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Hey /vr/ I once found on a post here this pdf concerning obscure ps1 games along with information on it including language barrier

>pic related
book of watermarks was mentioned

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bumping, looks bretty cool

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Sounds interesting.

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The thread a few of strange/surreal games? I have a text file of most of the titles mentioned.

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post the tet

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I played this game, basic adventure game but still really beautiful and good puzzles.
really something you won't ever see today.

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The pdf disappeared when the archive went down,sadly i didn't save it.

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this one ?

pdf :

thread in doc form

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No, but I do remember this one aswell.
The one I'm talking about is entirely about japanese games and even has levels of language barrier to each game because (obviously) they were never translated.
However, thanks anon, I guess this will suffice until someone find the other one.

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They're all ** and upwards, the one that you posted in the op is the only one with a single star because it was already in english

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Inspector Gadget approves this thread.

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>still no translation of Moon

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This one is a cult classic, but from what I've heard it doesn't sound like an easy game to translate?

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Forgot to check this for a few days

Fisherman Bait
Aquanaut's Holiday
Diver's Dream
Suzuki Bakuhatsu
Gekibo: Gekisha Boy
Ore No Ryouri
Mad Panic Coaster
Power Shovel
Iblard Laputa no Kaeru Machi
U.F.O.: A Day In The Life
Midnight Wanderers: Wonder 3
Tokyo Dungeon
One on One
Densha De GO
Rakugaki Showtime
Cho Aniki
Harmful Park
Vib Ribbon
Bishi Bashi Special
Pepsi Man
Umihara Kawase Shun
Groove Jigoku V
Lattice 200EC7

I got the rest on another machine which I'll check off work

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Here's an archive of the thread, um I don't think this is exactly what OP is looking for but it's pretty relevant because most of these games are japanese anyway..

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This thread made my day, thank you

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That's Oreshika, it also has a sequel on Vita

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thank you all. i saved this under ps1 arthouse games lol.

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