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The first 3 episodes of Wolfenstein 3D are playable on the official Wolfenstein website. You have no excuse.


Wolfenstein thread.

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Not playable in my country.

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I guess that's a pretty good excuse then.

Go to wolfenstein.com and navigate the language/date stuff until you see Play Wolf 3D in the corner then :/

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I take it you're German?

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the whole fucking game is available at


the zdoom port is available here


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he fuck off man I don't wanna get jailed for that shit

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get off the internet you homo.

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Thank you based OP

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If you delete it under 24 hours I'm sure you'll be ok

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Played it to death as a kid and have zero intention of ever playing it again. Once Doom came out it just couldn't hold a candle. Gameplay is way too repetitive.

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That sweet, sweet Web 1.0 layout.

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I miss it sometimes.

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How do I play on fullscreen

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>Not knowing about wolfenstein3d.co.uk
>Not playing Totenkopf SDL


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Good taste anon, though Spear resurrection will always bet my favorite.

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Jesus Christ these controls. Is this how it originally was? I played the PSN version and I don't remember being so limited in that you can only turn OR strafe, not both at the same time like would make sense.

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Sorry OP, Wolf3D is far too primitive to hold my interest. Doom just barely does the job; I'm pretty sure I'll always be a disciple of BUILD.

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Won't work. I also always get redirected to countries own site without the game. Even trying to reach http://3d.wolfenstein.com/ directly won't work. Only with proxy. Well, easier to just download it.

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It doesn't seem to have in-game mouse support.
Welp, time to use source ports, instead.

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You'll just have to play the Source version, then.


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Just download it ? Or pay slavs on gog.com. PHP is shit.

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German here. Wolf3D is on GOG?
Damn. Guess we're really missing out then.
Same with Humble Store - no Dead Rising for me.
And Steam won't sell me Heretic.

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How do you live in such an oppressive country? The levels of censorship there are renowned.

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I think most Germans buy games outside their country to get around the censorship. I know I would if I lived there. They won't stop you. In places like the Netherlands nothing ever gets censored and games are still in their original language (no shitty translations and dubbing which often affects games in Germany) so just get your games there.

Honestly though, Germany ain't so bad other than their weird obsession with censoring video games.

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