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Let's get this out of the way, /vr/. Best xmas-themed/related game?

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Christmas NiGHTS

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Diddy Kong Racing and Kirby's Epic Yarn have some of the best Christmas levels.

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Deepest lore

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Mega Man 4's Dr. Cossack levels are comfy as fuck.

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This without a doubt

But holy shit pic related gave me a case of the merry

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That's odd, but there seems to be more Halloween themed games than Christmas ones.

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Why is that odd?

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What game is that?

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First DLC I ever got on a home console.

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Was this an event from the Dreamcast online feature?

Because I don't recall anything like that on any of the ports of SA1... I never got to experience it on its home system.

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>Was this an event from the Dreamcast online feature?
Yes. You just had to hit the "online" button thingy on SA1's main menu, which launched a browser, and opened the SA1 dedicated website. From there, you could download some random stuff straight to your VMU.
The servers died but the VMU files live on, grab El Bucanero's VMU Backup CD - it's on there.

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Yup. Like the SA1 guy that was my first online gaming holiday event and it really impressed me.

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James Pond 2

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Some amazing music too

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There's a Christmas-themed Earthbound hack if you're interested, it looks pretty good:

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Comfy as fuck as well.

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Santa Claus Junior on the GBC

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>drink coffee
>become evil santa
I really like how the amount of gifts you collect is to be delivered in the gift drop minigame.

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Shenmue does such a great job easing you through November into December slowly showing more Christmas themes and weather changes. As the story is unfolding around Christmas it really isn't a Christmas story at all. So it makes the environment seem larger with other things happening that are not essential to Ryus story.

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All those forklift christmases

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I keep forgetting Parasite Eve is set in Christmas; 'tis the season to replay it

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Batman returns

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Batman and Robin's whole plot can be viewed as Christmas-themed too.

Or just winter in general.

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jews like to dress up too.

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Halloween is very general and anything horror or scary related can be fitted under halloween.

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The ski resort level on Carmageddon is pretty awesome, I'm surprised no one's mentioned it.

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Used to love Jetpack, and the christmas one was just as fun. Only instead of getting yourself killed you get santa killed... And for some reason he's collecting presents instead of delivering them

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Winter Challenge.

Not Christmas related but, uh, it got snow. And lots of trees. I like playing this during the winter.

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Looks like it's smoked kipper for tea /op/

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That's weird. Must be an older version.

I have the latest version of Jetpack (circa 1998) and in this one, Santa leaves presents at trees.

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two thirds of this one

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haha yes!!!

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Huh. The one I posted is the one I used to play as a kid. I ought to let my buddy (who made the video) know... He's pretty big into old PC games.

Here's one he just posted. Commander Keen Christmas mod. Runs on Keen Dreams.

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wtf is this

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Yeah. The freeware release has a different Christmas graphics pack than the Christmas themed demo they released back in the day.

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Huh, interesting.

Jetpack Christmas Special can still be found on shareware sites and stuff, right?

I have Jetpack 1.5 and the Jetpack Beta, so I might as well complete the collection.

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so comfy

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The Christmas stage in Boogie Wings is fucking great, like the whole game.


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dkc3, the game isn't very good, but there's a Christmas code... I'm in the Uk, and we got it for Christmas and NMS printed the xmas theme cheat...

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Sadly the game is not /vr/ material, but the song in one of the winter levels sets up a good mood for the thread


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I downloaded the shareware version from a local BBS in the early 90s.

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byte before christmas
homebrew atari 2600 game, most advanced game ever made for it actually