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How do I block Great Tiger's special attack? Doc Louis ain't helping.

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Block it by blocking

After you block, block again in order to block

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Just time your blocks. There's a certain rhythm to it. Once you block it five times, he'll get dizzy and you can punch him for a one-hit KO.

Are you emulating or playing on an HDTV by any chance? If you're having difficulty getting the timing down, it may be an issue of input and/or display lag. This game is notorious for giving players an unnaturally hard time if input lag is present, since so many attack patterns (especially in the later fights) and counter-attacks come down to timing your blocks, dodges, and punches with very precise timing. Only rhythm games suffer more.

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when he teleports or backs away jsut hold down. When he lands the hit press DOWN again.

as a kid i would just time it right. But as an oldfag i just how DOWN...

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yell POO IN LOO at the TV


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Original hardware on an old dynex hdtv. Maybe there is some lag, but I've had this same tv for years and play a lot of megaman and clash at demonhead without issue so maybe I'm used to whatever lag is there. I can also get to great tiger without taking a hit. I'll see if I have a lot more trouble on later fights and report back.

This helps a lot. I think I was just holding down and not timing my down presses effectively.

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Has anyone even tried such a radical idea?!

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Don't shitpost in my thread, dude. Gotta stay chill anyway, it's not the game's fault.

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You watch this here YT video. Even have the timestamp set for you. You're welcome.


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slurp my fecal hole you faggot bitch

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I always found bald bull harder, I'm interested if OP has a similarly difficult time with him

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Lmao wadda 12 year old.

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