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I think I've overlooked a lot of games for these platforms, although I am familiar with the more popular series like Sonic, Shining Force, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, etc.

A couple of hidden gems I recently discovered are King of the Monsters 2 and Nobunaga's Ambition. KotM2 is a sort of fighting game similar to Smash Bros. If you've ever played Godzilla Domination for GBA, it's very similar to that. You and your opponent rampage across an isometric city while trying to knock each other out, and structure you've destroyed along the way can drop power-ups. Nobunaga's Ambition is a rich strategy game in which you attempt to conquer all of Japan by raising resources and going to war with other feudal lords.

What are some other less common retro Sega titles /vr/ would recommend? I'll play most anything, but I prefer RPGs, shoot-'em-ups, platformers, action-adventure and occasionally racing. I'm especially interested in any games with 3D capabilities like Virtua Racing.

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The 6-pak cartridge that came with later model 2s has a good assortment of fun, though common games. Sonic 1, Columns, Super Hang-On, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage. I also picked up Sword of Vermillion recently just to have an RPG to play on the genesis, and I'm liking it so far.
Battletech can be a fun 2 player game, if only for the challenge of two people piloting one mech (one drives one shoots), and Lethal Enforcers 1&2 are worth tracking down a Konami Justifier for if you like shooting shit on screen.

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Are we talking about an English version of Nobunaga's? I might have to get a Genny for that.

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Are we being raided by Segafags?

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Yeah. It was localized. Pic related.

It's around $12 - $15 on the resale market.


Actually, the recent influx of Sega threads just made me realize I've been neglecting my Genesis / SMS / GG emulator.

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Well, I might be grabbing a Genesis, Nobu and Master of Monsters in that case. Thanks Anon!

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Beyond Oasis

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Some lesser know gems off the top of my head:

Alien Soldier (not that unknown, and not released in the US, but possibly the best 16 bit action game)
Battle Mania Daiginjou (SHMUP, only released in Japan)
Alisia Dragoon
Gaiares (SHMUP, the hardest game you'll ever play)
Panorama Cotton (Space Harrier style fly into the screen shooter)
Burning Force (same as Cotton)
Chiki Chiki Boys (side scrolling action game with RPG elements)
Pulseman (platformer by Game Freak of all people)
Ranger X (side scrolling mech action game. Best played with a 6 button pad)
Granada (drive around as a fucking tank, wrecking shit)
Sword of Vermillion (RPG by AM2)
Herzog Zwei (okay maybe not that obscure, but very very good. One of the first ever RTS games and an excellent one at that. Made by Technosoft do the soundtrack is amazing too)
Crusader of Centy/Ragnacenty/Soleil (enough names for ya? Zelda style action adventure game. Personally I like it more than ALttP)
Beyond Oasis (Another action adventure game. Looks fantastic, plays just as well. Lost classic if you ask me. The sequel on the Saturn is great too)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen (fighting game by Treasure)
Mamono Hunter Yohko (side scrolling action game. Some anime nudity if that's your thing)

Probably more but that's just off the top of my head. It's got a really great library once you start looking OP, have fun digging in!

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Greetings from /vr/.

If you do own a legit Mega Drive/Genny, please get RGB, or an S-Video mod at the very least. The MD/Gen's RGB is the absolute best.

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Ranger X / Ex Ranza
Adv of Batman & Robin
Rocket Knight Adv

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>ecco the dolphin
can this meme die already

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I played through this recently on my 3DS and found the controls a little clunky but still a good game once I got used to it.

This isn't so much an obscure rec, but probably overlooked around these parts cus sports, but the NHL Hockey games for Genesis are amazing. I recommend NHL 95'

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It sounds like a troll, but that's the truth. Sega hockey games turned me into a fan of the sport.

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If you want a great game to play with a friend, Gain Ground (and if you're going to play solo, get it too, but it's in co-op where it shines)

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>being so shit at games you have to insult one that's even slightly difficult

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herzog zwei

that's three good games, that will take you a lot of time.

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my bad I meant NHL 94, it's the best one.

There are still online leagues playing it

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It's still no Mutant League.

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Warsong (Langrisser I)

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Elemental Master is a fun shoot'em up with a cracking sound track, give it a shot.

As for RPG's Phantasy Star IV if you like Final Fantasy style RPG's or Might & Magic - Gates To Another World if you want to try something new.

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Good chart.

Have you tried the Sega CD's Formula 1 game? I'm tempted to buy it.

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Speedball 2

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Actually a neat GG platformer

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>le ecco is a meme meme
can this meme die already

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>muh dolphins

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>If you do own a legit Mega Drive/Genny, please get RGB
This guy's right. I got an RGB Scart cable last week. Cost me ten bucks but it's totally worth it. The colors are incredible.

Seriously, if you're a Eurofag, get an RGB Scart cable for your MD.

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Sonic 1 on Master System / Game Gear. It's surprisingly good and not just a straight up port of the Mega Drive game.

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Grew up with a Genesis and never heard of this game. Playing it now and it's awesome. The music is a little repetitive, but whatever. 8/10

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