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Favorite N64 game?

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the one that looks blurry

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Singleplayer? Zelda: Majora's Mask

Multiplayer? Battletanx and Battletanx: Global Assault ( global assault is also on playstation though )

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i know it's a meme choice

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Battletanx is a pretty good singleplayer game too, so long as you get the control layout right. Bad controls make it unplayable.

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best game ever

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While a lot of fun, that game shouldn't be anyone's favourite.

God it's so broken it's depressing. People shit on Sonic games for being untested, then there's this shit.

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Not with such shitty replay value.

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i played 5ties

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Not really sure, It's either Majora's Mask or Paper Mario.

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F-Zero X

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I really really liked Mario Party 1, with friends that was the best fun. I wish it was released on the virtual console, but nope they skipped it and went straight to 2.

Also original Smash.

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well, there are a lot of side quests, but even once youre done those, the general atmosphere of the game is enough to make me wanna play again. could be nostalgia

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Harvest Moon.
It was however one of like 3 or 4 games I played on N64 total.

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>tfw kicking ass with Vader

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Only right answer.

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Tried to play it. Never could.
Bought a copy from a game store and it froze up, they swapped it. The new one froze up too. The next one too.
I just gave up eventually. I should probably grab another copy one of these days.

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single player: majora's mask
multiplayer: mario tennis

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I believe Space Station Silicon Valley has trouble with the N64 Expansion Pak. One of the few games that actually had incompatibility issues with it. If your N64 had one, then surely that was the problem.

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This exactly. You need the standard jumper pak if you want to avoid the freezing with that game.

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so underrated

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boku no kokujin

also Goemon's Great Adventure

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This was my favorite when the 64 was current. My friend and I played the co-op to death, and the AI always seemed far more capable in the console version.

Looking back, it's not a terrible port, but it has some problems. The slowdown is excruciating and the controls are imprecise--things I can't overlook now. At the time though, 12-year old me didn't notice or care. It was a blast until I got the PC version a few years later and played online.

My favorite game to play on occasion now is either Road Rash 64 or Super Smash Bros.

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Is that the game where you start out as a microchip?

If so, I think I found the game I've been thinking about for quite a long time!

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You've posted it. I'm going to speedrun it along with Quest 64 when I get my hands on an NTSC N64

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This may be my favorite racing game ever.

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This or Blast Corps.

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Both really fun to speedrun as well.

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Just a reminder that there is a superior Japanese only sequel.

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Beetle Adventure Racing

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Had to be this or Paper Mario.

Those games just seemed to sprawl on forever, I remember discovering that Paper Mario's gameplay timer capped out at 99:59 I played that game so damn much.

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i gotta

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Sure, there are better quality 64 games out there, but this was always my favorite. Everyone likes Seeds Of Evil, I prefer Dinosaur Hunter

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All great, love Goemon.

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My favorite fighting game to date.

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The only choice

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this this

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I played this game to no end

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Resident Evil 2

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This game has a lot of depth in the 3d movement.

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Jet force Gemini. Killing so many ants

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And collecting their heads, that was a great detail.

People bitch a lot about the tribal rescue, but never talk about everything else great in the game.

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I've played through this game so many times it's not even funny.

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Mace the Dark Age was my favorite at the time the N64 was new (I never owned any really interesting N64 games as a kid), but now I would have to say Pokemon Stadium 2.

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One of the best simulators of N64,
but Harvest Moon still better

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Perfect Dark

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I remember discovering that you could set the blood to high and speed to ludicrous. That was a good day.

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I'm a huge Castlevania fan, but I don't understand why everybody shits on that game. The atmosphere is good, the difficulty's not too high or too low, the graphics are correct for the era and they did a good job (imho) transposing the classic Castlevania gameplay into 3D. The only bad thing in that the camera has some problem from time to time. Also no, the controls aren't shit.

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Definitely not the best game on the system but I always loved this game.

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I'm also a huge castlevania fan and I like CV64.

It was a good effort and worth playing if you like the series. I agree that it's the CV game that does the best job at translating the feel of classicvania into 3D. In fact, it has a lot of hints to Rondo of Blood, like being able to use both the vampire killer or the magical girl, much like Richter and Maria on Rondo, in fact Carrie's alternate costume is the Maria pink dress.

And of course the amazing intro theme with "divided bloodlines" on violin.

god damn I love that intro.

The game itself is enjoyable, gets some time to get used to the controls, but I agree they're not shit. The fact they added a dodge mechanic makes it a lot more playable. For the longest time I was playing without knowing how to dodge so I was eating bones all the time, but dodging made the game a lot better.
Anyway, the best thing about CV64 is the level design, exploring the villa mansion or the castle entrance was really cool. The more linear/platforming-centred levels are also OK but they can be a bit frustrating sometimes due to the camera. The exploration levels added slight elements of survival horror that I think blended pretty well.

I don't think it's a masterpiece, but it's not a bad game either, I'd give it an 8, it's a good game, and definitely feels like Castlevania in atmosphere and setting.

By the way, the producer of CV64 was Etsunobu Ebisu, the guy from Ganbare Goemon.

I didn't even play Legacy of Darkness, I hear it's even better.