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Can we talk about the best Metal Gear game? Anybody else played it?
What'd you guys and gals think of it.?

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Definitely more interesting and fun to play than any of the titles on console

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Probably best nes style metal gear we got stateside.

That being said I feel like the MSX releases were better.

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>the best Metal Gear game

You really are a relentless hipster, aren't you?

As for the game, I thought it was alright when I played it a few years ago. I remember getting kinda bored and frustrated with the conveyor belt section. I mean, I'm not opposed to puzzle solving but it really was just disorientating and painfully slow compared to what came before and I dropped it soon after. Might restart it again soon and see if it was as annoying as I remember.

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>relentless hipster

I try to be, and I'm happy somebody noticed thanks <3.

But yeah bullshit aside you really should try it again. I found it really tedious when I was younger, but curling up in dark recently and playing it on the GameCube player really got me into the whole thing.
Story is also top knotch if story is your kinda thing.

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Doesnt help that its one of the pricier GBC games (along with Resident Evil Gaiden)

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Metal Gear for the Gameboy color is much more accessible than the NES versions, probably better selling too. How in the fuck is it hipster?

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Resident Evil Gaiden is pricey? I've had both complete in box for the longest. Never beat that one though

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> I disagree with what OP said
> OP is obviously a hipster
> I don't know how to use buzzwords in their proper context

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That game does it's best at making the players hate the cardboard box.

fuck that puzzle.

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It's excellent. Easily one of the best GBC games and Metal Gears to boot.

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I like how it feel Gameboy Color-ey and still stays true to metal gear gameplay

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"Best" is a bit strong. It's not as bad as Peace Walker, but it's not nearly as good as the rest of the series.

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>this is what retarded nintendo babbys actually think

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or it's subjective opinion different from your own, but y'know, if you're more content being a pretentious faggot, that's cool too.

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It was pretty brilliant that way. Also, not retro, but if you like that about Ghost Babel I highly recommend giving the Boktai games a try. They're very similar in feel and generally excellent.

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so underrated imo I love how its basically a tribute to MSX games and the soundtrack is OUTSANDING! Its one of the best games for the GBC imo
Ahh composed so well like the MSX one.
RIP Konami

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>OP starts thread with Ghost Babel is the best Metal Gear
>Not a hipster.
Ghost Babel was alright, but I've seen an influx of anons on /v/ suddenly proclaiming it AS THE BESTEST in the series as an overreaction to MGSV not living up to their overblown hype. MGGB didn't do anything that wasn't done better in Metal Gear 2 on the MSX aside a few gameplay additions from MGS1 that don't work as well on a smaller resolution. Besides, every with taste knows Snake's Revenge was the best one.

Why didn't OP post on the already existing Metal Gear thread?

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Not, OP, so I can't speak on HIS behalf, but I legitimately think MGGB IS the best one.

Now, mind you, I'm not saying I don't enjoy the rest of the series. I DO.

And I happen to fuckin' love MGSV but I don't love it more than GB

I'd say MGS3 is a close second to GB

The main reason I (speaking entirely for myself as non-hipster) enjoy GB so much is because I played the ever loving piss out of it.

I enjoyed the story and boss battles so much more than I ever could in MGS1 or 2.
It holds a lot of "muh nostalgia" to me and this is coming from a guy who owns every title (Sans the first two Metal Gears unless you count the ones ported to PS3) and enjoys each one.

And no, "taste" or no taste, I don't find it to be better than Snakes Revenge though it is entertaining as it's own entity.

I seriously don't see why the word hipster gets slung to and fro because some enjoy Ghost Babel.

Since when is it WRONG to enjoy any MGS title?

Oh, right. it isn't.

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Or you're a retarded nintendo faggot.

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>enjoying non-canon non-kojima game the most
get out of my house

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The bosses figths was better than MGSV

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>implying enjoying a gbc title equates to nintendo faggotry

try again, dumb ass.

Always been a sony guy

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>non kojima

that was the best part

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3 is my favorite in the series, but I think Ghost Babel is excellent and might actually be my second favorite, though I haven't played 4 or 5. Especially for when it came out and being portable, it was pretty mind blowing.

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That's what I'm saying.

I got sucked into it so much more than I ever could for anything like Pokemon or Zelda. I also took a lot of shit for that too. Somehow not being the big nintendo guy and loving either of those two over GB was enough to have me chastised by the neighborhood blow hards.

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Gonna be interesting to see if any spazz loses his mind on this obvious bait.

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Well that sucks. I was pretty hardcore into Pokemon as well, but was also in college at the time where it was crazy popular with almost everyone.

I was working a weird job the summer Ghost Babel came out and one of the things involved was a weekly meeting several cities away that was never more than five minutes, but the trip coming, going and waiting all took up almost the entire day. So once a week they basically paid me to take long train trips and play Ghost Babel. It was pretty awesome.

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I've played Boktai. Gameplay was fun, can't remember any of the plot. Too bad the copy of the game i bought wouldn't save the time settings, so i had to set the time manually everytime I turned on the game

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i ain't even mad, das a good reply

mgsv is shit and i'm so mad. ghost babel is a way better game.

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This is actually the Metal Gear game that got me into the series. I tried with Metal Gear Solid on PSOne but I found it to be cumbersome at the time, and wishing it were simpler to control. So I tried this one and I loved it. I actually bought the HD collection just to (legally) play the MSX originals, and to eventually try out MGS again.

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Where is all of the love for this game coming from all of a sudden? Is it due to MGSV being a failure?

I'm not complaining.

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I keep posting the same threads at different times of the day to generate interest and discussions of good games

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ghost babel is very respected on this board in terms of metal gear and gameboy games in general

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Just haven't seen it much. It's one of the best GBC games though.

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>Is it due to MGSV being a failure?
MGSV had bigger profits than the last Avengers movie. It might had been a disappointment to some, but it wasn't a failure.

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I love it, its a good reimagining of MG2 gameplay with elements of MGS, and since no one knew about MG2 outside Japan it was a great new experience for me.

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2:Sub > V > GB > (...)

GB really is a solid package. Except that box conveyor part. Probably has the best boss fights of the series. And they have the best backstory in my opinion.

Wish GBA would have had a follow up with similar artstyle.

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>Wish GBA would have had a follow up with similar artstyle.
There's always the Boktai series.

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>"Every human being burns differently; did you know that? The way the skin scorches, the fat burns, the innards char- changes from person to person, and you see there the burdens of their sins."

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This nigga gets it

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As a kid I was a bit confused as to whether Owl was a man or a woman.

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Boktai is nice. Awesome pixel art and all.
But far from a gritty, futuristic-military setting. Completely different palette of colors too.
Being about vampires, and from the same company how produces Castlevania, it felt too light hearted as well.
I also feel that the stealth side of the game is underdeveloped compared to GB.

Not that I dislike it, but it's not something that can take GB's place either.

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>"That's overused, white man's name. My people call it Wilgi. This is a weapon of proud lineage, and it's your guide into the afterlife..."

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MGS on GBC has some of the most impressive sprite animation on the system afaik. Snakes running animation is just particularily smooth,

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someone should probably make an editor for this game so MG1/2 can be remade in this engine

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That makes it look way shittier then it actually looks on the gbc.

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Sorry friend it's the only one I got

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So it's story is automatically better than most MG stuff
And that's a bad thing...?

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It's awesome

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I never understood the hate Snake's Revenge from Kojimadrones. It's about as good as you can expect from a sequel based strictly on Metal Gear 1 alone. The biggest complaint I get is that the story is simplistic and Big Boss coming back as a cyborg is stupid, but somehow Liquid Snake being able to possess Revolver Ocelot from beyond the grave is supposed to be taken seriously.

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really? not just revenue?

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confirmed for not knowing the story of 4

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Man I picked that game up at a Walmart on clearance when I was in highschool. Man let me tell you, as a guy that only played metal gear solid on the psx I was thoroughly impressed. Now that's my favorite GBC game of all time. Wish I knew what happened to that cart. I'd buy another copy but I don't want to pay the current price.

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>somehow Liquid Snake being able to possess Revolver Ocelot from beyond the grave

Maybe play 4 instead of stopping at 2 next time.

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How do they explain that? I stopped at 3.

>> No.2750437

Short answer:

He's faking.

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For some reason that's hilarious. Ocelot's such a weirdo. So strange, I loved MGS 1, 3 and GB. Don't love 2, but think it's still an excellent game. But had zero interest in 4 or 5. 3 was so good I felt satisfied and done.

FFIX did the same thing. Totally loved it, felt like a perfect blend of the old and new games and then never played X or after.

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You mean the self-hypnosis asspull that Kojima came up years after the fact when he realized that a surgically attached limb hosting a dead person's will was a stupid plot idea to begin with?

You guys are truly stupid if you seriously think Kojima had that explanation in mind back when he wrote MGS2. No doubt you guys also think Big Boss in MG1 turning out to be a body double was a twist he had planned all along.

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>For some reason that's hilarious. Ocelot's such a weirdo. So strange, I loved MGS 1, 3 and GB. Don't love 2, but think it's still an excellent game. But had zero interest in 4 or 5. 3 was so good I felt satisfied and done.

Holy shit, are you me? Looks like I have to find and play GB now...

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After MGS3 I just felt like the story had been wrapped up. 2 was interesting but I really didn't care what happened after that. Some of what I've heard about 5 sounds interesting, but it will be years before I have anything that can run it.

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MGS3 didn't really wrap up anything. It was just a stand-alone prequel that barely had anything to do with MGS1-2 other than having Big Boss and Ocelot as characters.

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I disagree, but it's also been years since I played it and I don't care to debate the point. After it I felt satisfied with the MGS storyline and saw no need for 4 to continue it. You don't have to agree.

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MGS1 felt like a much better conclusion to the series, outside the ending phone call between Ocelot and Solidus. MGS2 was clearly written with a sequel in mind and I'm guessing MGS3 would've been a direct continuation of the story instead of a prequel had it not been for the 9/11 attacks.

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>Can we talk about the best Metal Gear game?

Not until the PS2 goes retro.

>> No.2750747

MGS2 was most certainly not written with a sequel in mind. It made tons of people think that it NEEDED a sequel though. It took me replaying the game years after MGS4 before I realized it myself.

>> No.2750753


Also, MGS2 was already altered as a result of 9/11. How old are you? The twin towers were supposed to be featured and destroyed. Some folks have been trying to put together a connection because of the end of mission 51 in MGSV

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I think 1 stands well on it's own, 2 is decent as a follow up to it, but 3 going back and giving the history of what led up to it made for a perfect trilogy. How much of that was intended from early on doesn't really matter to me, but I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

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I couldn't help but think to myself how hyped I was when I heard MGS2 was coming out. Playing the demo bundled with ZOE. Wow. It's funny, in retrospect, I felt the same way about the demo and the Raiden chapter then as I do now about Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. Hype, then, massive let down. Still, I enjoyed the fuck out of MGS2. It's actually my favorite in the series now.

Now it's time for my blog post; My older brother picked up a PS2 when it first dropped. He broke his leg and it was his entertainment while he recovered. When he got better, I played it whenever he left the house. So eventually, I saved up enough for MGS2 (actually trading in a bunch of games, including MGS1). My brother was a fan of the series as well, so naturally, he got to playing as well. After a while, we got in to a fight and he wouldn't let me use the PS2. So I wound up trading in MGS2(partially to spite my brother) to rebuy MGS1, since I actually owned my own PS1. It wasn't until a year or two later that I got my own PS2 and beat MGS2. In that year or two, I had heard about the Raiden switch, but I always held out hope that you got to play as Snake again....

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Yes, it is certainly the best METAL GEAR game, but it is not the best Metal Gear SOLID game.

>> No.2750956

>MGS2 was most certainly not written with a sequel in mind
Yeah, because Liquid Ocelot surviving the events of the game with a hijacked Metal Gear RAY and the sudden introduction of the Patriots as the true masterminds behind everything were not sequel baits or anything.

It was a very last minute change and you know it. MGS2 was practically finished when 9/11 happened. They were not going to cancel a highly anticipated PS2 game they spent two years working on.

On the other hand, the plot of MGS2 probably hit too close to home when 9/11 happened and with the war on terror still going on when Konami started development of MGS3, they most likely choose a past setting because it would be less controversial.

>> No.2750981

I also played that demo over and over again in anticipation for the full game. I was initially disappointed in the Raiden switch, but as the game went on he really grew on me and I liked seeing Snake from another angle. For some reason the bit where he's talking to Rose and she mentions going into his room and it being almost completely empty really stood out.

What I didn't care for was the Big Shell in general as an environment wasn't very visually interesting and a lot of the ancillary characters. I really hated Rose and didn't think her presence was ever very well justified. Emma wasn't quite as bad, but still really grated on my nerves. Fatman, Fortune and Vamp all just felt really cheesy and lame to me. Though I did appreciate that Vamp isn't called that because he's like a vampire and the Fatman fight is fun at least, but even still I didn't think they were great. Also Metal Gear Rex looks awesome but the Rays look kind of dumb in my opinion.

Like I say I still thought it was pretty good, but not quite as good as MGS1 and nowhere near 3 which I think is near perfect.

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not him but i dont even like nintendo much and ghost babel and the msx games are clearly better than anything kojima has shat out in the sony systems because they actually had gameplay

>> No.2751109

Explain how the gameplay in Ghost Babel is "clearly better" than in the MGS series.

>> No.2751110

it has gameplay

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No, really, MGS2 seriously was not written with a sequel in mind. Research it. It was written with the intention of one drawing their own conclusions. The Patriots? They died 100 years ago. It was meant to be a mystery so deep that the protagonists weren't equipped to solve. MGS4 must have poisoned your mind. "What a load of bullshit". Then again, I guess the names were those of the Philosophers. But even that revelation enhanced the ending of MGS2. The Philosophers established a world order that continued over 100 years after their deaths.

I guess my point is, MGS2, according to Kojima, was never meant to have a sequel. Period. It was written as the last in a two part chapter. The ending was meant to be open ended.

>> No.2751151

>according to Kojima

Not the guy you're talking to, but I don't really trust Kojima to ever give the straight truth about anything. It may well be that he never intended a sequel, but I wouldn't take his word for it.

I think the whole plot of the series is beyond retarded anyways though.

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>MGS4 must have poisoned your mind.
Funny that you should say that, cause I would argue it's the same for you, but for the opposite reasons. When MGS2 came out and the story ended up having so many loose plot threads, everyone wanted a sequel with Solid Snake chasing after Liquid Ocelot, while searching for Olga's child and figuring out the mystery of the Patriots. The problem is that the resolutions to these plot threads in MGS4 were so underwhelming and asinine, that the answers in most people's heads were probably more imaginative than what Kojima came up with. Kojima losing his co-writer from MGS1-3 probably explains why MGS4, PW and V turned out the way they did (pic related).

Even if MGS2 was the last Metal Gear game Kojima ended up directing, he probably would've wanted the series to continue under someone else's direction. MGS4 was almost going to be directed solely by Shuyo Murata before Kojima decided to become more involved.

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So us fanboys should pull Kojima's dick out of our mouths and decalre Tomokazu Fukushima as the genius behind the story (up until 4)?

All of my illusions have just shattered.

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I don't think Fukushima was solely responsible for making MGS1-3, but there was a definite shift in writing style between MGS1-3 and MGS4, PW and V.

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2 was the only game with a planned sequel. Kojami said he was gonna quit after all the other ones.

>> No.2751778

Bait? Can't tell.

>> No.2751817

it's the same guy making the thread every time and people are too afraid to contradict him because everyone here is /tries to be) a presumptuous snob

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All the Metal Gear games had sequel baits except for Metal Gear 2, MGS4 and MGSV. Even Metal Gear 1 on the MSX2 ended with Big Boss swearing revenge on Solid Snake.

>> No.2751978

>he probably would've wanted the series to continue under someone else's direction

That is almost literally what he said at E3 in 2003 when he announced that he was retiring from metal gear (again.)

>> No.2752665

>Big Boss swearing revenge

Fug. This has never been more confusing.

>> No.2752670

such a lust he has

>> No.2752690


Ghost Babel is great but you should really play the vr missions for MGS1 and especially MGS2. If you think those games lack gameplay, you got another thing coming.

>> No.2752854

This is basically why 3 interested me, but 4 never did. 3 as a set up to everything worked really well and filled in the few important gaps I thought 2 left open. But I never thought that the events of 2 could be continued in a very sensible manner.

I really do think that MGS1-3 make an almost perfect trilogy and nothing else was needed.

>> No.2752857

When MGS3 was announced, the fans rejoiced until they found out it was a prequel and began harassing Kojima for MGS4 before 3 even came out.

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I love Ghost Babel bro but MGS1 & 2 have plenty of gameplay. Did you even play the VR missions?
They both contribuited, but I think Fukishima kept things a bit more grounded and sensible. Kinda like Akira Toriyama and his staff keeping him in check.
You sound like you are reaching for straws friend. You should be happy there is actual discussion.

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