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Good games with dithering

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Your mother dithered me last night m8

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All retro games use dithering

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thats not true
Portable games usually dont have it
SNES lacks dithering in most of its library too

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Loom EGA version

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Amiga version, for comparison. They're pretty close.

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PS1 looks beautiful with dithering and s-video

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I believe a lot of the monkey island games used dithering. Beautiful stuff sometimes.

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Even better on a PS2 with RGB

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Look at this. This beautiful dithering.

I bet a lot of Atari ST games used it.

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Portables don't have much dithering since they lack resolution.

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>Portables don't have much dithering since they lack resolution.

that's exactly what he was saying, dumbass.

>Portable games usually dont have it

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Not the exact same. I gave a reason for why they don't use it as often.

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dithering like gifs made in Photoshop for tumblr?

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Videos converted to gif are prone to have dithering since they can only display 256 colors per frame.

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I had no idea Bob Morane games even existed. Neat.

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Trip World

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The Mega Drive is pretty much Dithering: The Console. I like Eternal Champions' backgrounds.

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That damn level. Ruined the whole game.

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Wow, that's beautiful!

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