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I'll start.

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But in the end, what gives it such a retro feel?

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I love link to the past as anyone else, but how fun is zelda 2 compared to it? I never played it myself and the different gameplay looks interesting, even if many consider it as inferior and too different from the other games

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>I'm wrong

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>even if many consider it as inferior and too different from the other games

Fuck the haters. Zelda II was fantastic.

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great but very difficult

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Sounds cool, will give it a try then

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Assblasted Ootfag

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nope, try again

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My basketball American brethren.

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Bullshit. Thousand Year Door is best Mario rpg, better even than smrpg

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Woops. misinterpreted the thumbnail. Apologies.

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Thank you, thank you.

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don't you feel stupid?

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The atmosphere has never been beat, not on GB, not on SNES, not on GC - all amazing efforts but the original is still the best.

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I feel Zelda II was just a couple years too soon. With slightly tighter controls and combat it could have been so much better.

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Yeah, the ideas are solid, but the execution needed some polish. Still a fun game, all things considered, but a slightly later release date and a bit more time spent developing the game would have made the reception of Zelda 2 a bit more favorable.

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Though I might be blinded by nostalgia, it was my first castlevania

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smrpg>paper mario 64>this
damn, that is some kid of next level autism

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the fuck are you doing

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claiming my spot for top tard

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I dont think there is anything wrong with the controls but the enemies are way to hard to kill for the most part

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nice jerb keep it up

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First of all, Paper Mario is far better. Second of all, TTYD isn't retro.

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But you can slide in part 3! I'm really torn between 2 & 3 in the Rockman series just because of the sliding thing.

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Remake when?

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Shows how much you know. I prefer Link's Awakening.

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But ALttP is drawn out and boring and nowhere near as good as the first two or Link's Awakening.

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Even without adding 3 to the mix, S&K is the best stand alone Sonic evar made.

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that's gorgeous

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Holy. Fuck.

I bet that's by the same dude that did Phantasia's cover...

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Anon, I...

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Nigga u dumb. That's Mutsumi Inomata's art you're looking at. Kouske Fujishima did the art/character design for Phantasia.

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Harvest Moon 64.

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I honestly can't think of anything too wrong with the game. The controls and combat were fine to me; it was just enemies that needed better fine tuning in some parts. And I was gonna lament the fact that the overworld was kinda sparse, and exploration could be a bit esoteric at times, but when you think about it, all that fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the game.

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I think Mutsumi's art is gorgeous as well. Here's another one.

Nope. Kouske Fujishima did Phantasia's cover.

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I actually think Castlevania on the N64 is at least the best 3D Castlevania and it's one of my top 3 Castlevania games and since I first played it 1,5 years ago, I can't say that it's due to nostalgia.

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It's a flawed but good game that got good reviews at the time. But a YouTuber said it's bad so it's the worst thing in the world now.

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Honestly you could probably make a case for any of the original Sonic games but my personal favorite is CD.

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It was my first Castlevania too, but Rondo of Blood is obviously the best one

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I like James but that review, man... worst thing for me is that he even lied about the nitro/mandragora thing.

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Probably my least favorite main-series Zelda game, but I acknowledge that I'm in the minority on that. I think Link's Awakening and OoT are much better.

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Not in a world where MvC2 Exists

I wouldn't mind if someone argued ST with me because they're both good.

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Donkey Kong Country 2
Super Castlevania 4
Street Fighter II (regardless of the version)
Age of Empires II (SAA)
Pokemon GSC

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OOT is ok, but desu there still haven't been any 3D zeldas that got everything right. granted i haven't played WW. OOT felt too generic (may be a case of sienfeld isn't funny http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SeinfeldIsUnfunny ), SS was too short and lacked content, TP was "le dark as muh soul"-edgy tier graphic design that was so bad it took away from the experience, i really liked LbW and LttP, zelda works better 2d imo, perhaps Nintendo just still is better with older style games.

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>granted i haven't played WW.

You really should.

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>Super Castlevania 4
Not even the best 16 bit Castlevania. Not second place either.

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MvC2 just changed too much for me. Art style on MvC is better. Music on MvC2 is garbage.

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MvC had tighter controls.

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>granted i haven't played WW.
>You really should.
You really shouldn't. Literally half the play time is padded with sailing through empty expanses of ocean just to get to the next island. If they kept that sailing mechanic out, it would have been the GOAT Zelda game easily.

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I liked sailing.

>> No.2823263


I did too. I guess we're just weird like that, anon.

(Yes, I also prefer horseback for TP and OOT).

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Agreed. And 6 buttons! Not that 4 button crap.

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doesn't the remake fix that? swift sail can be gotten quickly

>> No.2823431

How can you not like the sailing in WW? I will never understand people like this.

Good good, that's more like it. You guys should watch Maiden Trip sometime.

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CV64 is fucking awesome. Some of the jumps are some early 3D bullshit and the camera actively fights against you, but it's really great. It's sad that it flopped and fucked the series' 3D ambitions and let Igarashi shit out the same game for almost 15 years.

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>Zelda OoT/MM (3D) Zelda ALttP (2D)
>Metroid Prime (3D) Super Metroid (2D)
>Super Mario Galaxy 2 (3D) Super Mario World 2 (2D)
>Pokémon Soul Silver, Hearth Gold
>Resident Evil 4
>Castlevania SotN
>FF...oh wait all FF games sucks..
>Halo 1
>Mario and Luigi Bowser Inside's Story
>Sonic CD(2D) Sonic Generations(3D)
>Mother 3

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You start, OP.

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after much playing and replaying Ive come to the conclusion tht DKC2 is the best for picking up and playing but DKC always seems to have such replay value.

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Name a better one.

>protip: you cant

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Wish we had a Fallout with 2's interface and ruleset and 1's writing and atmosphere.

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We can only dream...

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Honestly, I don't think there is a best Zelda. There are so many pristine beautiful games in the franchise. At least, I'd never be able to say which one I thought was the best.

>> No.2825914

Zelda 2 makes me sad. There's so many cool things about it, but I felt a lot of them were just not executed right.

>> No.2825916

Oooohhhh fuck yeah, son.

>> No.2825917

The switch from CPS to NAOMI was the worst thing to happen to Capcom's 2D fighters.

>> No.2825978

Dragon's Curse is the best implementation of the loz2 concepts, in my opinion.

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The Adventure of Link is awesome. Just play it. It's 2015 and there's no reason why you can't just play a game before forming baseless opinions about it.

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Second games in the megaman series are always the best.

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>Not Ocarina of Time

>> No.2826547


Square-Enix are gonna destroy everyones childhood/adolescent memories.

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MvC2 looked and played like a weird prototype game, to me it felt unfinished, on the other hand MvC was incredible, controls were so thight, levels, art, sprites music everything was superb. yeah MvC2 introduced some new concepts but most of the were very broken and unbalanced, and the shitty brackgrounds and music didnt help at all.

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All Shinobi games are good but without a doubt Shinobi3 is by far the overall best.

>inb4 Revenge
Great game but the controls are shit.

>> No.2826567

i too never understood why they didnt stick with CPS3, i never got the whole 2D over 3D background thing with NAOMI, it made sprites look horribly pixelated and out of place and perspective.

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I never been a fan of either Super Shinobi game. The first one was too clunky for me (although I can understand why early Genesis adopters were so enamored with it), while Super Shinobi II is just too easy for me.

The original arcade Shinobi games and Shadow Dancer on the Genesis are where it's at for me. The Game Gear Shinobi games were kinda cool too with their Mega Man-like gimmick.

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Love Shadow Dancer. Very tight controls and who doesn't love attack dogs? The bosses were pretty weak sauce tho compared to the other games. Revenge was God tier in that regard.

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Its almost 2016 and why the fuck do people keep mentioning the year.
It could be 1898 or 2143, and its still largely irrelevant regardless of what you're talking about. Please stop.

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Ocarina Of Time is easily the greatest game ever made. Second place goes to Final Fantasy 7.

>> No.2826805

Link's Awakening (original, not the too easy DX version) is the best. None of the N64 Zeldas qualify because of low framerate.

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Seriously... Super Metroid
"liking something for the soul purpose of being special" the post. Also, Rondo Of Blood.
Sonic CD XBLA version
SNES Harvest Moon
The only correct person in this entire thread.

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Earthbound is mostly an upgraded M1 for the SNES, but Mother 3 had a better story. Especially after playing EB.

>> No.2826821

Reminder that the sequel on the N64 had the fixed up original on terms of controls.

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yeah, almost all of Shadow Dancer's bosses are kind of lame

but god, that game is ace
Playing it is so satisfying. Both acts of stage 4 are probably my favorite bit of the game, shame the fire wheel boss was so dumb (it's only kind of dangerous, and there's no reason you can just bounce off the giant spinning wheel of fire).

oh, and the game hands lives out like candy for some reason (if you stick to a wall during the bonus stages, you're almost certainly going to get 3UPs every time, and then the stages are littered with 2UPs and shit)

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I think that the 2d zeldas were better, and the best out of all of them was Link's awakening. Great story, AMAZING dungeons, and fine tuned zelda mechanics. The overworld is a bit small, but the game has a plethora of fun and crazy glitches, some creating entirely new worlds. Ther eplay value in this game is insane, you always want to play the dungeons again, try out new glitches, or get 100%

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Fuck no, it's either III or V.

>> No.2826842

I don't think there's anything wrong with Revenge's controls.

Either way, if you haven't played the 3DS game from a few years ago you ought to. It's unexpectedly great.

>> No.2826858

That's not even the best retro Tekken.

TTT, T5DR, and TTT2 are all better.

>> No.2826894

Super Metroid jesus christ

>> No.2826895

>The overworld is a bit small
The overworld is packed full of interesting things. There is no wasted space at all. That's good game design, and thematically justified because the island is only a dream.

>> No.2826909

My compatriot of African American descent.

Super Metroid is pussy shit. Original Metroid not only actually has challenge to it, it actually allows you to explore and get lost.

>> No.2827214

Zelda II is one of my favorite games in the series, but I rank A Link to the Past above it, and A Link Between Worlds as my #1

>> No.2827220

I think Mother 3 has a more tear-jerking story, but that doesn't equate better. I dunno, I enjoy replaying earthbound a lot, while replaying Mother 3 for the second time felt like it was enough M3 for my lifetime. Earthbound just feels like a much better, funnier and quirky game for me.

>> No.2827225

zelda 2 is an underrated title. A very underrated title. why is it hated so strongly again? It's a genuinely good game, but I just don't get the hate.

>> No.2827241

OOT is a great game, but LTTP is better. It's a perfect action adventure game. Honestly, games to me are more challenging and exciting 2D compared to when they got their first 3D games on the N64 or other consoles.

>> No.2827267

The year is relevant because you can get an NES emulator on any device you want to and just play the fucking game

>> No.2827435

>why is it hated so strongly again?

Supposedly because it diverged so much from the established formula. Nevermind the fact that it's the second game in the entire franchise and no real formula was set in stone at that time. But that's the answer that's usually given.

>> No.2827570

It's an ironic excuse when you take into consideration the fact that Zelda 2 established a significant chunk of the "formula."

The real reason people shit on it is because the game actually requires you to git gud, and they can't.

>> No.2827576

Ive beaten it using savestates, wasn't even that hard.

>> No.2827581

>Ive beaten it using savestates
Try not using save states.

>> No.2827586

not him, but...

>> No.2827591

Christ, I've been saying this for fucking ever.

>> No.2827592

Why bother? I bet you pick up all the grills when you tell them about how you've beaten Zelda 2 without savestates.

>> No.2827638


Yep yep.

>> No.2827672

thank you. I remember playing it in funcoland and it was basically mario with link. I thought it was awesome. too bad it was nintendo hard for wee little mee.

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Super Mario Bros. 3
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Final Fantasy VI
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Mega Man 2
Mega Man X
Dragon Quest V
Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Tomb Raider II
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Ms. Pac-Man
Tekken 2
Syphon Filter 2
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Super Adventure Island II
WWF No Mercy
Adventures of Lolo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Ghouls 'n Ghosts
R-Type III: The Third Lightning
Kirby Super Star
Streets of Rage 2
NHL '94
Harvest Moon 64
Diablo II
Resident Evil 2
Star Fox 64
Mario Kart 64
Breath of Fire III
Phantasy Star IV

All other opinions are wrong. Accept it.

>> No.2827708

T2 is the only one that comes close to T3.

>> No.2827824

>The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda
>Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy V
>Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest II is my favorite.
>Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Yes, but the Japanese version.
>Super Adventure Island II
Ehhhhh, I disagree but the Adventure Island games are all good.
>R-Type III: The Third Lightning
My man.
>Star Fox 64
I prefer Star Fox's more focused and purist approach.
I'll allow it, even though Super C, Contra 3, and Hard Corps are all equally amazing in my book.
>Mario Kart 64
No. MK64 has the worst Rainbow Road in the entire series and introduced the Blue Shell. Super Mario Kart.

>> No.2827849

>It's 2015


>> No.2827935

Really high quality post

>> No.2828016

M3 also had a better battle system
shame you couldn't get exp from running into weak enemies

>> No.2828171

>Bosses lame
Yeah even the last boss while hard sucked. Guy never even gets out of his chair. The first boss and the one chick you fight on the statue of liberty were alright.

>level 4
My fav as well. Loved the look and the way the shadows worked! Was very impressed the first time I played. Stage 5 is a bit of a let down(not to mention my least favorite) after how great 4 was.

I have not played the 3ds version(would probably help if I owned one) but I do still own the Genesis version. Just to clear things up, I wasn't saying Revenge is unplayable due to the controls. Just that it's stiff and slow when compared to SD(and S3 but that's an unfair comparison). Still love the game and still rank it very high compared to other Shinobi games. GOAT boss battles also.

>> No.2828185

Zelda II was great because it's the only Zelda game not set to Easy mode and combat is interesting between blocking and striking... until you find the cheaty method

>> No.2828187


aw did babby discover /pol/ for the 1st time today? stay in school kiddo

>> No.2828196

Super Mario Kart US edition absolute best. That 150cc GP Bowser/DK... Too bad the head to head used 100cc karts

>> No.2828706

>SS was too short and lacked content
Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda desu

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