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How about a thread for those DOS games that came out early in the PC's life?

Super primitive games that used ASCII, CGA, etc. The ones that require a genuine 4.77 MHz CPU to work accurately (since DOSBox doesn't directly emulate that chip).

Not glamorous games, and graphically inferior to even stuff from the Apple II - but still enough to capture our young minds.

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Arcade Volleyball.

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Please use the catalog and also don't post stuff like "still enough to capture our young minds". You sound like a bad self-help book.

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I highly recommend giving Rogue a whirl. It's a fantastic example of simple interface and graphics hiding a very complex and enjoyable game. Also if you like it, it spawned an entire genre that you can spend a lifetime playing.

It honestly irritates me that people are trying to take over this board with their generals. Generals are usually horrible cesspools. People can make whatever threads if they want. Part of the reason people come to 4chan is the avoid this kind of regulation.

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