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Final Fantasy IX Thread.

This was the first Final Fantasy game I played as a child. My mother bought it for me randomly. Upon playing it for a few minutes; I was heavily immersed. You seem to meet each character at the perfect times to grow accustomed to them. Zidane; a thief. Steiner; a blindly loyal soldier. Vivi; a child, and so on. I feel no bond to any other characters as I do this set. The rate in which they grow in front of your very eyes is astounding for an early game.

The music in this game sits apart from the other games to me. The simple acoustic theme of Dali captivates me. I find myself yearning to listen to it. Esto Gaza is my personal favorite.

The game has a fair amount of secret content. I thoroughly enjoy the Chocobo Hot and Cold mini games, as well as finding the Chocographs across the continents. I take enough of a break each time in between playing that it still remains a challenge to find them all.

While all games have their flaws, IX certainly has some to. The trance system is horrid. Some plot lines seem to fade away. For example, what becomes of Freya and Fratley. Or of Amarant.

Nonetheless, It is my favorite game of all I have played. I wanted to ask you guys what your favorite moments, adventures, characters, experiences, or even dislikes were. Cheers.

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This game is entertainment, not art. Fight me, /vr/

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my least favorite of the first 10 games. no interesting characters or plot lines. i can barely remember anything about the story actually. i thought the graphics and design were a step down from VIII. the gameplay itself was fine and i liked the music, especially the overworld theme.

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I play it for entertainment?
I also like the overworld theme. And understandable opinion man, not all games click with everyone. Im at the point where I remember everything about the game. I love the story

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i think it's my favorite overworld theme. it fits well with the misty vibe of the world.

my favorite ff game is 8 though so my opinions are shit lol

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An opinion can't be shit man. I also loved 8. I like how it mixed Final Fantasy with a somewhat real life experience. Starting off in the Garden as students, and being recruited for the mission. I loved the part where you are on the train and have to fight the fake president I believe it was.

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Final Fantasy Is their perfect Fantasy game.
Everything after is a sham.

That is why they are forbidden from touching the game for 25.5 more years as per the contracts.

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FFIX is way simpler than VIII (with the GFs and abilities) and VII (with materias), is not so long either and has high replay value, I'm training to beat Ozma right now

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I think IX takes the cake in character progression and atmosphere

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>you will never live in Lindblum

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What a lively city it is

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This was also my 1st FF i played. I didnt have a memory card at the time, so i'd only get to after the forest. I would play it everyday tho. When i did get a memory card i remember being enthralled by this game. Its my favorite FF to this day. I need to play it once more.

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It's a really unique game aesthetic-wise, and the music is top notch. But it has some of the most railroaded approaches to leveling up in the series, and the loading times are fucked.

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>You will never live in Treno.

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Wasn't the strategy guide great and helpful? :^)

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Just like every single Final Fantasy game on PS1 (well, like almost every single FF game) it loses steam (har har) after about half way through, where all the delicious character and world building is suddenly discarded in favor of "what a tweest" sci-fi plot that never truly gets well developed.

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How about you eat a dick instead for trying to incite a what is art argument.

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i never understood the trading card game in XI (does anyone ever let vivi win the monster hunting contest?)

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I love FFIX. I like Tetra Master, I think it's easy.

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The card game in IX (not XI) is fucking retarded and should be avoided at all costs.

I tried to get Freya to win the monster hunt because her reward was the best option, if I remember right.

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>The card game in IX (not XI) is fucking retarded

Look slike you're the retard.

The card game is perfect in every way.
Literally nothing wrong with it

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>character progression

also any development Zidane gets is thrown out the window when he gets angsty about being an alien

Fuck lindbulm i always got lost

FFIX is the most painful to play because its held back by godawful slowness and the latter two discs being shit. If it was polished and the trance/ability systems were actually balanced I would love it.

But they aren't, so I don't. I adore steiner though

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Treno is awesome too. It's like a real city. Rich people and bums.
I also love this game. I was obsessed with collecting the best cards. I'd always save before playing anyone because I was scared to lose Eidolon cards.
I liked watching Zidane go from a regular thief to realizing his outer-worldly origins and what they meant to earth.
Vivi starts off pretty much a simple kid and you get to watch him realize what him and his people are, and their unfortunate ends and coming to grips with it. Vivi becomes one of the stronger minded characters.
I love Steiner too.

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The card Vivi can get is the best item there, if only because its the only place you can get that card IIRC. All Freya gets is a coral ring an hour or two early, which is better than the card if you don't care about Tetra Master.

Zidane's prize however is shit.

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I bought VIII and IX together a years back and tried to play them in order. I snuck a peak at IX though and after that playing through VIII became torture. Eventually I gave up and just played IX. I still haven't finished VIII going on a decade later. Of course I'm a Nintendo-fag.

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thanks for posting your dank /v/ memes

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>you will never use Thunder Slash correctly

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That's one of Steiner's moves, right? What does it do?

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It's been a long time since I played it but one thing I disliked about FF9 was how it constantly switched which character's perspective you were experiencing the story from for the first two or three discs. Zidane is a way more relatable and likable character than Squall or Cloud was so I would've been fine with just being him the entire time and you know, role playing as a specific character.

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Pretty sure it just did lightning damage, which not a lot of enemies were weak to

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That could also be a strong point too though. Instead of guessing how another character feels we got to take a small glimpse into their heads. The active time events never lasted long

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Never really liked IX's overworld theme but I loved Kuja's theme!I also love FFXII - the story was meh, but the conflict made for interesting mini-plotlines

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The ATEs are fine, I meant more stuff like having to sneak into the play as Vivi or how it made you play as Steiner and Garnet for a really long time at (I think?) the beginning of the second disc.

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greatest love story ever told

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Ah yeah, early disc two I believe. Sneaking Garnet in a sack of gysahl greens haha

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That trifling hoe Eiko almost ruined it

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Yeah, I just found that kind of stuff distracting. When I play RPGs I try to put myself in the shoes of the main character as an immersion thing, but the constantly shifting perspective made that really difficult with FF9.

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That stuff doesn't work at all in jrpgs since there's very little player interaction with the story and even the personalities of the characters themselves are all over the place due to having multiple writers.

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Unless you're talking about Beatrix and Steiner, I completely disagree.

Especially the ending, where Zidane fakes his own death for an unspecified duration and for literally no reason, suddenly returns and Dagger just takes him back as if he'd never left like an asshole. I liked her character evolution in general, since she goes from innocent spoiled royalty to a more self-sufficient and worldly person, but the ending ruined that since it turns out she's just some lovesick child after all.

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Huh. He doesn't fake his death, he's stranded at the bottom of a big collapsed tree. Slowly gets out. Has to travel back by foot. Dudes just think he's dead

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I dunno, man. It's just a weird ending, is all. I sort of assumed people would just go back and check if he's actually dead or not, since, you know, the tree isn't that dangerous for that long and they have airships to get there at whim anyways.

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I never did quite get Tetra Master. The whole #X## system, the advantages/disadvantages of M versus P and why a card with decidedly lower stats across the board would win a fight. I imagine adult me might be able to figure it out, but enh.

Triple Triad knows what I like and doesn't make me fight to learn it.

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There's an NPC who explains how it works, but you have to memorize some unnecessarily complicated rules about which of the four digits you need to look at for which duo of cards.

It would have been better if you could look up the rules more easily. In the end I just used save states when I was practicing this thing.

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Were the rewards for the card game any good? You can get the best equipment in the game without ever bothering with it, right?

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There were literally no rewards. The cards were their own reward.


The rules make more sense in there than when I read them in the game though, although you do need to keep playing it regularly - if you play it once at the start of the game and try to play it again near the end you probably won't remember the rules at all.

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Well that kinda sucks... gives me even less reason to put time into the card game if/when I play through FF9 again.

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>Esto Gaza is my personal favorite.
Me too.

I used to go to sleep listening to it.

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Tell me about Kuja, why does he wear the thong?

>> No.2782416

At the same time, having it be entirely self-contained is a lot smarter as grinding card games in FF8 was a bit of a pain.

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If they're that tough, do yourself a favor.

Go to Porre and the Castle in 600AD, there are some sealed chests there. Examine them, but don't open them. Travel to 1000AD and open them then and they'll be much stronger. Equip them and go nuts.

They change their element to the last one that hit them, the key to beating them is to exploit that.

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>giving Chrono Trigger advice in an FF9 thread

>you will never go back in time to see what Burmecia looked like before Brahne showed up and nuked the place

>> No.2782447

Burmecia probably looked alot like the wind city, bunch of dancing fairies shitting up the place

>> No.2782448

Vivi's story with the black mages always gave me dem feels...

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The game is way too slow, even with haste.

>> No.2782459

>this is what 2010 /v/ babbies believe

I played it when it came out and I had no problem with the speed. It's an RPG. RPG's are meant to suck your time away.

>> No.2782465

Why does it matter if you played it when it came out? It's still slower than previous FF games.

>> No.2782484

>this widely-received, valid criticism doesn't apply because I don't agree

Yeah, everyone else is wrong.

>> No.2782524

>everyone that's ever played it thinks its too slow

Yeah okay

>> No.2782528

Because newer games that are faster paced and streamlined have been invented since then. If it was still 1999/2000 the game would seem fine to you. Find me a MAINSTREAM magazine complaining about the battle speed in 2000

>> No.2782531

Ok? But I'm comparing it to the previous games, not the ones that came after it.

>> No.2782536

I'd like to see a comparison video of the time it takes FF7/FF8/FF9 side by side to give you control of one of your characters in battle.

Bet it's not even that long

>> No.2782537

On real hardware* I should add.
Some try hard would surely slow their frames down to win an argument I'm sure.

>> No.2782654

I've never beaten 8 either, even though I've beat even other FF game I've played. I've always stopped around Lunatic Pandora for some reason.

>> No.2782684

>he didn't like Cleyra

Nice meme.

Didn't the Cleyrans and the Burmecians have some beef with each other that caused the population to split in half?

>> No.2782738

I don't remember

>> No.2782827

How is that a meme?

>> No.2782831

Meme is interchangeable for Joke these days.

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>game publications are the ultimate source of truth
>disregard people that actually played the game

>> No.2783119

Except you and everyone else have no proof that you said this when the game was first released. A publication would be proof of time period being a factor. Thats the point.

>> No.2783120

Time period Not being a factor* I should say.

>> No.2783126

Sorry didn't keep my irc logs from back then

Why are you so passionate about this?

>> No.2783140

Because FFIX is a diamond amongst shit and it doesn't deserve to be tarnished in every thread by people just putting it down, dissuading others not to play it because "Its too slow".

Imagine how many anons have missed out on this game because of you swine.

The only flaw there is in FFIX is the main character looks like a faggot. (zidane)

Which is also the same problem I have with FF XII (vaan is a shirtless vest wearing fuckboi)

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Final Fantasy IX looked interesting enough to try.

And then I saw the art direction and thought "You know what? Let's not.".

>> No.2783180

I've never heard anyone say don't play it because it's slow.

Sounds like you've got some gay denial issues if that's your biggest problem with the game.

>> No.2783190


I generally don't presume to speak for other people, but I want you to take a good, long look at Kuja.


Good. Now, tell me (with a straight face) you can take someone like that serious as a videogame protagonist.

>> No.2783305

I'm playing video games
I'm not taking anything seriously when I'm playing video games

Am I doing it wrong?

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Steiner and Vivi were the only characters I liked. Cid was cool aswell, but he's not playable. Zidane, Garnet, Freya, Eiko, Amarant, Quina were rather dull to me.

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>Trance activates during random battle when you are almost at the boss

If the game ever got a remaster/rerelease fixing Trance and the overall slowness of the game/loading would make me replay it.

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No, you just view them as pure entertainment.

Diff'rent strokes, diff'rent folks and all that.

>> No.2783472

I guess we all have to face the fact that "FFIX is so slow" is the new "navi is so annoying and won't shut up hey listen xDD"

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>"FFIX is so slow" is the new "navi is so annoying and won't shut up hey listen xDD"
Way to go, you sound like a retarded fanboy. If anything, you're going to dissuade people from playing just because you're having a tantrum over opinions and can't handle the fact that no game is perfect. Thankfully, not all FF9 fans are asinine like you.

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get out

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How do you view them?

Could you also post relevant and interesting facts about your life.

>> No.2783520


I want to play a game as an emo SSJ4 Kefka.

>> No.2783523


>How do you view them?

I view many of them much as you would something like the Iliad or the Odyssey; quasi-religious tales of larger-than-life feats meant to evoke emotion and impart wisdom.

>Could you also post relevant and interesting facts about your life.

My life is likely much like the average 'Channer: full of potential that was completely wasted and as a result I am now quite inconsequential.

>> No.2783524


You're right, I misspoke: I meant _antagonist_.

>> No.2783695

>And then I saw the art direction and thought "You know what? Let's not.".
You're one of those people who hates Wind Waker because of the graphics, aren't you?

>> No.2783731


No, probably because the art direction doesn't include Link in assless chaps or a bulging black speedo.

>> No.2783772

>assless chaps

Redundant. Do you wear pantsless shorts in the summer?

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I love this game. It was the best possible way to wrap up the "classic" era of Final Fantasy

>> No.2783830

Shut up retard, that isn't even the same guy.
Now fuck off

>> No.2784474

Ok, makes sense now.

Based on epicness, what are some of your favourite games?

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While I agree without that "FF9 is slow" has become an overparroted meme, gripes against Navi were -- and still are -- a legitimate complaint.

>> No.2787497

IX felt kinda dull for me but is not a bad game, much better than VIII a game I consider one of the worst FF of all time.

>> No.2787584

His look was pretty typical of FF antagonists of that era though. Skinny dudes with tight and ridiculous clothing. Only difference with Sephiroth is that he wore a cape.

>> No.2787635



Because that's how many frames per second it gets.

>> No.2787664

Truly this is the dankest of memes.

>> No.2788739

why the hell did garnet cut her hair

>> No.2788949

have you played skyward sword?

navi wasnt that bad

ff9 is seriously slow on transitions to and from battle and the atb can drag on. I still like the game anyway

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Both are wrong, probably from not having played the game in a long time.
Zidane travels to the bottom of the Lifa Tree to rescue Kuja, but Kuja is dying and both are stranded in it, Zidane losing consciousness. Kuja uses his psypower to call Mikoto (their sister/clone) and she rescues Zidane. After that Mikoto takes care of Zidane until this one is recovered , and he uses Tantalus to surprise Garnet.

>> No.2789583

I just checked how long a battle took to start, using the PSN version. It took around 16-20 seconds from the start of the 'whoosh' to the actual ATB appearing, and 10 of those seconds were nothing but a black screen.

I'll be fair, I'm using the PAL version, which is slower than the NTSC version, but even if you account for that, you're still waiting 16 seconds before the battle even starts, and HALF that time is nothing but a black screen. It's safe to say that the game IS fucking slow.

>> No.2790304

>Lifa Tree

Isn't it the Iifa tree?

>> No.2790316

Nice meme. I just tried it and its 2 seconds

>> No.2790343


God nigga, what are you like 20? First FF I played was 1 when I was like 4 years old. Never beat it though.

FFIX is cool, I like the music alot and the characters (besides Zidane) but the battle system in general is just meh for me. My favorite is FFVIII.

I will say in IX's defense though Quina is the best character ever made for any RPG bar none.

>> No.2790346

>favorite game is VIII
>favorite character of any game is quina

jesus christ, MAXIMUM B8 OVERLOAD

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There are people in this thread who didn't change Garnet's name right back to Garnet after she tried to change it to Dagger.

>> No.2790583

Dagger is a sweet rogue name.
And If you changed it back to garnet, you are literally fucking with the lore as she is supposed to be undercover.


>> No.2790808

I agree that changing it back is absolutely retarded, but I didn't like the way 'Dagger' sounded in my head so I changed it to Daga. More feminine.

>> No.2790813

>Didn't also name Steiner Rusty

>> No.2790830


Well, I can't claim to be very unique with my opinions, buuuut:

Majora's Mask
Ocarina of Time
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy VI
Ogre Battle
Pokemon Red/Blue
Wind Waker

....Those are just some of the videogames I hold in the highest regard. Each at some point changed how I felt about the world around me.


Go look at a picture of both and then tell me about Sephiroth's 14-year-old crotch bulge.

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Using Roll20.net I've created a Macro that simulates the math behind Tetra Master Card battles.

I intend to make cards for actual play but I'm not sure the best way to handle distributing Arrows, or what a balanced set of cards even looks like.

Right now I'm considering picking 5 different cards, no repeats, of low tier~high tier and seeing how that works.

Any ideas, anyone who would want to play a rather raw version of Tetra Master?

>> No.2790929


>who would want to play a rather raw version of Tetra Master?

no one

>> No.2791413

I used to be mad that Steiner and Freya inevitably fell so far behind in levels due to plot BS that you couldn't effectively play with them after Disc 2. Then a friend pointed out something I never thought of; if you're ballsy and leave Steiner, Freya and the woefully underleveled Amarant behind in the desert palace with Quina (meaning you take all 3 pure mages to Oelivert, but with the girls wielding air rackets you're still dealing crit damage to half the dungeon), you can powerlevel there. Quina can learn Level 5 Death by the Desert Palace, and it works on every single enemy in the dungeon, bar none.

Cue me replaying the game with my appropriately leveled Rusty/Freya/Amarant/Zidane meleefest, like God intended.

>> No.2791514


>> No.2791531

>Any ideas, anyone who would want to play a rather raw version of Tetra Master?

Yes. Print Triple Triad cards instead because that is an actual card game.

>> No.2791557

>im too stupid to understand how to play tetra master - FFVIII emo fanboy #504

>> No.2791558

The correct name is lifa Tree. For reasons.

>> No.2791591

IX was my first Final fantasy too, but later I tried VI and in my opinion characters and storyline are pretty better.

>> No.2791595

It's more that it's needlessly complex compared to Triple Triad which was much more straightforward.

>> No.2791629

Its only complex because the game does a shit job of explaining how to play, once you read a good explanation online though it's very simple and (fun to me)

>> No.2791902

If you want to print out a card game, then a crucial component is that it needs to rely only on cards.

Tetra Master is a video game and isn't very viable as a straight card game. Triple Triad, on the other hand, doesn't rely on RNG to determine the cards' stat values and attack strengths. It's not even viable as a card/dice hybrid game in that sense, either, since values are all chosen within ranges. So as you see, I'm not too stupid to understand how Tetra Master works, you are, if you think you can print the cards as is and just have the game work.

>> No.2791998

I dont think tetra master relies on RNG, but I'm not keen on looking up specifics so I'll take your word for it.

>> No.2792024

Trance is the least of your worries (unless you're speedrunning it). The main problem with the game is the fucking slow ass fights/loading. It cripples the game in areas where you run back and forward figuring out puzzles.

>> No.2792027

It totally was, that was actually a lot of people's biggest complaint about it.

>> No.2792037

I've had the 2013 AGDQ marathon run of it playing in the background for the last few hours.

I've always liked the atmosphere IX has and it's one of my favorite games, but watching it get played through again has convinced me that it goes off the rails during the last few hours. I would rather have satisfying plot lines to the end and less crazy apocalyptic stuff. I know it's Final Fantasy, but I think I like the first half of most of the games way better than the second halves. I also don't understand why Amarant is a character in this game. I feel like he has no purpose whatsoever. I know they wanted to have someone with a different kind of weapon, but I would rather have had Beatrix join the party. After disc 2.

I totally did this during my original playthrough.

>> No.2792067

Tetra Master does have an RNG element during card battles and when leveling up the Battle Class of the Card.

>> No.2792069

I changed it to Sarah.

>> No.2792086

>for an early game

what? Maybe the first final fantasy was an early game, but only barely. I'd say Adventure was an early game, but FF9 came out almost 30 years after the first video game

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>Rusty/Freya/Amarant/Zidane meleefest, like God intended.

My nigga. That's my endgame party every single time I play through.

>> No.2792318


I find it weird that Garnet's "real" name is something so normal-sounding, especially since a) it's a FF game and b) the other summoner has a weird name like Eiko

>> No.2792332

>I dont think tetra master relies on RNG

Every card's values are randomly generated every time they're used with a -8 to +8 modifier. As part of the battle phase, a number ranging from 0 to maximum card value is subtracted from the card's value. So if a card has 67 power, then you need to calculate a random number between 0 to 68 - this is the part that makes a tabletop version completely untenable. These values go as high as 256, so using dice is out.

You need to do this calculation every time a card is involved in a battle, so you need to do it for chain events, so playing a card in the end game could involve half a dozen of these multi-step calculations. It's ridiculous.

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File: 62 KB, 180x252, grenade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in the process of making cards and setting up the Room, I'll share the link when I'm done in case anyone is interested.

Unfortunately I'm doing so on an old computer that doesn't like keyboard shortcuts.

Printing would be fine if I changed how the Card Battle math worked to some simple dice rolls.
i.e. Roll 1d10 and try to roll under your Card Number.

But at that point you're going to want to mess with the rules a bit to make Strategy more relevant.
I think the Game is neat but it could use a bit of polishing.

You have to do these calculations for both the Attacker and Defender each time a card battle happens.

The only levity you have with it is Combo's just automatically go through and don't need to be recalculated.

What I have is for the Macro is:
X= Value of the Card(A being 11, B being 12, F being 15 etc)
(1d16-1)+(X*15+X) = Y
Y-1DY = Z

All it requires you to put in is the Value of your Offense or Defense for the first roll, and then the result of that in the second roll.

>> No.2792361

Her real name is a reference to the princess from the first Final Fantasy.

Whole game is some reference to something.

>> No.2792371

>i.e. Roll 1d10 and try to roll under your Card Number.

Those values go up to 16, though, and include 0, so not even 2d8 works. You'd have to make a d20 with 3 re-roll sides to get that to work, unless you re-jigger the card values to only include 10.

And you still have to do all those really bizarre number generations. If you want a physical version, you'd have to change it so much to actually make it playable that it wouldn't even technically BE Tetra Master anymore.

>> No.2792395
File: 222 KB, 900x1203, zemus_by_nick_ian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd argue that the end result: Having a playable FF card game of sorts would justify gutting the odd Combat Resolution mechanic for something more table friendly.

Taking out 10~16 and making it a 0~9 roll under, lowest number wins wouldn't cripple the spirit of the game.

>> No.2792408
File: 32 KB, 500x375, Tetra_master_card_set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently there was a table version of Tetra Master:

>No card has an X or A type normally; there are instead bonus X and A attribute cards that, if drawn, can be applied to the card the player plays for its fight. Each set comes with five X cards and three A cards. There are also collector level cards; there are eight in each set, represented as levels. The player starts at level one, and upon defeating their opponent, they remove the top Level One card to reveal the Level Two card. First to Level eight is the winner of the game.

>Each set comes with five block cards both players can place at the start of a round. Each set contains two damage cross referencing cards; to use this card, the player compares the attacker's attacking value (left) to the defender's defending value (top) and the number that the columns intersect on is what the attacker must roll, that number or higher. The player uses one dice as the tens digit and one as the ones digit, which colors are chosen before the roll so the attacker cannot cheat.

>Taking opponent's cards on winning is optional.

>Other than these few rule modifications the game plays the same.

>> No.2792420

This game is sitting and has been sitting too long now for me to beat FF8 first. Overall FF9 is dear to my heart. Maybe not more than 7, or even 6, but 9 was a treasure of my pre-teen years. There was something about Zidane that makes him one of the most interesting protagonists of the FF series. He wasn't over the top edgy like Cloud, and he was way too damn chipper to be anything like Squall, but there was still a very dark side to this character that players explore in the later half of the game.

The scene of Garland attacking Alexandria is still very powerful in my mind, and the epic battle with him, which ends with a surprise visit from Kuja - unforgettable.

In fact Kuja may be one of my favorite villains as well. He had a similar mystique to Kefka, but I think Kuja takes the cake for how cool he is. I don't know I just like that he looks like a girl.

>> No.2792941

>Her real name is a reference to the princess from the first Final Fantasy.
Oh wow, I had no idea. That's neat.

>> No.2792954

So it's a lowercase L? Or an uppercase i?

I feel its the latter, I think the wiki also supports this, but it's hard to tell.

>> No.2793007

Uppercase i. I've always pronounced it "Eye-EE-fuh"

>> No.2794509
File: 52 KB, 616x469, Image1704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wiki says イーファ so it's "EE-fah", assuming it is correct.

>> No.2794558

I named Barret Gunner because I was young af, and Red XIII Nanaki because my aunt told me his real name before I got to that part and I liked it, fucks with a bit of dialogue but it's chill

"My names nanaki, but you can call me nanaki"

>> No.2794567
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First grade English: Proper nouns always start with capital letters.

>> No.2796338
File: 1.20 MB, 800x1146, 1440362328785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking love this game.

>> No.2796373

I need to try this again sometime. I got decently far in but I just couldn't bring myself to continue because the combat was so slow and boring, even on max speed.

>> No.2796381

well, FF7 drops you into a fight within a few minutes of starting the game

>> No.2796421

IX is comfy as hell. Vivid is the best mage

>> No.2796429
File: 117 KB, 851x597, this is what happened when i googled "vivid".jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2798294

>over the top edgy like Cloud

For fuck's sake, Cloud was not edgy. That's a recent phenomenon of mass misremembrance of his character due to his portrayal in AC, Kingdom Hearts, and elsewhere. He was cocky and somewhat rude and punkish in the beginning, then gets progressively more confused and desperate until he goes full potato, and then comes out not quite confident, but definitely much more clear-headed and develops into a proper leader.

The emo/edgy shit didn't start until Advent Children, and now everyone thinks Cloud was a brooding edgelord even in the original game.

Sorry for derailing a FFIX thread. Just had to get that out of the way. To make it topical, Amarant was a proper edgelord.

>> No.2798443

This man speaks the truth

>> No.2798485

Here here

>> No.2798514
File: 48 KB, 512x361, tmp_9615-Lets-mosey-1743327107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you imagine this line coming out of advent children cloud?

>> No.2798519

Wow, what a faggot you are.

>> No.2798538
File: 589 KB, 1010x707, 1364841213423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.

>> No.2798579

I hear that supposedly the emoness of Cloud in AC is better explained and portrayed in the Complete version, but there was no excuse for how he is in Kingdom Hearts, especially KH2. For fuck's sake, even SQUALL is closer to FFVII Cloud than Cloud himself.

>> No.2798612

IX is really special to me, and it's not even my first FF. It's just the one that's my favorite. Probably the only FF game where I felt like I'd have fun exploring the overworld.

>> No.2798672

I was saying FF9 was too slow when it came out, it is slow as shit: the battles are slow as shit, the pacing is slow as shit, the talking was slow as shit.

The game was slow, boring, and unoriginal.

>> No.2798679

> but I didn't like the way 'Dagger' sounded in my head so I changed it to Daga. More feminine.
It just sounds like how a nigger would say Dagger and nigger talk is everything but feminine.

>> No.2798686
File: 95 KB, 680x373, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what else is unoriginal? Literally every fucking video game ever made.

>> No.2798694
File: 2.26 MB, 640x640, Ragdoll Physics.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Literally every fucking video game ever made.
Literally first since there literally has to be a first for literally everything.

>> No.2798698

Cleyra a shit. Black Mage Village is where its at.

>> No.2799240

Because in grorious nippon cutting one's hair means to start anew, especially for a woman. In the game's specific context it's Garnet basically saying "I have grown up and won't be weak anymore!"

Also the characterization in this games was good, but really subtle for no good reason. For example, Zidane's story is his hero complex. He has to save everyone he sees for no good reason. That's why Baku kicks him off Tantarus, because the Tantarus are pragmatists (they often steal, but also do mercenary work and the king of Lindblum lets them be). This really shows in the final scene, when Zidane decides to save Kuja at the risk of his own life, even though Zidane's own death will sadden his friends and destroy Garnet, who lost everyone she loved. Zidane gets his way because his courage and compassion turns Kuja into an ally at the last moment, saving him.

Another good example is Quina, who seems only to want to eat. For Quina eating is a way to interact with others. This is shown in the Eiko cooking scene, where Quina cooks not like you'd expect from a professional chef, but more like a family mother, skillfully cooking for multiple people with simple ingredients, even making more in case more people join in later. This is also shown in Vivi's grandpa and Quina's master being pretty much grumpy hermits, and the player never witnessing other Qu tribe members. Quina is therefore an outcast who doesn't care to eat good food as much as she cares to eat good food with others.

All other characters have a "dilemma" to them, and you can see hints to them in the still pictures that are shown if you wait at the start menu. All of them develop in the course of the game, but thought has to be engaged to follow their gradual evolution. It still doesn't work in other FF games, albeit one could make a case for VI and IV. (VII is all about Cloud's development, for instance).

>> No.2799257

I've always felt that because the game's theme is fear of death, each of the characters was characterized by their own way of coping with it.

Zidane tries to cope with his fear by attempting to make a difference by helping people (altruistically driven).

Garnet attempts to cope by a desire to see the world and maintain her individuality

Steiner attempts to cope by adhering to tradition and his "place" in the world

Vivi attempts to cope by seeking the meaning of his existence

Freya is driven by wanting to be remembered by other people (particularly through a relationship).

Quina is driven by living life through pure hedonism

Eiko is driven by wanting to socially interact with other people, her biggest fear would be to die alone

Amarant is driven by a rebellion against life having some sort of intrinsic meaning or purpose (almost like absurdism), this is why he is so confused by Zidane's altruism which attempts to assign some kind of moral norms

>> No.2799260

Oh and the reason Kuja is the villain is because he had no way of coping with his fear of death, other than deluding himself into thinking he would live forever.

Garland and Terra are also the villains because they actually attempted to execute a plan that would allow them to live forever instead of coping with reality like the heroes and accepting their fate.

>> No.2799438

>He wasn't over the top edgy like Cloud

Cloud was only over the top edgy at the very beginning of the game when he thought he was a real SOLDIER. Only memekids who never actually played the game think he was edgy the whole way through.

>> No.2799459

>This was the first Final Fantasy game I played as a child
You're old enough to b here?
...shit you probably are. Fuck I'm old.

>> No.2799463

I can't play this game anymore because I did shrooms and left the world map running. It's the worst, most repetitive world map music of any of the FF games.
On that note, the music is hit and miss, Nobou only supervised the music and most of the good songs were just remixes of old games. The fights were easy as hell, Osma excluded, I think he might be the hardest FF fight ever(You like meteor, bitch? Here have another!). and they took less then a minute to make his graphics.
yeah, I don't know how I feel about IX

>> No.2799467

Because saying fuck off on 4chan works all the time.

>> No.2799469


>In fact Kuja may be one of my favorite villains as well. He had a similar mystique to Kefka, but I think Kuja takes the cake for how cool he is.

Here's the strange part: Kuja is what first got me to take a look at this game. He seemed quite interesting with his off-the-charts narcissism, but not enough to overcome the borderline-pedo art style the game has.

>> No.2799601

Is all my life would be in that town.


>> No.2799608

My first Atelier game was Mana Khemia, some people get into a series late.

>> No.2800314

>Amarant is driven by a rebellion against life having some sort of intrinsic meaning or purpose (almost like absurdism), this is why he is so confused by Zidane's altruism which attempts to assign some kind of moral norms

Eh... I always found Amarant's motivation to be a bunch of extreme-Randian nonsense. "Hurr durr only the strong should survive, only look out for yourself" etc.

Least interesting playable character in the game, by far. And I include Quina in that statement.

>> No.2802439

Not him. People play games in weird orders or not at all. I started gaming in 93 and 9 was also my first FF. I didn't play Castlevania until a year ago. As for FFs, my order was 9 -> 7 -> 8 -> 10 and so on.

I played a Mario platformer for the first time last year, despite playing every Donkey Kong Country at release and having gamed the whole time as a primary hobby.

Unless people go out of their way to buy things right when they come out, they can often miss them forever. I bet most people have missed at least 25-50% of the biggest titles and probably quite a bit more.

People who were born after Final Fantasy 7 came out are legal adults. That's how old you've become.

>> No.2804465
File: 253 KB, 850x689, 1440357366229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow. So do you have a favorite FF in the series now? Which ones have you played?

>> No.2804483

Still got my copy and for some reason kept the barcode sticker thing that always came stuck to the top of games. Just peeled it off and stuck it to the back of the case and I can't bring myself to throw it out now that it's gone so long

>> No.2804548

Beatrix's theme is the best song in any game ever.

>> No.2804583
File: 178 KB, 900x1280, final_fantasy_9_beatrix_solo_by_dlimsketch-d5hqoyi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

9 used to be my favorite but I later decided 10 was. It's too solid and polished overall and I love Blitzball. It's aged very well and it doesn't surprise me that they went for an HD remake. I have no idea why everyone here hates it and thinks it's when things turned bad. For me, 10-2 or 12 were the turning point. This is getting out of retro territory but 10-2 was very clearly a terrible idea that just happened to have great gameplay saving it by accident. 12 felt like an offline MMO which was disappointing because I actually played real MMOs back then and 11 had enough problems even online.

I've played 6 through 12 and tried 13 for an hour or two, which wasn't enough for me to really judge it. Haven't bothered to go further mainly because I'm lazy and just haven't felt like it. Same with playing the older ones before 6.

She's also the best girl.

>> No.2804969

Final Fantasy IX is the closest that any company has gotten to making what I would consider a perfect JRPG.

I can't recall how many times I've beaten it. (I have one of those X4 Megamemory cards filled with all of my playthroughs. If I want to replay it, I'll have to delete one of them.)

>> No.2804971

It wasn't that bad, but you had to make a sort've list of what each of the symbols and letters meant.

>> No.2805195

Because 10 gets rid of world map exploration making it way more linear and vehicles function as a warp spell

>> No.2807150
File: 935 KB, 2520x2384, 1446339382407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Final Fantasy IX is the closest that any company has gotten to making what I would consider a perfect JRPG.

Have you ever played DQ8? That game is basically perfect, as far as I'm concerned. I enjoy FF9 more but DQ8 was masterfully executed from start to finish and has very few obvious flaws.

>> No.2808038


>> No.2808665

it gets me every time.
i fucked off and never came back once.

>> No.2808713

But you're already a bum.

I actually have that shit sitting next to me. I bought it with the game back when both were new.

>> No.2808715

Is it even possible for Vivi to win? I've actually just let Zidane sit there and gain 0 points for the entire 10 or so minutes a lot of times and he never won.

>> No.2808781

I haven't played IX in a while. But wasn't Kuja made as an adult and since he never went through childhood, growing up, etc there's a lot of shit he just can't handle mentally/emotionally?

He's basically a dumb kid throwing a temper tantrum because he's not allowed to have "thing" so he thinks no one else should have it and attempts to break it. The "thing" in question being life of course.

>> No.2808815

Can someone help me out?
I want to get into final fantasy. The only experience I have with the series is finding a misprices FF13 at GameStop, they had to sell it to me for $6.
After hours of cutscenes I never went back
Anyway I've heard FF4 is a great starting point, so I looked it up and found that it's FF2 in the US? Super confused, any help is appreciated

>> No.2808819

It was called FF2 on the original SNES release in the US because Square is retarded. With the release of the GBA ports, all the numbers are in order. If someone says FF2, they're talking about the one that used SaGa-style leveling, or being an attention-seeking cunt.

Anyway, the FF games I think are overall the best are 5, 6, 7, 9, X, XII, Bravely Default, and 4 Heroes of Light.

>> No.2808820
File: 7 KB, 140x157, nemesiscoolfacesmall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I discovered how to beat the Grand Dragon's above Gizamaluke's Grotto

I couldn't do it at the end of Disc1, but at the start of Disc 2 (once you get back with Zidane's side of the team after Garnet's side) it's do-able.

So you can have Zidane, Freya, Vivi and Quina at any lvl you want at the start of Disc2.

>> No.2808841

>leveling up when you don't have the best equipment for the max stat boosts every level

What the fuck are you doing?

>> No.2808895

>The card Vivi can get is the best item there, if only because its the only place you can get that card IIRC.

You can also get that card from Chocograph 6 and from the four armed man in Daguerreo, though I don't know if you can win it in a card game or if you do some other task and he just rewards you with it.

>> No.2808962

Figuring out how to beat the Grand Dragons at that point was the reward in itself.

I just wonder if the devs put all of that there intentionally or not. In order to be able to beat them, you need to find equipment from chocobo treasures on the world map, as well as going back to Dali when playing as Dagger and Steiner in order the equipment required to build the right accessory in Treno. So it takes looking around quite a lot.

And honestly the stat boosts are so negligeable they are not even mentioned in the game and few people would know about it with FAQs.

Also, when Eiko and Amarant join the party their levels is the even of all your characters levels, so they'll start at a higher lvl (with no stat boost, yeah). So it saves time on lvling up too.
Meaning that if you really want to be 'as strong as possible' with stat boosts, you need not to lvl up until you get Amarant, which is quite late into the game.

>> No.2808972

I could never beat Ozma, or whatever that secret sphere boss thing was called.

>> No.2809048

Wait a minute...

Equipment in FF9 gave permanent stat boosts during levelups? Are you sure about that?

>> No.2809089

>Are you sure about that?

Yes. Source: Google

>> No.2809091

I think my main issues with IX's card game is there's no card ability like in VIII, the cards are random drops.

>> No.2809103

I don't completely blame you, since it's basically Luck: The Boss. It is possible to beat it with Level 1 characters, just as it is possible to stupidly die to it with Level 99 characters with the most optimal equipment and abilities. The only thing that changes is the amount of luck needed. With the former setup, the battle MUST go a certain way such that you can get off the necessary insta-9999 damage abilities before dying, while the latter is much more forgiving, but you can still die to a random-ass Meteor first thing into the battle, followed by Curse to finish you off. Basically, unlike other super bosses in the series, there's no way to 100% guarantee you're gonna win.

>> No.2809660

Or you can just eat a mandagorra, learn limit glove, get quina to 1 hp, limit glove+eat grand dragon. you can do it on disc 1 this way

>> No.2809676

I want to fuck a Zidane.

>actually needing a player's guide at all
First time I played it I had no need. The extra shit just gave me more to find in playthroughs, the treasure hunter ranking is pretty good at reinforcing that idea.

>> No.2810006

Holy shit, it's true... this is autistic as fuck:


>> No.2810059

It's totally true and it's also bad design.

Fortunately it's supposedly possible to beat the game, get every missable including the Excalibur and so on and also have perfect stats, but you have to pretty much speedrun the game and do everything right.

>> No.2810354

Wasn't that back before that one sidequest in Cid's city was found?

>> No.2810362

I don't know anything about that, I just saw it in an FAQ many years ago. I didn't even do the run myself nor have I watched anyone else do it.

>> No.2810427

the Final Fantasy "jailbait" characters are usually the weakest. not so bad as the "genki girl" that replaced them. I fucking hate each and every one. (sorry, Yufi)

>> No.2810435

I am with you. I was deeply disappointed with all the thematically disjointed sci-fi junk they dropped in at the last few hours. If it had kept everything within the boundaries that the game started with, it could be the coziest FF, ever.

>> No.2810442

actually, cutting one's hair to signal a change or to try to shake off an unhappy past is something a lot of women do. In America, anyway. You can usually gauge how bad a breakup was by whether or not the girl cuts her hair, afterward

>> No.2810625 [DELETED] 

Have you done this?

Because I don't believe you meet Mandagoras, in Disc1, with Quina in your party.
Earliest I know of Mandagoras is at the start of Disc 2 but even then that's with Steiner and Dagger, so my way would be earlier in the game.

Also even you'd need to use Limit Glove twice, assuming it does at least 9k dmg which I'm not even sure of, which leaves a lot of chance to be killed by the Grand Dragon. They are strong and can kill your entire party in one hit, and the whole point of the way I found out is to be immune to all of its attacks except for his physical attack on one party member at a time.

>> No.2810632

Have you done this?

Because I don't believe you meet Mandagoras, in Disc1, with Quina in your party.
Earliest I know of Mandagoras is at the start of Disc 2 but even then that's with Steiner and Dagger, so you meet them much later with Quina and my way would be earlier in the game.
FAQs mention it's possible to get this blue magic near Lindblum (IIRC on Disc1, around Lindblum you can only go with Zidane alone...) and near the South Gate (which IIRC is only with Steiner and Dagger too).

Also even then you'd need to use Limit Glove twice, assuming it does at least 9k dmg which I'm not even sure of, in any case one limit glove alone wouldn't allow you to eat the Grand Dragon because IIRC they have around 18/19k HP and the enemies needs to be at 1/8 of its HP to allow eating.
So 2 limit gloves (and maybe also other small hits), that would leave a LOT of chance to be killed by the Grand Dragon. They are strong and can kill your entire party in one hit, so if you're lucky, in 2 turns, he's only killed 2 of your party members, which is still a lot if you want to lvl up. The whole point of the way I found out is to be immune to all of its attacks except for his physical attack on one party member at a time.

>> No.2810659

>in 2 turns, he's only killed 2 of your party members, which is still a lot if you want to lvl up.

and if one of those two is Quina, that will make you waste even more time.

>> No.2812478

Yes i have. It takes some luck but you should have antibody and the coral ring from the festival hunt. Eating requires them to be at 1/4 hp and they have 13K hp

>> No.2812771

Wnere did you learn limit glove on Disc1 and how much dmg would it do?

Honestly I was pretty sure I hate every enemy avalaible with Quina and went through all possibilities; and I'm surprised it would do 9k dmg so early on in game, even with 1hp.

Even then I'm not sure it's such a great way to have everyone in your party lvl up against Grand Dragon. Maybe if you just want to kill them a few times... Because it means that everything lands on Quina, if she gets killed by a physical attack, you're wasting time. You can't get her the coral ring either, since she needs to be at 1hp; and you only have one Coral Ring in Disc1, meaning that if the Grand Dragon does his full scale electric attack you're left with only one character, you gotta be fast about reviving everyone then...

>> No.2812882

A lot of women cut their hair from long to shoulder length when they give birth as well. It's an actual thing.

>> No.2812905

I did this too because Red XIII sounded retarded. It made for some hilarious moments like the one you mentioned.

Oh, fuck you, I'm at work and you made me burst into laughter.

Funny trivia. In my language, Kuja quite literally means bitch. As in the female of a dog.It's appropriate.

>> No.2812909

Amarant had shit for development. The guy had like two lines since he joined up. Fuck that guy.

>> No.2812918

This man speaks the truth. I've been gaming since '89. Played my first Metroid game in 2012(didn't like it). To this day have not finished one Zelda game, despite playing...Link to the Past, Ocarina of time, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask. Each of them for like 2-3 hours. Also, played maybe 4 Mario games in my lifetime.

>> No.2812935

Funny thing is Dagga is her official name is in the French version. Probably because "Dagger", pronounced in French, sounds terrible ("Dagey")

Zidane is Djidane, because otherwise everyone would think of the football player. That also sounds a lot more gypsy which I find appropriate.

>> No.2813152
File: 1.36 MB, 1280x892, pcsxr 2013-04-25 18-11-13-67.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually found an extra bit of conversation with him that I had never seen before in my last playthrough. IIRC I triggered it by landing the Invincible in Lindblum, then going inside the Invincible while still landed, then talking to Amarant. I tried talking to everyone else afterwards, but only he had new dialogue. Pic related. Excuse the shitty filter.

>> No.2813161

IIRC he also has extra lines inside the first airship.
There is also his backstory involving Zidane in Treno that's easily skippable

>> No.2813164

I believe I always got those bits of dialogue, since I like to talk to everyone in the game at any point I can, but it never occurred to me to enter the Invincible while landed in Lindblum and talk to my teammates then, and the one time I did so I got a conversation I had never seen before.

Or do you mean he had lines inside the Hilda Garde III while landed as well?

>> No.2814024

>limit glove
some forests on the plains under lindblum. same area of the qu's marsh, chocobos forest and gizamulkes grotto
i believe limit glove does nothing unless quina has 1 hp, if quina is at 1 hp it does 9,999. to get quina to 1 hp you just kill quina and phoenix down until its at 1 hp then you save the game.

Its not a perfect method since you have to reset if quina dies but you can often have 2 or 3 characters live and gain a bunch of levels.

You will usually have to reset 2 or 3 times before you manage to kill one but after the first couple it gets easier and i typically dont bother killing more than 5 or 6 dragons with this method since thats enough levels to carry you through disc 2

>> No.2815445
File: 234 KB, 800x622, 1271470935838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rat grill best grill

>> No.2816820

Has anyone in this thread actually done an Excalibur 2 run? Was it worth the gigantic pain in the ass?

>> No.2816831

I haven't and it's probably not "worth" it in the sense of adding actual value. I mean it's not very hard to beat the game. I still think it's a fun challenge to have an official speedrun incentive in a game. It gives you something tangible for being quick.

The AGDQ guys said it got them into RPG speedrunning.

>> No.2818397

Speedrunning a JRPG seems like... I dunno. Something I'd never want to do. But to each his own I guess.

>> No.2819071

Are there any more of these? I love the art style.

>> No.2819073

I tried once and I was less than 2 hours late.

Except I was being retarded and I was doing it on the PAL version, and since I'm pretty sure on the PAL version the game is slower but the clock is not... I could probably have done it.

>> No.2819076

Also honestly it did not seem so hard. Well it depends, if like I said the PAL version has a normal clock in a slower world and I was that close to making it, it really isn't that hard. You just need to keep multiple saves and load it anytime you feel like you've spent too long on a task.

Now though, if I'm wrong and if the clock is as slow as the game on PAL, and I was 2 hours late, it is not that easy because I swear the only part where I could have saved time are boss battles. I never bothered to learn the most OP attacks of characters (like Quina's limit glove) but it may be worth the trouble of learning them just to save time on bosses.

>> No.2819079

Short answer, no.

Sure, it's good for a challenge, but the shit I've seen people suggest for making it is cringe worthy. Like popping open your Playstation cover when FMV-s happen to cut them short and the like. Fuck that shit.

>> No.2819107

Seems pointless. It's not a difficult game, so it's not like having the best weapon will make much of a difference. It's also not as if you'll have much trouble dealing 9999 damage anyways.

If it unlocked some sort of extra cutscene I could see the added value, but this just seems pointless. Particularly since if you fail you'll have wasted 12 hours of your life rushing through a game that wasn't really meant to be rushed through.

>> No.2820168

I've always thought the same thing. The "reward" isn't worth all the bullshit you have to go through in order to get it.

And I did rush through FF9 the first time I played it, because I was afraid of having the plot spoiled for me if I didn't beat it ASAP. And I hated the game as a result. 9 is really meant to be... "savored" isn't the right word, but you know what I mean.

>> No.2820169
File: 184 KB, 783x640, Freya_Trance_FFIX_Art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The whole Trance thing was kinda dumb.

>> No.2820189

I played it when I was 13. It was also my first "real" Final Fantasy (I had played XI, Crystal Chronicles, and Tactics Advance before it), and it quickly became my favorite game ever.

It was dethroned about a year ago by Persona 4 Golden, but I'll always just absolutely love this game. Rarely will anything else match the magic of that first playthrough of FFIX.

>> No.2820193
File: 104 KB, 345x460, Dagger-ffix-trance-short.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enjoyed lewd Garnet trance

>> No.2820195

So many things that people are complaining about in this thread - the art direction, the shifting perspectives in the first half of the game, the plot twists in the second half - are all my favorite things about the game. Honestly I have a hard time finding things I don't like about it. I do agree with the OP that some plot threads were left dangling, and could have been fleshed out more.

>> No.2820946

>the art direction

OK what do people say about the art direction? It's a great looking game, other than the shitty polygonal characters that are a feature of every PS1/N64-era game.

>> No.2822490

This is a FF8 thing, but why do so many people streaming the game just spam GF's non-stop? Unless it's someone doing a speedrun, boss fights will literally be over 15 minutes of calling GF's over and over.

>> No.2822502


i faintly remember the queen was bad and that was it. i think the final boss came literally out of nowhere which even at the time I felt was really shitty writing.

i've always found it weird that 7 & 8 have no shortage of people shitting on them, but 9 is treated like this holy grail of FF games. it was fucking mediocre. the battle system was alright I guess, but these games are at their best when they have a solid story and interesting characters, which FF9 had none of.

>> No.2822519

The last boss was foreshadowed during all of the final dungeon though. Basically it was supposed to be a hint to previous FF games crystals, and crystal like bosses, and they tied it in with the current story.

Its being was highly misunderstood even though it's explained what he is before you fight him.

There was a widespread fan theory claiming the end boss was foreshadowed by the iifa tree boss; that the end boss AND the iifa tree boss were the same thing; but that doesn't make any sense. If the two are the same, why don't they look or talk the same, why don't they have the same name ? The iifa tree was the cause of the mist, the tree saying he's not really dead and he will come back was to foreshadow the return of the mist at the end of disc3/all of disc4. That's all. People try too hard sometimes.

Because most people can't play FF8 for shit.

>> No.2822552

It's a game that rewards exploration, that's for sure. There's several sidequests in the game that only open up at specific points, meaning there are times where you are encouraged to go out of your way from whatever is currently going on to check out new and old locations for some kind of reward (the Mayor's Key quest during the Treno card game tournament, for instance). There's also all the ATEs and random items scattered across the landscape, which again reward looking around every nook and cranny. And sometimes you get cutscenes and dialogue this way that just serve to flesh out that little bit more.

This is why I have never felt like trying for Excalibur II. The world seems to interesting to me that I want to, yes, "savor" it as much as possible.

>> No.2822560

Much of it stems from it coming directly after FFVII and VIII, which featured more realistic art, and of those two only FFVIII can really be said to stick to that, since much of FFVII had chibi models, and even the "realistic" models (which I'm sure people at the time regarded more highly) were very anime-esque. FFIX went full super-deformed all throughout, basically taking the concept of the old chibi sprites from older series (meant to be more of a game representation of the characters due to system limitations rather than how they were actually supposed to looked like), and making those the characters' actual look.

For many people at the time, I'd have chalked it up to insecurity ("who wants to play as some weird-looking monkey boy with a huge head compared to badasses like Cloud or Squall?"), but I suppose some people just think the characters look ugly. I, for one, think the style has charm, and not just because it's different.

>> No.2822576

Zidane is my Waifu.

>> No.2822797

Not a bad sentiment to have. The world needs more trap-Zidane stuff. There's too much trap-Kuja stuff.

>> No.2822808

That's just Kuja being Kuja.

>> No.2824745

Well Kuja's dead now, so Zidane needs to pick up the Trap Torch™ and carry on his alien bro's legacy.

>> No.2824943

i have not seen this but i am now interested

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