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Gimme the best beat em ups!

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Certainly not Battle Toads.

Final Fight CD is heralded as the best beat em' up in my book.

Most would say Final Fight CD is the best version of just THAT game, but it's more than that to me.

Next in line, I'd say Streets of Rage 2.
The first is okay, I think the third is shitty, so I don't normally suggest that one.

I WOULD suggest Sunset Riders on SNES, however, because you're using guns, I'm sure someone would have a shit fit for even mentioning it.

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Bare Knuckle 3

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just give me beat em ups
i wanna play beat em ups
hold back your critics, I want to experience them from scratch

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Sengoku 3. The crest of the wave imho

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You're gonna have to beat me up first.

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Superman 64 is a great place to start.

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I'll fuck you up m8

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I'd like to see you try pussy.

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Just play Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2 and you're pretty solid

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>Final Fight CD is the best version
>Sunset Riders is a beat 'em up
>SoR3 is shitty
Damn how wrong can you be in a single post?

Here you go bro. Try SoR series, Capcom titles and if you like them dig deeper.

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>subjective opinion to counter an already subjective opinion
>post picture that barely negates point

How pretentious can you get in one post?

Final Fight CD is definitely superb to all other ports. I guess it must have hurt your feelings that I didn't mention PORT.

Sunset Riders wasn't even formally suggested in said post. The context is there if you read it.

SoR3 is shit compared to 2. get over it.

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Why did you bring sunset riders up?

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Whoever made that chart should have used the alpha renewal title screen.

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Because it has merits of a Beat-em-up but instead, it has guns.

A linear walking shmup barely counts as a shmup to me. Hence why I said I WOULD suggest it, but knew some kind of shit would take place if I

A.) Solidly declared it a beat-em-up, which I did not.
B.) Said it was along the best, which I did not.

The only thing keeping it from being such is because you use guns, but it hardly registers as a shmup to me as you are walking from left to right and the difference in altitudes is unlike those of an actual shmup.

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I think thats called a Run n' Gun

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Yes, run n' gun is the correct nomenclature

I get where you're coming from with it being close to a beat em up. My guess is because of character selection and how you go about fighting enemies, however it's still a different beast from beat em ups. Run n' gun games are, for lack of better term, hybrids between the two.
That doesn't make it a beat em' up.

and before you explain, yes, I understand. It's not a "formal suggestion".

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Fuck off already.

I used the japanese names, which is pretty much the same.

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>I used the japanese names, which is pretty much the same.
Oh that's cool, didn't notice that.

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Yeah, it's original USA version is the one that is butchered. Alpha Renewal and Japan version are the "complete" ones.
The only thing i like about the original USA version is that the music is handled by a YM2151.

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