for altruistic reasons, there's probably been like two fucking devices in the history of android with open drivers, and the vast majority of software that people actually use for it is proprietary as you can get.

Android hates your freedoms.

I would never even want a 3DS for emulation because it's so underpowered, but it's still the best thing out there. The point being that everything out there is fucking shit.

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As far as empowering users: one thing Android has done recently is allow users to choose which permissions to give or deny to apps as they install. It's really encouraging to me that a major OS has decided to do this. I don't really expect the reasons to be "altruistic"; of course this is a business endeavor, but their business strategy involves passing more control to manufacturers and end users than you usually see, and I hope that pays off for them. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft and especially to Apple.

As for unpreventable stuttering: I assume you're referring to garbage collect. It is possible for developers to pay enough attention to memory management to avoid triggering the collector in their apps. Maybe the emulators I used were programmed in this way? I definitely would have noticed if an action game stuttered at a crucial moment, or if the sound stuttered; neither of these occurred, even on the slower machine I used to use. Come to think of it, memory management seems like it would be pretty simple to program for an emulator, since even N64s only have four megabytes of it.

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Most emulators on Android attempt to mitigate the stuttering and audio skips with either frameskip or with lots of audio buffering, or both.

It's one of the reasons RetroArch does not fare as well on Android as it does on most other devices. It does not implement frameskip (in fact, its developers are ideologically against the very concept of relying on it), so when the emulation stalls, you sure as hell notice it. On other platforms, you can get away with 16 to 32ms of audio latency, but Android cannot seem to manage less than 64, and often you have to go much higher than that depending on the hardware.

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Interesting! That would explain why I've always had to turn on a bit of audio latency for SNES and N64 on Android to avoid sound stuttering - not extreme, but definitely noticeable if you've played the same games on native hardware. I can confirm that the easier systems to emulate, like GBA, don't have this issue, which is nice.

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That's funny. Nothing stutters on my android phone or tablet when I emulate. That being said I always prefer Linux whenever possible.

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How do I turn off bilinear filtering in MAME without having the UI version? It's ugly as shit, I can't use the 64 version of UI, the 32 ones are too old to run shit right. So I'm fucking stumped

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>forcing hardware manufacturers and developers to implement stupid shit they don't care about to protect retarded end lusers from themselves

And the garbage collection is system wide. The entire OS runs in a JVM. You can not stop it.

>I don't notice, so it doesn't happen

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What are the best (preferrably free) emulators on Android for retro consoles? My phone can handle DraStic just fine, and my best guess is that it can handle others well enough too.

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If I don't notice then it doesn't matter. Considering I have a decent retro collection, I notice weirdness in gameplay.

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>memory management

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Are any of the PSX emulators for Wii usable? I need to fuck someone up in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

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get retroarch and play the arcade version, dummy

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I'm trying to play Gens but it wont accept more than two keys on the keyboard being pushed at the same time. This of course makes almost every action game impossible to play as intended.

On other videogames however (tried this with Soldier of Fortune and Alien vs Predator 2) I can do a bunch of movements simultaneously without hassle. Anyone know what's wrong?

I've not tried other emulators yet but I'm going to if I run out of ideas.

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i'm an idiot for not considering there's an arcade version, i can only hope that i'm not 2dumb2retroarch correctly

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does retroarch in raspberry pi support 7z?

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Why would it need to? Just use 7zip to unzip the file before you use it.

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i dont have 7zip lol i use winrar

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getting 7 zip would take less than 2 minutes..

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Gens is like that with some keyboards. Give Kega a try.

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Which version of Metroid Prime is better to emulate; the wii version or the gamecube version?

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GC probably, since it uses a controller. The Wii version requires a wiimote+nunchuk which are awkward to emulate unless you're actually using a wiimote+nunchuk.

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Wouldn't that mean you could turn the Wii version into a pretty decent M+KB set-up?

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Maybe, but if you use the mouse for wiimote pointing, the analog stick on the nunchuk could be a problem. I don't remember too much about the Wii version's controls desu.

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Fuck off Pee/RA shill

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This. Android is for handphone shillers.

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More like Keyboards are like that, retard. Why do you think PC game and OS hotkeys start with Shift/ Alt/ Ctrl ?

Either you map your keys to Shift/Ctrl/Alt key or buy a china joypad already. Stop being retarded and factcheck. Are you fucking 13 years old /v/-tier?!?

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You need to try some different medication. Your current psychiatric meds are not working well.

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Seriously, dude. Simple lithium clearly just is not cutting it for you.

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How can you shill a nonprofit product like the pi? How can you shill retroarch when there isn't even so much as a donation button on the developers page?

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Like I said: he's fuckin' cray-cray.

Else a _hugely_ dedicated troll.

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RetroArch accepted donation, just not in monetary form. It was more like "we'll port it to a lucrative platform if you gift us that platform". A bunch of people were then sending consoles and tablets that would end up "breaking" or "going missing". It happened a number of times before they toned the donation thing down completely. Even if there was some foul play it's pretty small time. A few used 360s, PS3s and a handful of high end tablets isn't much in the grand scheme of things.

SP used to be active here and everywhere else and would drive almost everyone crazy. Some people would bait him and he'd swallow it every single time. A bunch of times he'd leave briefly swearing to never return, but after a while he'd be back. The last time he left for good coincided with the appearance of the batshit crazy everyone-is-a-retroarch-shill troll appeared.

Draw your own conclusions.

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I've been here years. Never seen that. I could be wrong though.

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>A bunch of people were then sending consoles and tablets that would end up "breaking" or "going missing". It happened a number of times before they toned the donation thing down completely.

[Citation needed]

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"toning down" included removing all the related posts on their forum. Convenient, huh?

I doubt anyone that was on the emulation general on /vg/ has forgotten him. He was definitely on /vr/ as well.

>> No.2863110

I've been around their forum since 2012 (the old one at forum.themaister.net) and I never saw any of the stuff you're talking about. Only a few people actually donated hardware, with most of the devices he develops for came out of his own pocket. He's also followed through and ported RA to those platforms. The only thing I know of that broke was a hacked Xbox 360 someone had set up for him, but that's hardly surprising given the failure rate of Xbox 360s. Hardware donations are still accepted but VAT taxes make it actually cost money for him to recieve it if it's shipped across borders.

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Probably both. Mental illness is never rational.

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How do I get Pokemon Puzzle League to work? Do I need to use Project64 or Mupen64Plus?

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>If i am able to have an external gpu, would that help with playing ps2 games?

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Project64. Mupen64plus can't run that game.

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>>2862629 here. Using Kega solved the problem. Up yours, cupcake.

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Google it , dumbass

>Shills butthurt.
Poor attempt at damage control, mate. I emulate almost all my /vr/ but you shills are getting worse than /CRT/ and /reseller/ fags combined.

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You're really desperate for a nibble m8.

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I used to be into emulation when I was 12 years old with an OG Xbox, then I realized that emulation is never 100% perfect and that killed it for me. Original hardware is unbeatable, fuck emulators.

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Yeah, let's buy a cabinet for every arcade game we want to try!

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I can pretend to be upset if you like.

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go ahead and emulate what you want to play, but you'll never actually beat the game until you beat the real thing.

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>but you'll never actually beat the game until you beat the real thing.

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Reposting from >>>/emugen/ because I forgot how to crosspost.

When I try to confirm my controls in Q*Bert for PS1, the player 2 control config pops up afterwards, as if I had a second controller plugged it, but I only want one controller active. I'm using a DS4 & DS4Windows btw.

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Forgot to mention I'm running the Mednafen PSX Libretro core in RA.

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The controllers have a config file that can be edited. Save the original and tinker around with it a bit. Everything in it is pretty straight forward.

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Making manufacturers and devs implement stupid shit? You're thinking of iOS. Manufacturers can do whatever they want, as evidenced by the existence of JXD, GPD, etc. That's the greatest thing about Android.

>> No.2864171

>Google it , dumbass
>After he outright said the problem has been solved
You're just here to start a fight. Begone!

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Nice meme arrows, Faglord.

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These infos are outdated imho...
According to them, my Single Core Athlon 64 4000+ 2GB RAM 9800GT 512MB should be able to run some games, but it can't, no matter how I configure it, it can't even properly start the BIOS at full speed, and any game i tried runs a 2-3 fps even from boot.
Same logic applies for another PC i have which has the same specs except for the CPU being Athlon 64 X2 4400+ and the 9800GT being the 1GB model, it runs better, but still there's no game that goes beyond a slow as fuck 12-15 fps.
Of course it runs no problems on my main rig since it's anormal current gen parts desktop, but according tho those requirements my other 2 old PCs should run some games, but they don't.

>> No.2864216

On a Athlon clocked to 2.2ghz, I could barely play some 2d games and maybe Godhand with 20 fps with all hacks/VU steal etc. Most games have different needs, so I don`t think they are "minimum specs" in general for that emu. If you have 2-3 fps in bios, something is off btw.

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It's enough to own a board for each game.

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Not everyone like a home full of trash. Even ten of those boards constitutes a mess.

>pic related

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problem playing harry potter and the sorcerers stone on pcsx-r windows open gl2 tweaked. no music and no voice only sound effects. thus game hangs in the intro because voice not loaded. playable in retroarch and epsx. what could be the problem?

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I've been playing since I got an Atari back just in 1985 so emulation is new to me. I've never been big into it since I have alot iforiginal hardware. But, how else can you play rare and/or expensive games unless you have money to burn or know someone who has such hardware. Of course using original hardware is best but emulation fills in the gaps nicely.

>> No.2864546

nvm. i changed to dev edition and now it works.

>> No.2864762

I'm ok with this. At 30 I have kids and shit to do. I don't have the time to play a level 30 times to "git gud". I'd rather digest more content than grind it. Call me crazy. It's ok. I miss the days when I had nothing but vidya to do.

>> No.2864839

Honestly a PS2 slim is so stupidly cheap and easy to get backups to play on I don't see why anyone would bother with emulating it until there's something as accurate as mednafen for it in years to come

>> No.2864868

weak b8

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>> No.2864936

Never done any REAL research on this yet. But is the PSP Emulate-able? And what specs are the minimum to run such an Emu.

>> No.2864951

I'm playing Super Mario RPG on ZSNES 1.42. I made a save state before a boss because the computer battery was gonna die on the plane.

I can't load the state now. I press F3 to see the save state menu, and in Slot 0, I can very clearly see the screenshot of where I SSed. I select it, press Enter, the menu closes, and nothing happens. Also, nothing happens when I click Open State from the main nav while the game is open.

Is there a way to debug this or fix it? It has record of the Save State in Slot 0, but why won't it open?

>> No.2864956

PPSSPP emulates PSP, when I tried it a few years ago on a Phenom II it could run the Megaman X remake at full speed so a modern PC should handle it fine

>> No.2864962

Thanks man.


>> No.2865027

fun fact bro, no one cares about ps2 accurancy but autists with crts. that why no one uses mednafne for psx for example.

>> No.2865032

my shit-tier laptop runs PPSSPP without any problems.

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I care

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why not switch accuracy for beauty?

>> No.2865305

I use ePSX with a Pentium II 300 Mhz. Does that hurt your autistism, shillbucks?

>> No.2865314

How poor are you?

>> No.2865323

I live in a 4th world country
our internet backbone is a an aol dialup connection

>> No.2865341

So... Detroit?

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I figured this out - copy the mame.ini from the UI version to the normal version with filter set to 0 and bam.

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hey guys, i too like emulation!! its way better than having to buy the system and cartridges. its great for people like myself who are on a tight budget. i hope i can contribute nicely to this thread.. :)

>> No.2866550

I'm sure it would be a great contribution if you were to kill yourself right now.

>> No.2866640

So much anger in this thread.

>> No.2866958

So much douchebags like >>2866550
>>>electric chair

>> No.2866960

ok. gonna go kill myself.

>> No.2866965

So much tripfaggotry and samefagging in this thread.

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File: 336 KB, 1024x768, project_64_wacky_logo_by_nes_fan-d73fqin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Project64 2.2 vs Mupen64Plus 2.5 vs BizHawk

Who wins?

>> No.2867037

Not bizhawk... whatever that is.

>> No.2867078

Everdrive 64

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File: 1.71 MB, 1282x992, 1425383878085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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oh.. sorry then.. ill leave if that makes you happy.

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>> No.2867123

I heard there is a Gameboy emulator for the Everdrive 64, but I haven't been able to find it. Can anyone help me out?

>> No.2867198

What if it's an official emulator? like the Wii Virtual Console, or those old Sega games you can buy on Steam running on what's probably some version of Kega Fusion. Does that count as beating it according to your rules, mister?

Frankly I don't give a shit if it "doesn't count" when I beat a game but I'm curious what you think.

>> No.2867210

Go to DS4windows settings and check "hide DS4 controller". I think that fixes most issues like the one you described.

>> No.2867215

Don't use that. It's very outdated and inaccurate. Use a different emulator, like SNES9x or higan. I don't know if it will fix your problem though.

>> No.2867217

Are we just making up words now? This shit's getting pretty stupid.

>> No.2867219

>don't use the emulator with the least amount of input latency

>> No.2867223

filtered :)

>> No.2867239

>defending ZSNES
come on now. I shouldn't have to explain why ZSNES is bad in 2015 on a place like /vr/.


>> No.2867256

so, for those like 10 games you might want to use higan
but for a platformer where timing matters, you'd probably want zsnes

>> No.2867259

Theres setting you can find for this. Reddit post iirc (i only reddit when i find some of there shit on google)

>> No.2867267

Think it only does NES. Though I believe you could play gameboy games through the adaptor that game with pokemon statium?

>> No.2867269

>input latency
doesn't exist, go fucking try it

>> No.2867292

no he's actually right. zsnes maybe inacurrate but is has the lowest latency of all snes emulators, so its very good for speedruns etc.

>> No.2867307

you guys know there is a general for this stuff right?

>> No.2867315

Anyone else having problems with their memory cards? I'm using ePSXe here trying to play Persona and it gets stuck on this screen. In fact all of my games don't save. i got through metal gear and parappa save stating so saving wasn't really a problem but here i can't even get past the title. I did not tamper with the emulator settings whatsoever.

>> No.2867353

*on windows

>> No.2867360

it's ra on linux, but you have to jump through stupid complicated hoops to get it to work right, and it's still not as fast as zsnes on windows.

>> No.2867368

I got the lastest NeoGeo Bundle but the sound on KOF 2000 is a bit off, also I feel a bit of input lag on Metal Slug. Like the presentation of the rom and all but is there a better way to run this collection?

>> No.2867896


>> No.2867916

Someone mentioned the Persona thing in another thread within the past month or so. There's also a post on some apple forum somewhere that reports the same issue.

It doesn't seem to be a configuration issue, so you might want to try another emulator.

>> No.2867924

The emulation general on /vg/ sucks. It was a magnet for dev drama for a long time and hardly anyone who would ask for help actually got any, especially when non-SNES /vr/ era emulators are involved. It has its place though and it's probably a lot better for people who have issues with Dolphin, PCSX2, etc than the stuff we're interested in.

There isn't any harm in having a /vr/ themed one here at any rate.

>> No.2867947

I'm trying to emulate MGS on the ePSXe, but I can't get anything other than a black screen as soon as I load the ISO. Tried different versions of the emulator, the plugins, different configurations, everything. I can't get this thing to work

Help please

>> No.2867949

use retroarch

>> No.2867964
File: 963 KB, 475x268, 873593743434.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These may work but this is likely the troll who will later complain about "retroarch shilling". He's pretty dedicated.

>> No.2867967

No problems here with it. Did you setup the bios?

>> No.2867971

Yup, tried getting it from different versions and tried both the PAL and the NTSC one. Do you have any kind of special config for the video plugin or something? Also does the fact that I'm using Daemon booting affect the emulator?

>> No.2868038

Have you tried glide64 plugin?

>> No.2868052


The PS2 is outside of this board's scope you fucks
though post is still bullshit regardless

>> No.2868061

While the troll is annoying I don't think he is making the posts he responds to and he kind of has a point. retroarch is constantly pushed here, militantly even, and that is just as annoying.

>> No.2868065

I'm not sure, but why not just play the ISO directly though the emulator?

>> No.2868070

I think it's pretty obvious he's the one pushing it. Those 2 posts I listed are lazy as fuck. Retroarch is great. It's not productive though to automatically and immediately say "retroarch" when someone has a question about a different emulator. If they don't know the answer they should let someone else with experience of that emulator answer.

>> No.2868074

there is spamming on both sides, this has been going on for a long time now, the seem to think they are waging some sort of war, it's fucking stupid.

>> No.2868079

Original hardware and software, that's it.

>> No.2868083

You're arguing about what's a better emulator, meanwhile I'm playing my games with 100% perfect accuracy and frame-rate with the actual hardware and games via RGB,oh ho ho ho.

>> No.2868103

>I'm playing my games with 100% perfect accuracy and frame-rate with the actual hardware and games via RGB,oh ho ho ho.
So am I. But, you know, there are games I don't own which I emulate. There's no need to act all superior because you own a SNES.

>> No.2868108

if you are going to spend any time on this board learn to recognize trolling/rage posting and ignore it.

>> No.2868112


>> No.2868167
File: 33 KB, 500x349, 39831-Hybrid_Heaven_(Europe)_(En,Fr,De)-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So apparently the 2.x version of Project 64 can emulate hybrid heaven with no audio issues. Despite disabling the frame limit and resynching the game on the audio plugin side I'm still getting a lot of crackling audio.

Do some of the other plugins out there work better with this game? Or have I just configured it wrong?

>> No.2868173

the developers of PJ64 lie constantly, I haven't even bothered with N64 emulation for years because of this bullshit.

>> No.2868179

I had this problem way back when.and solved it by downloading zlib.dll and putting it in the ePSXe folder.

If you can get it running, ePSXe is really very nice. It's a little CPU hungry if you want to be really accurate, though; you may want to consider using a PSP instead, which is expressly designed to be a perfect PS emulation machine.

>> No.2868194

which emulator is preferable currently? 1964 or project 64? i've been out of the loop for a few years

>> No.2868196

anybody have any decent overclock settings to use for the raspberry pi 2?

>> No.2868198

Project64 btw those two.

>> No.2868203

In retropie the overclock settings are built in. Just select the Pi2 option. They work great. I'm not sure if they're built in with lakka or recalbox. If not I'd just use whatever the retropie's overclock settings are.

>> No.2868209

do you know what the highest overclock settings are? Im on archlinux arm

>> No.2868249

Anyone have any experience modding an original Xbox to emulate games?

>> No.2868253

It will partially depend on the sd card you are using. (make sure it's class 10, it's easy to fry or corrupt cheaper ones) The Pi2 settings from retropie are the highest that don't void the warranty. I'm not sure I'd use a full linux build for emulation on the Pi2. It might work but you'll have to exit out of the x window manager likely. It's going to eat up a lot more resources than something like recalbox, lakka, or retropie which is purpose built. If you want a full linux system as well I'd just use 2 sd cards and swap them.

This might help. He takes you through some settings and lets you know which ones void the warranty.


>> No.2868263

The one's that void the warranty may work but are dangerous b/c they may fry the device. You don't need a heatsink to use the safe (warranty covered) overclock settings but if you want to exceed them it would probably be wise.

>> No.2868268


I'm using these but snes9x still doesn't run at full speed. What are the retropie settings?

>> No.2868285
File: 7 KB, 465x132, 290103ee-7a91-11e5-8c65-9a69fa48e0ff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the pic. They are the same. You're likely having speed issues b/c its a much more robust full linux distro. You're using computer resources for processes unrelated to the specific needs of emulation.

>> No.2868289

You might try the turbo settings in the pic at your own risk. Might want to pop a heat sink on before you try those however.

>> No.2868290

no I just have a base archlinux install without a gui or anything else installed

>> No.2868306

There's likely still some other processes in play. I can't really say without researching it. The issue is likely related to the emulator itself. The reropie build offers a choice of three for snes b/c some work better than other for certain games. It makes switching between them super easy.

Try PiSnes or PocketSnes as well.


>> No.2868365

goddamit the only core I can actually get fullspeed on is the fucking playstation

>> No.2868369

It's a hassle man but I'm telling ya retropie > or = lakka > recalbox.

>> No.2868371

Ease of setup is basically this list in reverse.

>> No.2868376

I tried retropie but there was too much input lag

>> No.2868392

It could be a lot of things really. TV/monitor, controller, sd card. I use the buffalo snes pad/wireless xbox 360 controller with no issues on a cheapo 2014 samsung tv. The card I use is a samsung evo 32gb (i should have gone 16gb for smaller backups as I store the games on a usb drive) like 11-13 bucks on amazon. Retropie works great for me. The gameplay is on par with my original hardware for everything but N64 which is hit and miss.

What controllers/card/monitor or tv are you using?

>> No.2868424

Gonna use to assist my modest laptop. Thanks.

>> No.2868437

it's probably my monitor, a shitty tv. i use a ds3 with a gskill 32gb card

>> No.2868504

Before you spend any money. Know that you'll also get bottlenecked by your cpu. Make sure to investigate whether your cpu will be up to the task before buying a gpu. I'd honestly wait if your cpu is older.

>> No.2868509

Are you using any special software to map the ds3 controller?

>> No.2868514

no I just use the prompt that comes up when you first start emulation station

>> No.2868516

What's the tv? I can check the stats and compare them to mine if it will help.

>> No.2868525

samsung model number LN22B360C5D

>> No.2868610

Can anyone recommend a good N64 emulator for Wii? Currently I'm using Not64, but Pilotwings is emulated pretty poorly and VPW 2 won't run at all. I know I can use the Virtual Console (and even make custom WADs), but IIRC Not64 has better overall compatibility.

>> No.2868675

I only noticed one difference btw the two. I saw it runs at 60hz while mine runs at 120hz. I don't think that's a problem though b/c it runs fine on my older vizio that's only 60hz. Does the tv have a "game mode" setting? Honestly it makes no difference for me whether it's on or off on my samsung but it might for you.

>> No.2868680

Sorry I took so long getting back. House is crazy with family buzzing about atm.

>> No.2868690

I forgot there's a game mode and that makes it better.

>> No.2868697

If it's better but still doesn't feel correct I'd give retropie/lakka/recalbox another shot. Retropie runs great for me and I've heard good things about the others.

>> No.2868704

this is on retropie

>> No.2868716

Shitpusher thinks KMS mode switching is superior to accurate mode/refresh RGB output with no input lag.

He's the troll. Good riddance.

>> No.2868730

KMS supports any refresh rate your hardware supports. If you want weird refresh rates for arcade games you can have them. RGB output is likewise hardware dependent. And input lag with KMS is the same as with GPU Hard Sync 0. Combine with frame delay and you can have less lag than the original hardware.

>> No.2868742

Perhaps the posters got confused. I assumed you (according to this post) were using >>2868209
archlinux arm

They are similar yet different in many ways.

>> No.2868747

Yes and no. KMS is not a full metal solution by any means. Zen is much closer.

>> No.2868842

yes I was using archlinux but then just went back to retropie

>> No.2868932
File: 34 KB, 500x281, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey guys, me again. aka... everyones favourite!! haha yes, anywhoo... i need some help with Emulations. i downloaded something called fcuex, but there arent any games on it!!!!11; what did i do wrong? advice i greatly abbreciated! :D

>> No.2868942

Trolls gonna troll. You should get back to whacking it to Bernie Sanders porn.

>> No.2868960

um bro im serious. this board is kinda depressing so i thought i'd try to lighten up everyones day with some smiley faces . okay man? jeez. now im just so... sad.

>> No.2868972
File: 245 KB, 372x454, 1281937229021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2868994
File: 19 KB, 550x343, 1450620627902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2869002

>this board is kinda depressing

your face is depressing

>> No.2869058

This board is quite literally about revelling in the past

Your cutesy bullshit makes me want to kill myself

>> No.2869373

pls give reccomendations for a cheap android bluetooth controller

>> No.2869385

this is the most absolutely ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

Reminds me of running machines without cases and starting them with screwdrivers in school.

>> No.2869397

moga hero power.

>> No.2869436

moga but the good moga... not the crappy one.

>> No.2869513

Mates, I want a device like the Raspberry pi 2 yet more powerful for emulation.

>> No.2869526

DualShock 3

>> No.2869528

Odroid then.

>> No.2869553

XU4 is the best one?

>> No.2869576

XU4 beats C1 on a benchmark. C1 has more usb outputs though. Both will do PS1 and some N64 easily. Neither however will exceed this. I'd go with C1 only b/c it's cheaper and has more usb outputs. The more expensive model won't provide any real benefits that justify the price. You'll play PS1 perfectly and some N64 on either one.

>> No.2869585

Oh, I see. I was thinking of getting the Xu4 because it said it has more ram, better CPU and GPU etc. Which means more powerful for emulation.

>> No.2869602

It comes down to trying to drive a tack with a sledge hammer. 15-30 year old game emulation doesn't need it. Buy the more expensive option if it appeals to you by all means. It's not going to magically play ps2 though. Whichever odroid you prefer. It will currently only do what a pi2 does. Slightly more powerful yet not enough for more. In a year or two when the new model comes out it's going to be vastly better and blow the previous models away. Then we'll be talking about Pi3 vs. the latest odroid. Who will win? Who knows?

>> No.2869612

I'm more interested in Dreamcast, PSP and dolphin.

>> No.2869683
File: 114 KB, 1024x768, large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to emulate Symphony of the Night on PC? I've tried it before a long time ago, like last year and I can't remember anymore what went wrong but it was probably like graphical or sound issues. IIRC I used ePSXe.

>> No.2869747

Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

>> No.2869761

What is the best psx emulator on android, epsxe or fpse?

>> No.2869968

I'm using an android phone. Specifically an Amazon Fire Phone for PPSSPP emulation. I got some games and I don't know how to switch from one to another. I've searched on Google and I can't seem to find any answer.

Please help.

>> No.2870028

Mednafen probably (use retroarch). It is a mostly 2D game after all.

If you want muh HD for the 3D parts, then PPSSPP with Dracula X Chronicles works really well.

If you don't like the new translation and want muhHD then PCSXR or ePSXe are options too, though they will probably do something like non-integer nearest which looks pretty shitty. I guess PPSSPP will have that problem a bit too, but you can mostly fix it by going to x8 or x10 internal res and getting a pixellate like effect.

tl;dr: Mednafen

>> No.2870039

PCSX-ReARMed, no contest

I don't understand what your problem is. You're going to have to be more clear.

>> No.2870046


I can't switch to another game on my android phone. If I want to play one game it gives me no option to switch.

>> No.2870059

instead use the Bsnes or Snes9x cores on Retroarch with its hard-gpu-sync option turned on, and you'll literally notice no lag

>> No.2870064

I'm still not sure I'm following. Is it like it's in one game and you can't bring up PPSSPP's menu?

If that's it, then force close it or even restart your phone, and next time bind something to "Pause" in PPSSPP's setting before starting a game.

>> No.2870103

yeah. i know.
don't get me wrong, i use ra and love it, but,
zsnes gets no love these days and it's not right that there are so many ra fags here who rag on it.
it is a great emulator.
zsnes runs fullspeed on a fucking pentium ii.
lets see bsnes do that.

>> No.2870173

If someone tried to give me a Pentium 2 I'd be annoyed at having to haul their trash away.

>> No.2870182

Or use KMS on Linux which gives the same latency with lower hardware requirements.

>> No.2870228

you missed the point.
>lower hardware requirements.
nope. zsnes in windows has lower latency than ra through drm/kms.
try harder faggot.

>> No.2870818

How does the Raspi 2 handle Neo Geo on retroarch? I have a Raspi 1 and it doesn't quite handle them at full speed and the sound is fucked up. I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading

>> No.2870841

Will a wired Xbox One controller work with Project 64 as well as PS1/PS2 emulators? Used to use my 360 controller but it's busted now. Running Windows 10 by the way. Was wondering if the wrapper/input method is the same.

>> No.2870856

Works fine with DirectInput stuff, otherwise you'll have to use a wrapper for XInput.

>> No.2870871

Easy as crap to wire it to USB since it literally is USB, just match the colors. No need to waste money on adapter.

>> No.2870876

Wait, Xbox One? I thought you meant the first xbox, damn shitty ass name.

>> No.2870880

get a lattepanda

>> No.2870903

Yes, plug it in with a regular ass usb cable and it will just werk as an xinput controller.

I think you have to install drivers manually on W7 though.

>> No.2870943

So the memory card(s) I was using for psXfin decided to spontaneously become unformatted, and I lost a bunch of save files.

Not sure what to say about that.

Any tips to help avoid such a thing in the future?

>> No.2870952

>So the memory card(s) I was using for psXfin decided to spontaneously become unformatted, and I lost a bunch of save files.

Sounds like a bug in one of the games you were playing. Alternatively, you're trying to run the emulator on a post-XP OS without enabling compatibility mode, so things are breaking. It's also possible you specified a different memory card to the emulator by mistake, or otherwise somehow mismanaged your memory card BIN files.

From the many years I used pSX (on XP back in the day) I never had any issues like this.

>> No.2870961

The bug sounds like the most likely issue, since I was playing Digimon World. Haven't had any issues before with other games. Guess I need to start being vigilant in backing up save files.

>> No.2871010

Did you use savestates?

>> No.2871048

No. I never had reason to.

>> No.2871223

How can I do some emulator thing on my ps3? Im willing to fuck with it if it meant I could play more games

>> No.2871339

Do people actually use the nightly builds of Retroarch and are they supposed to be better?

Can I just download all the cores instead of doing it separately because that's annoying as fuck?

Will they ever come up with a way to auto-update the cores independently of the main program?

Is this thread better than emugen?

>> No.2871394

Yes, they usually have new/better shit in them

Yes, just download the latest folder from the buildbot

Probably not, because that would destroy their servers

If you're an idiot that can't figure out how to open 7z files or something and emugen tells you to fuck off and learn to read then this thread is a god send.

Otherwise no, this place is shit.

>> No.2872040
File: 118 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What you guys think about frontends?

>> No.2872051

My library contains all of the games for most systems and I don't need to browse games because I usually pick one game and just play that for a while, so they are pretty useless to me.

>> No.2872073


Useless. I use one for DOSBox, but only for the convenience of maintaining settings profiles and shortcuts. As far as console emulators go, they're pointless.

>Do people actually use the nightly builds of Retroarch and are they supposed to be better?

You're asking if additionally unstable builds of an already unstable frontend are better? Retroarch is a custom frontend to third-party emulators, which already have native frontends built in. Retroarch is a completely pointless middle man. Just use the individual emulators its based on. God knows they'll actually work the way they're supposed to.

>> No.2872314

Complete noob here. I want to use my DS3 with Snes9x but I don't know how to make it work. I installed SCP Driver, now what?

>> No.2872332

i love them.
launchbox is ehhh....it obfuscates scraped data which prevents artwork and metadata from being used in other frontends, and the only reason to use it is for bigbox which is NOT free which makes it kind of shitty.
kodi with advlauncher/romcollectionbrowser/iarl is superior.
my favorite is actually windows mediacenter

>> No.2872434

What kind of HTPC build do I need to get together for Saturn emulation?

>> No.2873041
File: 43 KB, 757x591, mameui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a little problem with MAME.
Recently I got back to Arcade emulation and decided to update my emulator and roms, also I got the MAME version of the NeoGeo roms I had so I could ditch the obsolete NeoGeo emulators in my hard drive and have everything in the same place.
The problem is, I'm using the latest version of MAMEUI64, and it refuses to aknowledge the NeoGeo roms I have when I audit them, but if I double click on them, they work perfectly.
Pic related: most of these Metal Slug games should appear on green.
All I want is these games to appear in the "Available" folder so I don't have to hunt for them.
I also accept suggestions for other GUIs.

>> No.2873048
File: 49 KB, 700x500, JXD-Singularity-S192-Gaming-Tablet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna buy one of these so I can emulate tons of stuff. If you can convince me to buy something that has similar specs (this includes amount of buttons and maybe the layout), go right ahead.

>> No.2873147


>> No.2873247


hasn't the xbone controller usurped whatever the best PC pad was before?

I'm thinking about picking one up because my nephew took my wired 360 controller

>> No.2873306

>>You're asking if additionally unstable builds of an already unstable frontend are better?
It ain't that unstable, at least on Windows.

>Retroarch is a custom frontend to third-party emulators, which already have native frontends built in
Not all of them, such as Genesis Plus GX that doesn't exist outside of Gamecube and Wii on it's own. Much of the time, it has more capability than the standalone version (custom resolution support, shaders, rate control, etc.).

>God knows they'll actually work the way they're supposed to.
Most of the libretro cores work the way they're supposed to. There's nothing wrong with Nestopia, bsnes, gambatte, beetle PSX, and other /vr/ related emulation cores. It's only some of the newer cores for 5th and 6th gen systems that are in active development.

>> No.2873316

>It ain't that unstable, at least on Windows.
>that unstable

It's unstable, even by your own concession.

>Much of the time, it has more capability than the standalone version

>What is weasel wording

>(custom resolution support, shaders, rate control, etc.).

Translation: It tacks on shitty filters that no one cares about, or hacks in something that wasn't designed specifically to work with the original core(s), making it even less stable.

You have a frontend that's trying to communicate with numerous cores developed by third parties. It cannot by definition by stable. Trying to make it communicate with one core is just going to result in bugs that affect how it communicates with other cores. Which is very much the case.

>Most of the libretro cores work the way they're supposed to.

No they don't. Has nothing to do with how newfangled the cores are. Retroarch routinely puts saves in the wrong directories and corrupts them, randomly fucks up controller configurations or refuses to save them in the first place, doesn't communicate settings correctly to the cores (frame rate, etc.) and inexplicably crashes. A lot.

>> No.2873325

>Translation: It tacks on shitty filters that no one cares about, or hacks in something that wasn't designed specifically to work with the original core(s), making it even less stable.

You're wrong. The cores just simply output a frame to the frontend, and the frontend handles all the scaling. This causes exactly 0 issues.

>You have a frontend that's trying to communicate with numerous cores developed by third parties. It cannot by definition by stable. Trying to make it communicate with one core is just going to result in bugs that affect how it communicates with other cores. Which is very much the case.

Wrong again. The libretro API is very stable, the ABI has not been broken yet. You clearly don't know anything about coding.

>No they don't. Has nothing to do with how newfangled the cores are. Retroarch routinely puts saves in the wrong directories and corrupts them, randomly fucks up controller configurations or refuses to save them in the first place, doesn't communicate settings correctly to the cores (frame rate, etc.) and inexplicably crashes. A lot.

No it doesn't. Saves work fine, controllers work fine (especially with autoconfigure), cores display fine (nothing is wrong with the frame rate), and doesn't crash inexplicably on most cores (read: those that are not in active development).

You sound like you only used it once a long time ago and are basing everything off of one bad experience, because half the stuff you are saying is not true at all.

>> No.2873341

How well do Mayflash adapters work? Do they have any notable lag?

>> No.2873352

Nightly builds have some newer features than the current release, but they could potentially be less stable. This is the case with any software in development.

At this point, I'd wait for 1.3.0 release because it's probably coming up pretty quick.

>Can I just download all the cores instead of doing it separately because that's annoying as fuck?

Go to the buildbot nightly folder of your platform, e.g. http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/x86_64/
Scroll to the folder called "latest" and put a checkmark on it, then go up to the top left and click the download button that appeared. It will download a zip with that entire folder's contents. Keep in mind that it's quite a large download since every core is in there.

>> No.2873356
File: 879 KB, 1131x1600, 1448295508951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone here test games in Citra? What's the state of the emulator, it still doesn't have sound right?

>> No.2873358

It's still very early in development. Wait a couple of years.

>> No.2873473

On linux I just used a script to fetch them all for me.

>> No.2873476

I haven't noticed any lag with them. Work great.

>> No.2873479

Nvidia shield

>> No.2873597

>Keep in mind that it's quite a large download since there are three MAME cores.


>> No.2873893

I hope you buy this.

>> No.2873941

What's the best way to burn Saturn games for SSF?
Would like to avoid using DT.

>> No.2873978

In my experience it doesn't matter how you burn them so long as you do it at a slow speed.

>> No.2874023

So how do the Armored Core games run on PSCX2?

>> No.2874041

Forget burning, there are a bunch of alternatives to Daemon Tools. WinCDEmu should do the job.

>> No.2874053

no. wincde is crap and only compatible with a certain group of roms not widely distributed.
daemon tools 4.47 can be safely installed w/o toolbars and all reporting can be turned off.
it's the last version of "safe" of dt

>> No.2874115

Please help it's Christmas

>> No.2874129

You're only thinking about yourself. Request denied.

>> No.2874156
File: 203 KB, 1252x1252, 1419795193883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I not make PS1 games that are heavy in polygons look like complete dog shit?

Is there a fix for the Z buffer in emulation? Or am I stuck with jittery polygons forever?

>> No.2874160

No zbuffer and jitter are two unrelated problems.

But no, you're pretty much fucked for right now.

>> No.2874163

Well the polygons jitter wouldn't be so bad if the perspective could stay solid.

I'm trying to play spyro and I'm getting severe motion sickness from Pete'sOpenGL2 plugin.

>> No.2874170

You could try PeteOpenGL2Tweak which has a GTE accuracy hack that's supposed to reduce the jitter, but it doesn't really help that much.

>> No.2874175
File: 92 KB, 1408x403, 874653674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This the shit you talking about?
I've been using ePSXe, tried to use PCSXR before, but it felt like unfinished crap from Linux to me.
I'm running Windows 7 btw

>> No.2874191

>but it felt like unfinished crap from Linux

It's like exactly the same interface. wtf

>> No.2874218

damn. i swear japanese people will eat anything

>> No.2874227
File: 150 KB, 349x489, 154697466466685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like right now for instance.
I can't seem to find an option that has a little OSD show up when I switch analog modes. That shit is really handy because sometimes the stick still works, but it's reading my X and Y positive and negative as 1 or 0 instead of variables between the two.

Maybe I just don't know how to work the shit.

>> No.2874280

Once the scp service is running, you have to plug the ds3 in with a USB cable for the driver to pair it with your BT receiver. It will normally do it automatically in a few seconds, but I believe there was a tool for doing it manually if need be. If you don't have a BT adaptor you can play wired, but SCP still needs to be running.

>> No.2874319
File: 28 KB, 312x290, 1424632142034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright. Anyone know of a way to make a DS4 in Xbox 360 mode not be full retard with the triggers?
If I press one it goes to Z+1, and the other Z-1. When nothing is pressed it goes Z0.

But if I press both of them together it also goes Z0 which cancels out both inputs.

It's really fucking annoying.

>> No.2874357

It's probably just that the program you're using doesn't support xinput.

That's something that only happens with 360 controllers when they are used in dinput mode (though they actually fixed this on W10)

>> No.2874479
File: 18 KB, 320x240, puyo0004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2874490

use romcenter, clrmame or romulus to audit

>> No.2874552

Thanks anon, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.2874763
File: 34 KB, 720x480, Buffalo-USB-Snes-Controller-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got one of these finally.
What games should I play first? Preferably something that is better with a controller than a keyboard/mouse.

>> No.2874772

Is this controller /vr/ approved? I might get this in the next days if it is.

>> No.2874780

A lot of people like it.

I know it's sort of a given and thus sort of ignored here but Super Mario World is the definitive SNES game for me. Probably because I was a sega kid growing up, I just wanted to play that mario.

>> No.2874794


>have it on different hard drive
>it still defaults to open on C:/
>have to use the outdated method to go to my E:/
>finally get to my folders
>it won't read .zip, .smc or .bin

What a waste.

>> No.2874798

>not using RA

>> No.2874963

Byuu is a fucktard, film at 11

>> No.2874992

Does anyone know how to adjust the brightness/saturation on Mednafen?

>> No.2875023

AFAIK, the only cores where you can modify that are NES and VB. You can also use custom palettes for NES and specify the anaglyph colors for VB. It's mostly done through the config file.

If it's for another core it'd probably be easier to adjust your monitor/TV/GPU settings.

>> No.2875028

Alternatively, if you use its cores through RetroArch, you can employ the image-adjustment.cg shader, which gives you tons of control over the image.

>> No.2875041

You try making an emulator that works perfectly with Der Langrisser, autist zipper microsoft shill.

>> No.2875043

Shill never dies. Mod approved.

>> No.2875047

>I haven't even bothered with N64 emulation for years
so you don't know. lol, talking out of his butt.

>> No.2875059

for hd: pcsx-r + gl2 + gl2tweak fixes the problem a bit.
for sd: mednafen retroarch

>> No.2875062

just use the retroarch core lol. higan is a shitty emulator for losers, only its core is valuable.

>> No.2875064
File: 60 KB, 500x480, supernintendo chalmers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well the SCP driver works fine with PCSX-R, I just don't know what I have to do to make the pad appear on the input menu in Snes9x.
That makes no sense.

>> No.2875074

Quick question ?
Is a PSP a good way to play NES/SNES etc. games and if so do I have to worry about specific models ?

>> No.2875086

Does PPSSPP emulate FF4 Complete Collection correctly yet? I feel like I must be missing something, maybe a setting or something, because for a while now I've heard nothing but excellence about how well PPSSPP emulates everything.

>> No.2875091

To add: e.g., the last time I tried the latest version of PPSSPP to emulate FF4, there were graphical problems on the overworld (pillars of semi-transparent white light) and occasional audio latency.

>> No.2875148

I see. What speed would you recommend, 4x?

>> No.2875152
File: 67 KB, 480x288, overlay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to get an overlay from one emulator to work on another? Like would I be able to get pic related to work on Snes9x?

>> No.2875156
File: 40 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2875198

>touch controls

>> No.2875215

how do I emulate pinball machines?

>> No.2875220

I just threw up

>> No.2875225
File: 98 KB, 1000x1000, NewN3DSXL_black.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hippy Chrimbus, everyone!

I just got a 3ds (New 3ds XL, NA version), and was looking for a retard-proof guide on how to hack it so I can play SNES and Genesis games.

I have been careful not to connect it to wifi, and haven't even booted up Zelda: Link between Worlds just in case it updates automatically or something. The current version number is "9.8.0-25U".

Any tips on what I should or should not do with this bad boy? I've found a few things online but would prefer not to brick this thing after owning it only a few hours.

>> No.2875229

3DS homebrew scene is pretty shitty, and your console is essentially useless if you can't update it. The process is reversible and easy though; not exactly 'retard proof', but you can watch a YouTube video I presume.

>> No.2875250


Okay, was kind of just hoping to hear from someone who had done it so they could say what guide they followed and what they did and did not like about it.

Please define "essentially useless"?

I am about to follow the guide at: https://github.com/yellows8/3ds_homemenuhax , but am open to suggestions if there's something better I should be running.

>> No.2875264
File: 194 KB, 1920x961, screenshot-{domain} {date} {time}.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reddit is your friend. in this case reddit is more informed than 4chan

>> No.2875402

I've got no antivirus but I'm really curious about emulation on psp, so where would be a good place to download a ps1 emulator for psp. I've been recommended ePSXe but I have no idea where to get it from

>> No.2875410

Retroarch has touch overlays like that.

>> No.2875417

I have done it, and I recommended YouTube as a resource. There's really only one guy making the hacks, and several games you can use to do it. I modded my 2DS, and decided it wasn't worth the trade off so I dumped it. You may or may not be able to access the eShop at any given time, Nintendo will most definitely nerf it with any firmware update, and it's just overall too janky for me. I still use an original DS flash cart for NES and GB/C emulation and it gets the job done and was $10. Once Ninty stops updating the 3DS or I get a new one I will absolutely hack it, but until then I'm personally holding off.

>> No.2875459


sudo apt-get install pcsxr

>> No.2875470
File: 27 KB, 500x375, 1449503242972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, cool. Nice to hear from someone with firsthand experience. I had kind of assumed my DS flashcart wouldn't work for some reason, but I was able to boot it up and Lameboy plays just fine. GB and GBC games are about 50% of what I'd be interested in anyways so I've at least got this working out of the box. I also fired up Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and it didn't update my firmware so that's nice to know.

I think I'm still going to hold off on connecting it to the internet until I've weighed my options a bit more. I just left NEETdom so I might end up just buying another one so I can have one for emu and one for legit/online use.

>> No.2875475


I bought one to test. After a week with it I then went out and bought 5 more to give as gifts.

They start out a little bit lighter than OEM controllers but you can fix this by taping some pennies to the inside. I wrap all the pennies in electrical tape, then use electrical tape to tape them down but that's probably overkill. I put in 10 pennies per controller, ends up a little heavier than the OEM ones. Shit is pretty cash

>> No.2875513

How is n64 emulation on the pi? I know n64 is bad I really only care about it being playable at a steady framerate. Even if it only runs at the awful 15fps it used to run at as long as its not slower. So what games could I play?

>> No.2875594

Neat, will order one tomorrow.

>> No.2875786

Where can I find PAL Redump games apart from NitroROMs?

>> No.2875993

Pleasuredome is open signup right now and has them on freeleach.

Also I'm sure rutracker has it and doperoms has redump shit too.

>> No.2876076


>> No.2876080
File: 499 KB, 449x642, shrugs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I'm not that bothered by the PS1's slight jittering problems

>> No.2876168
File: 90 KB, 1278x392, retroarch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got Retroarch. I tried the 64 and 86 ones.

>download snes core
>pick core
>go to pick game
>load it
>immediate crash

I don't get it. This happened with both of them. Does it only recognize one file type or something?

Just trying to get an accurate emulator because I heard the ZSNES I've been using for years is apparently bad and gay.

>> No.2876223

Pi 2 B for £25, y/n?

>> No.2876226

I was playing Metal Gear Solid on PCSX emulator and after Snake is tortured and put in a room with dead DARPA chief the emulator shuts down. Is this where I need to use the second disk? I am not sure how this works. Can someone guide me?

>> No.2876228

if you don't even know if your computer is 64bit or not than you are loser.

>> No.2876229

I'm just on a regular ass computer, not a raspberry pi thing.
Unless you mean if I will get one, but then no. They have this thing for PC in the first place, it should work on PC and I shouldn't need a special separate weaker PC.

>> No.2876231

But it is 64 bit. I got that first and it didn't work, so I tried the x86 version just to see if that was the issue.

>> No.2876239
File: 29 KB, 371x262, help ;.;.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The second disk is after a certain boss in a snowfield, so it's not that.


>> No.2876246

>The second disk is after a certain boss in a snowfield, so it's not that.

So its just my emulator crashing?

>> No.2876256

Yeah but I have no idea how to resolve it, I did some searches but came up empty handed.

>> No.2876262

Same here
Going to try again with a different emulator

>> No.2876696

Is there any up-to-date version of No-Intro?

>> No.2876830

If you are using the 2013 file set then yes as of 3/15


>> No.2876859

Is Bomberman64 the second attack actually good?
I loved the first one and never to play the second one, partially because only the first one was released here, back then.
I ordered an everdrive and i am pretty pumped to play that one, and snowboardkids 2 on the original hardware.

>> No.2876941


Are you interested in playing anything other than Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart? Then it sucks. For the same money (~$42) you're literally better off buying a 2008 craptop and using the VGA out.

PSX in comparison is surprisingly good.

>> No.2876947

Just downloaded Retroarch and Bsnes. As soon as I try to start the first Megaman X it instantly quits on me. Any idea why? Snes9x works.

>> No.2876949
File: 33 KB, 1401x958, 1450642441368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libretro/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install retroarch libretro-bsnes-accuracy

Works on my machine :^)

>> No.2876958

Based Stallman :)

>> No.2877037

bsnes-accuracy and maybe others are broken in the nightlies right now, at least on Windows.

Just use bsnes-mercury, it should work and it's kind of the better choice anyway.

>> No.2877040

Just use Snes9x, it works perfectly for the vast majority of the SNES library, and it's a lot faster which means you can set Frame Delay higher for less latency.

>> No.2877050
File: 17 KB, 240x282, RMSLG1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I downloaded the ROM on my old Acer Aspire 5250, and I would always get an error screen, I recently got a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop, and I was in the middle of help but now the threads are archived which are here:
>>>/v/321535463 (Part 1)
>>>/v/321546181 (Part 2)
Anyone knowing how to get the game running or have an idea is much appreciated, Every time I look it up online I get tips on how to beat Robot Masters in Other Megaman video games. Pictures of what I've done so far and discussions are in the 2 threads I had in /v/. This games predicted release is in 2001 OR 2002
Rom can be found here: http://www.megamanayla.com/romss.htm
And Information on the strange game can be found here:
And here:

>> No.2877052

Actually it was released in 2001 and re released in 2002. BTW it is a PC game.

>> No.2877116

Just install Win95 on Dosbox and install it on that.

>> No.2877146

Thank you very much i've been trying to figure this out for a while

>> No.2877203

how do i even do that on a laptop? Is there files i can download?

>> No.2877214

Get a Win95 setup iso then mount and run it using DosBox. You can use google to find out how to do these things.

>> No.2877217

If you have the processing power then just virtualize the system.


virtualbox is always easy.

>> No.2877348

>UI> Real emulator made by a real progger boy genius.
>RA shills belief this
Shill.How's your liberto shit going?

>> No.2877354

Shilling RA this hard. Autism is bad. You have have taken vaccines.

>> No.2877361

Because using using RA with BSNES will just give you autism and AIDS and make byuu cry.

>> No.2877380

Who is making this shill money you speak of? You certainly aren't. Maybe shit is popular b/c it works for most people. I'm sorry it doesn't work for an idiot like you.

>> No.2877394

Shilling something that doesn't even have a donate button? Maybe you're too stupid to implement and use free good shit. Cry harder because you're an idiot. We all find it amusing. I look forward to future tales of your idiot struggles.

>> No.2877509

I instinctively dowloaded snes9x for my new computer, but should I use bsnes instead? Is bsnes more resource intensive even in balance mode?

I've traditionally used ePSXe but I've heard mednafen is better. What's the best way to use mednafen? Via something like retroarch?

Likewise I've traditionally used PJ64 but have heard mupen64plus is better. Is the difference obvious?

>> No.2877529

Different systems different people. The reason retroarch has become a meme is because it's good. Install it. If shit doesn't work after installing an all in one solution then by all means install whatever works for you. People endorse retroarch b/c it works for them. If it doesn't... try something else.

>> No.2877537

>should I use bsnes instead
If the game you want to play doesn't work on Snes9x, then yes.

>Is bsnes more resource intensive even in balance mode

Standalone Mednafen is CLI which a lot of people have trouble with. You could use it CLI, with a Mednafen-specific frontend like MedGUI or Mednaffe, through RetroArch or with a general frontend or launcher.

>PJ64 vs. mupen64plus
Both have their share of positives, negatives and dedicated fans. N64 emulation is a mixed bag at best no matter what you choose.

>> No.2877538
File: 438 KB, 600x350, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright niggas.

I'm about to replay one of my favorite games of all time. (pic related)

but i want to do it smoothly.

I remember a while ago someone made an overclocked version of 1964 that managed ro run Perfect dark and Goldeneye with 60 fps and no slowdowns , it was great.

I tried booting Jet force gemini in there , the game ran with a steady framerate with no slowdowns , but unfortunately 1964 cant emulate JFG properly (cant target stuff , some terrible graphical glitches too)

This was some years ago.
Hows n64 emulation nowdays?

Is there any version of pj64 thats overclocked and runs the games without terrible slowdowns?

Thanks in advance.

>inb4 rare replay.
Nigga i ain't buying some shitty ass xbone just to replay JFG.

>> No.2877563


He's just a resident troll who makes claims like that constantly. It's just low quality b8.

>> No.2877604

thanks, I'm likely to have trouble with it too. Is ePSXe that bad for games like Legend of Mana and Suikoden II? I remember having no real problems with the final fantasy games

>> No.2877648

mupen64plus in RA has core options for OC and framerate unlock, might work for that.

>> No.2877678


I don't even know how to use that shit.
how are the new builds of pj64?

i'm still using 1.6.

>> No.2877692

Does anyone use Launchbox or is it superfluous shit?

>> No.2877693

How the hell do I get a psp or ps1 emulator on my iPad. I think it has iOS 9.2

>> No.2877704

>According to them, my Single Core Athlon 64 4000+ 2GB RAM 9800GT 512MB should be able to run some games, but it can't, no matter how I configure it, it can't even properly start the BIOS at full speed, and any game i tried runs a 2-3 fps even from boot.

I played Disgaea back in 2006 or so with a setup like that and it was near full speed.

>> No.2877729

Well it depends on the game. The BIOS is hardly the least resource intensive thing to emulate in PCSX2.

>> No.2877874


>> No.2877879

wtf is lunchbox? (yes my mispelling was intentional) Question answered.

>> No.2878107

Does emulation beat using your original console and media?!


>> No.2878124

Are there any emulators native to Kodi/XBMC?

Got gifted a Raspberry B+ gonna turn it into a Jukebox /arcade machine

>> No.2878262

the new new version is okay and fixes some bugs in some games. but hle audio has sometimes problem.

>> No.2878485

What is bsnes mercury?

>> No.2878489

>TFW using G-Sync to play 50Hz and 60Hz games

>> No.2878506
File: 301 KB, 906x606, 121512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Project 64 2.2 with the following game settings is running the game with steady 30fps with no nasty drops like the n64.

>> No.2878875

It's a libretro only fork of bsnes that optimizes the code a lot (which byuu purposely left unoptimized as fuck because "self documenting code") and can use HLE emulation for all the enhancement chips and can OC SuperFX emulation.

There's really no downside to using it over regular bsnes, it's just a free speedboost.

>> No.2878878

>Project 64 2.2
Holy shit, enjoy your malware.

>> No.2878926

when will yabause get good

>> No.2878942

You mean the shitty adware that comes on that wack-ass installer?

not a problem , friend sent me the clean version.

>> No.2880271


And what's the REAL difference between bsnes accuracy and bsnes balanced? I can run Megaman X2 using bsnes balanced but it stutters on bsnes accuracy.

>> No.2880307

where is the fasted rom download site? coolroms slow as shit

>> No.2880586

I get roms from romshepherd.com. There are links to all No Intro sets and you can ask for pretty much anything else.

>> No.2880656

What is the current status of dreamcast emulation? How good are they and how compatible are they with games? Do I need a powerful computer to get it to run without problems or shitty framerate?

>> No.2880802

Per-pixel rendering as opposed to per-line. The former is how the SNES truly does it, but only one game in the official SNES library is affected by doing it per-line: Air Strike Patrol. Said game manipulates rendering mid-scanline to draw the shadow below the plane. Without per-pixel rendering, the shadow does not appear.

I believe Accuracy also always outputs 512x239 for some reason, while Balanced usually only outputs 256x239 unless a game specifically makes use of the pseudo-hires and hi-res modes.

So yeah, unless you're itching to play a single game almost nobody even knows exists, there's no reason to use Accuracy.

>> No.2880838

best windows emulators?

Here's what I have so far:
BBC Micro- BeebEm
Apple ][- I've yet to find a good emulator.
Atari 2600- Stella
SNES- SNES9X 1.53 x64
NES- Nestopia
Doom SP- GZDoom and Zandronum
Quake SP- Darkplaces
GC- Dolphin latest stable release
ARCADE) Mame64/Mess64, Nebula (not sure how well it works in windows 10. Crashed in Win8.1)
GEN- Kega Fusion
PSX- trusty PSXfin + BIOS download i found on theisozone or ePSXe
DC-Trusty NullDC+BIOS download i found on theisozone
PC Virtualization- Oracle VirtualBox
N64- Deciding which meme version to fall for, i heard all of the version 2's suck but I've yet to try them. 1.6 worked well for the most part. If it doesn't work then i might give Mupen64Plus a try.
Amiga- WinUAE or just torrent amiga forever
C64- Vice
Atari 8-bit- Atari800WinPlus

TL;DR: Your favorite emulators on Window$.

>> No.2880846

ZSNES actually crashes my laptop. Isn't it coded in ASM or some shit?

>> No.2880854

this list is bad. please never talk again.

>> No.2880868

watcha gonna do about it faggot xdddd

>> No.2880958

nothing, I dont care enough.

>> No.2880997

I got this working well, and need some ppl to tell me if there's something borkn or could be improved:
it tries to automate retroarch installation/configuration and has drag'n drop for roms

in case you need a video tutorial

>> No.2881002

nobody here wants a virus you sick fuck

>> No.2881007

retroarch is the good kind of virus.

>> No.2881013

there is an official site where you can download retroarch not some shady dropbox virus installer

>> No.2881016

lel you're stupid. enjoy your 480i ps2 slim while i do 1440p + AA on my pc.

>> No.2881024
File: 270 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't see why anyone would bother with emulating

>> No.2881034

official site doesn't babyduck newbs.
also, this >>2880997
program includes source, so fuck your bullshit opinion and claims.

>> No.2881040

>implying it's hard to install retroarch
go and shill for your virus bloatware somewhere else

>> No.2881051

>hard to install retroarch
well, unfortunately, a lot of people are turned off by RA's UI and configuration.
>source is provided and gets called a virus
the fuck is the matter with you?

>> No.2881060

hey /emug/ I got a question.

How would I get a company to re release a currently unemulatable[/spoiler] arcade game from 1999 onto current gen systems + PC? There seems to be a lot of people that would play the arcade version over the dated console versions, but it's literally impossible for that to be an option unless it was re released. One other thing is that pretty much no one knows which company has the rights to said game although I'm thinking either microsoft or WB, but considering microsoft already re released hydro thunder, it may not be the former.

Where do I start? Buying a sit down machine has been another option that I've been thinking about too, but that gets really pricey.

Here's the game:

>> No.2881567

Kek, asshats that can't install retroarch wouldn't know a virus from their ass. I'm sure they'll be all over reading your source code.

>> No.2881581

the already released that on midway arcade treasures 3

>> No.2881662

The installation portion of the program pulls from RA's buildbot site and the autoconfigurations are just presets for low-end machines.
>i'm sure they'll be all over reading your source
as you can clearly see from the video, there are other benefits to using the program, such as the ability auto-launch ROMs via drag and drop which is a feature that might be desirable to more than just newbs.
in any case, if there is a single line of malicious code, please do indulge the thread.

>> No.2881663

I just downloaded RetroArch from the link provided in the emulation wikia (windows, dev build), but it doesn't appear to have an .exe file.

Likewise for Mupen. When did emulation get so complicated? At this rate I'll be sticking with what has worked for me so far; snes9x, pj64, and epsxe.

>> No.2881672

>at this rate i'll be sticking with
those are all objectively better choices anyway...

>> No.2881674

>children still arguing over retchroarch when mednafen exists and is vastly superior to every single fucking thing ever
Get fucked, retchroarch, you pile of shit.

>> No.2881675

I'm not going to spend the time using a virtual image of an os so I can check out your source. Waste someone else's time. If I knew you then a dropbox source would be fine. I don't know you. Does it even have a branch on github? Your argument is that the retroarch source is setup for low end machines? So it will work for everyone and you can change your settings? If you need a highend machine to run retroarch something is already wrong. The code is clean and simple. In those resources something malicious can be hidden you'll never even see in the source. If it's using more resources it's probably because it has some other bullshit running.

>> No.2881683

It emulates 15 systems... while retroarch can emulate around 40 on a shitty piece of hardware like the pi2.

I'll concede N64 is hit and miss on retropie. It is on mednafen as well. Where is this advantage you speak of? Were simple instructions too difficult for you to follow on retroarch? Show me the bad places retroarch touched you son.

>> No.2881690

>while retroarch can't really emulate any if it wasn't for 3rd party hacks that poorly integrate into itself and it shows when you have to configure it using a fucked up, half-assed, inconsistent bullshit method for it to even work

I'm sorry, is
$ mednafen game.ext
too hard for YOU?

>> No.2881698

I like mednafen. I use it as well as retroarch. So no, not too complicated at all. You're the only one shitting on a product because you're an idiot. Emulation station front-end on retroarch and I have a consistent experience across all 40 systems. What's "half-assed?" It works great for me. Are you just too stupid?

>> No.2881706

a github page is actually a good idea
but i don't know if it deserves one.
I wrote this thing in one night a few months ago and have been tweaking it here and there since.
>if you need a highend
well, i run a c2d 2.2ghz and it struggles with psx, and reicast is a dog.

>> No.2881712


While I appreciate mednafen for its PSX and PC-E core, overall I can't recommend it as a frontend and can't say I'm fond of its vanilla implementation. retroarch or openemu all the way.

>> No.2881729

Do any of you have experience with PSP EBOOTs? I'm trying to get Gran Turismo 2 to work on my PSP Go (6.61 CFW, Popsloader v4g).

It only runs on flash (and runs slow as fuck) but crashes the PSP when I try any other firmware in Popsloader (the ones on the EBOOT compatibility list don't help).

>> No.2881732

Also the PAL version of Gran Turismo 2 (both discs) works perfectly, apparently. I might just try those if I can't get the NTSC version working.

>> No.2881737

Is PS2 emulation actually good or is meme "playable" like N64 emulation is

>> No.2881739


PS2 is worse than N64 at this point in time.

>> No.2881745

my toaster is friendly with sprite-based PS2 games yet suffers on any N64 game

>> No.2881749

hmm so they both suck complete ass then

>> No.2881757

Maybe. Idk personally. The only games I ever emulated on PS2 were Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, FFX, and Gran Turismo (3 I think, it's been a bit). They all worked great but were either simple or popular games.

>> No.2881760

Is it worth emulating PS1 to upscale? Is it simple and mature?

Is it better to just play them on a PS2 or a PS3 to do the upscaling instead or just maybe get a CRT?

>> No.2881764

I've genuinely never needed an upscaler for PS1. People will shit on this comment but it simply plays like my original and looks decent through an hdmi port. Does it look a bit different from my original hardware? Yes, but neither looks bad to me.

>> No.2881771


Yes. If you demand accuracy above all else (as I do) then neither pass the grade.

>> No.2881802

Hit F8 in PCSX2 and you get your more accurate software renderer. What is there to complain about?

>> No.2881806


The more accurate software renderer is nowhere near accurate enough. I want what shows up on my screen to be virtually indistinguishable from a real PS2.

>> No.2881807

Which I wouldn't want, because the PS2 outputs some of the worst visuals of that generation.

>> No.2881813

Then what the hell are you doing in an emulation thread? There's no way for you to be satisfied unless you play on the real thing.

>> No.2881820


What is BSNES, Gambatte, mednafen-PSX, Genesis Plus GX, puNES...Need I go on?


Visuals always looked fine to me. Perhaps you're just spoiled?

>> No.2881824

He's here to shit on people that don't justify his hoarder habits and stupid spending. Me? I'm an old and responsible fuck. I've repaired, maintained and still use my original systems. I'll be the first one to bitch about emulators on specific games and have many gripes. I emulate for convenience. (not having to move consoles between rooms). A lot of emulation is good. Some is bad. Too shit on all of it is stupid. It's getting better all the time. Many games I'd rather emulate for the savestates. There's no intellectual honesty in this debate these days. Some is good and some is bad. End of story.

>> No.2881826

Notice how those are all much weaker systems. If you seriously think a cycle accurate PS2 emulator would run well, you're crazy.

>> No.2881829

On average, how many times more powerful does something need to be to emulate a system perfectly?

>> No.2881830

and then he died.
and emulation won the day.
on his tombstone it is written:
"he was responsible."

>> No.2881834


Nice assumptions there, fucko. I especially like how you went on a paragraph-long jag about the hoarding habit I don't even have, when the simplest explanation also happens to be the right one: I demand extremely high accuracy.

>> No.2881835


And on yours it will read "An arthritic macaque could type better than he."

>> No.2881836

any sane individual will take HD, input delay and speed over accuracy any day of the week.

>> No.2881838


Not now, no. But soon...

>> No.2881841


No, _you_ would take HD, input delay, and speed over accuracy any day of the week. Stop projecting: not everybody thinks like you.

>> No.2881848

HA! like i'd be buried.
>not everyone thinks like you
just the sane ones. Ease of use is a big winner too.
this is why epsxe, zsnes and pj64 are kings while higan mupen and mednafen are shrouded in obscurity.

>> No.2881850

Oh noes... he called me fucko. Somehow I can't go on any longer. I play on original hardware and emulate. Sometimes emulation is better. Is it completely original or accurate? No, but it makes certain games more playable. We've all got our preferences from game to game. Is this where I'm supposed to go "reeeee" and get angry. I'm not. I do other things with my life and don't want to play certain levels 30 times in order to "git gud." I'd rather digest more gaming content than waste time on content I don't give two shits about. Emulation is a tool much like a hammer. Keep beating those nails with a rock if that makes you happy. Believe it or not, I support you while simultaneously not giving a shit about you. Game however you like. I'm gifting you another paragraph to pick apart. I hope you do. You can spend all day telling me how you're a pinball wizard and I'll simply spend my time doing more important adult stuff while enjoying games as a part time hobby.

>> No.2881856

>play certain levels 30 times to "git gud"
this is exactly what I'd expect some pathetic scrub to say
>adult stuff
i assume this means discussing the finer points of anal sex

>> No.2881858

It's not the arcade version, it's DC version with a shit ton of new glitches

>> No.2881861


>more rambling assumptions.

OK guy. Whatever concocted fictional narrative makes you feel most mentally secure. Far be it from me to inconvenience the delusional.


You never intended to have a real conversation.

>> No.2881870
File: 2.72 MB, 215x341, 1433287274630.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2881873

>this is exactly what I'd expect some pathetic scrub to say

Scrub? No but keep trying to bait me though, I'm enjoying our exchange. I recently read a compilation of short stories called "Rogues" lately that was edited by GRRM. In the first story in that compilation I found myself annoyed. I didn't like the writer. He traded this wrapped package btw five characters that all desired it with never telling me what was inside. I was annoyed so I skipped to the end b/c I was sick of the bullshit and found the premise tiresome. Hobbies aren't my life. Perhaps if it's your work or craft you should suffer for it. Not a hobby though.

Not every game developer is a master of his craft. Some games are shit. Yeah, I'll skip ahead in those cases. My time is valuable to me and quality is subjective. I do what's good for me. I dig your passion and anger bro.

>> No.2881874

Oh noes... more shit flinging from your side. I guess I'll go eat a sheet cake and cry myself to sleep.

>> No.2881879


>I guess I'll go eat a sheet cake and cry myself to sleep.

Would that make you feel better?

>> No.2881886

I don't particularly feel a need to feel better. That being said I would like a piece of cake. Cake does taste good. Unfortunately I have none and it's late. I'll probably just go to bed. The store is very close but all that sugar isn't good for anyone. I'm just a comfortable and happy guy. I don't create three posts pretending to be different people. Why are you so unhappy? We can talk about that if you like. I'm here for you... till I get sleepy.

>> No.2881889

>i dig your passion and anger bro
what the fuck am i supposed to do with this?
is there no limit to your faggotry?

>> No.2881891

Is this the point I'm supposed to get angry? Eh, whatever. If you need someone to discuss your feelings with... I'm here for you... till I go to sleep.

>> No.2881902

My father hates me and I think I might be gay. There. I said it.

>> No.2881904

Well, shit. I didn't expect that. I thought you were going to lob slurs at me all night. All I can say is do whatever makes you happy while being honest. AIDS is a real thing. Just be safe.

>> No.2881907 [DELETED] 


>> No.2881913

Are we back to anger or are you a new person? Am I supposed to be upset with how you live your life. Go suck a dick and play retro vidya. Doesn't matter to me.

>> No.2881923

How did you know about my dad?

>> No.2881928

The fuck are you talking about? I never mentioned your dad. You said he hated you for being a fag. I told you to do whatever you want? You seem paranoid and angry.

>> No.2881936 [DELETED] 


>> No.2882289


You've been talking with at least one other person pretending to be me this whole fucking time. This has provided much amusement on my end.

Troll anon(s), I don't know why you did it, but thank you for the free entertainment. May you aloha snackbar with 72 virgins in /vr/ heaven.

>> No.2882351

>Lot's of knowledge was shared
I highly doubt a bunch of leeches on another's project know much

>> No.2882379
File: 206 KB, 1000x1185, LOTR-Gollum-as-female-31419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


u wot m8?

>> No.2882458

>tfw can't hotkey turbo button on your controller with any psx emulator.

>> No.2882496

the pcsx-r on my linux has no snap folder nor is any listed in the config file. the snapshots are directly saved in /home/Username which is really annoying. Is this normal? On windows the program has a snap folder. Why can't u define a snap folder in linux?

>> No.2882569

what about bsnes?
it's accurate in every feasible way, and there isn't a game it doesn't emulate perfectly

>> No.2882580

bizhawk contains mupen64, it's like retroarch but for TAS

>> No.2882586

sorry bud, the Wii isn't good enough for most 64 emulation

you could also try wii64, but don't expect much from it

>> No.2882592


The answer is that pcsx-r sucks ass.

>> No.2882593

my brother is autistic and wanted to play sonic, that's the only time I ever set up a frontend

though I use retroarch for some emulation but idk if that counts as a frontend in the same sense

>> No.2882596

I mean you've already admitted you wanna blow dudes. Why go back now? Were you drunk or something last night?

>> No.2882609


m8, I hadn't had as much fun as when they were bullshitting you in weeks. No need to get salty.

>> No.2882625

>brother is autistic
>wanted to play sonic
Oh dear god fuck off trying to make Sonic out to be an autistic person's game. This is happening across /vr/ and it does nothing but feed shitposters. Sonic is great, I've put in hours, and I'm not autistic. I just have a good taste in games and they're coincidentally SEGA games.

No it's got to be Nintendo fans. "Babby's first console, an SNES", that must be where those guys are coming from. Likely from /v/. I hate this board so much.

>> No.2882640

Different architectures don't really compare in that way.

It's hard to say X ARM system is 1/10 as powerful as Y x86 system.

>> No.2882649

my brother is diagnosed with actual autism. Otherwise I would have just told him how to emulate rather than setting up a frontend.

A lot of autistic people like sonic just because he's confident and easy to understand.

>> No.2882652

>reeee don't call sonic a game for artists
>I have superior taste
>console war faggotry
>complaining about the board

>> No.2882671

no, it's beautiful, YOU crt-SHILL.

>> No.2882673

Sounds like you've got a bad case of autism, friendo.

>> No.2882695


You would be surprised how many people don't understand that the second you switch architectures 99% of meaningful measurement between two machines goes out the window.

>> No.2882697


I don't even like CRTs, autistibro. PCSX-R _still_ sucks ass.


See >>2882652 and >>2882673 . I like the classic Sonics and even I think you sound like a 'spergburger.

>> No.2882710
File: 62 KB, 347x482, Metal_Gear_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play original Metal gear on android or PSP. What would be the best way of doing so?

>> No.2882853

where can I buy a gba sp flash cart?

>> No.2882875

I just downloaded Retroarch to emulate Mario 64. What settings should I optimize, and can I get 60fps on it?

The retroarch interface is giving me a headache

>> No.2882880

EZ Flash IV is the only good one they still make

>> No.2882884

Retroarch is the gentoo of emulators. it's mostly a meme

>> No.2882905


It does have a very good emulator for N64, which is why I got it. Otherwise I would have used a stand alone emulator.

>> No.2882906

no actually its shit for n64

>> No.2882908


If you'd ever tried to use Gentoo you'd know how much a moron you really come off as in this instant.

>> No.2882912


Everything is shit for N64. Using RetroArch will not change that. It simply standardizes cores; it doesn't actually make new ones from scratch.

>> No.2882913

I don't really see the comparison. It's retarded easy to install.
I'll agree with this. All N64 emulation is more or less shit. There's nothing out there that comes close to doing the whole catalog of games well or at all.

>> No.2882919

get an everdrive if you want n64

>> No.2882940

Can I emulate Saturn, PS2, PS1 or Dreamcast?

>> No.2882942


Now that it legit supports all games, I'd say this is solid advice.

>> No.2882948


PSX through mednafen. Compatibility rate is 99%+/ Do be warned, though: it looks _exactly_ like a real PSX and uses a commandline interface, so get a frontend.

The other three you're shit outta luck on though unless you just loooooove wasting your time configuring shit and chasing down compatibility lists to see how your game of choice will fuck up.

>> No.2882953

Only v3 does tho

>> No.2882957

So what's the best way to play PSX? On a PS3? On a PSP? On a PSTV? With a different emulator? Or with a CRT and some other combination

>> No.2882968




mednafen with retroarch/openemu and a decent 3D Gamepad, filters optional but recommended. If you simply must have it on a console, PS2. But that's actually slightly less compatible than mednafen.

>> No.2882980

Ok so:
retroarch mednafen for PSX plus an adapter so I can plug in my OEM controller

Saturn: RHEA (connect to what display tho? with what cables?)
Dreamcast: GDEMU with RGB?
PS2: PS2 fat with hard drive? component cable?

is the XRGB mini worth it with all of these?

>> No.2882987


The PS2 Slims are known to be more reliable, though the lack of HD may or may not make it a no-go for you.

>> No.2882991



Pardon me.

>> No.2883008
File: 80 KB, 750x750, c01f7eb9-cd4c-2d1b-3239-4478b626d528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any experience with these? Are there similar sliding style analogue controllers out there? These ones are a bit pricey.

>> No.2883018

How is this possible...

>> No.2883019

hmm, what do you mean by sliding-style?

>> No.2883023

Psp-style stick, probably.

>> No.2883025

great fuckin idea.
will it play okay on my c2d laptop?
how do i play all these iso's?
what about my ecm's?
it doesn't like my bios file?
mednafen is crap for psx.

>> No.2883027

I dont wanna pay for discs. I wanna play off a hard drive with ROMs

>> No.2883047

Yeah. I like the flatness of it. Right now my vague idea is to store a Pi 2 and some controllers in a case. Maybe a defunct console case, which I have at least one of, or maybe I'll 3D print a case. I'd like to be able to store the whole thing as a single unit, with wires and controllers in a separate compartment. So I don't want bulky controllers. this thing looks neat, and the analogue sticks lay pretty flat, but sliding analogue sticks would be nicer. Though I doubt there are many options for them out there.

>> No.2883056

>store a Pi 2 and some controllers in a case.
wow what an original idea. fucking raspberry pi

>> No.2883060

Mario 64 is hardlocked at 30FPS. No way to improve it other than modifying the game code.

Use Glide64, and set the internal resolution to 1280x960. Play around with the texture filter settings, though leaving it in automatic is often best. If you get weird texture pop errors, you may have to mess around with the glide polygon offset setting.

>> No.2883064

You literally described the only "issues" with Mednafen, being that it actually has standards for proper rips and BIOS files instead of using hacks all over the place to be compatible with every shitty dump on the net.

Enjoy dicking around with plugins and per-game settings, I suppose.

>> No.2883073

>wow what an original idea. fucking raspberry pi
It didn't claim it was an original idea. Just that it was an idea.

Like I said though, I'd like to store everything in a single contained unit, so I don't have separate controllers floating around in a box or on a shelf.

>> No.2883081

3D printing a case is a fucking meme, they all look disgusting, even worse with "acetone washing"

>> No.2883082

>The only issue with Mednafen

Shill harder

>> No.2883083

If I can't emulate PS2 then what is the more superior option:

a) HDD with network adapter on a PS2 fat
b) playing ISOs over Ethernet with a PS2 fat or slim

>> No.2883086

>they all look disgusting
Yeah, I'm not super into the idea, but I'm also not sure I feel like using an actual console case for my apparently offensive unoriginal idea though. Maybe I'll build one another way.

>> No.2883093


>> No.2883296

Retroarch works perfectly on my Windows rig. I just installed it on my Linux laptop as well. I have two questions: 1. Why can't it scan game directories and make a collection/library? Also no recently played titles? 2. Why the fuck is the xmb all black and with missing icons (white squares)? I installed it from the ppa. Is this by any chance a bare minimum version of some kind? Do you have to download the icons like the cores and shaders? Or are you supposed to create it yourself a large ArchLinux?

>> No.2883312


Samefag. Go shit up some other general, you insufferable cuntrag.

>> No.2883336

nah. why don't you stop telling people to use shitty ass software?
you make emulation a pain when it doesn't have to be
people just want to play games ya know
they don't care about your stupid free crap

>> No.2883667

Emulating MG is hard because it used fucking tapes to save and it was controlled with a keyboard. I would strongly suggest you just emulate the PS2 port, except you want it portable.

Anyway, I guess you could just use states and ignore the tapes, but I still don't even know what emu would be good.

I know you can use RA, but you'd probably have to make your own overlay for the controls, and I don't know if it's even possible to map controller input to an emulated keyboard for the PSP (if PSP even has a MSX core).

Anyway, if you figure it out make sure to get the English patch for the Japanese version for a better translation and 60fps.

>> No.2883673

It plays fine on my shitty laptop c2d.

>> No.2883698
File: 24 KB, 625x626, 1e9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2883987

Is 3 or 4 player SNES netplay possible at the moment? I vaguely recall it not being a thing.

>> No.2884007

SquarePusher sucks my shit

>> No.2884043

>hard to use
Exactly how hard is it to drag a .cue onto an .exe?

>> No.2884053

I downloaded Metal Gear Solid: Integral for the PC.

I know this is Emulation general...but I figure people on here would be best fit to help. I'd like to avoid emulation if possible...because I'm lazy and lack a gamepad.

The visuals themselves work...the only problem is that there is no sound, and it runs in windowed mode, I've downloaded patches and that didn't seem to do anything.

I've got newer hardware - Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 750Ti

I've run the game before I upgraded to windows 10, and the NVIDIA card...everything else is the same.

I really want to play this game again...but I'm at a loss of how to solve my issue, any help would be appreciated.

Is my ISO just bad? Or is it a software problem on my end?

>> No.2884061

cue files are for bitches.
epsxe runs like 10 different formats and uses any bios file.
fuck mednafen and that bullshit commandline faggotry

>> No.2884063

try compatibility mode

>> No.2884072

I have. sadly didn't work.

>> No.2884094

Anyone know how to prevent fceux from creating backup save state files?


>> No.2884096


>>2884072, I tried windows 7. didn't fix it. but I just tried the others. also didn't fix it.

should I try different ISOs? or new Cracks?

and if so, are there any links or websites I could check? Digging through google for this game has proven to be super risky.

>> No.2885059

Download assets through the updater.

>> No.2885081

Mednafen use proper rips in bin/cue, ccd/img/sub, and toc/bin format. If it's not one of those formats then it's a shitty rip and you should download a new one from a better source.

eShite and it's ilk supporting broken rips is why shitty rips and hacks that don't work on real hardware still proliferate on popular ROM sites. So the faster everyone drops hacky plugin-based shitfests, the faster we can force shitty rips out of circulation.

>> No.2885107

>I'm too stupid to use software that requires basic mental skills so I'm going to call it gay!

>> No.2885175



>> No.2885818

Or better just do

sudo apt-get install retroarch --install-suggests

>> No.2886138

those analogs are not flat

>> No.2886187

Just a Shield instead. I mean you can buy those for 300USD but since it's Chinese, then you have to cover customs fees as well.

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