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>the one JRPG on N64 was better than any on PlayStation

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>incoming butthurt FF7 fags

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It's an NRPG, bro.

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FFVII was much more ambitious, but the writing was absolute horseshit, and the battle system was way less interesting.

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Finally an opinion I can get behind.

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I know right!? Robopon 64 is amazing.

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>this one RPG on Saturn was better than any on PlayStation or N64


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We could have had a thread talking about how great Paper Mario is, but now it's just going to be shitflinging.

You bungled it OP.

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nice meme

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Paper Mario is great, but this thread is just 5th gen console war bait.

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Would've been better if battles played more like a rail shooter instead of your typical ATB fare.

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>Nintendo circlejerk horseshit
>Probably the only RPG you've played

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Anybody else ever find the Triple Dip?

Is there a Item Dip Run?

Like Danger Mario, only you can't attack (except maybe jumping if you ensure that your attack is only 1 or 0) or use Star Power. You can only use items, badges. and non-harmable partner effects to win (i.e you can boost your jump if need be).

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FFIX master race reporting in

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Super Paper Mario >> Paper Mario 2 >>>>> Paper Mario >>>>>>>>>>>>> Sticker Star

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You mean like the two before it and the one after it?

Well you've got that.

It wouldn't be an RPG if it didn't have that ATB kind of combat. Especially at the time. I dunno if I'd call it typical ATB either. It's got enough to make it feel original and differentiate itself from other RPGs of the time.

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Paper Mario TTYD> Super Paper Mario > Paper Mario >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sticker Star

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so people like SPM now? I remember people hated it back when it came out.

Will try it out when I have the chance


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SPM got a bad rap because it was on Wii. When people started realizing the Wii was a legitimate console and had a few great titles people gave it a chance. It wasn't excellent, but I would say a game worthy of the franchise.

Sticker star had potential but I think most of it was sort of boring and the difficulty curve was ridiculous for certain parts.

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I like Paper Mario but thinking it's on par with the best PlayStation RPGs is borderline delusional. It's very much a 'my first RPG!' experience. It's a good one, but it is to RPGs what Smash Bros. is to fighting games.

This is more like it. Panzer Saga really can stand alongside the best PS1 RPGs.

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Not OP, but I think it's not too crazy to think Paper Mario is one of the best RPGs of 5th gen. I wouldn't call it the absolute best, but it's up there along with Panzer Dragoon Saga or Suikoden II for me.
Calling it a "my first RPG" isn't really a solid argument since Final Fantasy VII was probably the actual first RPG for most people, I understand you probably say that because of Paper Mario's simplicity and not because of actually being the first RPG people play, but I think even within its simplicity it excels at what it does, when it came out (2001) I was kind of burned out of RPGs, and Paper Mario with its simple but effective badge system felt like a breath of fresh air.

I mean, it's not like Panzer Dragoon Saga is overly long or complicated either, it could also fit as a "my first RPG" experience, only difference is that instead of being set on Mario universe it's on PD's universe so it may came off as less "kiddy"... but honestly? I played PM as a young adult and I fucking loved the writing, humor and characters. The plot wasn't anything special but the whole game felt alive and characters were well written, never thought I'd care about a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa on any game. Intelligent Systems (and I guess the localization team in the west) did a good job at giving generic characters from the Mario universe a lot of personality and charm.

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>Suikoden II
>Star Ocean
>Breath of Fire 3
>Breath of Fire 4

All are better than mario the little kid rpg

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But Mario is older than the teen protagonists of all of these games.

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That's a baby game for babies. I play grown man games. Pic related.

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We could have had a Paper Mario thread

Instead we have a console war

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I liked it a lot, but not as much as TTYD. It's also obviously very different (no longer a turn-based RPG), but it's interesting and worth playing.

Haven't played Sticker Star, though.

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If only that game was actually finished.

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>deviantart watermark


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>thinking age of character matters
>thinking an anthropomorphic cartoon plumber is more grown up than real live people of any age

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it was just a joke, you sperg, because your post seemed to imply mario was the little kid

Also, calling Mario games "kiddie" is stale as fuck, come up with something original for once.

For example calling Mario "antrhopomorphic", although I don't get why you'd say that, at least it's the first time I read someone call Mario that, so props for being original there.

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stale it may be, but it's none less true despite that

You want me to get your sippy cup for you?

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video games are for kids

yes, chocolate please

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Mario games have universal appeal, they can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Mario and its characters and world is wacky, but it's not as cute as, say, Klonoa or Kirby (which, by the way, could also be enjoyed by adults no problem).

The only games I'd say are strictly for kids and I'd question an adult if he's genuinely having fun with them, is edutainment games, like Pajama Sam or something like that. Although I've seen people having nostalgia for old edutainment games, so who knows.

These games you mentioned (BoF, Star Ocean) can also be enjoyed by kids no problem.

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Okay, enough shitposting.

let's talk OPINIONS

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice>Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba>Chapter 5: Hot, Hot Times on Lavalava Island>Chapter 1: Storming Koopa Bros. Fortress>Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown!>Chapter 2: The Mystery of Dry, Dry Ruins>Chapter 4: Trials in the Toy Box>Chapter 6: Dark Days in Flower Fields

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5th gen is the most overrated era for RPGs there ever was. Probably because the kids growing up from them have just become adults full of shit to post.

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Actually I agree. Not to say 5th gen RPGs are all bad, but I was never a big fan of FMVs and random encounters with tedious loading times and slow attack animations.
I don't mind random encounters on older games because they were quick and it just worked, but when you have to wait and watch your characters/enemies do long animations each time they attack it just becomes tedious.

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How can a human be anthropomorphic? Anthropomorphism refers to applying human traits to non-human things.

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I like Ogre Battle 64 better.

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Hey screw you I love Freddi Fish and the Pink Panther games. Admittedly its mostly nostalgia though, but they were decent.

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I'm not judging you, but those games generally are specifically designed for little kids, hence why they're educational.

I guess some edutainment games can still be enjoyed as an adult though, for example Carmen San Diego, it's basically an adventure game and it can be fun.
However, I can't see myself going back and playing something like Mickey's Big Surprise Party, I have nostalgia for it because it was one of the very first games I played on PC when I was 4 or 5, and if I see screenshots of it I feel nostalgia, but I can't imagine myself sitting down and playing it again, it's mostly learning numbers and stuff.

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And to add to that, I still can play Castle of Illusion starring Mickey and have tons of fun, so Mickey being a kiddy character definitely isn't a factor here, it's the game design itself, one it's an edutainment game, and the other is an action platformer that's still fun to play to this day even if I have hairy balls.

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This board is half people just jerking themselves off anyway, so it's not surprising

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Chapter 5>Chapter 4>Chapter 7>Chapter 3>Chapter 8>Chapter 2>Chapter 1>Chapter 6

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I like your opinions and even though it's last, chapter 6 was still fun to me and says a lot about how great the game is.

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I get what you're saying of course. I could probably play through a game like Pink Panther's Passport to Peril again because it was honestly pretty decent, the humor was alright and the songs were catchy. And it's short. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone wanting to play some point and click games.

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The 5th gen gets shat on these days by people that try to play them on emulators or an hdtv without a XRGB. They shill that its the worst gen,of games in history when it reality it was amazing.

Dont encourage more shitflinging. I love my playstation n64 and saturn and they deserve love not hate.

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>it's definitely the display, most assuredly not the sluggish gameplay or the borked mechanics!

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>I'm blinded by nostalgia and you should be to!

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That's not a fair point - Paper Mario come out right at the end of its generation.

It's like scolding Uncharted for not being as good as The Last of Us.

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Paper Mario 2 >>>>>>>>>> everything

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smrpg > paper mario > paper mario 2 > superstar saga > the others > the shitty 3ds games

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I used to think this, but recently replayed SMRPG the whole way through and I have to say Thousand Year Door is superior.
I will admit they are equals if you consider when SMRPG was made, the gap in time, and the story is moderately better in that Bowser isn't stupid in it.

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>people wouldn't believe me when I told them that super paper mario was good
>now that the shitfest of sticker star is out, everyone realized that it wasn't that bad

even ss isn't such an awful game, but it has stranded so much from paper mario that there is no turning back

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too much backtracking

SMRPG is still the master race.

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3 > 8 > 5 > 7 > 4 > 1 > Prologue > 2 > 6

Hard as hell to pick tho.

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Bowser will never again be as great as he was in the first couple of Mario RPGs

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Bowser was fucking hilarious in TTYD. I loved that he was always one step behind Mario, as opposed to Mario being one step behind him, and I thought his crush on Peach was quite humourous too.

His sudden appearance in The Glitz Pit was sweet too.

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>King of the Koopas
I'll never get sick of this kick-ass theme. It's a shame something like Smash Bros or a new Mario RPG game doesn't have a cover of it.

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Flower Fields, Lavalava and Toybox are definitely in low tier due to all the tedious backtracking.

I actually liked Dry Dry ruins thought, has that classic Nintendo feel to it for some reason, even though there`s a metric ton of running around

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It's impossible to know how well FF7 was written unless you play the Japanese version.

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>I like Paper Mario but thinking it's on par with the best PlayStation RPGs is borderline delusional. It's very much a 'my first RPG!' experience. It's a good one, but it is to RPGs what Smash Bros. is to fighting games.
Paper Mario actually has engaging battles; easy, but fun. The great majority of JRPGs that people cum over have "bad gameplay but you look past that and play them for the story" which is instantly unappealing to me.

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what the fuck does FTFY mean?

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I really like both, so I can understand where OP is coming from.

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Fixed that for you.

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It's a mix, some sort of ATB rail shooter. Interesting to play, especially when fighting other creatures. The only gripe I have with the battles is that they're often too easy, making most special moves not that useful.
I definitely enjoyed clearing the game anyway.

Oh and there's no way OP is serious. Paper Mario is a good series, sure, but far from being that exceptional. It's polished in its realisation but quite generic.

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this nigga gets it, I`m so tired of JRPG spergs fucking up the general direction of JRPGS, when they can have much more interesting battle systems, that actually involve strategy rather than spamming your powerful attack 99% of the time. Just makes the whole fanbase seem like a bunch of retards who gets impressed by shiny objects.

Hell my all time favorite JRPG series is Battle Network simply because it has an actual battle system.

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It's not really like a rail shmup, you don't even have to aim. Only thing you have to worry about is positioning in the quadrants of the circle to make sure you stay out of the red.

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Aside from the stupid guessing what item makes the boss beatable Sticker Star isn't bad at all. The weakest Paper Mario game for sure, but still pretty fun.

The original on 64 is still my favorite. I need to play TTYD again though.
Chapter 5 is my favorite I think.

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>Battle Network

nice, playing through 2 and enjoying myself
I'd add chrono cross, live a live, FF 4HoL and baten kaitos origins among my favourite JRPG battle systems

I've said this before and I'll say it again - the classic restrictive MP system, which forces some bullshit resource management on the player, turns all regular battles into boring attack spamfests
Only boss battles have any chance of actually being fun in such games

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>too easy
This is my biggest gripe with PDS. The game is easy(especially after the first play thru) and the majority of the special moves are not needed since 98% of the time you can get by quicker using the gun or lock on shots. Really wish they would of added difficulty settings. Would love to be able to try it on hard.

All that being said, PDS is my all time favorite rpg and in my personal top ten. The art direction is also my favorite of any game series.

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One the subject of PDS, did anyone else get the feeling whilst playing that it was kind of a proto-Skies of Arcadia? I know they were by different teams but the air combat and the flying around makes them feel kind of similar to me.

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I love Azel's character design. She's got a lot of sadness in her eyes.

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im playing it right now and the battle system reminds me of Parasite eve with the elements of zwei combined which a good thing because I enjoy that more than the traditional JRPG.
>the majority of the special moves are not needed since 98% of the time you can get by quicker using the gun or lock on shots
This tho I've only used Heal most of the time probably the only one worthwhile using.

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You do need to use the fireball super (Armageddon, I think) a few times if you want to get GREAT scores on all encounters.

Some of the attacks are just plain sexy though, like Atolm Dragons berserker rage.

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It's been a couple years since the last time I played but heal and shield are the only magic I remember using the most.

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>tfw no Panzer Dragoon-esque game starring Parakarry

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Sometimes I would use fancy magic for the heck of it to change things up a bit but majority of the time the gun/lock on is just faster and works better.

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I have used some of the other ones to get Excellents but most of the time the enemies can be killed with the guns or lasers. Tho the first imperial air post was so annoying with the random enemy encounter.

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>console wars thread

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If I want good, engaging gameplay, I'll play an action game or a platformer. Gameplay and story just get in the way of each other. If I want a good story I don't want involved gameplay.

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If I were to select a N64 RPG it would be Hybrid Heaven.

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Never heard of it. Tell me about it.

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Wrestling/RPG Hybrid about Alien/Human Hybrids

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5th gen aged like shit, especially 3D stuff (except maybe racing games), but at least they were playable back then because they were a breath of fresh air after years of 2D stuff.

The worst gen is definitely the current one (8th). At least 5th gen actually had games.

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Not him, but it's a semi turn-based 3D fighting/wrestling RPG.

Although it's not really your typical RPG, there's no towns to visit (other than a hidden ayylmao city), most of the game is navigating secret military dungeons undeground, and lots of fighting. The good thing is that the weird battle system is actually pretty fun, and leveling up depends on what moves you decide to perform, or even what parts of your body receive damage. You level up individual limbs, or your torso, and you gain new techniques to use.
You can create your own combos (which you can save) and perform wrestling grappling moves too.

It also has a VS mode where you can make your character fight against your friend's. Good luck finding people who also has played this game IRL though.

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In order to develop your characters strength or defense you actually need to use your limbs. To become stronger with your right arm you have to throw punches with it, if you want to have more defense with a certain body party they need to sustain blows. To learn skills you need to have them performed on you, and even then you aren't always guaranteed to learn a skill the first time they are performed on you. This can be risky due to the combat system. Trying to learn the grapple skill head butt could render you immobile due to the body part damage system. With the body part damage system if a certain body part takes too much damage you cannot use it in combat until its critical status wears off, and if one of your legs is critical you end up moving slower in battle, and if your head is critical you are knocked out on the floor until it wears off or of course until you die.

In combat you have free movement, and if you want to initiate an attack you press a button, think similar to Vagrant Story. Though unlike Vagrant Story you don't get a sphere and a choice where to attack on the body. You can attack air if you wanted to, or you can set up an attack just as an enemy runs at you so they may not be in range as you are winding up but when you finally throw your punch he runs straight into it. So positioning and what skill you will use has some importance. You can't kick a guys head with a high kick if you are up against them, you will just kick their shins. When an enemy tries to attack you a prompt appears and you can try to step out of the way of the attack by taking a step in a certain direction, trying to guard the attack, or attempt to counter an attack. All battles are one on ones though, and you can see that they wanted to implement a stealth system but they never did so.

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I thought 5th gen looked fine. 6th gen was best, though.


That...Just sounds _weird_. Like, really really nonsensically weird. Not sure if I'd like that.

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It actually kind of words, the battle system is good if you're looking for something different than the typical turn based stuff with spells and what not.

The main issue with the game is the action TPS/platforming sections which can be a bit tedious/frustrating.

>> No.2836335

One of the telling factors is that you can enter a battle in advantage state (engaging battle when approaching an enemy from behind), a surprised state (the enemy approaches you from behind), or the standard neutral one (where both approach head on). Most battles are engaged in a neutral state because most enemies know where you are at once you enter a map and just run at you.

Exploring the maps in Hybrid Heaven is more satisfying than the bulk of JRPG's I have played as well. In standard JRPG's you just walk around trying to go through maze like dungeons and run into enemies, fight them, then eventually make your way to the destination often times engaging in a boss fight. In Hybrid Heaven you had a few platforming skills like jumping, clinging onto ledges with your hands, and belly crawling. So you ended up with a few platforming sequences with jumping from suspended crates on the second floor of a room, jumping across a gap in a bridge, finding a ledge to shimmy across a chasm, or just an environment that isn't a flat plane so you have to jump up to another level and carry your body up to that floor. In some sequences this can actually be tense due to indestructible monsters that chase you.

Hybrid Heaven is a game with its flaws, but it is unique in the genre and is worth playing if you like JRPG's due to how non-traditional it is. Then again I am a huge SaGa fan and love this sort of thing.

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When you play a 5th generation game you have to keep in mind that they had to wrestle with a lot of things they didn't have to worry about before, such as a view point that isn't obtrusive to the player and 3D movement. They don't benefit from years of refinement like 6th generation did. 6th generation was only good as it was due to the experimentation of 5th generation.

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Good idea! That is hard though... I mostly agree-

7: Ice > 3: Tubba Blubba > 1: Koopa Bros > 8: Showdown > 5: Lava > Prologue > 2: Dry Dry > 6: Flower Fields > 4: Toybox

Never was a fan of the toy box level. I dug Flower Fields though even with the backtracking, just shows how good the other levels are like that other guy was saying