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When I was a teen I thought for the longest time that Crash was a racing game series. Since the first Crash game I played was Crash Team Racing and the main character's name was Crash and stuff.

Later I discovered there were platform games about him but I thought they were spin-off games to the main racing series. It wasn't until I discovered the internet that I found that it's primary a platforming game series.

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Wow that's weird

I used to think game developers were just lazy or incompetent because some PSX games had blockier graphics than others and because loot/drops disappeared after a few seconds

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I used to think Donkey Kong Country was a good game.

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Why would anyone make a kart racer the first game in which proper cartoon characters are introduced?

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I thought the power braclet in Oracle of Ages was a croissant and I wanted to feed it to the hungry guy by the bridge.

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What an idiot.

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Not sure if this counts, but from my friend talking about Metal Gear Solid I thought/assumed it was a fighting game in the Tekken vein.

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I thought these

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