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Outside of both being incredibly influential, which has better gameplay: Quake, or Doom?


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Quake, but barely.

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Gameplay is kind of a broad word, but Doom is thrilling while Quake seems very bland to me.

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i love both but i think doom has a much better singleplayer whereas quake was all about the multiplayer

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tbqh famiglia, both are overrated, quake only got big because of e-sports and for being the first game with decent netcode on dial-up connection, doom was huge because the engine could run on a cheap toaster for the time and only survived due to how large fast and accessible the modding community is

In no way I'm saying I dislike Doom, though, I think the design is brilliant for the limitations they had to work with

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What the fuck, how can they be "overrated"? In comparison to what? Other games that were out at the same time? Or modern games? What are you even talking about?

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in retrospect they are a bit overrated, yeah I know it doesn't make sense. even back in the day doom was being praised for being the very first 2.5D engine or whatever in the same year when marathon and ultima underworld came out, but of course neither of those two games could run on an average joe's pc build of the time while doom could

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Marathon 2 > Descent > Build > XnGine > Quake > Underworld > Jedi > DOOM

Cope with the true ranking of engines.

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they literally invented and codified the modern FPS genre, how the fuck are they overrated?

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Spotted the Halo kiddie

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see that's exactly what I'm talking about, if it wasn't for carmack the fps genre would have taken off just fine a few years later with marathon or something else because computer cpus were evolving so fast, it was just a matter of time

carmack was visionary for making his product accessible to the poor unwashed masses, not for "inventing shooting at things in the first person", a million games before doom had first person perspective


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>they literally invented and codified the modern FPS genre, how the fuck are they overrated?
>This is what underage kiddies actually believe

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>Quake 2
>good singleplayer game

Good one.

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If iD knew why their old games were good then they would still be a relevant developer.

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>it's bad because it's associated with HALO
Gas yourself.

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Literally no one played Marathon when it came out, only because of Halo does anyone nowadays give a rats ass about Marathon and its convoluted plot.

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I played it on my Apple back in the day, friend. Why must everything be a false dichotomy for you?

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I'd personally say Doom. I love Quake, but Doom is just so satisfying in ways Quake misses out on due to everything being brown and the weapons being a bit meh.

Favourite console port of Doom btw is the playstation. Bit laggy and such but I thought the music and slightly re-designed levels really worked.

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Doom has the better singleplayer, but the multiplayer outside of coop is trash.

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Played Doom for the first time last year
Played Quake for the first time last month

Quake was pretty crappy. The gun variety/balance is terrible, and the enemies arent as fun.

Doom is so great I still play it often whenever I get the urge to play it.

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What bizarro planet do you come from where DOOM is any kind of an example of balanced weapons? It might as well be called Shotgun Marine.

Quake had the most sublime rocket launcher in the history of FPS, that shit was like a swiss army knife.

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>implying Halo is bad

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I'm capping this, since it's the absolute best piece of evidence I've ever seen that tripfags are utter cancer.

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In general they're tied, both have their own strengths and have awesome fan made map packs. Quake mp kills dooms though. Quakes campaign also kills both doom 1 (except e4) and doom 2. I think I like plutonia more than quake however.

Anyway vr is doom baby central and naturally they will all parrot doom in droves. This place knows fuck all about fps.

Also this >>2844539

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It's Princess Sevenleaf, notorious for being pure cancer across all English 'Chans. I'm surprised you haven't had the dubious pleasure before now...

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Oh I'm familiar.

It's just that this is, bar none, the fucking stupidest thing that I've seen any tripfag say in like five years.

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Lol you must be not up to speed. Neo v/doom babies love halo. It's what they grew up on.

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This seems right. Not to say that Quake singleplayer wasn't fun, Doom was just better.

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Rails shooters don't count as FPSs

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>stop liking what I don't like!
Really? I thought we were better than this.

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The core basics of Quake are better just thanks to the technology of the time. If it had the same aesthetic choices, enemy variety, weapon satisfaction, and modding community as Doom, it would be GOAT.

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Doom is better. I love Quake 1. Quake 2 feels pointless to me because I'd rather play Half-Life.

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no one bought quake 3 for single player

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i fucking miss bots
especially in battlefield, but that's another story

quake 3 bots and their smack talking in the chat was really special

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It had a better modding community than DOOM ever did. This is evidenced by the fact that the best Quake modders used their levels as a portfolio to get actual jobs as designers.

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You ever hear about a guy named Tim Willits? Got hired at id software cause of his DOOM maps.

You know Final DOOM? It was originally gonna be free, but id decided to buy it and release it as a full product

DOOM has a better modding community. Even to this day it still gets alot of mods

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Only half of Final Doom was originally gonna be free.

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>not using the minigun to snipe and clear hordes of zombiemen and imps
>not using the rocketlauncher to kill the tougher enemies or small groups of lower level enemies
>not using the BFG on barons and cacodemons
>only using the shotgun

It's like you didn't even play the game for more than an hour.

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You're right but I loved playing against bots in both PC and Dreamcast versions.

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Doom for singleplayer
Quake for multiplayer

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pretty much everyone from old id except kevin cloud left already though

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Holy shit, that's my thumb.

I posted that from The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell.

However, there's also some information in The Masters of DOOM on regret felt during the development of Quake.

It could have been a much better game, /vr/.

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it's not like people had a choice.

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Too bad making your game accessible to the mass is thr most essential thing for making a revolutionary game. Nobody gives a shit about games they can't even run.

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If going by feature count, maybe.
Too bad every feature is broken in some way.

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>implying UT and quake bots weren't my only friends while growing up
>implying i didn't use Q3's bot chat system to have conversations with them
>implying i didn't always inquire about Mynx's dirty underwear

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>Holy shit, that's my thumb.

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Both make me barf due to aggressive view bobbing, so, tie.

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are you me

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cl_bob 0

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Jedi three notches up, Marathon one notch down, other than that 100%.

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isn't tim willits aka captain boring still there

>> No.2845783

Yep - he was a good mapper but I a total disaster as a designer with his "short bus" attitude.

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Stop biting your nails. It's a sign of betadom

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Halo 4 is actually pretty damn good. I know this is /vr/, but that doesn't mean you have to like ONLY retro games.

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Quake is great - fast action, atmospheric and awesome multiplayer, but Doom is a beast in terms of level design and gun play. Thing still plays great in 2015.

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Funny how the creators themselves don't realize how the original Quake single-handedly gave a reason for vertical tri-dimensional level design to exist, and still hasn't been topped in that regard.

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>Thing still plays great in 2015.
Only with mods

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You mean with an updated engine. The original levels are great.

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Neither. They're tuned for different things? Quake has significantly better multiplayer gameplay. Doom has significantly better singleplayer gameplay. Both are weaker in the other area.

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No they wouldn't. Good games are an extremely niche market these days. They'd go out of business if they didn't cut back their spending to match the decreased interest in anything that isn't babbies first anything for a new generation of gamers who literally think gaming started in 2000.

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>Good games are an extremely niche market these days.
Wow, you can feel the smug elitism coming from a mile away. Why don't you just fucking kill yourself since it pains you so much to be the only one in the world with good taste? How about I give you a million dollars if you actually show me anyone who ever said that gaming started in 2000 since it's so easy to do?

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>being this asspained
calm down dude

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He literally thinks he's 'patrician' for playing doom. Laughable but this is the average faggot in the doom general.

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>doom baby

I voted Doom just to make you show up.

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Man this is tough but I'm going with Quake.

Doom has better weapons and enemy variety, but Quake has the best movement and level design out of any singleplayer FPS
ever made.

>> No.2847371

Doom because it has atmosphere and sense of progression and is not just an RPG fuckfest.

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Doom has big munsters and splosions
Quak is just brown lol

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I think Quake plays much better, but Doom's levels and some of the weapons are much better.

>> No.2847458

quake had far superior atmosphere though.

>That music
>Those textures and skies
>That dynamic lighting
>Those crackling fire sound effects
>Those moaning zombies pinned to the wall

>> No.2847902

>that brown monochrome

>> No.2847924

>that rehashed meme
better a cohesive and moody color palette than the clusterfuck that are Doom's visuals tbqh

>> No.2847951

So you never played any episode past the first one.

>> No.2847954

>a cohesive color scheme is monochrome

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yeah bro look at how colorful this shit is

>> No.2848063

These games would have benefited a ton if they had Outtrigger's default control scheme on consoles. Prove me wrong.

>> No.2848070

oh so we're playing the "my screenshot represents the whole game, every single place from every possible angle-game"`?

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DOOM II has shitty level design, everyone knows that, faggot. I'm talking about DOOM.

>> No.2848263

Every episode, but the second one, that is blue, is brown.

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So....much....color...im FUCKIGN SHITT*nG

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keep sperging, you sound like an art school dropout

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[color intensifies]

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>doom was huge because the engine could run on a cheap toaster for the time and only survived due to how large fast and accessible the modding community is
Not that those things aren't true, but I think the gameplay is the biggest part of the winning formula.

That's why it's fun even when ported to the 32X, SNES or Jaguar, far from ideal ports, but the core gameplay is still fun, plain and simple.

>> No.2848475

googling too it seems

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let me just open doom and take a screenshot of an area someone has already taken a screenshot of to please a random person on 4chan

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Doom is gay, can't even aim or jump without mods.

>> No.2848485

It was fine.
Not as good as Half-Life, but honestly better than Quake 1.

>> No.2848486

dude you dont need to please me man what the fuck?!

>> No.2848503

They don't have to be balanced, just fun.

Super Nailgun and Rocketlauncher was great in Quake, felt amazing, everything else was meh, the shotguns in Quake feel terrible

>> No.2848507

>placing your focus on tripfags
You're doing this to yourself, just use the built in extension to display all tripfags as regular anons if you hate them so much

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Correct, Plutonia was requested from TNT mappers to provide more content for the Final Doom release. Dario and Milo Casali made 16 levels each.
Dario Casali went on to work for Valve

Mods are great, I love Accessories To Murder, but even the shittiest old console ports are fun to play, at the end of the day.
I emulated and played through the 32X version, and aside from the shit music and lack of the third episode + bosses, it was quite fun.

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Vanilla quake has better levels levels but worse guns and monsters than Doom, so I'd say quake. It also has amazing multiplayer, so I'd say quake wins out.

If we count custom maps and mods doom wins out by an enormous margin.

>> No.2848676

Third is green and yellow, fourth is also blue, but also has tons of black and some red, too.

Seriously, the whole brown thing is really an exaggeration.

>> No.2848681

Why in the fuck would anyone want to read anything a tripfag has to say? Are you retarded?

>> No.2848786

I feel like with Castle of Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake each game got better and more advanced, they are all good games though.

>> No.2848792

I've seen many retard tripfags, and many retarded anons.
I pretty much don't care if someone is tripping or not 9 times out of 10, I'll be judging their post, not their persona.

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>high gamma
>doom 2
there's your problem

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You are literally fucking insane if you think Quake's gameplay is anywhere near as good as Doom's.

>> No.2848892

That from Masters Of Doom?

>> No.2848894


Kill yourself you contrarian faggot.

>> No.2848898

>Halo ISN'T bad

It's like you've never played Halo 2... Or 4... or 5..

Halo is fucking shit anymore. I really wish they'd fucking nuke it already.

>> No.2848908

Speaking of Marathon, is there anywhere online that I can download the Marathon games?

>> No.2848915

Its engine may be less advanced, but Doom fills its space much more fully. It has a limited set of tricks, but deploys everything it's got to maximum effectiveness.

Quake is even more technically advanced than the contemporaneous build engine games, but those present a world that's much more fun. Sure I can jump, but why a three-inch vertical? With the build games, I'm leaping about, blowing up walls, interacting with the world...with Quake I walk into things with a meta-sign on them. Fun seems like an afterthought.

>> No.2848919


For multiplayer, Quake plays infinitely better than Doom. Deathmatches in Doom are laughably shitty.

>> No.2848924


>> No.2848928

Thanks m8.

>> No.2849079

It's a real pity that the actual Aleph One source port is really bad compared to the stuff that Doom players can enjoy. 30fps cap, can't check the menu and change your settings without quitting the game, need to manually edit a script file to set the FOV to something that doesn't invoke instant nausea, and a lot of bone-headed design decisions aimed at the more needless elements of accuracy (ie. limits on number of active enemies) that only go half-way and break cool mods in the process.

It's sad. That series deserves better.

>> No.2849095


The community around it is trash too. Not that it really matters anymore; I gave that series until the end of Marathon 2 to get good and I still felt nothing at the conclusion of Durandal. If anything, the end of Marathon 1 felt more momentous.

I think not having "boss" monsters really hurt the gameplay.

>> No.2849110

Quake, more interesting personality. Quake might have it on raw gameplay alone but when you include the character of the games, Doom wins no contest. Quake just doesn't deliver the same quality of experience.

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File: 1.07 MB, 2560x1419, FPS brown and grey colorful enemies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah it's not. Nostalgia goggles on your part is.

>> No.2849543

For me is Doom. After that was my first real FPS game. I doesn't like Quake because was so dark and not gave me the same feedback like Doom. Doome Dommed me.

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This, as much as I love Doom (and I love it dearly), deathmatch is nothing but supershotgun jousting

>> No.2851198

No, it's also rocket spamming corridors, chaingunning at distance and BFG walling.

>> No.2851204

What's that Star Wars game in the far left?

>> No.2851242

>Doesn't recognize Dark Forces.
Jesus fuck there really are kids on here.

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Blake Stone

>> No.2851285

shitpost more angry virgin

>> No.2851290

Kek, project more neckbearded kid.

>> No.2851295

reply to this post

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>It could have been a much better game, /vr/.
John Romero recently stated that he thought Darksiders would have been the game he came up with had he gotten the chance to make Quake "right". Considering how shitty I find Darksiders to be, I'd rather have my Doomclone Quake anyday.

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File: 1.47 MB, 320x240, The_Colors_Duke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Quake II was pretty half-assed with half-assed missions, people remember mostly for the multiplayer, Quake I was pretty basic, but that's why it worked.

>> No.2851656

>with Quake III, we're back to technology demo again.

Not true.

The map design, the weapon balance, the movement system. That was not part of a 'technology demo'. That was made to be played multiplayer, and played seriously.

Quake 3's design is all but peerless in this regard, and is to this day a masterclass that any game designer looking to make anything multiplayer should study as a matter of course.

>> No.2851914

doom kicked off the fps genre for good, quake had admittedly better atmosphere.

i still feel doom is a bit colorful and cartoonish at times, even though i enjoy it a lot more than quake nowadays.

but in terms of atmosphere and sound design, i vastly prefer quake.

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This is the only right answer

>> No.2853032

this is so cute

>> No.2853313

Doom had better singleplayer.
Quake had better multiplayer.

>> No.2853539

Game on top right?
Didn't see a video game until i was 8 when the ps2 came out pls don't judge me for not knowing

>> No.2854059

Agreed. High level competitive quake is basically the pinnacle high water mark of fps gameplay and anyone who doesn't see that is retarded.

>> No.2854117

>Ahhh you think mainstream is your ally? You merely adopted the popular games. I was born in it, molded by it.
>Didn't see a video game until i was 8 when the ps2 came out
>by then it was nothing to me but casual.

Top right is Hexen, the sequel to the Heretic series. It's basically D&Dish doom with three classes, fighter, cleric and wizard.

>> No.2854786

quake is still big in eSports, having decent prizes despite the incredibly low number of players in Quake Live somehow. im hoping theres a new popular arena-shooter someday, maybe with more team-based mechanics like Team Fortress 2, But... there are a few new arena-shooters and most of them are DoA and play mostly just like Quake Live (see Reflex)

>> No.2854798

bless you anon.
but how do we stop all this youngsters from buying the same pseudo-realistic shooters that are so advanced in graphics yet so bland and slow in gameplay?

>> No.2854856

>im hoping theres a new popular arena-shooter someday

UT4 soon.

>> No.2854870

I'm mad that Steam made Quake Live, a free game, into a game you have to pay.

>> No.2854886

Steam didn't. There is a company that owns Quake Live known as Zenimax Media (aka Bethesda)
They let previous steam owners to keep it tho so thats pretty neat.

>> No.2854958

Doom by a little
I hated how in Quake the weaker enemies were told to fuck off after a level or two in an episode. Doom never stopped using the shit enemies and found ways to make them useful to the level design.

>> No.2854991


How have you only just played these two games?

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File: 97 KB, 1366x768, 1073350_499515236799057_744099458_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not both?

>> No.2855012

Hahaha I guess I did sound like that. Thanks man.

>> No.2855014

I'm not him, but I've only just played them this year.

I used to get motion sick from FPSs so I just never played them. But recently I read Masters of Doom and just had to give it a try and found it didn't affect me. So just this year I had my first go at Doom, Doom II, Duke, Dark Forces, Blood and Quake.

>> No.2855549

Would say Doom but Quake has a much better engine.

>> No.2855632

There was that one secret(?) level in quake with wierd lack of gravity and tons of bouncy blowing shit up on multiple levels, wasn't there?

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File: 13 KB, 480x360, doomquake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2855778

The problem is the only people who cared enough to make a source port were super purist spergs wanting a game that could be played outside from the old oldass mac os, doom has a following of just the general gaming community, it's had a LOT more love and openness put into it

>> No.2855786

im sorry, but i cant help but just state that not everyone who grew up/lived in the era all these games came out meant they played every single one, some people only bought doom or quake or blood or duke or unreal or dark forces, but that did not guarentee the also bought shadow warrior and powerslave and hexen and heretic and etc etc etc
there were a LOT of games back then, and each one cost money

>> No.2856071


Ziggurat Vertigo?

Best secret level ever.

>> No.2856119

>and each one cost money
Shareware you nigger.
But yeah, also
>cost money
Piracy or sharing games was also a thing back then. I'm fairly poor but I still managed to basically play an overwhelming majority of them. I'd grant maybe someone didn't play FPS games because it's not their thing. I played a shit ton of games, but FPS is kind of my thing so as far as that genre goes, there's a significant chance of me having played or at least seen most of it. Other genres less so. All the ones in the image are pretty mainstream as far as they go, none of them are for example Radiaki, Terminator Rampage, or Isle of the Dead. I'd understand that.

>> No.2856618

Doom had better gameplay and balance, but Quake fired my imagination up more.

>> No.2856648


>> No.2857293

>maybe with more team-based mechanics like Team Fortress 2
fuck no. those games attract retards, yet require teamwork and cooperation. doesnt that get old?

>> No.2859252

I bought UT2004 and I had a lot of fun playing the career campaign. Betting money, treating injuries, drafting players.

>> No.2860139


>Unfeel Tournament

>> No.2860148
File: 19 KB, 480x288, ranger__s___quakeguy___faces_by_clownboss-d45ye26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would quake have been like if the iD team weren't burnt out after designing the engine, and decided to drop in doom weapons and gameplay in order to get the game finished, instead of sticking with their idea of a more RPG-like 3rd person game with NPCs?

Also you just can't compete with 3D level design. sorry doom. Its unfair to compare one game to its successor, like comparing a Tiger to a Panzer IV; both excellent tanks, just in different classes.

Both are sensational games, I remember playing shareware doom from floppy disks, renting a brand new (at the time) sega saturn and playing Doom .
I bought quake when it first came out, me and my bro used to play it every time we went to our grandparents house after school. So many great memories.

As someone who loves sound, quakes music and atmosphere is the dealbreaker. real CD audio instead of MIDI, supplied by no less that trent reznor-inspired-by-coil. One of the all time best game soundtracks in my opinion. Doom doesn't even rank top 10 in that regard, sorry, thrash metal pseudo-covers on MIDI just doesn't cut it, some ok music by mr prince, but quake has something unique, and I feel it really gelled with the aesthetic of the game to make what doom lacked: a fully immersive experience.

>> No.2860149

Quake had the funniest grenade launcher ever

>> No.2860418

>ecided to drop in doom weapons and gameplay in order to get the game finished, instead of sticking with their idea of a more RPG-like 3rd person game with NPCs?

Honestly? Probably worse than we'd like to think. I'm kind of almost glad they didn't. They managed to have a really good game. Not that I wouldn't give it a whirl but if they did it, we'd have lost the two best FPS games for multiplayer ever released. I'd take it as an aside, but I'd hate to give up Quakeworld or Q3 for it. Doom 1/2 and those two games are the only games specifically guaranteed to never leave my hard drive ever.

>> No.2860426

>instead of MIDI,
I hope you meant because MIDI is non-standardized therefore the experience differs from machine to machine. MOD or IT etc would have been far better in that respect. But MIDI is fine, it doesn't sound like shit. Though honestly Quake's soundtrack was sort of ill fitting once you weren't bad at the game. Which means it loses it's impact after it's first playthrough. It's nice enough for creepy ambient, but for Quake it's a bit lacking.

>> No.2860437

Mentally retarded opinion right here. Doom was nothing like anything, including Wolfenstein, at the time, and the soundtrack is amazing. The level design is clever, and shows strong detail-oriented thought on behalf of the designers.

Quake was great for similar reasons, but the level design, despite being interesting to look at and having some good ideas, was boring. Also the protagonist was overpowered constantly, so whenever you'd be trapped into a one on one with something crazy, you'd dominate.

>> No.2860917

>MIDI is fine, it doesn't sound like shit.
it does compared to CD audio, sorry buddy.

Quakes soundtrack was the gelling factor that made the whole thing work imo. Excellent sound design.

Really a game should be judged on the first play through. Everything else is revisiting, and not the original experience.

>> No.2861913

>it does compared to CD audio, sorry buddy.
Of course not, it doesn't sound like anything. It's midi. If you don't understand why that is, you should look up what midi actually is instead of what you mistakenly think it is.

>> No.2862378


Yeah, I ended up playing more UT than Quake 3 and even I was wondering what exactly they were getting at with this bullshit. They were probably trying to say it was incomplete because it was multiplayer only. Calling the first Quake a tech demo is blasphemous. Sure it might not be as cinematic or character driven as Half-Life but it wasn't meant to be, that doesn't take away from what a fantastic game it was for it's time. Revisionist history at it's finest, right here.

>> No.2862409

I know exactly what MIDI is. More specifically your computers soundcard or whatever you're using to interpret the general MIDI data doom is sending out doesn't compare to pre recorded and mastered CD Audio. Let alone the quality of Reznor's work.

No need to be fatuous, you know what I meant.

3d Levels > 2d Levels
pre recorded music > MiDI data

quake could have been much more, but its simply the next step from doom. Anyone who think its a "worse" game than doom is just fangirling.

>> No.2862454
File: 330 KB, 800x600, 1448227314075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else remember how you could just pick up a free Quake shareware CD from EB and use a downloaded crack file on the shareware CD to unlock the full game? It was the pinnacle of childhood poorfag piracy at the time. You never used to get the cd audio and fmv with your pirated games back in the early 90's.

>> No.2862638

>Anyone else remember how you could just pick up a free Quake shareware CD from EB and use a downloaded crack file on the shareware CD to unlock the full game?

How was that possible? Did the pak files contain the whole game?

>> No.2862665

It wasn't possible, the demo version only contained the maps for the first episode.

>> No.2862670



>> No.2862675

Oh hai hipster.

>> No.2862680

>quake only got big because of e-sports and for being the first game with decent netcode on dial-up connection
That's pretty fucking big "only" here, let alone the great singleplayer maps.
>doom only survived due to how large fast and accessible the modding community is
That's another pretty fucking big "only".

>> No.2862683
File: 248 KB, 1126x1126, Electronics_Boutique_-_Store_4565_(10-13-09).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They where trying a new type of distribution aiming to give some form of instant gratification in an age of dial up modems I guess. Needless to say it was probably a bad economic decision for them but I doubt it hurt their sales much.

>Without id stuff means that this CD does not have a folder named IDSTUFF on it. The id stuff folder contains full version games that can be unlocked with a purchased code.


>> No.2862694

Well at least it has bright blues and yellows.

>> No.2862887
File: 117 KB, 640x480, nLJEyLi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2862914

Voted Tie
Both games have great gameplay and level design, both have paved the way for game modding.
I like Doom for gameplay, I just love running around feeling like a god destroying everything berserk style. Its really fun to play even today.
Although Doom has more polished gameplay Quake has much better atmosphere and music, I just love Lovecraft and Quake is the only action game(there are some great point and click games but damn, FPS action genre? And its such an old game too) I know that captures lovecraftian atmosphere perfectly.

Also the atmosphere is the biggest difference between two games. In doom you feel like you are indestructable, you take on giant demons with your guns feeling fearless, you don't use the strongest weps all the time, only on rare monsters. While in Quake monsters are much stronger, have more health you have to use rocket launcher all the time. The whole environment is unfriendly to you, monsters are more dangerous, there are more traps.
My favourite example is how sometimes you MUST take damage to progress through the game, you must fall into a pit and take fall damage to go to the next level, it perfectly shows that world of Quake is much more dark and unfriendly than Doom's.

>> No.2862995

>I just love Lovecraft and Quake is the only action game(there are some great point and click games but damn, FPS action genre?


>> No.2865557

Space marine assaigned to a new outpost experimenting with teleporters when they accidentally open a doorway to hell. The the base is attacked, overruned and all the marines stationed there are zombified grunts trying to kill you. You go into hell, fight monsters, all this to prevent an invasion.

Marine assaigned to a new outpost experimenting with teleporters when they accidentally open a doorway to a hellish dimension. The the base is attacked, overruned and all the marines stationed there are zombified grunts trying to kill you. You go into hellish dimension, kill monsters, all this to prevent an invasion.

>> No.2865561

>Marine assaigned to a new outpost experimenting with teleporters when they accidentally open a doorway to a hellish dimension. The the base is attacked, overruned and all the marines stationed there are zombified grunts trying to kill you. You go into hellish dimension, kill monsters, all this to prevent an invasion.

Sounds like Half-Life.

>> No.2865562

>people picking doom
quake is vastely superior in ever way. even today it shines above the modern FPSers. Doom feels dated.

>> No.2865563

Why is Quake II generally seen as inferior to the first? I enjoyed the hub system that rewarded exploration (even though it lead to more back tracking) and lots of cool details at the time like enemies trying to shoot you in their death throes.

>> No.2865592

> default
Dude i have to go all the way to c3 or something to make it playable with a controller. Keyboard and mouse are fine.

>> No.2865628
File: 31 KB, 500x372, verylifelike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the weapon and level design of Quake better, but Doom is faster-paced and more exciting. Overall I think they're both great for different reasons.

>> No.2865663

Because it's vastly inferior we've already been over this just stop posting m8

>> No.2865670

I really liked quake 2. Felt very polished, but a bit too easy and acrade-y

The atmosphere was the big drawback in quake to. shit atmosphere, shit music, no real feel of story or progress, just mindless killing for a couple of hours.

>> No.2865671 [DELETED] 


>> No.2866503

I'm always quick to throw out my love for Q2 over the first.

largely because I love the Strogg. Their sound and behavior design, how they look and fit into the setting. They're fun. A great cast of enemies.

>> No.2866576
File: 51 KB, 193x149, Max Payed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>console shooter

>> No.2867310

>vulgar display of midi power
I believe it's referred to as groove metal, it certainly isn't thrash

>> No.2867445

>No need to be fatuous, you know what I meant.
I do, you're wrong.

>> No.2867469

feel free to extrapolate on how I'm wrong.

unrelated, but the only MIDI in that video is the loop control. pretty poor piece of music too.

>> No.2867474

>only midi in that video
>literally a demonstration of a fucking midi controller
Fuckin derp.

>> No.2867489

Also, here have some more midi.

>> No.2867498

Have some more midi

Same sound generator - Doom.

And yeah you'd say, that sounds flat still. That's not a midi issue, lack of expressiveness is pretty much purely a sequencing issue. Not a protocol issue. That's because they didn't tweak the sound perfectly and their input was more of a midi keyboard rather than something more dynamic like a wind controller or using a ribbon controller etc... MIDI sounds exactly like live music because it is ALSO live music when it's used live and the range of tonality is only depending on what you're putting the midi into, not midi itself. Likewise you can play all your favorite DOS games using whatever sound generators you want you don't even technically have to stick with GM standard if you don't want too.

>> No.2867502

Controllers aren't actually what I'm arguing about here, I'm arguing that PC Sound cards playing MIDI data provide an inferior soundtrack compared to CD Audio. Feel free to misinterpret my viewpoint and continue to post MIDI controllers if you like, but its not really relevant to my argument.

The controller in >>2867445 isn't MIDI, it says right there in the description
> Expert Sleepers ES-3 module which converts the data from the Eigenharp over digital ADAT audio to Direct Current.

It then says
>The looping is done through Mobius and is controlled through a Rig Kontrol USB MIDI footpedal.

Hence why I said the only MIDI in that video is the looping control.

We're talking about the general soundcard in most computers running Doom in the 90s. Not Wind-controlers. The sounds aren't great compared to CD Audio.
The fact you said "range of tonality" seems to imply you dont really know what you're talking about. Tonality has nothing to do with MIDI, and refers to the key a piece of music is in.

Even the best sequenced song in MIDI data with the greatest sound patches, all with nice reverb and effects still wouldn't compare to a professionally mixed and mastered recording.

>> No.2867506

>We're talking about the general soundcard in most computers running Doom in the 90s
What is "most computers"? Why are you trying this hard to move the goalposts, are you one of those turbolosers who just HAS to be right about everything?

Doom was designed specifically with the Roland SC-55 in mind. If you haven't heard Doom's music on an SC-55, you haven't heard Doom's music.

>> No.2867523

>We're talking about the general soundcard in most computers running Doom in the 90s. Not Wind-controlers.
First of all, no, we're talking about MIDI. Whether that be a shitstick FM card or a SC-55 or whatever you hook out to midi. Secondly, yes we are talking about wind controllers and guitar controllers and keyboard controllers etc... because those are sequencing devices - they output midi. That means when you capture your midi output from them and play them on even the shittier cards you still get far more expressive music and when you play them on good modules you get great sound and great expression on a track. midi doesn't give a fuck.

Also let me rephrase that better, the range of timbre, fixed, now fuck off.

>Even the best sequenced song in MIDI data with the greatest sound patches
Actually, it does, in fact you just admitted it. What the fuck do you think real professional audio is made with? One point was oh it doesn't compare to reznors standard redbook faire... except midi is used in his studio for producing that music straight up digital audio and midi controller or nowadays also alternative (or even both) control protocols with better timing and bandwidth are mixed together. What you're hearing is often the result of using the midi protocols - even often down to the mixing and mastering using midi for level control protocols.

Hence the point, midi doesn't have 'a sound' it sounds exactly like anything you define it to play with device you set it up to use.

>> No.2867525

Lets refer to my original post (>>2860148)

>As someone who loves sound, quakes music and atmosphere is the dealbreaker. real CD audio instead of MIDI

Those were my original goalposts. Did you have a Roland DC-55 in your computer as a 90s gamer?
I know mine was just a standard sound blaster, same with all my friends. I'm not enough of a nerd to know the specific chip they used to interpret MIDI data, but it didn't compare to CD Audio.

>> No.2867537

>Those were my original goalposts.
And that's why he said you moved them. Because you did.
You're statement is not a complaint about low quality of particular soundcard or set of cards, but on the actual protocol and nothing but when good sequencing midi with a good sound generator sounds great and depending on the instrument perfect even.

>> No.2867540

Also, it doesn't matter whether or not it was in the 90s. It still exists today. We're on a board that still plays it. It's relevancy has not changed in that respect. It still does use midi in normal doom and various ports and we still manage with that on our systems, either with modules, virtual modules, synths, sound fonts, etc...

>> No.2867541

>You're statement
Is english not your first language? its ok.
My argument is entirely about the low quality of average soundcards compared to CD audio. How hard is that to understand?

Like I said, even the best GMIDI data requires careful attention from an musician or synth tech to make sound good. A CD just plays. It plays the same perfectly-mixed and mastered recording each time. This just provides a better product. No one buys CDs full of pure MIDI data. Games are one of the few places outside the musicians production studio where MIDI is put to use for the general public.

>> No.2867546

>How hard is that to understand?
Not at all, your argument is also a moving goalpost. It's pretty fucking simple, so not sure why you're saying it's not and validating that it is.

>> No.2867547

>Did you have a Roland DC-55 in your computer as a 90s gamer?

>I know mine was just a standard sound blaster, same with all my friends
Sounds like a personal problem.

Bobby Prince makes great music. It's not his fault if your computer is a piece of garbage.

>> No.2867548

Surely we're comparing the originals though right? not the modded up, extended versions we play today.

Playing the latest mods and version of Quake and Doom would give an entirely different experience to the originals. I dont think it would be fair to compare them, as the different here lies in the modding community and the work they've done, instead of the original games.

>> No.2867549 [DELETED] 
File: 8 KB, 279x411, princess sevenleaf drops it like it's hot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its ok
Is English not your first language? It's okay.

>> No.2867551

The general public had average sound blaster tier chips. Of course some hard core nerds had custom sound cards, but we can discount that small minority.

MIDI still doesn't provide as good an end result as CD Audio. I'm sure Mr Prince would have loved to use Actual recordings on doom, but for some reason he was left to work with only GMIDI.

Also If he makes such great music why does he do so many covers of mediocre metal songs?

Reznor and Prince are very different, and I dont really want to rate them against each other, but I believe the quake soundtrack was Reznor's best work, and made the game into something great. Something that "spooky" MIDI bends with lots of vibrato could never capture.

>> No.2867554

>Surely we're comparing the originals though right? not the modded up, extended versions we play today.
We're not comparing any of them. We're discussing "sorry, thrash metal pseudo-covers on MIDI just doesn't cut it"
Whichever port or software is absolutely irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Two things are required for this discussion, you're playing doom and it's somehow using 'thrash metal pseudo-covers via midi' in comparison to straight up digital audio recordings.

>> No.2867558

metal pseudo-covers on MIDI just dont cut it compared to CD Audio. How can you disagree?

I suppose I am on /vr/ after all. If anyone was going to be contrarian about things like audio quality, its going to be here.

>> No.2867561

>but I believe the quake soundtrack was Reznor's best work
You're actually a fucking retard.

He did an okay job fitting the general atmosphere even though it's largely forgettable and honestly you don't even love much not having it on at all. But yeah, you must have never actually listened to any Trent Reznor's music to make a statement that fucking stupid.

>> No.2867562

I dunno, it's pretty spoopy

>> No.2867565

Race car driving techniques just don't compare to electric cars. How can you disagree?

That's how.

Good. Because that's a good word and it's initial usage implied also being correct. Contrarian is not a fucking perjorative term it and when you use it as such the only thing you're communicating is that you're floor is filthy from being supremely ass blasted.

>> No.2867571

I wouldn't say something is someones best work without listening to their entire discography multiple times. TDS was one of my favorite albums for a while there.

Its simply my opinion that the soundtrack is his best work, because I dont really think much of him as a musician. Sure he can write angsty songs and is an excellent producer, but the atmospheres created in the Quake soundtrack are unique, and more in line with the music I enjoy. You dont have to agree with me, and many NIN fans wouldn't.

Compared to guys like Bach or Tristan Murail, Reznor is a small fry. But his soundtrack helped make Quake into a real experience.

>> No.2867579

it's quake, doom's better known today so that's what the underaged memesters who've never played either are voting for

>> No.2867583

>Race car driving techniques just don't compare to electric cars
So you think MIDI is only a technique? Its a language for a game to tell a soundcard what to play.
A better language is real audio, where the signal is exactly the same each time, and doesn't depend on your soundcard or MIDI device.

>> No.2867596

This proves my point. Cheesy guitar samples, cheesy choir. Cheesy synth toms.

Compare this to:

And the winner in overall sound quality, composition and spookiness is clear.

>> No.2867623
File: 5 KB, 124x140, telengard vampire.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always loved this track a lot. Reminds me of the first time I dropped Vicodin.

Unfortunately, all this hair-splitting over sound cards is ignoring one crucial detail; even if you have the best midi synthesizer in the world, cheesy 90's synth metal is still going to sound like cheesy 90's synth metal. If you don't like cheesy 90's synth metal, then a soundcard probably isn't going to make or break your enjoyment of it.

Honestly sometimes I think this board should be called
>/vr/ - Doom & Umihara Kawase
for all the blind fanaticism those series inspire.

>> No.2867653

i fucking love bhopping, but doom takes it for me as ive had way more fun with it

>> No.2868135

>This proves my point.
No it doesn't.

>> No.2868207

I'll be honest, I have no fucking idea what you're even saying here.

>> No.2868854

>it's quake, doom's better known today so that's what the underaged memesters who've never played either are voting for

For reasons left unstated, Quake has superior gameplay. However, Doom is better remembered in this modern age. Consequently many people are voting for it simply out of recognition of its legendary status, despite the fact that they are too young to have played either game when they came out. This accounts for the wide margin by which Doom is winning the poll. It's probable that these individuals enjoy memes.

>> No.2868921

Doom is better remembered because it's just more fun.

Which is why it's winning.

>> No.2868967

People can play games even years after were released, that's why we have this board, besides, some people born after Quake was released are old enough to post here.

>> No.2868980

Well you're posting this in a forum that has attracted dozens of new DOOM players thanks to /doom/, it's a bit much to ask for a balanced sample from /vr/.

>> No.2868987
File: 152 KB, 800x600, descent-spot2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ranking *engines*? Descent beats Marathon handily, sorry. Even Infinity, even AlephOne.

Ranking the games is another matter.

>> No.2868997

But isn't that, in itself, telling? /doom/ says they're open to talking about Quake, but nobody really wants to.

>> No.2869010

That's the fine print that let them have a general in the first place back when mods gave a shit about shutting down generals. They excused it by saying "It's NOT a DOOM thread, it's an FPS thread, nobody HAS to talk about DOOM, we just like to!"

But trust me, when your OP is like four paragraphs, updated almost daily, about the state of DOOM news and mods and the last line is basically "Oh uh also other FPS I guess," you have a DOOM thread.

>> No.2869019

>one has a vibrant, enthusiastic ongoing community
>the other is Quake

>> No.2869048

>Only people who haven't played either prefer Doom

I grew up with Both, and I prefer Doom. Quake had better multiplayer, but the single player was a step backwards.

>> No.2869059

The trouble with Quake is that the people still playing it are so good it's very hard for beginners to get into the game. Even if you're reasonably good at other FPSs you'll lose against people who've been playing for nearly two decades.

Doom is mostly played for the single player, so it doesn't have this problem.

>> No.2869151

Nobody's forced to talk about Doom, and nobody's stopping you from talking about Quake. Quake just isn't that popular. There isn't some conspiracy by Doom fans to exclude Quake fans; it's just that there aren't a lot of Quake fans because the game is stale and boring.

I've started Quake threads before. They usually only get a few replies. I've tried hosting Quake servers and nobody joins them. Face it: Nobody likes Quake.

>> No.2869216

>Cheesy 2-and-a-half minute MIDI piece, with cheesy guitar sounds and SNES-tier choir
>8 minute atmospheric masterpiece with live recorded whispering, a well thought out layout leading to real guitar-driven crescendo

This is why Quake is an atmospheric experience, and Doom is a fast-paced shoot em up. The music really reflects the character of each game. Doom is all about thrashing through maps at breakneck speed and killing everything in sight.
Quake is about soaking up the ambiance and and trying not to die while navigating some lovecraftian mazes

>> No.2869217

Your post has nothing to do with mine.
Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpiNDxssUL0

>> No.2869234

you can speedrun even the most atmospheric games. Doesn't really prove anything.

Quakes soundtrack is still objectively superior to Dooms.

>> No.2869243


>> No.2869254

>GMIDI metal covers
>Better than actual recordings of original music, custom made for the game
Can't say I agree

>> No.2869283

Quake 2 soundtrack > then all

>> No.2869290


Quake is pretty much what DOOM 1/2 in 3D would be like.

>> No.2869336

>It's a real pity that the actual Aleph One source port is really bad compared to the stuff that Doom players can enjoy.

To be fair, Doom's source was available much longer than Marathon 2's.

>The community around it is trash too.

This is 100% on point. Except where they have overlap with the Doom community, the core of the Marathon faggots are ultra purist retards with a whole flair of artfag David Cage tier retardation.

Best exhibit of this can be seen in Marathon:Resurrection's forums when asking about crosshairs...


Marathon had garbage map design, a retarded network model, and pants-on-head physics.

>> No.2869512


If only iD hadn't just dropped in doom-style gameplay and weapons after being burnt out designing the engine. It could have been a totally different game, but they held a meeting and decided just to get that damn thing finished, and that meant scrapping all their ideas for original gameplay (RPG elements, 3rd person, NPCs, etc)

Quake feels totally different to doom, and it the superior atmosphere and music that make it so.
Running around a 2D collection of walls with sprites that always face you to MIDI metal, compared to a fully 3D game with dynamic lighting and a custom ambient soundtrack. The only similarity is the gameplay of key hunts and endless killing. The aesthetics of the two games couldn't be more different.

>> No.2869729

>and that meant scrapping all their ideas for original gameplay (RPG elements, 3rd person, NPCs, etc)
While I would not mind playing that also, I'm glad they didn't.

> The only similarity is the gameplay of key hunts and endless killing. The aesthetics of the two games couldn't be more different.
Except for the story being roughly mirrored, the level design and verticality in Doom giving it a 3D feel unlike say Wf3D where your 2D wall collection statement would be more appropriate, emphasis on portals, some of the enemies being similar enough (pinkies/fiends), (basic grunts/zombiemen that act in extremely similar fashion), (cacodemon, scrag). Both have a healthy dose of spooky light play and their own spooky tracks, both have significant amounts of lava and level trap designs, Similar weapon sets - shotgun, SSG, rocket launcher, (nail gun/plasma gun in mechanics). Both games are gritty looking. They aren't identical clearly, but yeah they COULD be more different, very different because they're actually pretty similar.
Also coincidentally playing Doom with a collection of 3D walls feels identical and the sprites that always face you can be set to not always face you or even to 3D models, it really doesn't change the feel of the game as much as you make it out.

>> No.2870947

>The aesthetics of the two games couldn't be more different.
I stand by my statement.
Killing demons at breakneck speed to MIDI metal is very different to navigating lovecraftian mazes with atmospheric ambient music.

>> No.2870967

I love both games and I agree with this statement. I prefer Quake's atmosphere since it's a little more subtle about its approach to what makes it scary.

>> No.2870998

>/stupid questions post/

1. Using mouse/wasd keys in vanilla Doom under pure DOS, ok or heresy?

2. If using mouse turning in Doom/Quake, is it avoidable for the Y-axis of the mouse to move the player forward/back (i.e. just use the X-axis of the mouse for turning and ignore any Y-axis input)? It's annoying that the player while mouse-turning also gets pushed back/forward a bit due to collateral Y-axis movement.

3. In the default Quake key config, the 3rd mouse button is used to switch to mouse look. However, it seems quite a challenge to get the third mouse button to work under DOS in the first place - the standard Microsoft mouse.sys/mouse.com driver from back in the day doesn't seem to enable it (at least for a mouse which has a pressable wheel acting as the 3rd button). How did one enable the 3rd mouse button back in the day with a standard driver? (Using cutemouse which supposedly makes it easy feels like a cheat as it wasn't available in the DOS days.)

>> No.2871020

1. Mouse support was in from the start, don't let anyone tell you it wasn't. It was totally fucked up for anyone using a PS/2 mouse (which were common) so that's where the myth that mouse support as a whole was patched in later - version 1.6 fixed PS/2 mice.

2. This isn't an issue with Quake as it was one of the first FPS with "true" mouselook, but I recall turning the y-axis sensitivity to 0 and that seemed to solve that particular issue in DOOM.

3. Switching on mouselook is a standard menu option, you don't need a third mouse button. Alternatively, you can type +mlook in the console. Alternatively alternatively you can bind mouselook to a different key if for some bizarre reason you need to toggle it on the fly.

>> No.2871076

>but I recall turning the y-axis sensitivity to 0 and that seemed to solve that particular issue in DOOM.
There is no y-axis sensitivity. There's just sensitivity for mouse. For Doom 1 and Doom 2.

For quake also you can put +mlook in a config file that autoexecutes when quake starts that does +mlook.

>> No.2871106

>Mouse support was in from the start, don't let anyone tell you it wasn't

Yea, it was there in the setup, but wasn't enabled by default, so there seems to be a consensus that "the proper way" for Doom1/2 is arrow keys + space/ctrl/alt/shift/etc.

>It was totally fucked up for anyone using a PS/2 mouse (which were common)

Weren't serial mice still the most common in the mid 90s?

>for some bizarre reason you need to toggle it on the fly

That's how it's configured by default, isn't it? Default configs mostly seem to be associated with "as intended" (for a lack of a better word), same with the default lack of mouse usage in Doom making many think playing mouseless is "as intended".

(The mystery of enabling the third mouse button under DOS is, of course, only very indirectly related to the thread's topic, but if anyone remebers how to do it for a PS/2 mouse with a standard driver from the 90s (it must have been possible if Quake had the third mouse button preconfigured), that'd be great, thanks.)

>There is no y-axis sensitivity

Don't recall that either, hence the question. Bummer if it can't be disabled, it sure is annoying for the player to involuntarily slide forwards/backwards while turning around with the mouse.

>> No.2871173

>Weren't serial mice still the most common in the mid 90s?

It was pretty much a toss up - a lot of people who already owned computers *probably* had PS/2, and those who would have bought computers specifically to play DOOM and other games *probably* would have had serial. It's was a transitional period.

>That's how it's configured by default, isn't it?
Again, the mouselook option was a toggle that you set to either yes or no in the options menu. I'm pretty sure nobody really expected that players would be vacillating between control schemes while trying to shoot ogres. Quake was always a highly customizable experience via the console - the default movement keys weren't even WASD, and depending on whether or not you pirated a copy, it was entirely possible your idea of a "default" setup was actually some other guy's personal bindings. Why are you so determined to maintain a toggleable mouselook button - I'm seriously having a hard time understanding what you're trying to do here, do you actually WANT to do this stupid thing? For the record I had a three-button mouse back in the Quake days and it was bound to impulse 7 because everyone needs rocket launchers always, and I personally never had any problems binding anything to it, so if the question is "Could third mouse buttons be recognized in DOS?" then the answer is "Yes, why wouldn't they? (assuming DOS version 5.0 or later)"

>Yea, it was there in the setup, but wasn't enabled by default
>same with the default lack of mouse usage in Doom
You have to specifically say "Keyboard only" in the controls options menu when you install the game, it is NOT the default control scheme, it is specifically the third option after KB+M and the hilariously stupid KB+Joystick option. KB+M's keyboard default bindings still operated exactly the same as KB only.

>> No.2871198

>if the question is "Could third mouse buttons be recognized in DOS?" then the answer is "Yes, why wouldn't they? (assuming DOS version 5.0 or later)"

DOS version is 6.22. Maybe the mouse driver is too old or something, it's the Microsoft driver v8.20 loaded from CONFIG.SYS (i.e. the mouse.sys file).

Anyway I found the DoomFAQ say this:

>[19-1-1]: Why does my mouse start moving itself during play?
>It is recommended that you upgrade to DOOM v1.666 to fix this problem.
>Older mouse drivers cause a problem with DOOM v1.2. Make sure you are using Microsoft mouse drivers v9.x instead of v8.x. Logitech mouse drivers v6.x work as well.

Maybe using a newer MS driver or a Logitech one will make the third button work, will try to test this later.

As for the defaults actually being such, if you delete the main config file Quake will recreate it with defaults and I seem to recall those defaults have mouslook set to toggle via either backslash or the 3rd mouse button. There I found the third mouse button (actualy a clickable wheel) did nothing and I wanted to resolve the apparently underlying issue of the 3rd mouse button not working.)

>it is NOT the default control scheme, it is specifically the third option after KB+M

I don't remember the Doom setup utility anymore, but if it's as you say, then I'm not sure why most people seemed to play mouseless. Maybe it was said PS/2 mouse issues they somehow wouldn't get around, dunno.

>> No.2871209

>Bummer if it can't be disabled, it sure is annoying for the player to involuntarily slide forwards/backwards while turning around with the mouse.
Well if you're using dosbox you can probably rig up a mouse driver that undoes it, but yeah it's annoying but you get used to controlling it so you don't slip too much.

>Weren't serial mice still the most common in the mid 90s?
Were they? I remember seeing like three. I mean maybe in old businesses, that's where I almost exclusively saw serial mice coming from, getting binned from old businesses or corporations cleaning shit out. It was rare as fuck to see anyone's home with a PS2 mouse and PS2 ports were basically standard on every home machine at in the 90s for the most part. I can see businesses actually having more serial mice than home users during the 90s honestly. It's why LCDs picked up in this era despite being mostly garbage for actual displays, because businesses swapped that shit out right quick for electricity savings and ease of moving. Most businesses don't need something that looks good, but they want something cheap and easy to deal with.

Wheel mice took a while to get in, there were two button PS/2 mice readily available for way longer than there should have been even with three button mice already being a thing. I can't say I remember specifically how to set up a PS/2 third button in DOS.

>so there seems to be a consensus that "the proper way"
That's also bullshit. Yeah it's the default but there is no "proper way" and people were rocking the mouse and keyboard way early in Doom, check out demos of some of the deathmatches with chocolate doom and shit. Some of them from as early as 1994-1995 were using mice to aim. There's no reason not to be using it now either. Honestly even games that didn't support modern controls can go fuck themselves as well, no reason a person shouldn't be using better controls for their games.

>> No.2871213

>then I'm not sure why most people seemed to play mouseless.
Because it was awkward and a lot of people didn't switch off arrows which was awkward as well. People were used to keyboard for other games as well and they could get by with keyboard.
Multiplayer is what accelerated mouse usage faster than anything else. Doom had more singleplayer people than multiplayer, though it did kick up a huge multiplayer scene as well.

>> No.2871214

>There I found the third mouse button (actualy a clickable wheel)

Found your problem. Try binding to mwheelup/down, clickable mousewheel as button3 has always been weird.

>> No.2871251

That's odd. After all it's a microswitch like any other, and doesn't really have much to do with the wheel itself other than the fact that it's mechanically triggered by pressing down the wheel. Anyway I will try out some other dirivers later and see if I can get it to work somehow.

>Well if you're using dosbox
Nah, it's an physical old Pentium II system serving as a retro rig.

Anyway thanks a lot to everyone who answered for your tips, suggestions and explanations, much appreciated.

>> No.2871538

Tim Willits is the only guy still at id from the good ol' days and he thinks Quake is more influential than DOOM.

>> No.2871540

>love quake
>hate multiplayer games

fuck my life

>> No.2871952

>so there seems to be a consensus that "the proper way" for Doom1/2 is arrow keys + space/ctrl/alt/shift/etc.
Romero played Wolf/Doom/Quake with mouse and keyboard
Carmack played Wolf/Doom/Quake with mouse and keyboard
Everyone on iD played Wolf/Doom/Quake with mouse and keyboard, the games were literally designed with this in mind, keyboard only was always a concession for people who didn't have a compatible mouse back in the day.

You can go ask Romero or Carmack on twitter, or send them an e-mail, I promise you they won't tell you that Doom was designed to primarily be played with just a keyboard and no mouse.

>> No.2871958

I remember when Quake was first released all the gaming magazines published articles promoting mouse+WASD controls and explaining +mlook.

>> No.2871971

>Honestly even games that didn't support modern controls can go fuck themselves as well, no reason a person shouldn't be using better controls for their games.
I agree.
I'm now playing GZDoom with a mouse and a one-handed gamepad featuring an analog stick, and movement has never been smoother.

>> No.2871975

I know that feel. I'm not big on multiplayer games (very few have appealed to me).

>> No.2872053

Second-rate dark ambient isn't really that good anon. Hundreds of games did spooky ambience better than quake.

They were in talks about a real sountrack and had some samples recorded but they ran out of time and had to scrap it just like so much else.

>> No.2872258

>NIN is second-rate dark ambient

You. Fuck off. No more from you, ever.

>> No.2872403

Trent has made some good music and some bad. The quake ost belongs to the latter category.

>> No.2872456

Well, it's kind of disingenuous to say they all used mouse and keyboard like it was a modern setup. I mean, John Carmack's config was arrow keys for strafe/movement in Quake 2 for fuck sake.
Same with Paul Steed more or less.
Similar with Paul Jaquays.
Sean Martin on Q2 had worse arrow keys in that they his wasn't even strafe. They were default arrows.
Tim Willits didn't even have a setup for strafing.
Todd Hollenshead has strafe added to his - but his config setup appears to either either the basis or based on Willits config. Someone had a config file they setup and passed to either of them and they modified it.
Barret Alexander had a sort of makeshift config where . and / were for strafing and , was duck. He clearly moved his hand left and used a mouse button for forward and left arrow for backwards with his thumb and had weapon binds around the middle of the keyboard next to the strafes.

The only config in there that's really a proper MKB setting that isn't clearly half-assing it thresh. Which has WASD and other keys around it for weapons and such. A little odd with his for his choice of ducking button, but whatever.

Not even by Q2 were they optimally using it. If you asked them if they were using mouse and keyboard the answer would probably be yes but the technically correct response would be likely (rolling the mouse forward to move forward and other weird shit while hitting other things like space and number keys occasionally.)

Romero didn't have a config, but I'd put a small amount of cash down that his was closer to thresh's than anyone else at ID by Q2 since he actively played Doom deathmatch at LANs and tournaments and such, his doom config likely changed a bit to keep up.

Doom was clearly designed to use the mouse, but not to use the mouse correctly. Even turning the Y sensitivity off and only using it for left and right movement would have been the best and most straightforward option if they were, yet no such option like that was created.

>> No.2872459

>I mean, John Carmack's config was arrow keys for strafe/movement in Quake 2 for fuck sake.
I fail to see the issue with that

>> No.2872461

That's fine if you want to say it's bad, taste is subjective.

It's not ok to call it second-rate and not a real soundtrack, that's way too fucking far.

>> No.2872465

Doom was designed to be played with a trackball numnuts.

>> No.2872482

>Romero didn't have a config
I'm noting that I'm stating that because he was one of the primary guys on Doom and Quake. Obvious reason why his config is not in Quake 2's pak file.
Quake 1 only has the default config in there. Though whomever is playing the demo for both Quake and Doom, actually has a decent but not amazing handle on modern style MKB. I'd imagine it's Romero because he had a reputation for trouncing everyone and just being able to handle like that would likely do it.
Whoever is playing the Q2 demo, is a lot worse than Doom and Quake's player.

>> No.2872504

>It's not ok to call it second-rate
Of course it's okay to say that. Especially when it's true. Trent threw the thing together in record time.

>not a real soundtrack, that's way too fucking far.
I mean a "real soundtrack" as in composed specifically for the game with input from the developers rather than made on the side and simply tacked on in the end. ID simply settled for what we got in the end.

>> No.2872749

Quake's single-player may not be as fondly remembered as Doom's, but its multiplayer was revolutionary (3D deathmatch, Team Fortress, Threewave, QuakeWorld, QSpy, etc).

>> No.2872770

Quake is multiplayer, Doom is single player. Although Quake has a single player and it's not a pile of complete shit, it's not the reason you bought/play Quake.

>> No.2872786

Yeah quake really was a big run-out-of-time fest.

I guess all that innovation and hard work that went into the engine didn't really pay off for the gameplay. A pivotal game for FPSs, but essentially a doom clone in the gameplay.

Of course, many people have done spooky ambient better than trent reznor, but we're talking about Doom vs Quake here. Other games and composers/producers aren't really relevant.

I personally prefer Tristan Murail as my spooky go-to guy. Anyone who isn't a trained composer isn't really worth listening to, but thats just my opinion.

>Trent threw the thing together
Wasn't just trent, supposedly music files were sent in from the entire NIN gang.

>composed specifically for the game with input from the developers
If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know that the NIN guys did have plenty of input, and were able to play/see mock ups of the game to get the feel of it.

It was one iD guys job to fly to New Orleans and bring the latest build of quake to the studio NIN were using, and see what they've been up to / give feedback. I think it was American McGee. I remember reading an interview with him recently.

oh, here it is, I found it in my history:


>> No.2872789

>it's not the reason you bought/play Quake.
It actually was. I never played mutliplayer. Only the singleplayer. And loved it every time.

I think the moral of the story is, not everyone is you, and people have different opinions on games. I personally prefer the Quake single player to Doom.

If I was to go back and play either Vanilla Doom or Vanilla Quake, I know I'd be playing quake.
For me, thats a clear winner of "which game was better". Its not really fair on doom due to quake being released after doom, with all the knowledge and hindsight iD had at that time.

>> No.2872807


Quake was the natural evolution of DOOM. Also it encourages you to use different weapons cause it didn't over supply you with ammo like in DOOM where you can use the shotguns 90% of the time and never run out of ammo. Q2 slowed it down and made bullet sponge enemies. Q3 is greatest MP game of all time

>> No.2872879

So what's the deal with getting wheel mice to work properly under DOS? Not necessarily the wheel, but at least the goddamn middle button which is actuated by pressing the wheel. I gather that an oldschool whell-less three-button mouse should work out of the box with all three buttons, what's the exact problem with wheel mice?

>inb4 cutemouse

Cutemouse wasn't around back in the DOS heyday, there must be some why to get this working with the old drivers?

>> No.2872885

>some why
*some way

>> No.2872891

>Try binding to mwheelup/down
How would one expect the wheel to work if the middle button doesn't even work?

>> No.2872920

They share the same immense community, Quake is the heir of Doom.

>> No.2872921

That's fairly common in old games actually

>> No.2873026

>using mouse wheel for quake or doom
>not having your guns re-binded around ESDF for instant convenient access
Lol plebs

>> No.2873037

>>using mouse wheel for quake or doom
Nobody want to use the wheel itself. The problem is to get the third mouse button to work under DOS with a wheel mouse (i.e. basically any mouse made in the past 12+ years).

>> No.2873385

I want to use the wheel. I use the wheel for my weapons. Mwheeldown is super shotgun and mwheelup is nail/super nail/LG. My mouse3 is bound to "special" for servers with mods. Honestly don't even really use it. The remaining weapons are bound around my other hands finger placement.

>> No.2873498

I assume that you're either playing under Windows or using Cutemouse if playing under DOS.

>> No.2873596

Windows for Quake definitely. And sourceport. And preferably Quakeworld rather than Netquake.

>> No.2873648

macfaggot detected. Kill you're selve

>> No.2873649

>Wasn't just trent, supposedly music files were sent in from the entire NIN gang.

I'm gonna let you try and explain what the fuck you mean by this before I and others mock you mercilessly for saying this.

>> No.2873651

So your argument is it sucks because it was done quickly?

Jack Nicholson has an Oscar on his shelf for a performance that took him 60-90 minutes to film, should he give that back, then?

>> No.2874196

>the entire NIN gang

Nine Inch Nails IS Trent Reznor. Anybody else ever was just a collaborator and/or live member.

>> No.2874208

He really meant as part of the NIN 'gang' being collaborators. Chris Vrenner was a drummer who did collab work. He also chatted up with McGee who mentioned him in an interview. Vrenner got follow up work with his band Tweaker for Doom 3.

>> No.2874215

>2. If using mouse turning in Doom/Quake, is it avoidable for the Y-axis of the mouse to move the player forward/back (i.e. just use the X-axis of the mouse for turning and ignore any Y-axis input)? It's annoying that the player while mouse-turning also gets pushed back/forward a bit due to collateral Y-axis movement.

Thank me later. Should work for Doom, Doom 2, and Quake.

>> No.2874339

Lel winfag. Pure DOS 4ever

>> No.2874364

Never got into arena mp games besides Halo so I go with Doom. Doom is amongst the greatest games of all time for me. I never cared for Quake. I also barely remember ever playing it. Which goes to show how little I care for it.

I heard an anon call the new Turok Remaster "jungle quake" so I'm willing to bet there is no need for me to ever play Quake considering I would rather just play Turok again instead if it's like Quake.

>> No.2874432

Due to very peculiar circumstances, Quake's development was dragged out, yet also rushed.

It was gonna be a medieval fantasy RPG FPS initially, but as the deadline drew closer and with little done, it wwas decided "fuck it, this isn't ever gonna work, let's just take what we have now and turn it into a Doom-like game"

I don't think a game like Quake could have ever become what it was if it wasn't for these circumstances. Some things seem nice and polished, but others just aren't at all. It's a good game, but not at all what anyone had in mind.

I like it, but ultimately I think Doom is a much more complete vision and game, things changed during development, but ultimately iD made what they had set out to do.
Quake wasn't that at all.

>> No.2874458

Is masters of doom a good read?
thinking about getting it

>> No.2874464

Yea it surely is, and if you're into 90s id games or even gaming history in general, it's a must read.

(It doesn't go much at all into technical details though, it's rather primarily about people relationships and how events unfolded as they did. Sometimes I wish it had more tech-relevant information or there was a counterpart to it which would have it.)

>> No.2874471


Why do people in this thread keep spelling it that way? It's not correct, it's just "id".

>> No.2874474

>It was gonna be a medieval fantasy RPG FPS initially
So they wanted to make an Ultima/Elder Scrolls type of game essentially?

>> No.2874695
File: 18 KB, 509x396, Quake space.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fantastic. I second this guy >>2874464

If you want a really more technical companion, read Michael Abrash on Quake http://www.bluesnews.com/abrash/

Also Abrash's Black Book is a great read. Doom-relevant stuff is BSP treees, starting on chapter 59. Though it's all worth reading, if outdated. You can see why Carmack is such a big fan of his.


>> No.2874889

It depends what you mean by quake.

To people that have played Quake for years it could mean a variety of things.

>> No.2875252

I believed that they wanted to make an Hexen clone. Probably Hexen 2 is what Quake was supposed to be.

>> No.2875389

>they wanted to make an Hexen clone
So they wanted to make a clone of a successor (Hexen: Beyond Heretic) to a derivative (Heretic) of their own Doom?

>> No.2875398

Let's assume, going by OP's picture, specifically Quake 1.

>> No.2875486

Lovecraftian dark fantasy with a feeling of progression and journey as a central theme as I recall. So essentially first-person Dark Souls.

>> No.2875561

The original idea for Quake dates back before Wolfenstein 3D. Initially it was titled "Quake: The Fight For Justice"

Basically, it would star this guy named Quake, a big bad mama jama of a hero warrior, Romero had a lot of grand ideas for it, he wanted advanced NPCs with daily routines and all that shit, you were supposed to have a companion which was called the Hellcube artifact, that would punish you if you were doing badly (by hurting you, or possibly just fucking off somewhere for a long while), and reward you for doing good, like healing you and stuff.
This was discussed as early as the days of Commander Keen and Dangerous Dave, Romero had even made a few bulletins discussing it as if it was an upcoming game (several years before it would have even been on the table or realistically doable). He was excitable like that.

After Doom 2, Romero was put in charge of leading the development of Quake, and he really didn't do a good job of it (absent, neglectful, unhelpful, etc, it was the real beginning of his asshole period), which is why it was eventually retooled into a Doom clone.

He really liked the idea of it, and wanted to do it, but he didn't at all put in the effort into it that he put into Keen, Wolfenstein or Doom, he wasn't there all day, working, making his ideas come through, guiding the team in development, making maps, his design document was a one sided sheet of paper.
He was supposed to be there to direct the team but he never was, and they got tired of that, sitting with their thumbs up their asses with the deadline drawing ever near.

>> No.2875605

I linked the interview where I got this information from, feel free to read it.


>> No.2875625


>it was the real beginning of his asshole period

That commenced immediately after DOOM 1 became a hit. Those reasons you listed are the exact same reasons he's barely got any work in DOOM 2 because he started thinking of himself as "the front man" for id, or worse "the idea guy."

>> No.2875654

http://hnv.nin.net/hnv8/mcgee.html paints a completely different picture.

Also calling Chris Vrenna "one of the guys from NIN" is like saying Dave Grohl is one of the guys from Nirvana.

Your interview also greatly overstates Vrenna's involvement in the Quake 1 soundtrack since it draws from an interview in which they are clearly discussing the Quake 4 soundtrack (which Vrenna deserves a credit for). All McGee has said about it is that he met Vrenna because he was in NIN up until Trent was (being essentially the entirety of NIN) doing everything himself on that game because that's how Trent works. If Vrenna has any musical contributions to the Quake OST it would have been done through Trent's discretion and since he doesn't have a credit for it, then I guess we can safely say his contributions were negligible and he quit right afterwards, anyway, allegedly because Trent's a control freak.

>> No.2875668

Well that's when the fame began getting to his head, but I think it took a while for that ball to get rolling.

>> No.2875819

>You have to specifically say "Keyboard only" in the controls options menu when you install the game, it is NOT the default control scheme, it is specifically the third option after KB+M and the hilariously stupid KB+Joystick option.

"Keyboard only" IS the *default* option. In earlier versions of the setup utility it was listed first, in later versions last, but it's always highlighted by default. Back up your default.cfg file, remove it from the doom/doom2 directory, start setup.exe and see for yourself. That, coupled with the buggy PS/2 support up to and including Doom v1.3 is probably the main reason behind why many if not most users started playing with keyboard only and sticked with it (most people stick with whatever is default and/or don't bother reading docs from which they might have learned that PS/2 mouse support was fixed at some point).

>1.6 fixed PS/2 mice

It was version 1.4.

(It also removed the swastika room, so it's either that XOR a working PS/2 mouse, but not both at the same time.)

>> No.2875830

>the swastika room
It's quite obvious that they first made it to stir up controversy, and then removed it in a later version to prevent too much shit from being flung in their direction once the controversy would have become TOO big.

>> No.2875885

Quake remains as the pinnacle of gameplay in my minds eye. Every time I play it, I spend about five or six hours doing the single player maps.

>> No.2875994

Is there any concise guide about how to get IPX/SPX working in DOS 6.22 so that Doom or Quake can use it? What appears to be there is either incomplete, overly convoluted, and/or links to needed files are (possibly long) dead.

>> No.2876048

The only thing I dont like about quake is I always felt the weapons selection got stale after a while.

>> No.2876070


>> No.2876073

I need info about setting up IPX/SPX in DOS 6.22 on a REAL system. Dosbox has some emulation that simplifies getting stuff to work, as such Dosbox guides are little to no help.

>> No.2876316

But that way Dosbox isn't communicating via IPX, but rather is tunneling IPX via TCP/IP. Any way to make it actually use IPX externally as well as internally?

>> No.2876483

From what I heard from my brother his game starts out good but when the FBI raid part starts it abandons HPL atmosphere and becomes a boring action shooter . But I don't know because I have never completed it

>> No.2876520

Ok, I got IPX running on the DOS machine (all with a relatively small footprint of ~50KiB in upper memory). Now, are there any Doom or Quake sourceports which can use pure (not IP-tunneled) IPX on LAN? DOS Doom won't run in XP, Doom95 won't connect with the DOS host for some reason, Winquake is unusable, just crashes.

>> No.2876526

Being this retarded

>> No.2876597

It was just a wolfenstein reference you retarded doom baby

>> No.2877720

I'd agree with that. I never finished it because I was stuck on this stupid stealth sequence after you hit Devil's Reef.

>> No.2877754

>when the raid starts it abandons the HPL atmosphere

That is the stupidest thing I've heard about DCotE. The raid ends with you escaping the factory while being chased by a shoggoth - this isn't a cutscene either. After that you're fighting cultist wizards and minions of Dagon (and Dagon himself) while having PTSD nightmares of being part of the Great Race of Yith's lore-gathering mind switching.

Saying that it abandons the lore at ANY point in time is fucking ridiculous. It has like 3 action-shooter setpieces, the rest is pure nightmare sauce.

>> No.2877803

you're not even trying anymore autismus

>> No.2877851

So who is that Spergbaron anyway?

>> No.2878327

Thank you for your exquisite contributions.

RIP Doom/Quake thread 12/09/15-12/27/15.

>> No.2880217


>> No.2881368

Quake is superior in every way. Anyone who says DOOM is a liar, but probably also a pretty cool guy anyway.

>> No.2881380

Dude fuck off.
Not everyone played every game. Not everyone watched The Goonies, not everyone was touched by their uncle. Not everyone had all the same exact experiences as you. fuck.

>> No.2882092

I've never seen the goonies. I thought I was the only one.

For me it was Quakeworld, by the time I had a computer that could actually run Doom fullscreen Quake 2 was already out and I started with that. Then I went back to Quakeworld, which I played non stop for 2 years.

Haven't played Doom in years. I distinctly remember it being a more light hearted and fun, whereas as Quake felt more serious.

>> No.2882506

It's horses for courses. They're similar in mechanics, but the feel is completely different. Doom is a fast paced blood soaked kill'emall style of game that's about a Marine tearing his way through hell to the sound of heavy metal. Quake, while it really could have done with more plot, is about some mysterious force fucking with a science project and destroying an entire organisation, forcing the survivor to make his way through Cthonian labyrinths across time and space to try and stop it filled with dread.

>> No.2882975


I've never watched the Goonies either. We should start a club.

>> No.2883123

>Doom has better weapons
i hate this meme. the people who say this enjoy only two weapons and one isn't even in doom, but doom 2. all the other weapons feel useless

>> No.2883139

Doom has a fucking chainsaw, plasma rifle, minigun and the BFG. Your argument is invalid.

>> No.2883147

quake has a good rocketlauncher, a fucking LIGHTNING GUN, TWO. NAIL. GUNS., a god damn AXE, a GRENADE LAUNCHER

the minigun in quake feels like a bb gun, the chainsaw is worse than the fists, and the bfg is just a plain shit weapon that completely ruined multiplayer railgun style

>> No.2883168

>the minigun in quake

>> No.2883198

I just realized again
why are there so few stationary explosives like the one "box" in level 1?

>> No.2883440

probably because there was such a high reliance on explosives later game it wouldn't have been as useful as you think it would

>> No.2883839

Quake's shotguns feel weak.
The nailgun is kind of bland.
The Super nailgun is kickass.
The grenade launcher is bland
The rocket launcher feels really powerful and amazing
The lightning gun is ok
The axe is boring

The Doom shotguns feel like they actually pack punch and matter.
The chaingun is ok
The rocket launcher is ok
The plasma rifle is awesome
The BFG9000 is awesome
The chainsaw is cool as fuck

>> No.2883918
File: 371 KB, 1920x1080, 7F630C22A879C7FF26902295050E25D10662D1A3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer Quake over Doom because of all the technical advances it has brought to the First-Person shooter genre. It's a game that has all of the aspects I love about FPS games from having tons of Single and Multi-player maps to pick from. Even though Quake III Arena crumples it in the Deathmatch department, the Q1 maps still have a ton to offer when it comes to appreciating the architectural marvels.

>> No.2883936


>> No.2884015

Gunplay and level design was worse than Quake 1.

>It could have been a much better game, /vr/
Yeah, but it was nowhere near "tech demo" levels.

>> No.2884059

Halo 1,2 and 3 were great.

4 was bad.

and 5 has good multiplayer....that's about it.

>> No.2884305

>the minigun in doom

>> No.2884475

Just fucking kill me now

>> No.2884507

the doom chainsaw is literally an automatic fist

>> No.2884720

Sorry for the offtopic. Does anyone knows where I can get the TNT evilution wad?

>> No.2885297

I know I am late buy yeah sure
still some more on the earlier levels could have still been welcome
especially on the start of every episode

>> No.2885545

>Even though Quake III Arena crumples it in the Deathmatch department
Uh... wut? Quakeworld is essentially the best DM there is. Q3 is secondary to it.

>> No.2885614

Sure, check with your local library they've all been jumping on this new information tool that can be used on things called computers there. They set it up on a 'network' that connects to a so called "information superhighway." It's pretty much guaranteed to be available there. If you're not sure about what do many libraries have classes for using it, going over such advanced features as mouse, mouse clicking, peripherals, files, folders, opening programs, and using the world wide web.

>> No.2885638

IMO, Quake's much more fast paced gameplay is more fun.

>> No.2886740
File: 99 KB, 552x433, dietrich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quake is slower.
The gameplay is about as fast in itself, but Quake's level and enemy design drag it down. Especially Quake's levels are fucking garbage.

>> No.2886773

He's obviously talking about multiplayer, where Quake is faster.

>> No.2887593
File: 29 KB, 320x200, Blood_5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Quake's levels are fucking garbage.
Thats your opinion.

I think Quakes levels far exceed doom. 2.5D level design just doesn't stack up to fully 3D levels. Some of the later episodes are glorious, and all levels display excellent design and ability to go a few different routes through a level.

Neither game compares to the level design of Blood. Truly an underrated gem compared to ID games.

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