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What are the best/essential Saturn games to play (not counting Japanese only)?

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>not counting Japanese only
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INCOMING SHORT LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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virtua cop
virtua cop 2
nights into dreams
clockwork knight
daytona usa
fighting vipers
panzer dragoon

I'm sure theres more but these are the exclusives that come to mind. I don't know if you wanted multiplats listed also.

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Are any multiplats on Saturn better than PS?

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My favorite Saturn game is Sega Rally, short arcade game but cheap and fun.

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Check out Deep Fear and Enemy Zero if you're into survival horror.

Resident Evil, Symphony of The Night, Rayman.

Duke Nukem 3D, Quake and Powerslave, are debatle. They're very different from the other versions.

I don't remember which version of D is censored or not, Saturn might be better...

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burning rangers
bug & bug too!
virtua fighter 1 & 2
three dirty dwarves
guardian heroes
sonic r

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How is Rayman any different?

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Basically to start with you want to pick up cheap copies of Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally and any Capcom 2D fighter (such as Marvel Super Heroes) and work from there. If you don't like fighters or shoot em ups you probably don't want to bother with the Saturn.

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Saturn is region free right?

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Nope, but pick up one of these and it is. It's also possible to flash these cards with something called Pseudo Saturn which will allow you to play 'back up' games.

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Guardian Heroes. Here's the problem though: The US and EU releases are stupid expensive, and the much more affordable Japanese release has very little English text. You can always get an affordable English version via XBLA, but then you're stuck using one of the worst controller for retro vidya ever. Hell, even those Genesis-style controllers branded with Street Fighter have kinda crappy d-pads even when they're not made by Mad Catz. Maybe try an arcade stick?

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>buying old games

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Any particular reason you don't want Japanese games?


Panzer Dragoon 1/Zwei/Saga
SEGA Rally
Virtua Fighter 2
Daytona USA
Guardian Heroes
Virtual On (released in the west but you will need to import the Twin Sticks to play it properly)
Burning Rangers
Fighting Vipers
Fighters Megamix
Last Bronx
SEGA Ages Vol. 1
Enemy Zero
Virtua Cop 1/2
The House of the Dead
Deep Fear
Resident Evil
Darius Gaiden
Dark Savior
Shining Force III
Shining the Holy Ark
Galactic Attack
Gun Griffon
Keio Flying Squadron 2 (PAL)
King of Fighter 95 (PAL)
Parodius (PAL)
X-Men Children of the Atom
Marvel Super Heroes
Street Fighter Alpha 1/2
Street Fighter Collection

Are all good/great and well worth owning. You really are missing out on a large percentage of the system's best games if you don't import, though.

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Thought I was in /o/ for a second there.

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I have a US console and don't know Japanese.

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Just burn the US version man

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>Symphony of The Night

It has crap graphics and nonstop slowdown on the Saturn.

Saturn version has very little extra content only.

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>Are any multiplats on Saturn better than PS?

Every single 2d fighter and nearly every shmup and 2d platformer (except Castlevania).

>I have a US console and don't know Japanese.

You don't need to know japanese to play guardian heroes. The only parts in English are the useless cutscenes and maybe the post-stage "pick where you want to go" options, but you can read both of those online.

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Most Saturn imports you don't need to know Japanese for as they're most arcadey games anyway. Not like you're missing out on much story.

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Is this from the old /v/ wiki?

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Nights Into Dreams
Dark Savior
Guardian Heroes

These are my top picks.

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>Most Saturn imports you don't need to know Japanese for as they're most arcadey games anyway
More like
>most Saturn imports that people who don't know Japanese recommended to you you don't need to know Japanese for

The console as an amazing library of text-heavy Japanese-only games that EOPs never talk about

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And the extra content is trash that further unbalances and breaks the game long before even getting to the reverse castle.

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also Robo Pit is very different on the saturn then the PS1 version and actually runs smoother, but I noticed the AI is way harder on the saturn version also.

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is http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki/Saturn the wiki in general not on the sticky? I feel like it should be sometime soon.

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Megaman 8 has bonus content in the Saturn version, several extra bosses from past games. Also a different Tenguman theme but that's subjective which is better.

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The graphics aren't that much different despite a few missing effects.

The slowdowns aren't much really, they're the equivalent to what you get in Resident Evil: a half-second loading time when switching to another screen and between 1 and 2 seconds when opening the menu.

I'd say the new content is not only plentiful but absolutely tons of fun. The double tap running in the reverse castle alone is worth it; I wouldn't go back to a time before it. And that's without mentionning the 2 new areas, the new enemies, items, weapons, Maria mode, musics, graphics, etc I haven't been able to go back since I played that version.

I find that pretty irrelevant honestly considering how broken the game already is. Besides, there is a good risk to reward ratio if you really want to make the best out of the new stuff.
Also SOME things are better balanced in that version compared to the US PS1 release: for instance you can buy some of the strongest shit at the merchant very early on on PS1-NTSC U ; which you can't ieven buy at all n the Jap versions.

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>The graphics aren't that much different despite a few missing effects.

Basically every single special effect is missing or looks like ass, and so do all the more impressive backgrounds.
And don't forget the ugly nearest neighbor resizing on all the graphics (PSX runs at 256x224, Saturn runs at 320x224, so they just resized all assets in the ugliest possible way).

>The slowdowns aren't much really

Have we played the same game? Any part of the game that has a bigger enemy, will slow down to a crawl. Even at the start of the game when you kill a wolf, the game slows down a ton. And the later stages have a lot more of that.

The extra control quirks and content is nice, but honestly the Saturn version looks like ass. And this is coming from a huge Saturn fan.

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>not counting Japanese only
Do you loose the ability to understand the word "START" if there's some Japanese text on the screen as well or is there another reason?

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>having a US only Saturn library

Hope you like having less than half of the games on the system available to you. Also plenty of great games don't require knowing Japanese and the Japanese releases are typically half as expensive as their American counterparts.

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Am I blind or does this really not have Battle Garegga

Why am I the first one suggesting Battle Garegga?

The only reason to not own it is it's cost but that list has Cotton $300 Boomerang on it

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>Alien trilogy
>Die hard arcade
>Tempest 2000
>Sky target
>galactic attack
>crime wave
>mechwarrior 2
>mass destruction

Honestly the vast bulk of good stuff on Saturn is the Japanese library

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It doesn't have a lot of things

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>Phantasm and Darkseed

Funny that the Japs got conversions of these games which were in native English anyway and PAL regions didn't. Not sure about the US.

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>Battle Garegga on Saturn
>Infinite continues straight off the bat

My pet hate for home Shoot em up conversions.

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Yep, I'll never understand why those ports came to be Japan only.

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The station wagon

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Is it hard to get a working Saturn?

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No, though I honestly couldn't find a memory card; so I got one of those gamesharks that can also work as a memory card.

If the internal battery is dead and the game doesn't support cart game saving, my tip is to save, press reset, and copy the internal memory to the memory card before turning off the console; and then copy it back once you turn the console again. That's until you replace the internal battery.

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Thanks senpai, I've been meaning to get one for the longest time.

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