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Are GBA games still not allowed here?

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Nope. Sorry. Probably soon though.

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There was a Maya the Bee game!?

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La abeja maya~!

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>announcing a report
For what purpose? Also you bumped the thread and made me reply, and now more people are gonna reply. Th-thanks

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Not unless you're talking about the best emulator, emulation device, controller to use while emulating, filters to use while emulating, drink to drink while emulating, waifu in a game you're emulating, etc.
We will absolutely not stand for anything post 1999. Unless it's nigger tier.

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You see this?


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u wot m8?

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>Dreamcast is retro
>GBA is modern
only on boards.4chan.org/vr

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Retro is currently Pong / Atari (Golden Age) to Saturn / PlayStation / N64 (Silver Age). An exception is made for Dreamcast because it was released during the 32 bit era and left the market so quickly.

Generally a "retro" product must be at least 15 years old.

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>Generally a "retro" product must be at least 15 years old.
No, it mustn't.
This board should be left for 20th century vidya.
>inb4 PS2 because it was released in 2000
No, PS2 shares too much 21th century.

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>announcing a report
thats as against the rules as this thread
but ur not banned so i say hey lets go

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Dreamcast is 1998
Gameboy Advance is 2001

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looks like a polished PS2
looks like a portable SNES

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An hd dreamcast

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Don't worry everyone, I know how to get the mods to delete this thread quickly. Pic very much related.

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>hd dreamcast
that's the Wii

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The Wii is an upgraded GC and it's not even HD.

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GBA really is just a portable SNES with some exclusive games... spec-wise it should be allowed, but the autistic anal calendar nazis keep opposing it as it disrupts their OCD.

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Slippery slope. Next we'll have modern games that "look retro" and every shitty mobile game ever made.

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java games should be retro tbh

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except that there's nothing modern about GBA at all.

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>implying sage works anymore

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Is sad because mods really expect me to try to discuss games from 2002 with kids born in 1996 (in the best case). Nobody in /v/ gaves a shit about gen 6 and rulefags here gets absolutely buttblasted when someone tries to make a civilized discussion to fix this problem.
Its terrible how this board ended being even more full of snobs than /lit/ despite being videogames.

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I would disagree and list many points to the contrary that would 100% convince you beyond a doubt that GBA absolutely does not belong on /vr/, but that would mean discussing GBA on this board which is against the rules so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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>list many points to the contrary that would 100% convince you beyond a doubt that GBA absolutely does not belong on /vr/
go on

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Reporting is functional here but it doesn't actually do anything, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same deal with sage.

Go ask mook for a 2000-2015 /vr2/ board.

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>1999 and earlier
Arbitrary much? 2000 was the last year of the 21st century.

Speaks much about the education of the people running this website.

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>implying were not already talking about GBA

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there are 3 retron threads a day and motherfuckers wanna get their jimmies rustled when someone posts about GBA. HAH!!!

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For all anons complaining about impossibility of discussing GBA games (aka portable SNES) you still can discuss them in the context of ports of /vr/-related games.

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We don't like the retron threads, but they don't break the rules. It's an emulator box.

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it's not retro and it even supports GBA. GASP!!

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so if I start a thread about SNES ports on GBA, that'll slide... but if I want to talk about the hardware itself, which is essentially a mini SNES, then all i get is dates spit at me. you guys are fucking retards.

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Not really. Even a port on a newer console shouldn't allowed if it's on a console released after 1999.

No-one gave a fuck either until people figured out they could make threads about newer games under the pretense of "it's a port". There was a thread about some 2010 pacman remake on steam which people were defending because "pacman is retro, right?".

Faggots who ended up ruining the board for everyone.

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well, yes... pac-man is retro and is a topic that will interest retro gamers... even if the topic is about a butchered version so that we can all shit on it... yes, pac-man is VR and anyone that needs to look at rules and a calendar to decide what retro is can seriously eat a dick and grow a brain.

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I'm not even going to argue because you've literally given in with that shitpost.

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In about fifteen years it may be allowed.

Given the cap is about that time. It's been fourteen years since 1999.

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Not /vr/

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Good rule of thumb.

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Don't SNES/SMD ports on GBA discussions end at the point of being overall worse than original because of lower resolution and awful sound system?

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The rules and sticky say they aren't but our only janitor doesn't give a shit about the rules as long as it's a game they like.

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With this rule we'll end up discussing games of 18-22 years old anons preschool years.

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Why don't they just make a GBA general for gods sake

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literally go to >>>/vg/ and make a GBA general not that hard faggots stop shitting up this board

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>There was a Maya the Bee game!?

Probably a european exclusive. Maya had been rerunning on german tv for decades.

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cry more

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Guys, I got it! Maybe we just need a board for every console.

and /vr/ can just become /sega/.

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Why not?

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>every console.
>all nintendo + ps1
underage /v/tard

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I faceplamed pretty hard at a gaming convention a few years ago (2008 or so). One of the guests was You Suzuki. A kid in the audience genuinely asked this gem: "okay so I've seen this Outrun game of yours, it seems kinda simplistic, so I wanted to ask, were your first games developed using something like Flash?"

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1. gba was released 2001, three years after dreamcast('98)
2. its sixth gen handheld
3. unlike dreamcast it didnt die quickly, it still got games way after DS came out(2008, DS came out in 2004)
4. generally its not considered to be retro handheld, even though it has tons of snes/genesis ports(by that logic other sixth and later gen consoles are "retro" too)

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I can't wait for that Final Fantasy VII remake/port on the PS4 to get released so we can talk about it here on /vr/.

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Can't wait to see the shitstorm of people screaming NOT RETRO even though it technically qualifies?

OP has already done a marvelous job of creating a successful troll thread thanks in no small part to our highly ineffectual mods and janitors.

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Since this is a gba thread has anyone ever played summon night 1&2 ? What about sabrewulf?

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>In far far future of 2040
GBA stihl nope retro

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Let the gba hidden gems discussion begin!

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Not retro.

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This game was trash.

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For me "retro" is not a time period but more the aesthetic of those old games, I see the first Atari pixels, 8 bit, 16 bit and low polygon stuff like the N64 and PS1 as retro. More modern systems will never be "retro" Personally I wouldn't see the Dreamcast as retro but it slipped through because its date. Though the time still has a meaning but only in context, like a modern indie game made to look like this style would not be retro, but imitating retro.
Now since the GBA is like a better SNES but not close to an N64 and therefore looks not much different than emulating the SNES on a handheld I would see it fitting as retro.
People are worried that this would open Pandora's box though as it breaks the magical 2000- barrier and soon people come with "How about the PS2? etc.
After this definition that is pretty much no danger, the PS2 will NEVER be retro, its graphics will look dated but still modern and more realistic. I guess they will have to find a new word for these neo-retro systems in the future.

tl,dr: GBA OK imho fam

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2D and 3D wise the NDS is just a little bit better than the PS1. Is that retro aswell?

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Is a PSP retro? You can play PSX games on it

>> No.2754554

You can play them on a PS3 too. Clearly a retro system.

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Dude, there are tons of emus for the PSP, And graphically it's not that advanced, it's totally retro. Also, the Wii is retro because a lot of retro games got ported to the virtual console.

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I don't know anymore who is trolling who

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Is it janitor approved shitposting thread?
Suck my cock dudes!

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Hell yeah!

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Just fucking how.
There is the thread for GBA in /vg/, but it fucking dies.
It seems GBA threads on /vr/ keep appearing for the purpose of appearing.

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I had erectile dysfunction and was often left embarrassed when I tried to make love to a woman.

Then I bought a gameboy and now my dick just werks.

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People seem to assume it retro and therefore go to /vr/

>> No.2754625

I hope it will eventually, it's like a 4 and a half gen home console in a handheld, many of the games in it's library really fit with the kind of games that usually go on here.

>> No.2754629

It literally makes your post not bump the thread, like it always has.

It has never done anything else, it's not a reverse bump.

I'm putting sage in the options field now, and my post will not bump this thread.

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>Its terrible how this board ended being even more full of snobs than /lit/

Confirmed for never having been to /lit/, nobody is as elitist as those pseudo intellectuals, they read about 3 books and circlejerk furiously about how they're "better than the common rabble", /vr/ has it's autistic elitists, but they can not just compare.

>> No.2754635

>Following rules is for snobs


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Ports and remakes are allowed in context to retro games, you're not the one making that rule.

I can make a thread about Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, and it's ports on the PS3 and XBox360, and there's nothing you can do about it, because Duke Nukem 3D is retro.

Suck it down.

>> No.2754652

I must have missed that part in the sticky where it explicitly mentions an exception for ports and remakes on modern consoles. When I glanced at it earlier it said "platforms launched in 1999 and earlier".

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>> No.2754678

I don't see rules being enforced on posts or threads about ports and remakes.

In fact, I frequently see posts removed arguing that some ports and remakes shouldn't be discussed on /vr/, the sticky doesn't specify it, but the way mods enforce the rules, that's the way I see it.

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>Nobody in /v/ gaves a shit about gen 6

You obviously don't browse /v/. Maybe you should actually go there so you would know what you're talking about instead of saying stupid shit like this.

>> No.2754729

There is no problem here and changing what isn't broken on /vr/ does not fix problems on /v/.

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Did NDS and PSP games look like PS1 games you shitstains?

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>Did NDS games look like PS1 games
They did, you would know if you were alive during PSX days, kiddo.

>> No.2754872

Let me rephrase that for the inarticulate: did the NDS and PSP games share AESTHETICS with PS1 games?

>> No.2754883

And it's really not like the SNES could replicate games like Lady Sia or Maya the Bee. Maybe with the SFX chip, but that's something entirely different. And let's not forget the GBA had a lot of 3D games, like 007: Nightfire, Duke Nukem and Doom, which runs way better than the SNES version.
The GBA is in another league.

>> No.2754886

>pulling the underage card
Watch out everyone, this guy means business.

>> No.2754890

Maya and Sia give-off a Genesis-y vibe due to Comix Zone.

>> No.2754892

read this >>2754869

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This thread still isn't dead, so the mods are giant hypocrites then. Let's talk about the Gamecube too then. My favourite Gamecube game is Super Mario Sunshine, followed closely by Melee, what's yours /vr/?

>> No.2754903

Cherry-picked screenshots can't talk, anon.

>> No.2754905

Gamecube is retro because you can play Ocarina of Time on it.

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Xbox one is retro because of pic related

>> No.2754909

We don't have mods.

No, it's retro because it has the Game Boy Player. It's the only reason the shitty snez is retro to.

Come again? Does Comix Zone have a Maya level?

>> No.2754913

nothing post-atari 2600 is retro tbh

>> No.2754914

PS4 is retro because is has shovel knight

>> No.2754918

There's also the Zelda collection which has Zelda I and II.

And a few ports like Skies of Arcadia and Ikaruga!

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File: 90 KB, 262x312, https%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F9643c6857c525d8aa1ba6d58dbaa1c0a%2Ftumblr_nt1mdlVCYC1soxvw2o1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw gba doom runs 1000% better than snes doom

>> No.2754954

It has 1000% better cpu, so that's not surprising.

>> No.2754959

If only the audio and screen resolution were better.

>> No.2755032




Ha! You funny! Me kill you last.

That's the reason why OT threads are so long on here. This board rarely needed moderation being a small more or less hidden corner so if lucky we have a mod strolling by like once a day or so. Only big things like the whole "allowing the DC"- discussions which took over the board after a while will temporarely call them here.

>> No.2755105

>mod deletes thread about snes/genesis games that are similar to binding of Isaac where actual discussion about games is happening
>leaves this shithole metathread up

At least have some consistency

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File: 477 KB, 268x201, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1444634620419.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please take care of it.

>> No.2755164

I still think the modding here is don't by way of number of reports/severity of reports. The porn posted here not long ago was quickly deleted, likely for being reported as porn on a SFW board. I wouldn't be surprised if a totally ontopic Super Mario World thread were reported by 20 people it too would get deleted. Pure speculation, of course, but it would explain some modding inconsistencies. I still wonder whether or not we have a dedicated mod or janitor and, if we do, if they really know much about the rules and subject matter covered.

>> No.2755282

Hwy do people think the GBA is better/stronger than SNES?

GBA has lower resolution, inferior sound, missing two buttons, and a mountain of shovelware only surpassed by the DS.

>> No.2755294

Could the SNES do something like this?


>> No.2755306

Or this?


Too bad the Asterix and Obelix game is the only one that's actually playable though. None of the games listed above have been released, except for Street Racing Syndicate, which is utter unplayable trash.

>> No.2755316

256×224 vs 240 × 160 is really not much less and the GBA is a fucking handheld you retard.
512 colors on-screen compared to 128 of the SNES.
3D way ahead of the SFX2 chip.
And the sound was quite good once you used good drivers, good samples and a good composer.

>> No.2755323

anything older then Pong is also not retro?

>> No.2755328

how is this thread still alive?

report this faggotry or you are part of the cancer killing /vr/

>> No.2755348

good, fuck /vr/

>> No.2755365

they were never allowed here... also why has this thread gotten over 100 replies... this really shows how shit this board has become...

>> No.2755368

good job making thread even shittier with your faggotry you retard

>> No.2755371

>Reporting is functional here but it doesn't actually do anything, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same deal with sage.
>people actually believe this

>> No.2755375

nice shitposting
inb4 you start spamming ridiculous shit about me being "buttmad"

>> No.2755378

>nice shitposting
look in the thread you're in, dumbass

>> No.2755393

Underrated post

>> No.2755396

overrated post

>> No.2755456

Go to bed gramps

>> No.2755603

I really don't understand this "1999 and prior" rule. We're entering 2016, i think GBA has also became retro.

>> No.2755619

That doesn't make any sense. That would mean PS4 and Xbone would become retro eventually. I think the current lineup is the only thing that should be called retro, even in the far future.

>> No.2755634 [DELETED] 


Get in here /vr/fags, we need you


>> No.2755671

I just wish the mods would update the rules and sticky to finally clarify whether or not it's allowed. Right now it just comes off as our janitor either not knowing the rules or blatantly ignoring them whenever the thread is about a game they like.

>> No.2756368

>I think the current lineup is the only thing that should be called retro, even in the far future

You realise that the term of retro differs in time, right?

>> No.2756373

>That would mean PS4 and Xbone would become retro eventually

Yup, that's a fact. People will discuss ps4 under the name of retro after 20 years. Deal with it.

>> No.2756407

It does run better, but you'll want to turn shadows off if you don't want lots of slowdown.

You can't do this in the port of Doom 2 but it makes up for it by being a very faithful port, as opposed to the first which cuts like 30-40% of the original content (it cuts the spidermind and cyberdemon, as well as their levels, the final level is replaced with E2M9)

>> No.2756479

Because 32-bit, son.
Though it could have used two extra buttons if only for SNES ports.

And sure, the screen was small, but it's a handheld, gonna be hard to fit a TV in your pockets.

>> No.2756481

>so I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same deal with sage
What do you think sage actually is you inbred cunt?

>> No.2756580

When people talk about classical music nowadays, they still talk about Mozart or Beethoven. The Beatles or Elvis are not classical music even though an arbitrary amount of time has passed since they performed. That's because classical music isn't defined by how long ago it was composed, but rather by a certain underlying zeitgeist, conventions and philosophies that shaped music in a certain period.

It's exactly the same case with retro video games. When you ask "WHY DOESN'T /VR/ WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE ORIGINAL HALO? IT'S PRETTY OLD", you're doing the equivalent of barging in on a classical music club and asking why don't they want to talk about The Ramones even though it's been 40 years already.

>> No.2756603

Oh look, this thread is on page one again.

>> No.2756612

Neato huh.

How about you stop shitposting and enjoy the GBA thread?

>> No.2756616

Because there exists GBA thread on /vg/

>> No.2756618

>but rather by a certain underlying zeitgeist, conventions and philosophies that shaped music in a certain period.
Define it for /vr/

>> No.2756626

>what is Contemporary classical

Yeah, classical music is a genre. It's called classical music because it has it's own rules, it's not because it's supposed to be old. You're right about it. But retro is a relative term, it changes and evolves as time passes unlike your example. The retro of today wasn't retro 10 years ago, etc.

>> No.2756635


Except the definition you gave is for "classical".

We should make this the "classic video game board". Retro is something that is always changing.

Fucking faggots, it will take more than 10 years to have PS2 and GBA here.

>> No.2756642

>Generally a "retro" product must be at least 15 years old.

So.... you do realize the GBA and PS2 are over that age right?

Why can't retrofags realize that time does not stop?

>> No.2756646


But the Wii is not even HD faggot. Fuck you are stupid

>> No.2756648
File: 602 KB, 942x705, dreamcast was the last retro console.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2756651

>you guys are fucking retards.

You finally realize it.

>> No.2756653

Yeah, every indie game that comes out every few seconds should be considered retro.

>> No.2756656

That's basically it. people just use the term 3rd gen and not retro argument for the games which they don't like.

>> No.2756657

As long as the hardware it's on is similar to retro hardware, sure.

>> No.2756660


No there isn't

>faggots accept the dreamcast as retro, even though it has nothing retro, it's basically a PS2 with no games
>gameboy/gameboy color are not retro


>> No.2756661


why the hell do people even consider dreamcast retro. Nobody discusses that shit here. Problably because the great majority of the games worth talking were released post 1999.

>> No.2756663

No there is

>> No.2756671






>> No.2756673
File: 902 KB, 849x1201, sleepy smug 90s anime face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

settle down, gramps

>> No.2756676

Took me a few seconds, pretty good

>> No.2756678

SNES/SMD ports for GBA.

>> No.2756680

thats the xbox 360 since alot of DC, NAOMI, and Atomiswave games were ported onto it.

>> No.2756684

90% of SNES/Genesis games are proto-GBA games.

>> No.2756685

why does every board on this shitty site have inane shit people get triggered over

like damn nigga, it could be 2020 and people will still insist the gba isn't retro because it's hard to accept change when you have autism

>> No.2756686
File: 922 KB, 400x225, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1443287529233.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tbh pretty much this.

>> No.2756742

>Is interracial porn still not allowed here?

No. Rule violating topics are still not allowed. See rules posted at the top for details.

>> No.2756748

This. We only post gay porn in this part of town.

>> No.2756991


Fairly rated post.

>> No.2756997

Playstation 2 should be allowed here if GBA is.

PS2 is older than GBA for chrissakes. I just want to talk about PS2 games with you guys.

>> No.2757004

see >>2754445

>> No.2757006

see >>2756671

>> No.2757018


so much this

>> No.2757026
File: 36 KB, 340x460, 1311699740279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2757027

>Dreamcast discontinued before GBA came out
>GBA is retro hurr durr

>> No.2757032

>my opinion is the only one that matters and everyone must conform to my ideology

>> No.2757047

I told you faggots when they started allowing dreamcast, that it would be a slippery slope.

absolutely NO good will come of allowing GBA. it will just bring a new influx of underage faggots from /v/

>> No.2757054

I argued against allowing an exception to the rules just for the DC, since I knew it would turn into people whining for even newer shit to be allowed.

AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! Fucking called it.

Of course, I'll never get an apology from the dreamcast fags who said "Hur dur that's slippery slope argument, it'll never happen!" They were selfish then in wanting special snowflake status, and they are selfish now in not admitting they are causing problems.

The DC fags on this board make me wish I never owned a DC.

>> No.2757440

DC fag here.

We knew that people would complain about them not being allowed. Partially because they were allready complaining before the sticky was changed to allow the DC. But mainly because the actuall issue was that we wanted to either:
>A. remove the 1999 rule for consoles, and just have the cut off be 5th gen
>B. remove the 5th gen rule and have the cutoff be 1999
But unfortunately the mods did neither of those things, and now we still have the issue of contradictory rules that give gba/ps2/gamecube/whatever fags a foothold to shitpost. Even if that foothold is not a valid one, since the DC was the ONLY system to fall into that grey area.

Regardless, it wasn't that we said it would lead to them complaining, but that it wouldn't lead to them being allowed. Its been what, year and half, two years now? And guess what, they're not allowed yet, just as we predicted.

>> No.2757461

ugh, it should be a rolling 15-to-20-year window of exclusion with exceptions for handhelds that covers a slightly shorter period, maybe 5 years shorter

/vr/ should be allowed to grow in scope on an impartial, predictable schedule

>> No.2757537


You'll be okay.

>> No.2757539

>since the DC was the ONLY system to fall into that grey area
You mean the console with Gamecube style graphics and online connectivity that set forth pretty much every "next gen" convention is a GREY AREA? Give me a break. The only semi-valid reason for it to be retro is the port argument, which would be just as valid for something like the GBA.

A gen cutoff can't ever be the only criteria for retro in this board because of PC. I agree with >>2757461, the exclusion should roll over depending on the year, and it's absurd to think people are against this. We'll all have a dead board within years at worst and a board for hipsters who want to "discover (overhyped) retro games" at best, we're already both dying and being overrun with e-celeb/"I just started FFVII/CT what am I in for" style threads. That's what happens when you run out of things to talk about. Our board will just grow stagnant and die.

Progressively including years would allow us to talk about 2000 PC games (remember the Sims 1 thread where pepole would STILL go "NOT RETRO"?) which barely even work in modern PCs but are somehow considered modern, hip and forbidden for /vr/.

Or, you know, don't change anything, but don't bitch and moan when /vr/ becomes a dead board for teenage hipsters.

>> No.2757556

thanks, someone else gets it!

>> No.2757575


Heck the last "official" PS1 game was released in 2006, ffs.

>> No.2757638

Being realistic, either every 3-4 years there needs to be an update to the consoles accepted, or there needs to be a rolling dateline of "this game is now 15 years old, and we can talk about it."

>> No.2758424

A rolling date is just going to give autists an excude to argue about the exact date, time zones, leap seconds, and other sperg shit. A rolling year is probably easier for people to deal with and more logical than a rolling whenever some faggot updates the sticky.

>> No.2758445

Someone mentioned 15 years as the ground rule for defining what is considered retro.

But what he forgot to say is that it's 15 year from the end of the lifespan of the console.

So PS2 won't be retro until at least 2020.

>> No.2758451
File: 49 KB, 354x500, Fifa14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You mean 2029.

>> No.2758457


It's the end of the console, not the end of the software.

>> No.2758464

>But what he forgot to say is that it's 15 year from the end of the lifespan of the console.

>Dreamcast isn't retro until 2016
>PS1 isn't retro until 2021
>SNES and GBC aren't retro until 2018
>PC games aren't retro, ever

Only on boards.4chan.org/vr/

>> No.2758469

Nintendo serviced/repaired SNES until sometime between 2005-2010. So I guess the SNES isn't retro because you could still get official service for that system until fairly recently?

>> No.2758475

> GBA released in 2001, last Licensed Game in 2008

No, we don't need to be discussing games that aren't even 8 years old because you want a console to be retro. Quit it. Besides, PS2 came out before GBA and the last licensed game was released in 2013. This would all defeat the point of this board.

Where's the janitor?

>> No.2758480

According to this alarmingly deranged logic the NES, SNES, GB and GBC aren't retro, and won't be for another couple years. They were all discontinued on 2003, iirc, and services were still provided until fairly later on.

I guess we should be /vr/ - Atari & Commodore 64 now.

>> No.2758484

last licensed PS1 & Dreamcast games were 2006 & 2007 respectively :)

>> No.2758493

>we don't need to be discussing games that aren't even 8 years old
Stuff like Pier Solar's always been okay here

>defeat the point of this board
Talking about old videogames? Because PC games from 2000 are old but are somehow excluded and deemed modern here, and that makes no sense.

Not everything is consoles, mate.

Also this >>2758484

>> No.2758508

/vr/ represents an unchanging era blah blah. If people want to discuss newer stuff they can either petition for a dedicated board or stick to threads on /vg/ and /v/. The biggest problems with /vr/ are the few dedicated trolls who keep pushing for changes and the meek regulars who pander to them.

>> No.2758516

PC games are a special case. It was discussed in some depth in one of the previous troll threads. Treating it like a platform won't work because even PC games released today still use the same architectures as PC games from 20 years ago. Going by OS wouldn't work either, since if you tried hard enough you could probably at least get semi-modern games to run on the likes of Windows 98. Going by year works, but for simplicity it has to be the same year as the console cut-off, otherwise certain people would endlessly point out that "x game released on PC in 2002 is retro, but PS2 released in 2000 is not retro". Give these fuckers an inch and they'll take a hundred fucking miles.

>> No.2758581



>> No.2758586



>> No.2758656

GBA games looks like SNES games, ergo retro. DC games look like PS2 games, ergo not retro. Both Beatles and Elvis are overrated shit.

>> No.2758658

Can't judge a game based solely on how it looks, otherwise every crap 2d mobile game is now retro.

>> No.2758663

retro is retro. PS2 and GBA? not retro. not now, not ever.

>> No.2758665

not just faggots: dorito gobbling, dew guzzling, piece of shit call of duty halo warfare six black ops of press X to mourn: battlefield source edition faggots.

>> No.2758674
File: 90 KB, 1200x800, notretro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love it. I'd rather have /vr/ die than see it turn into your shithead modurrrrrn gmaez board. you have /v/ for that kinda shit. if they won't have you, I seriously hope you'll find somewhere else to jizz all over your love for modern shit.

fuck your modern shit and take it elsewhere. Why is NOT RETRO so hard to comprehend?

>> No.2758680

Let's just say that a game becomes retro 20 years after release.

>> No.2758687

Fuck you people. Why do you want to ruin a perfectly fine board. Just go to /vg/ or fucking /v/eddit to talk about your modern shit?

>> No.2758752

This thread has been up for two days. Other threads have been deleted in that time, so we know the mods have been paying attention to this board.

It's official, folks. The entire of sixth gen is now /vr/ material.

>> No.2758760
File: 1.87 MB, 379x423, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1445674310176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The entire of sixth gen is now /vr/ material.
Can you read the sticky?

>> No.2758764
File: 41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

b-b-b-b-but it still has games coming out... ;.;

>> No.2758765


Haha, it's not official, /vr/ just lacks proper moderation, it's been like this for months now.

You can try and make any 6th gen thread you want, you will get shitposted with NOT RETRO anyway.

>> No.2758768

The mods sure can't, else they'd have removed this thread.

So what's your favorite PS2 game?

>> No.2758772

You have /6gg/ at /vg/ to ask these questions.

>> No.2758775

Why? We have this wonderful, newly mod approved 6th gen thread right here.

It'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

>> No.2758783


>mod approved

more like mod ignored, like the rest of the board.


>> No.2758786

>mod ignored
We know they've been here. We have proof. They're happy to let this thread exist for two days, so they'll have to let future threads exist too.

It is now. 6th gen is /vr/.

Get used to it.

>> No.2758793


I'll believe it when I see the sticky change.

Make all the 6th gen threads you want, you'll keep getting NOT RETRO replies, better get used to it.

>> No.2758794

>Get used to it.
Get used to "not retro". This board doesn't deserve to be flooded with 6th gen.

>> No.2758796

Then you'll just get used to being banned for spam and shitposting in the new mod approved 6th gen threads.

Honestly, it's about time. This board was starting to stagnate.

>> No.2758798 [DELETED] 


We won't get banned because mods don't care.

By your definition, mods approve of shitposting, yes, it's why this thread is still up.

>> No.2758805

I throw down a challenge to the mods.

Allow 6th gen discussion for the entirety of november and see if it does something positive for the stagnation of the board.

>> No.2758808

>stagnation of the board.

what stagnation?

>challenge to the mods

LOL, mods don't CARE.

>> No.2758814

This board is self-regulated well with the "NOT RETRO" wall.

>> No.2758816

Get used to this!
*unzips dick*

>> No.2758819

I throw down a challenge to the mods.

Allow porn ofr the entirety of november and see if it does something positive for the stagnation of the board.

>> No.2758853

I throw down a challenge to Hiro.

Fire your mods and get competent people.

>> No.2758873

If we can have a near omnipresent thread about fucking CRT tvs then I think it wouldn't hurt to have a GBA general too. It's funny how nobody complains about the thread that has literally nothing to do with video games and where nobody actually talks about games, and the very same people are throwing a little temper tantrum at the mere thought of actually talking about games that are so very slightly newer than their autism allows. Like it or not, the board is stagnating and we could do with some fresh topics of discussion, if even just to piss off the most poisonous elements of this board. If we can talk about fucking televisions here without disruption then we should be able to talk about actual games on the GBA.

>> No.2758874

yeah I'm sure /tb16/ would get loads of traffic

>> No.2758879

>only aware of ps1 and "tb16" as non mario consoles
My bad. Underage /b/tard

>> No.2758887

CRT thread doesn't break rules.
>Try to keep it /vr/-related
But any GBA thread does.
You can have a GBA thread on /v/, you can use /6gg/ for GBA discussing. But you can't have a GBA thread on /vr/.
/6gg/ exists like 3 days. Why does it keep dying?
As for now, I'm almost sure that demands of allowing GBA on /vr/ is just a cover for shitposting.

>> No.2758889

Personally I'd like a place to discuss gba, so if you dweebs could handle it I think /vr/ would be a nice place for that.

>> No.2758892

>demands of allowing GBA on /vr/ are

>> No.2758893

>CRT thread doesn't break rules.
Generals do and yet they get a free pass because mods are fucking morons. People claim that /vg/ is too fast and that the threads would die out too fast but the unfortunate truth that no one wants to acknowledge is that they die out because no one wants to talk about them enough to keep the threads alive.

>> No.2758896

>Personally I'd like a place to discuss gba

>> No.2758901

>Generals do
Whose rules?
/vr/ rule doesn't contain anything about generals.

>> No.2758904

/vr/ also doesn't contain any rules about 6th gen either, it seems.

>> No.2758909

Read thoroughly.
>though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

>> No.2758915

And yet here this thread is.

/vr/ doesn't give a shit about rules. It breaks more of them than /v/ does. All you kids crying because people want to bring more topics to a board where all you do is talk about Doom, some old jap guy and how expensive games on eBay are can fuck right off. It's your bullshit, yours, that ruined this board.

>> No.2758918 [DELETED] 


You can leave if you don't like it.

Posting 6th gen threads will only get you NOT RETRO replies.

>> No.2758920


Actually, as the rules clearly state, this board is for the discussion of classic or retro games. Not televisions, actual games. Not like it matters anyway, the rules can always be changed. I think /vr/ is an ideal place to talk about GBA games too. Obviously there's not as much interest on the other video game boards for GBA games or really anything from that gen, they're way more concerned with newer games. This board is the of only board where the posters care enough to have any real discussion about it.

And seriously, anyone like you who defends the tv threads should really have no say in the matter. It's pure hypocrisy. I don't even mind the threads being here though. Know why? Even though they don't meet the strict criteria of the rules, they aren't really going to get the level of discussion they deserve on any other board, just like GBA. I could tell you to fuck off to /vg/ or even /g/ to talk about it, but unlike you I'm aware that there's not as much interest there. Also, I don't have autism, which helps.

>> No.2758921

And doing that will get you banned for shitposting.

6th gen is mod approved. Don't like it? Should have cleaned up your board a long time ago then.

>> No.2758923 [DELETED] 
File: 4 KB, 145x130, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1445627358578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And yet here this thread is.
Because it's shitposting thread but not actual GBA thread.

>All you kids crying because people want to bring more topics to a board
oh sure they are

>> No.2758931

>Because it's shitposting thread but not actual GBA thread.
Then why is it still up at all when the mods have deleted other threads that were made after this one?

Mods don't care. Rules don't matter. 6th gen is /vr/ now.

>> No.2758934


It's like you don't understand.

This board is self-moderated.

There is no mod on /vr/, random mods delete some posts here and there here, but only if they break major rules (like posting NSFW on a blue board, etc). When mods get reports for things like blatant console war shitposting or 6th gen they don't care, because they don't even brose /vr/, they don't know the culture here.

We have the sticky with the rules, and we follow them, because we know that the moment Halo is officially allowed here, it's the end of /vr/.

Like it or not, you won't be able to discuss 6th gen here. You will get NOT RETRO and that's it.

Try reporting the NOT RETRO posts, mods won't give a fuck, as you already said.

>> No.2758936

>Not televisions, actual games
How do you play games with no TV set?

>> No.2758939

>It's like you don't understand.
He does unterstand, he's just an ignorant troll.

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