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>that kid who changed names of his characters to anything other than the default name

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This is now a Street Fighter thread.

What's the best one and why is it Alpha 2?

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>Would use my own name whenever possible
>my name has seven characters
>A majority of games only allowed six

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skip a vowel

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This isn't amusing.

Don't do it.

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Right, I'll just get in my time machine, travel back 22 years, and get right on that.

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My intention wasn't for it to be amusing. I'm not your personal clown.

Post SF.

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lel you were not a bright kid

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that's a funny way of saying street fighter alpha 3

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Why 2 over 3?

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moron doesn't know that alpha 2 also had variable combos

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because /vr/ always saying #2 of anything is better than #3 these days


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/vee arr/ doesn't even actually play fighters competitively, they are obviously a bunch of combo video watching scrubs

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much better music.

I wish there was a hack that included A3 characters on 2.

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Fighting game enthusiasts are the worst type of gamer. Prove me wrong.

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As much as you want to force that meme, fighting game threads on /vr/ will never be as bad as STG threads. Don't even waste time and energy.

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see? faggots care more about music than GAMEPLAY. I bet you also appreciate backgrounds, you faggot scrub shit

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Yeah, Alpha 2 backgrounds are much better than the ones on Alpha 3, too.

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3 has a way better roster though

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Fuck all you abortions I just wanted a funny thread to laugh at and you derail it with your pussy hole bumfuckery.

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At least shooterfags had their own magnum opus in the form of IKARUGA aka the hardest, most challenging game known to man. With a totally flexible scoring system.
What do fighterfags have to show? They think winning against the CPU counts as "beating the game".

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this opinion is shit

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>four character master race

>still would be better if it was three

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Just passing to remind you IKARUGA is the greatest shooter ever made.

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SNK bosses are way more challenging than any human player

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I change Red XIII to Nanaki and that's it.

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i subscribe to this news letter and it's exactly why i don't go to the shmup threads. they all play gay ass shit and snub all the actually good shmups.

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Look at those sick graphics. That beautiful brown palette. This game could feel right at home on a PS4.

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Its your fault for not having a name that can be shortened to 3 characters.

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yeah if you're a retard who can't into pattern recognition. if you play the cpu you're missing out, just turn the system off and stop wasting your time, you'll never become good at these games.

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unrelated (only because it's not competitive at all) mortal kombat ai is the most cheating faggotest shit ever. i hate the endbosses so fucking much.

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I said turn this into SF thread, not ironic /vr/ shitposting thread.

but whatever.

CRT is the only way to play retro games

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The machine LITERALLY cannot learn. You're not honing you are skills by playing the cpu. your just wasting time. Go read a jerperguer if you want to look at pretty art assets on auto-pilot.

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>he doesn't have a $400 HDMI toploader NES

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i bet your wife left you for not getting a retron 5, faggot

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You want.


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>that kid who left the characters' names in FF6 capitalized


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>not Alpha 3

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And we aren't your personal army anon.

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speak for yourself, idiot.

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Get out Charles

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Flight simulator fans are the best.

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Back when I worked in an indie game store (1998-2002) a kid sold us his WCW/NWO revenge cart.
All of the guys that didnt go to WWF where renamed "WCW", a lot of the ones that wernt where renamed as WWF guys
Goldberg - Stone cold
Kevin Nash - Undertaker
Sting - Kane

Thing is this is round the time when WrestleMania 2000 was also cheap

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You are his personal army?

Well good for you.

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what personal army are you talking about, you anal idiot?

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Hey I'm curious tho

What makes you exempt from reading comprehension? We seem to have it, while you do not.

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do it faggot

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Don't mind me, faggots of /vr/, I'm just passin' through the warzone real quick.


Is the GCN port comparable? I absolutely hate SHMUPs and this game still piqued my interest.


...Seriously, stop fucking posting that creepy-ass thing. You're really wiggin' me out with it.

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just get the PC version

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>Alpha 2 best SF
mah nigga confirmed

Anyway I'm going to pretend your posted was some kind of reference to Sodom -> Katama and therefore on-topic.

I never changed default names except on games I borrowed or rented, and I'd only change them for the sake of someone else seeing them. On my own games, default names only.

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I didn't ask that, faggot.

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>that kid who used a functionality that the game provided
>how dare they

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I play vidya to have fun, not to have a dick measuring contest.

I'm way better at Doom and Duke Nukem 3D at any rate.

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I always used a character's official name when I was younger, but now I always name them some goofy dumb shit because I find the game more entertaining that way.

If there's a character creation side to things I like to make them look stupid too.

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I named every main character Indy. Every time. Made everything more dramatic. Game gave me a chance to rename something, I would rename it. Started this in FF6

Terra - Delila
Locke - Indy
Edgar - Mr.Hat
Sabin - Guile
Gau - Swampy
Setzer - Edward

I can't remember what I named the others.

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there you go again

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Super Robot Taisen J allows you to play as either a male or female character, with different storylines

>Play as male protagonist
>Give him my name IRL

>Second playthrough as female character

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If I was Charles I could shorthand it to Chuck. There is no shorthand for my name.

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>all these shitters pretending they can play alpha 3
i bet you all LOVE garou too :)

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I know that feel, bro.

>be named Michael
>all my characters were named Michel
>four-letter name games were Mike
>hate the name Mike

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Mike is a douchebag name.
Michael can be a perfectly fine person, but literally every person I've ever met who goes by Mike is a douchebag.

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I understand a kid doing it. They're kids. What kid wouldn't want themselves and their friends saving the world?

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>game doesn't supply default character names

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Fag is three characters faggot

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I changed Red to Ash, because fuck Red.

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Faggot is only 6 characters, you could use that.

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>Capitalize the names properly
>Dialog looks like this:

>Terra: Blah blah blah
>GUARD: Blah blah blah

>Sigh, start over, leave names in all caps

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Is Mick any better?
All the Michaels I know go by Michael or Mick, no one uses Mike - dunno if that's a UK thing though.

Are you me? I nearly cried on my 11th birthday when I put my name as 'Sam' on Pokémon Red.

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>Playing Pokemon Red in middle school
>only kid with the game link cable
>I was a motherfuckin hustler with the trades
>traded an Aerodactyl to this kid who needed help
>he sends me Nidorina
>named SnuggleButt
>fucking a Jamie

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>be me when global trading station debuts
>name my pokemon swear words
>send them to other children
>feel like a hardass

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>Leave names alone
>Dialogue looks like this:

>GUARD: Go see Banon.
>BANON: Great to have you on board, TERRA.

You can't win with FF6.

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Yeah, but that way bothered me less for some reason. Maybe because the core characters look emphasized rather than diminished, or just because the discrepancy is visible less often.

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>your name has a perfect 3-letter abbreviation for arcade scores

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You should just go and have fun with the names instead.

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In canon his name is Red and you're not playing Ash you know

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Plays havoc with speaking tones, though.

"We have to wait for SHADOW!" reads really fucking strangely, like he's shouting the punchline to an Aziz Ansari joke.

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>babby's first shmup

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Can you name anything wrong with ikurrga or are you just memeing?

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>Start game
>MC name entry field is blank
>Enter doesn't default to any default name
>"Time to find the canon name online"
>Enter 2 hour long philosophical breakdown about true meaning of self insert, escapism, and if fanon substitutes as canon
>Decide to load a different game

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>that kid who sperged over naming characters in video games
>everyone ITT

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lemme tell you a 2-character name was fucking annoying when you had to enter 3

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>AAAAA or swear names ruin the immersion
>putting my own name is cringeworthy in the case someone watches me play or borrows the game
>name doesn't default to canon
>spend hours watching the naming screen trying to come up with something or desperately look up the canon names online or in guides
>name capitalization doesn't line up with NPC names in-game, have to start over immediately
>if game has special symbols in naming prompt (like Aria of Sorrow with skulls and crosses and shit) I would always make a name out of them
Autism isn't a joke

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it's not
but it's a solid game with pretty good stage design

3 is a glitchy game with awful balance.
also, when you fix the V-ism combo glitch, most of the cast suddenly becomes much, much less viable

but yeah, the roster is great and I wish A3 was better for it

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>not naming the hero after you, and the main girl after your waifu

why do you hate fun anon?

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