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Do you guys know if there any retro games with half naked men? Like pic related
Dont judge me please. Theres plenty with half naked women. I just wanna know

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Great thread, op.

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Just to get it out of the way

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aw yeah baby

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Golden Axe series.

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All barbaric themed games fit this.

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Don't mind me, gonna go get killed in a cave while wearing my tighty whiteys.

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If I could bang a guy like Zangief at least once before I die I would die happy.

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How naked is "half naked"?
Is loincloth OK, and is it OK if it's a hulking stance whenever it's presented?

Metal Gear Solid has that famous torture scene, but it's just shirtless and not really in underwear.
Punch-Out! might be a contender no pun intended.

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We're accepting all kinds of naked here, my man.

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>this thread and people's attitudes in it
And to think, the SJWs say that the games industry is only concerned with pandering to misogynistic desires

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you can play FFX on an emulator with a tidus nude hack. he's got a nice tight ass.

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Is that rule 63 Lilith?

Also Castlevania.

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Hell yeah motherfucker!

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This thread is relevant to my interests

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Redtube/gay has collection

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Fighting games are great in general for half naked man meat

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>That bulge
I think we have a winner.

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>tfw there's more man candy in reto vidya than slutty girls.

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Wrestling games too

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Creatine, not even once.

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Greatest thread.

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I just realized

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what the fuck is going on in this thread

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Myron dem gains

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wrong thread. get out of here CISHETS.

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Conan The Cimmerian on PC (1991)


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90% of Amiga games tbqh.

While Japanese home computer devs were all about cute cartoon girls, Euro pc devs were all about half-naked manly man for some reason.

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while Americans were all about guns and gore. still the same tbh.

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How about half naked boys?

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Barbarian 2: Dungeon of Drax

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Torwak theWarrior

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forgot the image

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Red Heat (Amiga again)

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for all the women complaining about the objectification of women in videogames, there sure are a ton of brawny muscular men who, if they were real, would make a woman cream her panties at a glance

The entire Street Fighter roster consists of this except for E. Honda and Chun Li

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But Ryu has always been incredibly buff

I really don't see why just growing a beard changes everything.
If that was the case then comrade Zangief would have had all the ladies all over him from day one.

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Underrated post

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>if they were real, would make a woman cream her panties at a glance
They don't need to be real to accomplish that.

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they also make men cream their pants. btw there are stallions looking like that. Definitely dtf.

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miring those biceps

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My guess is that Zangief looks too intimidating?
But I don't understand it either. There are hotter characters than Ryu.

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In Ultima 7 you can undress your characters to any degree you like down to undies as shown in pic. Great game too.


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only 68 Kg.

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This isn't official art. Unfortunately.

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obscure DOS game

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KickIt - A Day For The Laiban
[Released 970216]

Our story so far....

The Laiban wakes up in the morning, feeling exhausted after several
nights of hard and brutal Nintendo-playing. He slowly recalls that it
is ten minutes too late to return the rented Nintendo-cassettes!

** Oh no! **

Now the evil sailorman from the video game store has sent out his evil
cassette-collectors straight to the Laiban's home. The cassette zombies
will, with unnecessary violence, punish the Laiban for this innocent
deed in the cold and wet dungeons below the video store.

It is now the Laiban's duty to return the cassettes personally to the
owner, before the 28 cassette-collectors grab and torture the Laiban.

The Laiban's fate now lies in YOUR hands, fellow player! You will guide
Laiban to the nintendo-store and with astonishing courage avoid all the
hazards and dangers on the way.

-- Happy cassette-returning! --

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There's a lot of those barbarian-type games.

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just guys being dudes

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I only played the second one...
It was called "Deliverance" for some reason, really repetitive game, just wandering around a 2D castle chucking axes at bad Aliens rip-offs
and you saved these fairies...
which were trapped in closets...

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I never played this, but the screenshots made me think it was a Gods style game.

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Speaking of Gods, this game (Dragon) was supposed to be similar but never got finished. There only exists a partial demo: no collision detection, not much enemies, only like 1 level...Too bad he don't release source code, or I would try to finish coding the game myself (what's already been done is very good!)

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It was going to be a commercial release and got cancelled somehow...

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hot dilf

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is his dick bending his steel codpiece?

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No, it's not. If it was for women, that's how they'd look.

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That's just tumblr, and they barely qualify as women anyway.

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This exactly. Obese and ugly women like scrawny men because it makes them feel special. Most normal women like manly men.

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Fully naked Arnold at the beginning of Terminator 2 for SNES

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Well I certainly didn't expect this thread to get so popular.

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Didn't knew Billy Herrington was in an Amiga game

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>the guy from Wonder Boy is the same guy from Wonder Boy II

Wonder Boy has the deepest lore.

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Was this ever established in the Japanese version or was it some localized bulshit?

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>arcade version has you emerging from the forest wearing nothing but a loincloth
It's obvious, anon.

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the arcade game and the console games are two seperate games.

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Nope. You're thinking of the two "Wonder Boy III"s
There's only one Wonder Boy II

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The truth is that they don't even have the same name. The protagonist in Wonder Boy I was named Boy/Tom-Tom, while the guy in II and Dragon's Trap was Bocke Lee Temjin.

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He's like 175cm and 85kg now

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Now that was localized bullshit. His name was always Bocke.

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Chubby Cherub for NES

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Chuck Rock

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And it's fucking good too!

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>actually liking any of this games
euro detected
why is the european standard of a "good" game so god damn low anyhow? If you coat a piece of shit in candy it's still a piece of shit, euros need to learn this and stop glorifying horrid games out of nostalgia.

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Sweden, yes.

>> No.2769343

Not really. There's no Bocke in Wonder Boy I. Tom-Tom is his American name. Boy was his name in the Japanese version.

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there are nakied daddies in startropics.

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>Is the character from Wonder Boy (Tom Tom), supposed to be the same character from Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Bocke)?

>Ryuichi Nishizawa: I'll leave it your imagination whether they are the same character. By the way, TomTom and Tanya are not the names that I originally gave them. They were initially called Bocke and Tina. Tom Tom may be the name given by Sega for the overseas editions.

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>I'll leave it your imagination whether they are the same character. By the way, TomTom and Tanya are not the names that I originally gave them. They were initially called Bocke and Tina. Tom Tom may be the name given by Sega for the overseas editions.
I'm guessing Nishizawa is either, misremembering the name and he simply got Boy and Bocke mixed up. You have to keep in mind he is being asked about a game he made more than 20 years ago.

The Japanese Wonder Boy flyer simply calls him "Boy" (pic related if you can read moonrunes), as does the ending screen for the Mark III version (and possibly the SG-1000 version too). The first time the name Bocke ever showed up was in Monster Land.

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Boy as in Wonder Boy, his title

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No, it's "Boy" as in "it's a word foreign enough to Japanese ears that we could get away using it as a name." At any rate, "wanpaku shounen boy" わんぱく少年ボーイ (Boy, the mischievous boy) is a redundant title.

There's a reason Sega came up with the name Tom-Tom for the overseas versions.

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Marth has no pants till smash bros

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assblasted weeb

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Bocke, Boy, Book, he is supposed to be the same person. His name was always intended to be Bocke, but they didn't quite know how to translate everything into English perfectly, which is very apparent by the developers' own raw English translations of Wonder Boy II.

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Chief Coralcola was a "good friend" of your uncle

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File: 96 KB, 629x900, page4-629px-Wonderboy-In-Monster-Land-JP-Master-System-Manual.pdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bocke, Boy, Book, he is supposed to be the same person.
The only time they ever established this was in the localized manual for Wonder Boy II, which the original Japanese manual never brings up (pic related). Nishizawa's own statement isn't even conclusive about whether or not they're the same (probably because he didn't want to offend the person who made the localization and players who grew up with that version of the story).
>His name was always intended to be Bocke, but they didn't quite know how to translate everything into English perfectly, which is very apparent by the developers' own raw English translations of Wonder Boy II.
I don't think so. They probably came up the Japanese names first and romanized them after the fact, which is how I imagined most Japanese developers work.
ボーイ = Clearly is supposed to be "Boy"
ブック = Has been translated as "Book" and "Bocke".

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thank you anon - San. I was too lazy to make a Screenshot. Wow what a DILF.

>> No.2769937

When does Norimaro do that in the game? Or is that an unused sprite?

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Honda may be fat, but he is RIPPED AS FUCK.

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I want pantsless marth as a costume in smash 5

>> No.2770064

That's Arnie on the right. Never knew Red Heat had a licensed game.

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Speaking of E. Honda, anyone know any good sumo games?

>> No.2770178

Neato, so it's like a Jumpman -> Mario kind of thing

Same guy, but didn't get his definitive name till later.

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>how noods!
>much swords!

>> No.2770235

>Same guy, but didn't get his definitive name till later.
If you want to think of it that way, I guess so. Point is that the only time Tom-Tom and Bock were ever established to be the same was in a localized manual. The Japanese manuals never really established this fact.

>> No.2770237

Right, the beginning of the second game and their creator stating they now have the same name did.

>> No.2770238

>And to think, the SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS say that the games industry is only concerned with pandering to misogynistic desires
Daily reminder that they should be referred to as SJTs (Social Justice Terrorists) because Warrior sounds bold and noble.

The industry is primarily concerned with pandering to people who will buy their fucking games, which are mostly straight white males. SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS really just hate the fact that there's more of a demand for nude women with "unrealistic bodies" then nude men, but both exist, because some gays/straight women play games. Just not as much.

>> No.2770242

I think i'm gay now

>> No.2770269

>Right, the beginning of the second game
[citation needed]
The beginning doesn't even mention the character's name at all. All you get is a random NPC calling you "brave man" and telling you the game's objective.
>and their creator stating they now have the same name did.
It's probably just a slip of the tongue.

>> No.2770273

Because he's a brave blonde guy emerging from a forest wearing nothing but a loincloth, that doesn't need to be explained.
>It's probably just a slip of the tongue.
I doubt it.

>> No.2770293

We could always ask him at Twitter to settle this.

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I know but I had to.
I don't even like Chrono Cross that much. I could only get into it when I could have a bara harem with either Zoah, Fargo, Zappa, Orcha or Greco in my party.

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Can't be complete without the Sacred Armour of Antiriad...

>> No.2773212

I remember this game, and I remember not understanding jack shit of what I was suposed to do

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Savior bump with Super Macho Man

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In most Asterix game you can play Obelix and he is always topless. The Gallic Wars allows you to control the entire village of topless men.

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File: 447 KB, 793x714, screenshot-www youtube com 2015-11-04 19-48-57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>US cover art that's actually accurate

What is this I don't even.

>> No.2777085

It would deserve a place right here >>2765275

>> No.2778387


I wonder if that Harimada game is any good

>> No.2779104

cho-aniki will suit your tastes perfectly, op

>> No.2779160

Larry in 7 looks so goddamn charming.
If I were a hot woman on a cruise I'd bone him dry.

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>Death Adder

>> No.2781332


Holy fuck Parias got ripped as fuck

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Pretty sure he's talking about the cleric in Hexen

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The warrior, sure, obvious, but look at the speedo the elf is wearing.

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Lot's of half naked men in Golden Axe

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