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Why can't modern games seem to emulate the feeling of retro games?

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That's a complicated question that probably has no satisfactory answer.


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Joy and first-time wonder are hard to repackage. Kinda like naming a shiny new Camaro, "Bumblebee".

Yeah..I went there.

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Multiple reasons.
This goes for both multiplayer and the ease of “just google it” instead of figuring shit out.
-Digital download
No physical copy
-Pre order culture.
This is a big one and really terrible. There’s absolutely no legitimate reason to pre order a video game ever.
-Games released broke or missing features.
-DLC anything
Both pretty much directly related to the prior point.
-Achievement bullshit
Cheap and easy way to add to a game without actually adding anything to a game.
Perfect for gamers that grew up on an ipad.
-Normie shit
Good luck getting a game like Punch Out made in today’s SJW bs.

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Because they still follow game design and art directions that are the product of decades of design iteration. They don't do things in wacky and wild ways anymore. The example you posted there is just DuckTales for the new generation.

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Don't know, but I really enjoyed vid related. I still haven't collected all the golden medals and cups.


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>thinking that the appeal of retro games are them being "wacky and wild"
also you should love all the indie retro games, since they are all about pointless gimmicks and being as "wack and wild" as humanly possible rather than game play.

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Because 3D needs a lot of rendering, making it appear slower and more realistic.

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I think games like Dark Call and pic related capture it pretty well though.

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wtf does that statement have to do with the subject of the thread at all?

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>no scanlines
not flattering screenshots

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Game design has evolved too much and in ways that make it hard to go back. People making new games that feel like old games are hamstrung by that. If you ignore improvements in game design over the years your game will either be not very fun to play or be too similar to something that already exists. If you take them into account, you inevitably end up with something that feels modern.

There are a handful of examples. Dark Void Zero feels surprisingly old but is still really good. And the games made for Retro Game Challenge were mostly good and felt like classic games. It's hard though.

Shovel Knight was going for a retro look, but is very much about modern game design.

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>framerate and or resolution and screen
>too much colors
>mishup of 3d/2d or other "effects"
>setting(as where you play and surrounding or people)
>new ideas(modern are mostly just recycling)
>rituals, like putting the cardridge in
>playing just now, without installing any shit or waiting for loading times.
ect. pp.

That's just a very small list which comes to my mind.
Also your pic is not retro.

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I think the major thing differentiating "new retro" from "old retro" game design is hardware limitations. If these games were built for 3rd or 4th (maybe 5th) gen consoles, they would have the same constraints as back in the day . I think this make the games alot more retro feeling, even with a different design philosophy

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I will never understand you people.

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Coding for actual retro hardware/emulators is one way to get the feeling of actual technical restrictions right. But for the actual game design, >>2751048 is right. Either the game represents an evolution of established themes and designs, or it merely represents stagnation and duplication.

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that's ok, we will never understand jaggyfags and blurryfags either

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I think the core of the problem is at the sound. Chiptune programs are readily available, but they just don't account for the restrictions that sound designers from back in the day had to deal with. Chiptune doesn't embrace simple square/triangle/sine/whatever waves, they often use WAY more sound channels than systems like the NES were capable of, and they certainly don't use the little tricks-of-the-trade from back then, such as using pops of static for percussion. When it's all said and done, chiptune sounds close, but it's also clearly off.

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It's because 2D games shouldn't be regressing like this.

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The "jaggys" to me are the actual pixels and I think being able to see them is best. Scanlines are the equivalent of throwing a noise filter over everything to obscure what it's supposed to look like.

Not telling you not to play your games that way, it just makes no sense to me and looks ugly as hell.

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compare any indie game to stuff like seiken densetsu 3, princess crown, etc

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Maybe learn how 240p is displayed. Scanlines are supposed to be there.

Dumb kids.

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>what it's supposed to look like
about that

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>implying you can step in the same river twice

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I still think games look vastly better without them, on a monitor that's not a CRT. People who actually like looking at CRTs baffle me almost as much as people who want to put scanlines on everything.

Like the other guy, play your games how you want but I've always felt CRTs held them back and are hideously ugly. And yes I'm fully aware you probably think scanlines are what makes it look "proper" Still ugly to me.

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screw off and stop trying to start one of those stupid wars

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