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We already have a thread about good bosses, but what about awful bosses?

The Ancient One from Blood 2 gets my vote.

- he has only two attacks: tentacle swipe that does very little damage and energy beam/explosion that ALWAYS hits unless you're hidden behind one of the tiny rocks next to him

- you have to spend the whole fight hidden behind the above mentioned rock

- he's a huge bullet sponge even on medium difficulty and the only thing that shortens this tedious fight is the triple damage powerup (you WILL get seriously hit at least once if you want to get it, though)

- his appearance is that of a stock Cthulhu mythos monster, he doesn't even say anything

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Morpha, the boss in water temple. Felt very anti-climatic, considering it had fucking dark link as a mid-boss.

Spider Mastermind in Doom 1, aswell.

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> Scrub-Nigger

Not a worthy ending to Quake.

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Have a final boss that doesn't even fight back

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Every boss in this game except Hein is pretty shit, but this guy takes the cake.

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The Undying King from Undying.

>only attack is two very easily dodged fireballs that barely even hurt you

>only strategy is to just hit it with explosives until it dies

>fucker has an insane amount of health so your pretty much circle strafing and throwing skulls for like 40 minutes straight

The weird thing is that Undying actually had several really good boss fights. Why the fuck did they drop the ball so heavily at the very end?

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I depleted all my ammo and axed the motheefucker many times until the game crashed, more than once, until I figured the gimmick out.

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Momma yeti from Evo. Shit was so annoying my first time playing.

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Retro FPS in general were in fact mostly awful concerning final bosses, pic related.

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I just took up the damage amp and slaghtered him with minigun. Same shit as with Quake 2 - both bosses were getting killed so quickly I don't even remember their attacks.

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I thought this was a disappointing boss compared to the rest of the game, I think this because not only was it the easiest but the rest of the bosses in the game were pretty hard to beat for me because I couldn't figure what item to use lol. Idk this dudes was easy

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First time I fought her as a kid my heart was pounding.

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Retro FPS in have shitty bosses in general, not just final bosses.

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That and Gonarch were awesome in theory but glitchy and stupid in practice

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Gohma is really aesthetically pleasing and is one of the best looking bosses in OOT.

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>the rest of the bosses in the game were pretty hard to beat for me because I couldn't figure what item to use lol.

Then you failed to learn anything from Gohma. You're told that you will need to use the item found in the dungeon to beat the boss from the beginning.

Gohma was easy but it served as a first boss pretty well. Someone who isn't used to play Zelda might have some issues with it (especially the small spawning guys) but it's a boss that's there and functions that way for a reason, the same can be said about the rest of the deku tree dungeon.

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