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Patriot for the win.

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Blood is the best FPS ever.
If I could get it to run like it's suppossed to on a modern computer, I'd be in Heaven

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>like it's suppossed

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I never understood Axel's vehicle design. He's so exposed, wouldn't he just get shot to pieces by stray machine gun fire?

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Blood doesn't have the source ports that Doom and Duke Nukem 3D have.

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this tbh

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Runs good on my XP machine. The installer sets up an integrated DOSBox laucher.

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If you can't get it running great at 800x600 you're doing something wrong.

Anyway on the game I just finished it. Loved the atmosphere, the premise and the spirit of fun. In fact I just had a weird dream where I was Caleb last night.

I could have used fewer insta-kill ambushes but maybe they're not as bad for a more skilled player.

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Enjoy your tall pixels.

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I like my pixels like I like my men.

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Shit I wish my old EGM's weren't in storage right now.

There was this one ad for some game I can't remember.... The ad was a shot of a kids shoes 'one of the shoe laces were untied' and the kid was apparently holding a shotgun.

It was some PS1/Saturn game, I think it might have been a isometric shooter or something.

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Different version of that ad.

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I love 90s ads.

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It's like at some point someone said, "All of our ads have to be weird, grimy, and gross."

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Does anyone have the one of the longhaired grunge-looking kid in plaid flannel, and the text is something about "roasting your opponents?"

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I remember seeing this on TV when I was children. It got my ADHD self even more H than normal.


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I miss 90s ads.
They made me give a shit.
They hardly ever had anything to do with the actual game, but they sure caught my attention.

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>Beavis and Butthead
lol, this is amazing. Of all the bands, Nintendo went with the Butthole Surfers in an ad for kids.

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Still waiting for Nintendo to make one.

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>kids will never know what it's like to play Quarantine
>kids will never know the undiluted awesomeness of its pure-90s soundtrack
>kids will never know the joy of mastering the simultaneous drive-by and front buzzsaw kill

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Make one what?
A TV that displays realistic black guys?
What am I missing here?

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This was a real commercial.
It aired.
On Television.

Modern kids don't know shit about edge.


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apply yourself

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he means an edgy ad


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"Hey! You still don't have a Sega CD?
What are you waiting for, Nintendo to make one?"

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Ah man those weird as fuck '90s video game magazine ads were so fucking great.

Please post more of them.

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Whoops didn't see that posted already my bad.

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>he means an edgy ad
If that's what he meant, Nintendo did it, too...

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jesus christ

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Why Gameboy?

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This stuff is legitimately weird as fuck.

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hey anon Im not the OP but I have some comics that had this sort of edge in it. I can post some here if you'd like.

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I'm the OP and I say go for it.

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How do you go from teaching children morality to graphic executions and sacrifices?

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I don't even get this one.

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I love this one. Glad I found it.


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>Also known as weiner
>Weiner kinda souns like winner
>Be one (a winner)
Not that hard to understand tbh. You're just retarded.

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If you use NEC, Sega or Nintendo you're nothing but a weenie.

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1/? lol some of these are funny

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nice battery eater m8

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thnx I think...

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call charges. LEL

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Unfairly banned tbh smh

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Wow. The best part is these ads were marketed to kids.

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The general notion was if kids didn't get it, then it's totally harmless. Look at Rocko's Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy. Hell, even Animaniacs. They were brimming with adult material.

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Make a CD-based system.

It's a direct reference to the Sega CD commercial this image is lifted from.

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Dude just what the fuck...

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>keep it in your pants

That's actually somewhat amusing.

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This is my favorite weird/stupid ad and I really wish I could find it in better quality.

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Why them feels, man?

Is it just from seeing oldschool Bungie stuff from before Microsoft and Activision sunk their silly little fingers into them?

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blood is just a grat game
I would really like to see a remastered version of it

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> tfw I´ll never own an all original copy of Blood
sucks to be a germfag

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It's weird because it's true. Spilskinanke makes me wet my pants.

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A CD add-on for the SNES. You're looking at an ad for the Sega CD.

Fucking underage fags on this board piss me off.

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I'm pretty sure it's a response to this ad

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Nah man. I'm 31. I'm old enough to have remembered this, if I wasn't totally spaced out and playing with Legos or drawing pictures. Most of the time TV was just background noise for my other shit...

When I wasn't using it for video games, of course.

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90s had edgy indie devs too

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sure you are, kiddo

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you sure you aren't going to need your doom babies meme this time around? :^)

lmao god you're one sad sack of aspergers.

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paul allen

>> No.2767134

i thought something similar. I thought he was patrick bateman tbh

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I wanna put together a win 98 pc just to play this and dos game son my glorious CRT monitor.

Thus blood 2 also has problems on win 7.

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worst game ever created

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Now we're talking EDGE.

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Man, this cover is a fucking good piece of minimalism.

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>dat high-cut

>> No.2769758

What is 90's edge? It all seems like a dull knife these days. I want to be shocked by something once more before I die.

>> No.2769762

I dont know, google ISIS?

>> No.2769770

The last horror movie that genuinely scared me was hannibal. I was all like "that's nasty eww." Saw, hostel... nothing does it. I want to feel again. I'm a child of 82 but lets be honest. The 90's were not shocking in the least.

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I never played it desu. Can't be better than carmageddon though right?

Saw my friend playing it once, it looked p badass.

>> No.2769784


t b h filters to desu now hahahaha

kek :^P

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what game?

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Germfag here; I got me a copy in 99 or so in some store that had a lot of those index games. The box is gone though.

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Do you have the Wipeout 2097 pants-wetting ad as well?

>> No.2770141

why you sick fucking freak?

>> No.2770142

I was going to comment, but the guy was like, what, 16 when he made this?

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i bought a w95 machine just to play blood, shit is glorious.

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Holy shit

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I don't get it. Is klonoa a std?

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>See it on steam for a buck
>It uses DOS


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It's obviously Marcus Halberstram.

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Still awesome how that bashing and references from one company to another where.
Probably the most fun war in history.

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Propably a jump on the Chupa Chups colouring Lolipops hypetrain. Was about the same time.

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Don't think so but it sure SOUNDS like one init bruv

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What's better, Blood or Shadow Warrior?

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Atari are a bunch scumbags.

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Be a "hot dog"?

Probably lots of people didn't get it. It seems like a not very good ad.

>> No.2773708


That's like the Klonoa one... so very contrary to the playful, cartoony spirit of the thing it's advertising.

>> No.2773720

>big weiner
>big winner

Wow, so esoteric

>> No.2773734


>> No.2773745

First look here
Then look here
You two are fucking weenies.

>> No.2773769

I am saving a screenshot so that future generations can appreciate your utter cluelessness.

>> No.2774638

I think your weiner = winner theory is fucking retarded desu. There's text at the bottom of the ad:
>Introducing Cruis'n World on Nintendo 64. 16 exotic cars. 15 foreign countries to race them through and and enough tricks to turn anybody into a hot dog.

Nothing about weiner m8.

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Blood has a map editor???

>> No.2774729

A lot of BUILD engine games came with the editor. Wonder if the steam version has it in the files...

>> No.2775150


It's called the PlayStation.

>> No.2775153

Because it's hilarious and edgy. Also 2097 is a good game.

>> No.2775157

Keep in mind, though: for all that I love Monolith for making this game, they pulled a dick move with the BUILD3D toolchain and replaced half of 'em with their own gimp'ed Blood-exclusive versions.

In the case of the map editor, however, theirs is much easier to use (so it ended up working out in that instance).

>> No.2775919

I used to love the level editor for both Duke Nuken 3D and Blood. I can make maps for source engine, but people don't tend to like them because I make them too industrial.

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shadow warrior was pretty edgy

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holy shit Command & Conquer was good

I remember at the time I didn't have a computer and saw the game at my cousin's house. I was HOOKED. And what a glorious soundtrack it had


>> No.2780065


Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, and Shadow Warrior are the holy triad of BUILD3D.

Someone needs to follow this guy's example: http://fabiensanglard.net/duke3d/index.php and make them LIVE AGAIN! 8D

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I'm sick of this shit. 18 year olds now days were born in 1996-1997. Learn how time works you autismal fucking moron.
>b-b-but muh secret club!

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