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I don't care about store crap, but it'll be sad to see the end of one of the best youtube channels

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Man I sure do love me some eceleb shit desu senpai

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One down, thousands to go.

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>Now that I have amassed a fortune from tons of retards sending me rare vintage video game shit I'm closing up shop and taking a vacation


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I like Mark but come on man nearly all his reviews are interchangeable. Like half of all his reviews is just him rambling about the same three or four things from the 80s he likes.

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This has been blindingly obvious for like the past year, it got to the point he wasn't even reviewing vidya related stuff anymore. Still, he had a cool voice and charm, that much is practically irreplaceable in the Youtube gaming world.

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I love his collection and the guy himself seems cool, but the reviews suck.

They make for good background noise, but only because of how absolutely droning and lacking in content they are. I mean seriously, people piss and moan about sellouts and shit like that, but this guy has been doing review-by-numbers trash for years. Truxton! Vectrex! El Camino!

Talking like a goober! His fucking cadence, man.

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Who are they again?

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This is almost as off topic as CRT generals.

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Hey GBA kid.

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Undertow was so fucking shit, I'm glad it's gone.

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Excuse me? I'm probably older than you are and am no special fan of the GBA...

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>see file name

>see it's just undertow

Thank god. Undertow was shit.

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>They make for good background noise,
Literally this. I would always load a playlist up and have it running minimized while I did something.

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His reviews now a days are just the same. I love his 99-00 and 08-12 stuff those were still good but now its just meme spouting el camino truxton lord karnage ethel space ninja whatever. Truly the grand fathet of internet reviewing.
still funny to see how many people get salty from their 00 reviews

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Again with this salty cancer meme.

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What this salty cancer meme? This is not in my database yet?

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literally who

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Using the word salty in that contexts predates the entire meme thing, kiddo

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Looks like we have a meme expert among us... Child.

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The word "angry" has now been replaced by "salty."

Yet another case of internet wigger ebonics.

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Tear drops are salty.

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I thought it came from the expression "pouring salt on the wound".

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Did this guy ever get angry or say anything negative regarding the games he reviewed? I only saw a couple of his videos back then but they were very dull and he never seemed to have any strong opinions beyond "it's an okay game".

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"Salty" is very old slang.

It didn't become a meme till it was used at fighting game tournaments mid/late 2000s.
By niggers. So you can say it's ebonics.

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Who is this?

Why should I care?

AVGN is where it is at. Or Gaming Historian.

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Salty is used by /cgl/ for ages, though more in the context of being jealous than being angry.

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>not sackin' it

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hows high school?

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You should go back there, fat whore.

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I've probably seen 2 or 3 videos where he hated the game. I forgot what they where, but he wasn't a raging retard about it or anything.

Games he does like are usually video that actually get more than 10 minutes of review time.

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Dude, I'm 33 years old. Gaming Historian is the shit.


Emulators aren't retro btw.

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You don't have to shitpost only because you're "eyes are too good" for CRTs or whatever your excuse was the other night.

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Their Dino Crisis review was pretty shit m8. Despite that I do miss Dave.

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>emulators aren't retro

Hahahah. You think they just popped up randomly in the early 00's?

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AVGN is so depressing to see

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>Not Gamechasers who are stop making videos

fuck those guys seriously.

>I just bought a game by haggling the shit out of the seller
>I don't know what it is but I heard it's a good game

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I know they just do it for their show but I'll sometimes buy a game blind if it's under $20. It's nice to occasionally not know what you're in for when getting a game even if it's shit.

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It's entertaining but hardly "the shit"

and really he should change his name, stealing other people's research and trying to pass it off as own without citing sources is offensive as fuck to actual trained historians

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mark is one of the few tolerable youtube reviewers. also one of the few who has a voice that isn't fucking ear cancer.

>muh truxton
>muh el camino
>muh vectrex
shtick got old a long time ago though

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>Gaming Historian.
>Some cunt who recommends buying repo carts
Yea nah i'm good.

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Baby mad he didn't get his own historian show before him. You gonna cry baby? Boohoo waaaahhh gaaaaaahhh mmmmm your tears are sooooo yummy baby~

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waifu thread?

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Holy fuck I hated that entire trilogy.

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not as yummy as my six figure salary and the options I've cashed in on through two IPOs

but, yes, keep acting like an autist on message boards, that will get you somewhere.

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Does baby need a diaper change? Oh boy it's a real stinky one right now, let me just put that in the microwave real quick big guy~

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This is very juvenile.

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His wife has a salty mouth and is way out of his league. I feel like she cu---cks him for sure.

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So he finally got a job in radio where he belongs? Seriously I could listen to that man drone on for hours his voice is so soothing.

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Does baby need a diaper change? Oh boy it's a real stinky one right now, let me just put that in the microwave real quick big guy~

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