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I picked this up for $1. Did I do good /vr?

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>Smudging on the left
>Wear and tear on corners
>Grainy photo
Sorry anon. You'd be lucky to get a quarter for that mess.

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>I'd buy that for a dollar.jpeg

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Wow OP! You found Earthbound and only for one dollarydoo? That's incred-... One sec.. something is jabbing into my back on the couch I'm on. Will finish post in a minute....

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What the hell is this??

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No fucking way! Always wanted PDS and here it is! I just bought the couch last week so it must of been stuffed between the cushions! What luck! It's a little heavy tho, I'm going to open it up..

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dont do it

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WHAT! Fucking Bloodlines was inside along with the discs! No way! We both are very very lucky people and not liars aren't we OP?

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Pfft that ain't nothing OP. I was just at the uhh... the flea market! And this guy sold me TWO CIB earthbounds for 50 cents!
And then... uh... oh! And THEN my super hott girlfriend and I started making out!

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I just found this in a garbage pail outside along with about 20 other snes games! I do good too?

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Anon, you're a vidya angel. You saved the innocent souls of the cartridges who were wrongfully sent to their deaths. God bless you, wonderful saviour of pixels. May good fortune be upon you for the rest of your life.
Glory to Anon in the highest! <3 I'll have a beer for you tonight.

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>take a short cut through the ghetto a few months ago on my way home from work
>see a rather big thrift store run by immigrants
>stroll on in
>place is in complete chaos
>electronics are behind counters in piles, no way to know what the hell they've got back there
>spot a snes cartridge behind a wall of power cords and vhs
>a fucking pristine legend of mana for $5.00

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I wasn't aware that Legend of Mana had a downgraded port onto SNES, was it as good as the Street Fighter Alpha 2 port?

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>Taking the bait

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Naw, that was a pretty clever reply IMO

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>friend and his gf have feud
>she gets so pissed she takes all his video game stuff and throws it off a bridge into a local creek
>friend too loaded or distraught or whatever to get the stuff
>tells me 'go for it'

Found all these at the bottom of a very shallow bend in the creek, stuck on a downed tree branch. The cardboard box they were in was still in tact. And as a plus, each and every game was in a damn ziploc bag. These are just a select few.

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So I'm sitting here reading this thread about to have a bowl of cereal and what the FUCK is this in my Cheerios...

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Sweet! God damn Silent Hill in my Cheerios! How lucky can a gu-... Wait.. .Hold on.. Sorry guys. False alarm. It's green label.

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Combining a recent story with another anon's photo, I see.

Good choice. Green label is literally garbage.

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I once found a copy of secret of mana in a thrift store for $2... while at the register some nerdy dude asked me if by any chance he could have it instead... I asked him if he was actually going to play it and he said yes, so I let him get it for $2 instead as I'm not entirely into RPGs and probably would have sold it let it sit on a shelf. Hopefully, this will give me some good game finds karma in the future...

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just dont put it back into any cereal boxes to be funny again

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Meant secret. You know what I meant.

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>letting a disgusting psone greatest hits game touch your pristine maxipad and twix wrapper collection

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>not cannibalizing your cases for better games

I wish NA Saturn games had green label titles so I didn't have to look for NHL 96 copies if the case on an actually good game breaks

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picked up this lot for $5 today. how did I do?

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PS1 and DC (and Japanese Saturn) jewel cases are easy as fuck to get replacement cases for. Unless you are in PAL country, that is. Their DC cases are proprietary and not a standard jewel case.

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You guys wouldn't believe what I found among some bones in the forest!

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Pop it in and prepare for le photorealistic blood.

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I'd say very good.
Clu Clu Land seems to go for 30 dollars on eBay so that's worth it alone.

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Oh, the ironing is delicious.

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Overpaid desu.

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Is this game even good

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These were just left on my doorstep

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you are such a pathetic worthless little faggot

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I hope this is some kind of reverse bait

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Gonna have to ask the OP about that.

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>told the whole internet about
gg OP

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I got Amazing Tater for like 15 bucks. OP is still a faggot, though.

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And yet you found the reddit thread. You're just as useless as OP.

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Sure thing, OP.

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Sure thing, OP.

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>Sure thing, OP.
Sure thing, OP.

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Nah, he was doing Gods work. We all figured OP was a cock loving faggot but now we proof.

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Sure thing, Reddit.

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ITT: a faggot OP redditor gets outed and starts samefagging out of embarrassment.

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Guys I was vacuuming and it made a really loud noise, looks like something real big got sucked up

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Holy shit it's Dracula X! Better make sure the disc is in there...

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There is literally nothing wrong with using Reddit.

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Oh my god, you guys! What a find! Sounds like something is rattling around inside though

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Then go use it.

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Wow! People should really clean out their cartridges more often, it's amazing what can get lost in there

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I don't doubt it

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At one point Nintendo was giving away this game for free, so technically you overpaid. This game isn't rare by a longshot; it's just overhyped and overrated. There are better RPGs on the Super Nes. But this thread was just bait anyway so i give you 2/10, cause you made me reply. Its the best i can do for ya.

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Are those fucking Instagram filters?

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No sir that is an exclusive filter called shitty phone

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>Majesco Bloodlines

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Honestly curious, is the cardboard box version of bloodlines not worth as much as the clamshell?

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My car was making some funny noises today. When I opened up the hood to see if I could figure out what it was, I found this.

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die in a house fire

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Clean you engine bay, you disgusting fuck.

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yeah but you would've done gooder if you just played it on emulator 2bh pham.

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>tfw no rare games to shitpost with
its times like these that I wish I saved reaction images.

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>Nintendo was giving away this game for free
Please expound.

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No. You could print a whole sheet of those labels for less than a buck.

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What kind of dickhead leaves a case of bud light on someone's doorstep?? Did you piss someone off?

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Gold! Lmaooo

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whats with the paw prints? do you drive around without a hood on?

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Man surprise at dinosaue peak was a pretty awesome game, character swapping and everything. I kinda wish I could play ut again on my NES.

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Yeah it was! Had a buddy growing up that had it. Haven't seen a single copy since tho. Is it rare?

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I absolutely love threads like this, really.

>i'm insecure about my payment decisions
>i'm gonna lie on vr and say I got this for x dollars even though I spent hundreds
>if I joke about ill feel better

Stupid faggot.

I was gonna spend 220 on EB until I saw the dude I was buying from had EVO as well. Offered him 360 for it and he took it. Glad I paid for those, And I'm not too much of pussy fuckboy to admit it. I don't collect museums and my tastes are not that broad, so I don't mind shelling out the cash for whatever its worth, but I will always bargain.

Oh hey. Also not too much of a fagboy to say I paid $120 for Metal Warriors. 120 because the label wasn't at its prime. If it was, I would have gladly paid $200-220.

Stay beta OP.

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Offered 360 for both*

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This. I don't know why people like to lie about getting awesome deals, you aren't helping anyone, least of all yourself

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Even if by some miracle faggot OP did find Earthbound for a dollar, no one not pants on head retarded would ever believe it. So you would just keep your mouth shut instead of going on 4chen looking for upboats.

What's really funny is that when everyone here called out his bullshit he runs to le reddit where everyone believes him and sucks his cock for getting such a "good deal".

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>paying hundreds for games you can download the roms of for free and then play on a flash cart or emulate
wew lad

>> No.2843747


>paying over a hundred for a flash cart to play roms you can download for free

wew wot?

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Here's your reply samefag :)

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>Is it rare?

Yeah, it came out after the SNES/SuFami had debuted, and it was a rental-only game. It was never sold in any retail outlet.

>> No.2845620

>rental only
Maybe I'm thinking of a different Flintstones game(or maybe not) but it definitely was on NES.

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Hey guys. I got this new thing of CD-Rs here. I'll be damned if I take the manufacturer's word that they're blank! Lets dig in, shall we?

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Ooh, color! I think I just got lucky with this one. . . !

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Aww. South Park: Chef's Luv Shack? Damnit :(

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But wait! Looks like another disk was sorta stuck under South Park...

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Oh thank goodness! I was afraid I'd have nothing but blank discs to play. Oh right, and Chef's Luv Shack too.

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Had chefs luv shack on DC and I genuinely liked it. Being 13-14 probably helped too kek. Only real gripe was that they really didn't have a ton of questions so after a couple plays you start to see repeats.

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What's wrong with green labels? What's so different about them?

>> No.2845706

People with OCD just feel the black labels are the preferable and rarer version. The opposite is usually the reality however. Green labels are often the less common version (since a game had to sell a million units to reach that status) And in many cases green label versions have fixes to bugs contained in the original black label releases.

>> No.2845741

They're green and don't look as nice on my shelf!

But yeah, most of them actually had updated versions of the software for bug fixes and optimization.

Essentially, if someone is bitching about a green label version, odds are they aren't actually going to play the game.

>> No.2845776

I don't dislike GH/Platinum editions (well for PS1 at least), but they did get rid of the disc artwork for them.

>> No.2845784

Literally this. If it wasn't such an ugly shade of green, I don't think anyone would care.

Of course, you could always collect green labels only. That shit'd be premium.

>> No.2845942

There was another Flintstones game on the NES that was way more common. It was The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy.

>> No.2846408

Aww man. I was hoping that was the anon with the story then I remembered I was here.

>> No.2846478

>it was a rental-only game. It was never sold in any retail outlet.

that's not true. at all. it's an old internet rumor. they absolutely sold Dinosaur Peak at retail stores.

>> No.2846483

That "literally" really added a lot to your post. It's a good thing you put it there or else people might not have known which meaning of "this" you meant. I think you could do a lot better, though. You should also let people know you're talking about literal labels and literal shades of green.

>> No.2846549

You're literally right anon. I literally had no idea what I was writing and then literally hit the post button.

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