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Hey /vr/ I'm replaying Diddy Kong Racing and I'm getting so damn buttblasted over the Time Trial runs. Shit's practically impossible; in addition to nailing every zipper and curve with machine-like accuracy, T.T. just happens to be fast as hell. We go over the same zippers at the same time and he zooms way ahead of me. What gives? Any tips? Pic related is my main man but I'm willing to use whoever just to stick it to that cocky clock.

Also, general retro kart racer thread. Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, what have you. These things were fucking everywhere.

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change your character. overall Pipsy is the best character, especially for the car races. some of the flying races Drumstick is better to use. .

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Let go of gas when you go over the zippers. You get a green flame that makes you go faster

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I loved the time trials. Immensely satisfying to seeing the clock faggot lose.

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My favorite.

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If it's not just Mario Kart I'll play this for hours and be happy.

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>Immensely satisfying to see the clock faggot lose
I felt the same when I first beat Wizpig. I'd never shit-talked a fictional character so much before.

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I love the drift mechanic in this game. One of the lesser known PS1 gems that is still as fun to play as it was all those years ago.

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If you don't do it already, race with the view set so that you can see your speed. For some reason you move faster when drifting, so try to zigzag while always drifting when possible. Also remember that having more bananas makes your boosts last longer, so try to round up a bunch of bananas on lap 1 then focus more on hitting zippers in later laps.

Also, Fossil Canyon, depsite being one of the first tracks, has one of the hardest TT times to beat, so don't give up, just skip it and do easier ones.

Also, if you just can't beat it fair, tapping A makes you go faster than just holding it down.

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Great OST
Great Modes
Great Characters
Nice Cutscenes and Voicovers

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I think I was the only person who ever played this, but it was actually pretty fun.

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I thought this would be a shitty cashin what with all the movie focus, but it's actually really fun. I love the battle mode.

It's also on Anniversary collection as an unlockable bonus. That was the first time the US ever got it in any rate.

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RC Revenge>Re-Volt.

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Better than new TV show.

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You'll be responsible if you hurt my feelings, I love Re-volt and haven't played this one, I'll play with my heart really open waiting for a good game

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I loved this game. Though I thought it was weird that it was on the X collection and not classic.

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Does this count as kart racer?

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OP here, finally managed to beat that clock asshole

I've been having a lot more success with Drumstick; I tried Pipsy but fuck man it's like she's TOO good to where it's hard to control. Her turning is so sharp that it fucks me up.

Hot damn I've owned this game how many years now and never knew this. Kind of like how I didn't find out you could bend the trajectory of Squitter's webs in DKC2/3 until, like, 2012.

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I spent many hours as a kid doing the same, i think it was a space port level I kept getting fucked on.

you can tap A at about 1 tap per second to go significantly faster.
right c to get the speedo up
practice A tap ass pull numbers from 1998 i think the speed goes from 160 to 180+ if you get it right in kart.
makes shit ezemode beating TT

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