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Does anyone here have a GF/BF/Wife or husband that plays retro games?

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no one's buying it, alex

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My wife will play Dr. Mario and Tetris with me. That's about it.

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My partner and I play retrogames together (as well as new ones.) Secret of Mana, most recently.

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I wish normalfags would leave

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My wife and I love the retron 5

It's so great! It lets me play all the classics AND it doesn't fill the house up with clutter!

I can keep being the bad ass gamer I am and she can be the lady of the house :D

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He's a good bit younger than I am, but with a bit of work and classical conditioning I think I can get him to play retro games and enjoy them.

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>those buckling shelves

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you shouldn't be playing games if you have a wife or else you'll might come home someday and find her fucking Tyronne

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You're dating a tranny, just say it.

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My shelves are beginning to look like that. Shelf, even. Five game high stacks of a few hundred games.

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Why would you assume anyone on 4chan is straight?

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My wife plays more than I do. She's home with our two year old all day.

She plays some ms. pacman adventure game on n64 on my d20f1u. That and non-/vr/ Mario and Just Dance games.

I went through a lot of time, trouble and money getting my retro station set up the way I want and I don't ever get to play anything.

Eh, another year and she won't be able to get our son and me away from the vidja.

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I play Doom and Diablo 1/2 with my wife.

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Yes, because I'm a loser and I married another loser.

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You could have said girlfriend or boyfriend. But you saying "partner" means it a gender confused person.

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>Skyrim hat

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A bit. I introduce her to games every once in a while. We tend to /lit/ more often, however.

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Only one of my exes played vidya, but we were together for such a short time that we never got to play anything together. I think he was into retro games too. Shame.

It would be nice to have someone to co-op on Gauntlet or Smash with, but the only friend I have who's into gaming has made it perfectly clear that he has no interest in retro. He won't even go as far back as PS2.

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What is this post even?

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Pretty accurate, just missing the part where he has his hand parked on his junk.

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All my 7 wives love Tetris.

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Did you have 4 touchdowns in a single football game?

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you date the entire mlp cast, you big playa

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My GF is a huge Star Wars nerd, thats why this christmas she's getting Shadows of the Empire from me, since she recently set up her N64 again.
She used to own a lot of consoles, only the 64 survived though, her family is kinda fucked up, her mom and her sisters lost her PS1, Gamecube and XBox along with most games during several relocations.

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No, but I am a worthless piece of shit that's given up on life.

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I had a girlfriend who liked playing Spyro.

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>tfw no qt tranny gf

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That's a tranny?

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It's the T in

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Don't you dare impose your patriarchal standards of beauty on that beautiful woman. She's a real hero.

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I really don't care either way...

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/v/ morrowind fanboys think theyre special and that it wasn't just as normal to play as skyrim when it was new

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I sometimes play strip Worms World Party with my girl. She also has a soft spot for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, first Tomb Raider and some other random shit she played when she was in her larval stage. Other then that she's not big into any gaming.

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Who are these wives that make husbands get rid of their stuff? Don't men want their houses organized also? What the fuck is up with these threads, I'm married and don't understand this shit at all. To answer OPs question, we play point and clicks together mostly because I'm better at games and she's really competitive.

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How do you describe a significant other that you have been in a relationship for > 3 years?

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Ironically I came here to say almost exactly this. She plays a bit of Puzzle Fighter as well, but most of the stuff we play together is modern.

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I run into this as well. Girlfriend sounds odd since we've been together almost a decade and living together half of that. But we also have no plans of getting legally married, so wife also seems odd.

I usually just say partner as well. If someone gets confused about gender or thinks I'm gay then whatever. I doubt it actually happens all that much though.

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my friend and his wife does. Well its more of she got into it when they dated because she wanted to be involve (he had come back from Iraq at that point in time). They look like the couple in OP pic... kinda creepy now that i think about it. wow.

they have a baby boy now and he dresses him in retro gamer T's.

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Just say girlfriend (or long time girlfriend) you giant soaking twat

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just stop caring you cum-soaked autist

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Just say "my bitch"

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one of the things me and my gf bonded about when first meeting was vr, specifically super nintendo. actually this is probably why my interest in the hobby has lastest this long

latest game we've been playing is horror story for pc-engine.

she's alot better than at /vr/ than my modern-gaming friends and will even play stuff like danmaku with me. it's great. it's too bad she's so busy lately

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No but I found a CD wallet the other day and it has a handful of PS2 dics from my EX.

I hope you miss that greatest hits version of kingdom hearts 1

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>living together 5 years
>presumably has tapped that at least once

Yeah, she's your wife. Next time you have to fill out a form with her as a contact, you check the "common law spouse" box.

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>tfw no wife

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Playing silent Hill 2 and virtua tennis 1 with her rn

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I'm sorry but if someone says "partner" irl most people will assume you're gay
you gigantic faggot

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you're not everyone spergy

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>most people
good reading comprehension you illiterate homosexual FUCK

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just come out anon, it's ok. maybe you'll even find a partner eventually

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look buddy, all I am saying is that if you talk to anyone that doesn't browse tumblr 5 hours a day they're gonna think you're gay when you say "my partner and I"
it causes more confusion than just saying "my girlfriend," so why the fuck do you insist on using it? To fit your own little idea of what your relationship is like when the other person has no idea and gives zero fucks?

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people give zero fucks about your autistic language policing. i'm not even that guy, you're just ridiculous.

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>i'll never be this autistic

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My bf only players JRPGs and retro FPSs, his favorite games are Xenogears and Quake.

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I'm just trying to instill in your thick heads that "partner" is a reddit/tumblr hugbox only thing. It saves more trouble to say girlfriend than partner.

>still replying
>implying you're any better

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just go back to your safe space with all the other bitter virgins, jesus christ.

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Stop feeding the troll. I would suggest just reporting it, but knowing our janitor, the entire thread would get nuked.

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>Who are these wives that make husbands get rid of their stuff?

If anything, wives are the ones who need to Get Rid Of Their Fucking Clutter.

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Could be worse, brother, you could have a wife that throws your shit away.

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fucking shitters, no respect for the past.

I don't have any friends who are really into retro, or maybe they are but they never talk about it unless it's "remember game from childhood?"

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You're better off that way, retro game fans are all pretty terrible and annoying people.

Present company excluded of course.

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Present company included judging by this thread

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Never had a girlfriend and never will.

I really hate my goddamned life.

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I'm glad to have friends that play retro games and new games I usually focus more on the retro while they play more modern stuff. It's a good mix and I usually find some weird obscure thing we can play like Psychic Killer Taromaru or Custom Robo 64. Though im getting interested in more 6th gen stuff since I had the chance to play it growing up.

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I used to be with someone who was way into the snes final fantasy games, n64 along with current consoles.
Now with the person i'm dating I'm lucky to get her to play mario with me, which she likes. (though she seemed to like neo geo league bowling).

It's fine, I prefer to play viddy by myself late at night, or with friends.

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no siblings or friends or qt3.14 gf to play old games with.

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yeah because the "clutter" isn't from cartridges (which the retron still requires)... just get a raspberry pi to suit your meme better.

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idk, if anon said boyfriend you would think that 'she' was claiming to be female, on 4chan

and gay men seem to refer to their boyfriends by partner all the time, at least in my country

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>implying any of us here are straight

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that dude's shelving looks like shit.

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partner? christ just say boyfriend/girlfriend faggot

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Don't worry we can be completely alone together anon.

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Yeah, she plays a lot of old RPGs, mostly SMT stuff lately. Not really into action games or platformers though.

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games are more immersive alone anyway

; ;

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My girlfriend will play if I ask and she likes a shit ton of stuff from her childhood. She also doesn't give a damn if I collect either. She collects her own things and I collect my own. Anyone who has someone who's not approving of it isn't worth being with.

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I vary all the time, jumping decades for whatever I'm into at the moment. I just stopped caring about being hip on new trends at some point in the past few years. Probably because I find less and less interesting in new releases, and they're more expensive than buying old stuff (most of the time).

I did recently find out about N64DD working on everdrive 64, so whenever my one buddy finishes finals we're gonna have to get drunk and build stupid tracks to drive on.

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